Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- Happy New Years all.

- Level 100 number 7 managed to ding this weekend.

- My mage this time around.

- I hit 100 while still in spires of arak, even before I finished it.

- Goes to show how much experience I gained just doing my garrison every day on it for a while.

- I usually finish spires a little past 98, even on alts with rested.

- It must have gained a ton of experience in the garrison.

- Speaking of a lot of experience running my garrison only, my mage got the achievement for leveling 10 followers to 100 less than 1 hour after he hit 100.

- Want more?

- My monk, still 93, got the achievement for leveling 10 followers to 100 yesterday.

- I did not even know I had 10 followers already on my monk.

- I think I hit my breaking point on garrisons.

- They have now passed from the "something fun to do to pass the time" into the "annoying busy work" category.

- It was bound to happen, even more so with as many characters as I like to run with.

- Did the proving grounds on my mage the moment I hit 100.

- Heard a lot of mages saying they had major problems with it.

- So I was interested to see what would happen.

- I was only a 584 item level, as I was only up to spires, and was still wearing a lot of last expansions gear, so I was not expecting much.

- One shot bronze and silver and was never even close to missing any rounds.

- Could not manage gold at that item level however.

- Only tried it once and failed, but maybe if I worked at it I could have.

- But I am not sure I would have ever been able to do enough damage on the sha at the end even if with practice.

- I am sure it could be done, just not by me.

- I guess being 26 item levels under the lowest it scales to was a bit to much for my skill level on a mage for gold.

- But silver was a complete joke.

- I now wonder why some mages were saying it was hard.

- There are a couple I know that it took them over 20 tries before they managed it.

- From my experience the hardest part of silver, outside of not getting yourself caught in amber like an idiot, like I did on my rogue twice, (and still managed to one shot silver) is the AoE part.

- It was rough on a few of my characters, the AoE part with the rabbit guys that is.

- Usually pushed it to the end of the timer.

- My priest it was close on, my rogue it was close on, but with my mage it had to be the fastest round in the history of the proving grounds.

- The one round with the one regular mob and tons of rabbits that is 45 seconds long I ended up sitting there and waiting for 42 seconds.

- It took me a total of 3 seconds to clear the AoE phase.

- Wow, and that is at 584, I can't wait to see what my mage can do at the appropriate 610.

- Can't get faster than that, but I am guessing gold will be as much of a joke as silver was with a little more gear and a little more practice.

- Mages are seriously OP.

- When I did finish spires and got the quest to go to skyreach I grabbed a group and went there for the legendary quest line.

- I always wait until I have the end of zone quest before I do skyreach, kill two birds with one stone, no pun intended.

- I manged 13K or better on all bosses in there on heroic.

- Yes, walked into heroic with a guild group, I don't waste time on normals.

- I'd say 90% of the people I see in dungeons can not do that.

- Mind you, I did no reading, no practice, just hit the "logical" buttons as I saw them, had not had much time to research as I had just hit 100.

- I'll do my research today.

- If mages can pull those numbers in that gear without even trying to do a "good" rotation, they are seriously OP.

- I think my mage will be my main DPS alt.

- I like that in an alt.

- Super easy, high numbers, not much thought or effort involved.

- I like alts like that.

- I like alts that are OP.

- Don't let anyone fool you, if someone says they do not like being OP they are either lying or have mild brain damage.

- Everyone likes feeling powerful, no one like feeling week.

- So, an alt which you play less so are usually less skilled with, being OP rocks.

- You get more out of it for less effort.

- Hey, you might not admit it, but I will.

- I like the feeling of being OP.

- Speaking of feeling OP I've been digging lone wolf even if I miss my pet.

- Fluffy is not really feeling the love lately and I am sorry for that.

- Lone wolf brings me back in time to a place where everything was new and I was still learning the game and trying to get better at it.

- No, not because I was a bad hunter that did not have his pet out, but because I spent literally hours practicing kiting.

- I would kite mobs all over azeroth, as best I could.

- Part of being a good hunter was being able to kite.

- And kiting back then took a fair bit of practice and skill.

- The jump and spin to shoot and keeping your forward motion took me a long time to get down and I still was never perfect at it.

- Doing that and learning how to kite is when I started to key bind, was a pure clicker before that, but kiting was so much easier, worlds easier, with binding.

- With lone wolf it was like the good old days of kiting.

