Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hero of Shattrath or Zero of Shattrath?

I finished off my Hero of Shattrath achievement last night.  I knew the achievement gives no achievement points but I am fine with that.  I was doing it not only for the achievement but for the tabard (as that helps for an achievement as well) and for another exalted reputation (which is also for an achievement).

So last night I was figuring when I finished the Scryers not only would I get my Hero of Shattrath achievement but I would get exalted reputation number 33.  Guess what.  Nope, I am still sitting at 32 exalted reputation.  Why did not I not get credit for exalted?  I know I got it.  I got the achievement to pop up, I got the tabard you need to be exalted to buy so why did it not count toward my total exalted reputations?

Some people will say it is because I no longer have Aldor at exalted but that argument does not hold water.  I hit exalted, I got credit for it, I switched.  It counts.  Not to mention if you read the text of the achievement itself it says "Gain exalted status with The Scryers and The Aldor".  The achievement notices I have both, why does my reputation count not notice it?

So people will go back to the argument of both do not count again because once you lose one you no longer have exalted.  For that I bring you to the Insane achievement.  While it is entirely possible to get that with all those reputation levels at the same time I've never seen anyone that insane to do it the long and hard way that would need to be done.  Yet they get the achievement. 

The Insane achievement and the hero achievement proves, beyond a doubt, that previous reputation levels are counted.  Otherwise the achievements would not exists.   So I want reputation number 33.

I put in a ticket to Blizzard but you know how they are, I will not expect to hear back from them any time soon and I am sure that their response will be something like, we can't do anything about that.

Fuck that shit, you can do something about it.  Go into the line in the database where it says 32 and change it to 33.  If that is too complicated for you then perhaps you need to look for another job because you are way to stupid do be doing the job you are currently in.

They can no argue with me about the validity of getting the reputation because I have their very own achievement to use against them.  They can not say only one counts when I have an achievement that counts both.  I will go to the forums if they do not do the right thing and whine and bitch and complain until I got it out of my system.  Yeah, I know, it won't change anything but it sure will feel nice venting about it.

From my limited experience with actual problems in "recordings" like this I have found that Blizzard has the absolutely worst customer service of any business on the fact of the earth.  There standard answer is there is nothing they can do about it.  If there is nothing they can do about it then why is it called customer service?

After that I went and finished my grind for Lower City.  So now I have 33 anyway when I should have 34.  If and when a customer service rep responds to me, if I am online, and says they can not do anything I will simply ask them a few questions.

Can you tell me how many exalted reputations do I have now?
To which they can only reply, 33
What does this mean? I will ask as I link the Aldor tabard that you can only get when exalted.
They will only have one reply and it would be, that you where exalted with The Aldor.
So I will ask, so that is 33 and 1 right?  What is 33+1?
If they answer anything other then 34 they deserve to be shot.
And I will say, then fix my reputation count please as you just admitted I have 34 exalted reputation.  Thank you for your time.

Sometimes people go to customer service with requests that are crazy and have no ground on which to make your argument.  This is not a crazy request, it is simple to do and it's logic is flawless. I am being my good old grumpy self here because I expect to be let down.  I did that grind for the extra reputation and I would feel as if I completely wasted my game time by doing something for what turns out to be no reason.  Doing it and getting the reputation to count makes it worth the effort.  I have fun doing things like that.  Doing it and getting nothing from it means I wasted my time and I do not pay to play a game to waste my time (well I do but not only to waste my time) I pay to play a game to have fun.  Changing my reputation count means it was fun.  Not changing it means I just wasted all that time.

I spoke with a few people after they screwed me over last night and all of them that did the same thing I did said they got credit for both.  So maybe there is a little hope but like I said, I have no faith in the customer service from Blizzard.  Their track record is severely lacking.

Wish me luck but it will be for nothing, they will most likely respond to me while I am at work and I will never get the chance to talk to them about it.  Just means I will put in another ticket and keep putting in tickets about it until the situation is resolved.

Until I get the reputation corrected that achievement will always be known as Zero of Shattrath.  Because they made me waste my time.  That is not a hero achievement, it is a zero achievement.

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