Friday, October 1, 2010

Offical Date for Cataclysm?

It seems that the official date for the Cataclysm release is going to be December 7th from the current information supplied on MMO-Champion.  If this is indeed the case I am really impressed.  I am one of those people that like little inside jokes that you often see in movies and seem to be all over the place in WoW.

In case no one remembers being it was almost a month ago now during the Gnomeregan event one of the Gnomes mentioned something along the line of it being 12.7% to destruction, or something like that.

December 7th...

Color me impressed for the little bit of inside information that Blizzard threw out at us and we did not catch.  Even more impressed that it was thrown out there and they are still on schedule to do it during that time frame they made a while back.

I was hoping it would come out at the time I had expected.  See, I had this "grand design" idea in mind where I predicted the date of Cataclysm's release but I made one mistake in my assessment.  My "grand design" for release was based on the date the Gnome and Troll quest lines began.

A long time ago, when this all started to be announced I said this is how it would work out.  The Gnome/Troll even would happen and each month after something would happen up until Cataclysm.

In a way I was completely dead on, in a way I was wrong.

See this is how I saw it coming.
First Tuesday of September - Gnome/Troll event.
First Tuesday of October - Pre Launch event.
First Tuesday of November - Cataclysm.

Thing is I forgot something.  They have the world change coming before Cataclysm as well.  If I knew this my guess would have been December 7th.
First Tuesday of September - Gnome/Troll event.
First Tuesday of October - Pre Launch event.
First Tuesday of November - World Changes.
First Tuesday of December- Cataclysm.

So while I might have been off by one month, my theory, in principal, was dead on balls accurate.

I just wish it were in November because November offers lots of time off.  I have a week off in November and there is the 4 day Thanksgiving day weekend.  I would have loved to have had some extra time.

I will only work on my Hunter to 85 first off.  Then my Priest.  After that, as long as I can max out professions with the others for now I will leave them until I have my Hunter and Priest maxed out.  After that my Druid makes the most sense as it is my (one of) jewelcrafter.  So I would have all my important things maxed.  Enchants, Gems, and Flasks.  Ready to raid within two weeks on both I would hope.

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