- It also felt like I needed to learn it all over again being it has been so long since I put it to good use.

- It all felt new and exciting again for me.

- Was doing the daily in one zone and rounded myself up a nice little stack of 12 or 13 orges.

- I was running in circles, bouncing around like a mad elf, screw the buff for standing still as MM, I am putting on a show here baby.

- A troll shaman stopped and was watching, then a human DK stopped and started to watch, then a few more.

- I had about 6 or 7 people just watching me with this huge pack of mobs after me while running in circles kiting them, slowly killing one at a time as I tabbed thru them.

- I think they just wanted to see me die but that did not happen.

- One went down followed by the others quickly after and as I bent to loot a couple of the people watching actually cheered me.

- Looked like the troll shaman got a real kick out of it.

- It put a huge smile on my face and I had a hell of a great time doing it.

- It reminded me of all that time I took to learn something years ago that is basically useless in game now.

- Or was useless until I decided to start doing the dailies with lone wolf, even the ones with all elites like the group quest in the pit.

- It is easier to kite now than it would have been then, that is for sure, but it still made me feel like I did the first time I successfully kited a huge mob like the fel reaver into the horde city.

- Success.

- Success is always a great feeling.

- Speaking of success, even if we did not manage to get a gold on a skyreach challenge mode I had another one of those awesome hunter moments.

- On the bird boss after the second quills the group just blew up.

- Tank died, healer revived him, both damage dealers died, then the healer died after reviving the tank.

- Just me an the tank and 10 percent left.

- Give credit where credit is due here, the tank did amazing to keep himself alive.

- I said, as long as the tank can stay alive, we got this, I don't need any heals.

- I can kite all the birds and still kill the boss.

- And I did exactly that.

- The tank did amazing staying alive, I kited what felt like 12 million birds and killed the boss.

- Coolness.

- As I said, success it always a great feeling.

- I dropped enchanting on one of my characters and picked up blacksmith.

- Figured I did not need as many enchanters as I used to and having a second blacksmith would not be so bad.

- In case you were wondering, it takes 7200 ore to get to 600 from level 1.

- Either blackrock or true iron, does not make a difference.

- With as much as I had from my garrisons I managed to level it and still have nearly 10K ore left sitting around.

- It is not like it sells for anything otherwise.

- But now I have a boat load of items to disenchant for dust which does sell for a fair bit, as in 12 gold per dust.

- So I leveled a profession, got some stock for my enchanters to do their work orders, and even a chance to make some gold out of the worthless ore if I decided to.

- So if you have thousands upon thousands of ore like I did, turn it into something and disenchant it.

- If your server is anything like mine where ore sells for 1 gold per piece at best, that means making one piece costs you 60 gold, for the 60 ore.

- Being those things usually disenchant to 8-12 dust, if you average 10 dust at 12 gold per dust you can turn that 60 gold worth of ore into 120 gold worth of dust.

- Even if you go so far as to buy ore off the AH and process it this way you can double your money with some time investment.

- Not a great way to get rich quick and I would not suggest it unless you have countless free hours to do this, but processing your own ore that is worthless into something that has value is worth it, if you ask me.

- I'll do it to keep my 5 enchanter studies rolling.

- I keep the studies full more for the sorcerous elements than anything else.

- The enchanters study seems to have a good turn over for them.

- I get 2 to 5 per day with it usually.

- That, the scribes quarters and the engineering building seem to do well in terms of elements.

- The alchemy building sucks for giving elements.

- If I get 2 a week from that it is a lot.

- Your experience might vary of course.

- Or I wonder, are certain buildings more likely to give the elements than others?

- Do you find that your enchanters study gives a fair amount and your alchemy lab doesn't?

- I wonder if someone collected data on that.

- Might just be some people are lucky with some buildings and others are not.

- Just a luck thing.

- Like one friend of mine gets about 6 or 7 of the stones he needs each week for the legendary quest line from work orders.

- I've gotten 2 total from work orders.

- Just a luck thing.

- I did have some major luck this weekend in terms of the big crates of salvage.

- Three 665 BoE's, how awesome is that?

- Nothing I needed, so to speak.

- While I did "need" them they were not for my main so I gave them to people in guild to help the raid team out.

- I figure if I give them a 665 it will help me get 685s for my main.

- A lot better than putting a 665 on an alt I might rarely play.

