Tuesday, October 12, 2010

4.0.1 - Will We Play Tonight?

I while ago when I was first put in the position of raid leader my first move was to change out raiding schedule from Tuesday and Thursday and Monday to a set up of Wednesday, Thursday and Monday.  The reason being was I hated raiding on Tuesday.  So often the server would be down for an extended amount of time.  Some of those times it was down up until our raid time started and a few times it did not come back up until after our normal raid time was supposed to start. 

Tuesday created a lot of ill will with some players that still wanted to raid even though the servers were back up late.  Some, after hours of trying to get on, just gave up so they were not even on for the raid.  I figured, not raiding on Tuesdays was just safer.  Over all, that has worked well so far and for this coming patch, it fits perfect.

There is no way in hell that WoW will be back up and running when raid time comes tonight.  If their track record shows us anything it is that they have no ability to estimate time it will take to do things.  How often have they said 1 hour of extended maintenance and it turn into 4 or 5?  I am a relatively newer player and I've learned well enough.

So with that said, and this extremely ambitious update coming in today I see the likelihood of us logging in today as slim to none.  Even if we do get on there will be the players having to relearn their classes.  Most of my guild mates are not like me, they have not read up on things, so they will be in for a shock when they log in next. 

I've read up on all 10 classes, not only because I have at least 1 of all 10 classes but because I know 90% of my guild will not have read up on their classes.  That leaves me as the person that will be playing teacher for the next few weeks I can imagine.

I can picture in my head already the list of issues I know I will see.

Death Knight Tanks in dungeons refusing to put Blood Presence on because Frost is the tanking one.  They won't care that it changed, they won't even believe me if I tell them.  I will just be a noob and probably get a kick if I tell them things changed.  I bet this will happen more often then any other mistake I see coming from the changes.

Some serious aggro issues.  I can see these lolaoe classes going all out and not giving a shit that all tank specs have been made a bit more difficult where they still just spam their AoE spells and that is it.  They will instantly start yelling, learn to tank, and will not except the fact that the tank is indeed trying to learn how to tank all over again.  Looks for many, and I do mean many, thaks to quit tanking with this patch.

Hunters getting crap for low DPS.  This is a given for a few reasons.  First off Hunters are the only class that have to deal with a completely new resource.  Some will adjust quicker then others but some it will take some time to get used to the new way of doing things.  So they will get a lot of grief for that I am sure.  Not to mention the lolaoe moments like the trash up to marrowgar.  Where everyone is doing 20K DPS from AoE on the trash hunters will be left behind as the only class with no AoE any more.  Multi shot will be okay, but unlike other classes, we will not be able to spam it.

I am nearly sure that there will be a few, if not more then a few, people that do not even realize there have been changes or will not understand the changes.  They will spec into some of the same things they had last time and not realize that they do not work the way they used to and that will effect their effectiveness in a raid.

Paladin will undoubtedly have issues with Holy Power, that is something that is to be expected.  Paladins have been such a faceroll type of class for such a long time that having something else they need to keep track of will take some getting used to.  Basically any class that got used to do one thing will have an issue when having to do another now.

Some things I look forward too such as the Paladin buffs.  No more I want might instead of wisdom, or vice versa.  It is one buff, if you do not like what the buff auto gave you then bitch to Blizzard not to the Paladin that gave it to you.  I do think that the "smart spells" they are using now will be smart enough to know the difference between an Enhancement Shaman and an Elemental Shaman.  If case you had not noticed, the "smart spells" are included in a lot of cataclysm stuff.  Just look at the tool tip on the feasts for cataclysm.  Adds stamina and one other useful stat.  Yes, it really says that.

I am glad that Hunters no longer need to deal with ammo.  That is a minor thing but does free up some bag space which is always a good thing and it keeps me from having to waste an extra 30-40g each raid night on ammo.  What is going to happen to all the engineering ammo recipes?  Are they removing them?  There are a few spots while leveling it that making ammo is the best way to attain skill points.  Every good point has a bad point somewhere else.  Me not having to use ammo is the good point, engineering not having to make them is bad for them, leveling wise and profit making wise.

I think the biggest issue will be how people have to adjust without addons for however long it takes for the writers to update them.  It is at times like that we as players should thank the writers of the addons.  They make our life so much easier and they go out of their way to try and keep them up to date.  I thank them for that.

Speaking of addons.  I had gotten so used to the addon that notifies me when things proc that it will take some getting use to not having it.  Healbot on my healer has been a godsend but over the course of time I changed everything to mouse overs anyway so I should still be able to heal easily as mouse over is not all that dissimilar to healbot.  Healbot you hover over and click your mouse.  Mouse overs you hover over and click your keyboard.  I've been using a combo of the two.  Instants on the mouse, everything else mouse over.  Made it easier to do that way.  So used to hitting keys that mouse over was move comfortable for me and when moving heal bot for instants made me never lose a step.  Best of both worlds.

I do not expect to get on to WoW tonight, maybe tomorrow.  I bet a friend however that at 10 PM EST it would be back up.  Maybe that is wishful thinking but I hope it is.  At least long enough to get all my specs in place and to reforge all my critical into mastery on my Hunter.  Just to get the little stuff done so Wednesday night I will be ready to raid again.  Sad part is, and I am willing to put money on this, I will be one of very few that will be ready to raid at all this week.

For all the bad that has been done to hunters with this change I am really looking forward to it.  Maybe I do not fear change as much as I say I do.

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