- I am having the odd luck this expansion thus far like I did the last few when it comes to boss kills.

- My main still does not have a kill on the 6th boss.

- For some odd reason I am always needed to tank when we are on that one.

- Either a tank needs to leave or has some connection problem and as always I am the first person to offer to switch.

- Actually, I think I am the only person in guild that has more than one character heroic raid ready.

- So it is not so much me being "a nice guy" by offering, it is because I am the only one that can.

- And in truth, I would rather kill it while tanking than not kill it while DPSing even if I would rather be on my main.

- Still do not have a last boss kill on normal or heroic.

- We always run out of time, but we are getting faster with it.

- What slows us down usually is that we always have a few new people with us and I need to explain every fight.

- This my friends is one of the reasons I am really starting to hate the flexible format.

- While I like it for what it does, it feels like it is slowing us down at the moment.

- It is like a slow death for a casual guild like mine so far.

- If we were a strict 10 I am sure we would be clearing heroic with time to spare in our two hours every week instead of stopping on the 6th boss, usually on normal because of the lesser geared players.

- Maybe we should just extend the lock out one week and kill the last boss.

- Being we can go back in from the beginning now after we kill it, it really would not be a big deal right?

- Holy crap, how did I never think of doing that until just now while typing this?

- I miss the simple solutions sometimes, maybe because they are so simple I overlook them.

- I think that is part of the reason I started writing here, because it makes me think things out while I type.

- I can not believe I never thought of that.

- How could I have missed an obvious solution like that?

- I deserve to be fish slapped by those trash guys before the shaman fight in SoO.

- I really got a kick out of that ability.

- When I pointed it out to the raid they all got a laugh out of it, no one had noticed that was what they were doing, beating people with a fish.

- Being I have not killed the last boss I have found it impossible to pug the last boss.

- There is some logic to that, they want people that know the fight.

- Just because I have done killed it does not mean I do not know the fight.

- But it is one of those catch 22s.

- You need to kill the boss to get a pug to kill the boss, but when I have not yet killed the boss I can not get a kill on the boss so I will have the kill on the boss so I can get a kill on the boss.

- So I think extending and doing it will be the ideal solution.

- Looking at what the pugs ask for, 20K DPS and 30K HPS, my group should be able to do it no problem.

- But I wonder because many of the groups I see assembling are looking for so many healers.

- Multiple ones last night were looking for the 3 tank, 9 healer, 13 damage dealer set up.

- Being I have not done it, is there really that much healing needed?

- If they are looking for 30K HPS from 9 healers that would mean there is an insane amount of damage going out.

- If they are looking at having nearly as many healers as they do damage dealers that seems more like a fault of blizzards design.

- I think that is where my guild would have the problem.

- We have a lot of healers, sure, but they are not pulling those 30K numbers.

- Maybe on one or two fights here and there they are, but they usually max out around 25K at most.

- Maybe I will just find some group to carry my butt so I can see how it goes in a 3/9/13 group.

- I just want to see what the strategy is for that.

- Not like it would be a carry so to speak, I would well exceed the 20K they are asking for from the damage dealers.

- But if they are asking for the achievement to get in, and I do not have the achievement, it would qualify as a carry even if it were not, as I do not meet the requirements, so I would be getting carried.

- At least that is how I think the logic of the system works in terms of what is a carry and what is not.

- I logged a few runs this week to look at some numbers and compare, for my own benefit really.

- I tried out survival in one run and compared it to my MM numbers.

- I did not regem or reenchant to multi strike, but over all my MM numbers were considerable higher.

- I did two runs of the first 4 on normal to compare.

- Mind you anecdotal evidence is anecdotal and I have been practicing MM and not SV and gemmed and enchanted for MM and not SV.

- But I did between 24K-26K as MM on the first 4 and between 20K-24K as SV on the first four.

- So in all cases MM was better, for me.  Even Tectus, which SV should have done better.

- But I believe that was more user error, as in me, not taking complete advantage of AoEing.

- I am sure if I had I could have padded the meter some and helped the fight over all.

- I just got focused on single target like I was used to and basically made a mistake.

- So for me, it seems MM is still better, but SV is most definitely competitive.

- I think with some SV practice and different gems and enchants they would have been near even.

- And I am absolutely sure if I did not fall into making the mistake of single targeting on tectus, SV would have done much better than MM.

- Next test is to try it with focusing shot.

- I really like that I can run the same bosses over and over again.

- It makes it easy for me to test new things out.

- And as a 660 hunter looking to join a fresh normal it is extremely rare I would get turned down because I over gear it so much people like to take me along.

- And if they did not want me that would probably only be if they were full on DPS.

- I saw one person list something on group finder I thought was awesome.

- He listed what he needed, his rules, his requirements, the loot system, etc, and at the end he said, if you read all of this please put "secret word" in when requesting to join the group.

- That is awesome.

- Someone that actually read it would see to put his "secret word" in when they request to join and anyone who didn't and just pushed to join and will get instantly declined.

- At least that way you know you have people that can read and follow rules.

- I am so going to have to steal his idea and use it.

- It is a great idea, it should be stolen by everyone.

- One day we were looking for a healer on one of the bosses, put healer only in the title, and we had dozens of people apply that were DPS.

- No exaggeration there at all.

- I would say we had at least 50 people apply looking to join that were not even healers.

- Do people read or do they just apply to anything?

- I know when I am looking for a group I probably spend way to much time trying to pick and choose a group.

- I don't just apply to any group that has what I want, I look for a group I think will fit me well.

- I like guild groups that just need one or two more.

- I like groups that already have their tanks and healers and are just looking for a few DPS.

- I like groups that have a clear description of what they want and what they expect to do.

- So basically I end up never even finding a group because I set my personal standards too high.

- I never apply to one that says they are looking for a tank or healer specifically, as I am neither of those.

- I never apply to groups that have bad descriptions, or rude language.

- I never apply to groups that have a seriously low item level requirement like a 620 requirement for heroic, because while I know it is just the person assembling looking for a carry (and they can do that as they are doing all he work assembling so I would not deny them their carry) I can not be sure that the rest of the group won't be low item level too that can not do the content.

- Maybe I am too picky.

- If anything it is really ruining my playing experience this expansion.

- To no ones fault but my own.

- I miss the old way where I can just list my name and people come to me instead of me having to ask to join a group.

- At least that way I can go out and do things and let people fine me.

- I miss that.

- I also hate getting rejected.

- As funny as it sounds I got rejected for the world boss last week 3 times in a row on my 660 hunter but got accepted instantly on my 584 mage shortly after he hit 100.

- Does that make any sense?

- Why reject a high item level player and take a low item level one?

- I don't need anything it drops on my hunter so no big deal as I am only doing it for the enchanting materials, but I still do not understand why you would reject a decent item level player.

- I think it has more to do with who has accept and decline privileges.

- I think a lot of times people just decline people to troll.

- It could also have to do with who is assembling the group.

- Like the one that was assembling for the one that instantly accepted my mage was from stormrage, a good server.

- They probably were a smarter player than some and realizes that even a low level player is better than an empty space on a world boss.

- Even if I sucked the suckiest of sucking ever I could still run over the flowers.

- Or maybe he saw the silver proving grounds at that low item level and figured I can't suck that badly and probably would be smart enough to at least run over flowers.

- Who is to say why he invited me and why a higher level character got rejected.

- One thing is for sure, if you have a healing spec you get instant invite, to anything.

- Don't even need healing gear, just any healers in those encounters are good.

- Want to hear the funniest part of the whole thing with my mage?

- Here I was on the squishiest class of them all, in crap gear with a low health total, running like a mad gnome over flowers everywhere, and I never died.

- I've done the world bosses, one or the other, on many characters thus far this expansion and never once had I done one where I lived through the whole thing, except on this character that I would have surely thought was as good as dead.

- Maybe it was because I was a gnome and none of the mobs could see me to hurt me.

- Thanks to AoE of the fight I did manage to do good enough for 8th in damage done.

- I'd say that was more a process of me never dying than me doing well however.

- How are savage bloods selling on your server?

- They seem to go from around 900 to 1500 on my server, depending on the time of the week.

- I have 2600 spirits now, I am thinking of trading them all in for bloods and selling them before they drop any more.

- But I keep putting it off because maybe I might need them.

- I swear being a junk collector that likes to hold on to everything will be the death of me.

- I know I can sell them for a cool 52K+ gold now and if I ever need them buy them back later for a much cheaper price but I still keep holding on to them.

- My hoarding tendencies are really taking over.

- I need to kick that habit.

- Anyway, happy new years once again.

- Have a great day.


  1. The request for 8+ healers for Imperator is not because it requires that level of healing. It is simply a method to bypass much of the mechanics by healing through the mechanics. By doing this, the pug that might typically require 10 or more attempts to kill the boss with a normal group distribution can kill Imp in one or two attempts. Don't think it will work on heroic, but works well on regular.

    Hunters can get Imp runs - you just need to whisper that you know how to pass the the brand. Many groups are looking for 2 hunters to pass it between them.

    Hunters are not the only ones not getting into pugs. Tanks are not getting into LFG pugs right now either, but for a different reason. Everyone and their brother has come back for this expansion it seems, and there is a plethora of tanks. If you are a tank, you have about 3 seconds to click on a group to join or another tank will fill the spot (regular, not heroic). So "filtering" the various groups to decide which to join is almost impossible right now . You have to click and go or sit and stay. Unfortunately, I find myself not getting into groups because I like to look through the whole list of LFG groups prior to deciding which to tank. So when I go back to select, the best fits for me are already gone in a total time of like 2 minutes of viewing. I want to avoid the rude descriptions and rerunning three bosses that I have already done for the week, but I can't right now. Hopefully things will calm down as we proceed into the next raid as the iLevel spread develops and the iLevel requirements of pugs transitions. Maybe then, there will be time to be selective in picking what group to tank. Right now, I envy the dps and healers (not something you typically see written by a tank) for getting to be selective on their runs, if only temporary.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to explain it. I was thinking it might have something to do with just out healing some of the mechanics so you could ignore them.

      Never thought of putting that, thanks for the tip. I know the mechanics of it even if I have not done it yet. I always read and watch everything I can get my hands on before the raids even come out and usually test them on beta or PTR before hand as well. Never did Imp on beta however. Not sure if I missed it or if they ever tested it, but I did not try it.

      Seems you do like I do. I spend so much time looking at the groups I often end up missing the one I would have liked to join.

      As a hunter getting butcher groups is easy, at least that I have noticed. Every group wants a hunter that knows how to move. Good thing for me it has one of my best trinkets, now if only I can get it.

      Odd to hear a tank say they can not get a group. I have not tried to pug on my tank yet. Random groups scare me, even organized ones. I still tank for guild and guild only. Kind of sucks to some extent for me as I am main spec tank on every class that can tank. Means I do not play them much at all. World boss groups seem to be instant for my tanks, no matter what the gear is however. That is the only thing I do with random people as a tank.

    2. Do you think they might try to adjust something in the fight? Blizzard usually does not like when people can completely ignore mechanics, even more so when it is still current content.

  2. "Don't let anyone fool you, if someone says they do not like being OP they are either lying or have mild brain damage."

    I'd like to take that challenge. Though, to clarify, of course I like feeling powerful, with any/all of my toons. But what drives me crazy is I spend hours and hours and hours pouring through logs and spreadsheets, practicing with training dummies, making sure I can get every ounce of DPS out of my hunter, and then to hear someone say "you're only topping the meters because hunters are OP".

    So yeah, I'd much rather hunters be middle-of-the-pack according to sims/the general community. I want people playing the OP classes to feel embarassed when I out-dps them. I want that mage or monk to hang their head in shame, because someone playing an under-powered class just destroyed their numbers.


    1. Ah, but as you admitted, you still like being OP. ;)

      But I agree, there is nothing more annoying than working your butt off to do the best you are able and hearing someone say, that is because you are OP. It kind of devalues the work you did. In the end, even if your class is OP, if your max theoretical damage is X and you are getting as close as possible to it, it is still something to be proud of, even if you are OP.

      In the end however, I would rather be OP which allows me to make a mistake or two and still do well than do 100% perfect and be dead last. Any day.

      Always loved back in wrath when some arcane mage would post the DPS chart after the fight showing that he was above everyone else and then me posting the damage done so he could see he was actually below the tanks and I was well ahead of everyone else. Ah, how I miss wrath and being an armor pen capped MM hunter. No class in the game could even come close.

  3. proving grounds silver damage naked (only weapons):


    The guy said he could also post hunter if people were interested.

    proving grounds gold damage naked (only weapons):


    1. That is really cool. Was reading a post on one of the hunter forums that explains how that is possible. The scaling they use can be cheesed and that might be how it is done. At certain exact gear levels it becomes easier.

  4. Regarding the profession buildings - if you have a level 100 follower working your building, they'll give you 2 of each element per work order rather than only 1 if they're not 100. Hope this helps :)

    1. I am still a big crate collector, so I do not use my workers there unless they happen to be around at the moment. But that is a good tip, thanks.

  5. - Many of the top hunter parses are going to SV now instead of MM. BM only shows up on Tectus because of the AOE. SV with Focusing Shot is what many are doing now instead of MM Lone wolf.

    - Had someone on OpenRaid do the "secret word" thing. He told you to say what your favorite type of bagel was. It's an easy way to filter requests.

    - Interesting. I've never died while doing the world bosses.

    - Bloods are down to about the same range on my server: 900 to 1100.

    - Ench Study definitely gives more elements. LW hardly gives any it seems. I get more from the daily LW CD than work orders. With only one garrison, I've had to buy elements a couple different times to craft things.

    - Got lucky and snagged a 665 for 3k off the AH the other day

    - only have 2 LFR items (and need nothing from there except stones)
    - I have 5 645 garrison pieces
    - Got the 650 chest off Tarlna, but no other world boss items. Would like the neck or hands still.
    - have LW legs that I upgraded once to 655, will probably upgrade again since the token I made hasn't sold
    - still have 640 DMF trinket. Finally saw the upgrade for sale on my server but they want 40k for it...
    - Got a 655 highmaul ring from a garrison mission
    - have fully upgraded apexis cloak and partially upgraded apexis bracers
    - need to replace my MC helm somehow; might be the next apexis item
    - Have two 665 BoEs that I bought

    - iLvL is 651 but running out of places to get upgrades (outside of actually getting into a raid)

    - Working on getting key followers up to 645 for the Highmaul missions

    - The Master Plan addon is a must-have. Blizz could have done such a better job at designing the mission UI.

    - Stopped doing heroic dungeons. Don't need any gear. Don't need the daily 50 resources. Only reason is for the Inn dailies, but can't really see a good reason to do those...

    - I find that I'm mostly just logging in to do apexis dailies and garrison.

    - Seems the only times I'm out in the world are for apexis dailies and to trap clefthooves for the barn. No other reason to leave garrison...

    1. Wow, 3K for a 665, that is awesome, even if it were not one you needed. Just to flip it.

      I love master plan to speed things up. With as many alts as I have I do not think I would ever get a chance to do everything with limited time.

      Yeah, same, if not for the garrison I would not log in except for raid night or CM night. No other reason to log in and even at that I am starting to feel like blowing off the garrison too. Getting tired of it.

    2. Danke für die info Jäger. I will try SV with that, instead of MM (lonewolf). I like my pet too much to really be anything else but BM (spirit wolf - Kronos, AKA "WeeBastard")


  6. I thinkk the main reason you did better as MM than SV is purely a multistrike thing.

    MS is stupidely insanely strong for SV (to the point of 2MS > 1agi, trumping the ilvl > all rule).

    We did our first pulls yesterday on butcher mythic, even with me soaking the stray adds (that mean quite a fex gcd lost to detterence) No one was able to keep up on my DPS, around 30-32k and that is with only 13% MS unbuffed. Even the MM hunter with the same gear as me (0.3 ilvl differrence I believe) and the mages were behind by 2-4k dps. Sure I had bad pulls were RNG screwed me with LnL proc, but overall I was consitently on top.

    1. I was figuring that the fact all my gems and enchants were critical strike instead of multi strike played a part when combined with this being my first time actually trying survival in a raid at 90 since the beta.

      Weird to think it really makes that huge of a difference however. I guess that means I have not get myself two sets of gear. At the moment the cost of switching gems and enchants all the time seem a little out of ranged. Even running two jewel crafters maxed, it takes a while to get enough materials for gems.

      Sounds like SV is doing pretty darn good for you, do you think it would be worth me switching to pure multi strike and giving it a couple of runs to get back into the habit of SV at 660? Would it translate to more than 26K, which seems to be what I am currently maxing out on as MM?

      Thanks for confirming some of my suspicions that the gems and enchants might play a part of the lower SV numbers.

    2. Definitely switch all for multistrike.

      If you ever plan to switch spec on a regular basis, just go with one set of gear and go MS>crit=versatility.

      We're lucky to have almost the same order for secondaries regardles of spec. For MM crit is only slightly better than MS and that only true until you reach 43% crit, after that crit is the worst for MM (careful aim).

      Unless you weapon is stupidely high ilvl compared to the rest of your gear SV should do better on most fights.

      One of the reason MS is so good for SV is that arcane shot MS give you a new tick of serpent sting, so if you got a really lucky strike you can get up to 12 hits in 1 gcd (and when you reach 55ish % of MS when everything procs, it's not THAT lucky).

      How things works :

      -You shot arcane shot (1hit) it triggers sting (2hit) which can multistrike up to 2 times (4hits)

      -your arcane shot multisrike (5hits) trigger another tick of sting (6 hit) that also can multistrike up to 2 times (8 hits)

      -repeat for the second multistrike (12hits).

      When foundry realease and we can get hold of that on use multistrike trinket and 4p reaching 100% multistrike on burst will be easy and add a 15% multistrike damage increase on top of will be just insane.

    3. I guess I will do the switch for this weeks raid and give it a try. Maybe start trying to get a second set of gear with some crit enchants on it, at the least.

      I have a crap weapon, only 655. So SV might be better over all for that reason as well from what I have read.

      That is going to be some sick MS when foundry comes out. Thanks for all the awesome input. You convinced me to go MS.

  7. About the last boss kill, can't you skip some of the optional bosses to get to the last boss earlier and go back later if you have some time left?

    Maybe not if you're looking to kill as many bosses as possible to gear up the raid, but it might be a nice change of pace.

    1. Yeah, we could, but we always seem to have a lot of people that want to come along that need gear. One of the pitfalls of a casual guild, so while I need no gear from normal, with them the only chance we would have for a last boss kill is on normal, and in that case we are better off spending the time getting a bunch of bosses down to help gear them up. Kind of a catch 22. Help them gear up some so they can help us in normal, or have them sit so we can do heroic.

      Sometimes it seems flex creates more problems than it solves. People get upset when you tell them they can't come when they know it is flex. At least the old way you can tell them "we are full".

  8. patch notes are so interesting. each update tells a story.

    "Players can now accrue as much Iron Horde Scraps as they want." "Players can now accrue as much Timber as they want."

    I've personally been hit by this limit and it was freaking annoying. 200 was the old limit for scraps and it dropped all the time from the dwarven bunker and meant you had to buy stuff piecemeal. Also, if I just threw them in my bank to avoid taking up bag space then they would refuse to loot because it would be me over the limit and they would go to my mailbox (limit 50 items).

    Great change.

    The lumbermill as well got to be a daily grind. Now I can just farm as much as I want. Maybe I'll turn up the music and just farm for a bit. I don't actually hate farming lumber (except when I can't find any).

    Death Knight: "Conversion now costs 15 Runic Power per second for Frost Death Knights (up from 10 Runic Power)."

    saw people on reddit complaining about pvp DKs being able to kite people and use their talent which grants runic power when slowed to have infinite heals through conversion. I'm guessing this an attempt to nerf that slightly. I wonder if it's enough.

    Grimrail Depot - nerfed the cannon boss. I guess after all this time groups are still having a wipefest in there? I've never had a huge problem, but then I usually tank, and when I don't I usually get in the cannon.


    1. I used to get hit buy the lumber mill limit myself until I ditched all my lumber mills. This, and the scraps change, as very welcome.

      Grimrail is a pug nightmare, it was from day one even when I did it with guild the first time I said to them, this will suck in a pug and I was right. It is the worst encounter in a pug no doubt. First boss there is a big of a bitch too if you have a tank that does not know how to knock the goblin down or is not very good at moving the big guy. I've heard horror stories about some pugs and when they tried to explain it to the tank the tank of course went all god mode on how they should bow to him because he is even there and would not listen. That dungeon on heroic just needed some changes from the get go. Funny how the last boss was a joke compared to the ones before it.

  9. you should absolutely do the 6th boss as a hunter, especially if you still have your MM spec in use. it's *the* hunter boss in there imho, and definetely my favourite. why? because every time the shield drops below 35%, you can go KS, even if the boss is higher. i'm not sure how it works with careful aim, tho, whether the bosses %hp or the shield's %hp counts. on top of that you can push your dps even further with barrage when the adds spawn.

    but i've scrapped MM. the spec annoyed me to no end. to play it well, you need to be constantly paying attention to your focus levels. SV is much less so thanks to the much cheaper shots. you can use CS, ES or AS absent mindedly in a row without consequences most time. you only need to build up focus for BA and AMoC, which isn't much in either case. the only complaint i have is having to throw an ET every 20 (?) seconds. pretty annoying but not so much if you aim it towards the end of a CS cast, so you can pre-aim. otherwise you lose a split second because you can't "pre-cast" the reticule as long as there's a GCD running.

    pugs look for so many healers for the last boss because people fail at mines. be prepared for a much harder boss than any other normal boss. i'd say he's harder than many of the hc bosses too.

    1. I noticed the KS being lit up during that phase which was kind of nice. Even more so how powerful it is for MM. That surely is a hunter fight because of that and we are perfect soakers as well.

      I was finally getting a hang of MM and I think I was doing fairly good at it. I know there are much better hunters than I but I think 26K at my gear level was quite good. It was like I finally passed the point of relearning MM to moving on to mastering it when I started to do steady numbers. Now to ditch it kind of sucks, but as always, I will do what is best for the team.

      Many guilds, including ones on my server, are 6/7 heroic and have still not downed the last boss on normal. So yeah, I would have to say it is a little over tuned for normal if that is the case for many groups.

    2. yeah MM can pump good dmg, the thing is i could never really test it because until shortly after the SV buff and my switch to the spec i was sporting a mighty ilvl 630 weapon (at 660+ total ilvl...) and well, i was pretty gimped all the time. i was lagging behind the other hunters considerably despite being on the same overall ilvl. it might have been inferior skill, but i'd say the weapon played a big role in it also. all in all, i'd say that SV dmg is practically similar to MM but simpler and much less prone to errors. when learning a new boss, i'll gladly pass on overly managing focus and paying attention to sniper training. on top of that it looks like SV is playable with FS, which makes it all much better thanks to the pet. talents like animal and spirit bond are more powerful than ever before due to our big relative health pool and small heals. also, BM will be needed on tectus appearently. it is vastly superior to SV in terms of aoe, but absolutely abysmal in single target.

      i might switch back to MM once we reach ko'ragh. we'll see.

      the last boss is not *that* overtuned. it's just the only boss that requires good planning by tanks (chaos debuff) and healers (covering unavoidable dmg spikes), on top of being about the only one where a single player can wipe the raid instantly without a chance for recovery. trigger that rune the wrong moment and the healers have no chance. with every other boss, single fails usually can be saved. also, lots of people just don't understand the debuff, which causes unnecessary extra damage if it jumps more than 7 times. at 9, it's usually getting almost an insta-kill on heroic.

    3. The weapon will really hurt you. It seems the common remark I see going around involving it is that if your weapon is lower than your average item level you are better not playing MM. I am currently in that position myself with only a 655 item level weapon.

      I've been having a hell of a lot of problems with focus as SV and was having none with MM. Guess it is a practice thing. Did some LFRs as survival yesterday and I was always screwing it up and ending up focus stared. My biggest problem is trying to manage barrage. It kills me. Still doing around 22K average at SV and I know that is too low as it is well behind what I do as MM. So it has to be my horrible focus management screwing me over.

      I liked the last fight in LFR, was funny seeing people die left and right there. Even if it is really watered down I can see how even an LFR group can wipe over and over on that. At least they are keeping the last boss a step up in difficulty even for LFR and even if in a tactic light way. I think some people were trying to see if they could wipe the group. I would not put it past the people in LFR actually. But no, even at that we did not wipe, but I can see it happening.

    4. I consider myself lucky with a 655 weapon too. Fun times.. :( There are too few good weapon opportunities. Maybe I'll have to upgrade my engi wep? Would rather not to.

      When I was playing LW-SV, I simply didn't bother with barrage. Either I switched to GT or saved up the focus for add phases but didn't use it on CD. With FS however, it is possible to use it on CD, but I'm not even sure if it's worth it. Usually I'm around 28-30k or so on single target as SV with FS. MM is probably on par. But I prefer the mobility (FS needs a bit of planning but it's not hard) and having the pet out.

    5. I was doing that with barrage the other night in a run I was in. Just ignoring it and using it during adds phases only. Seems wasteful to me single target.

      I forgot about the engineering weapon. I guess I could make one of those, but for 5 item levels it is not really worth all it costs to make it.