Thursday, January 22, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts on Thursday

- Sorry for the absence, needed a little break from the game.

- I'll post about the reasons for my needed break another day.

- Now I am wondering about more important things.

- Like how can a piece of gear that in "indestructible" be disenchanted.

- Wouldn't disenchanting it destroy it?

- If it can be destroyed I hate to break it to you blizzard, but then it is not indestructible.

- Mount farming has not been kind to be lately, but I noticed something about those old raids and wonder if anyone else noticed.

- BoEs and patterns drop like crazy.

- They did not drop like that when it was current content.

- I get at least 3 patterns per DS run.

- We were clearing it in 3 or 4 different groups at the end of cataclysm, full clears, and if we saw 1 patterns over those 3 or 4 full clears it was a "good" run.

- I had one run in ICC were I had BoE raining from the sky.

- Six in one run, I don't think I saw six ever drop in one run.

- Unless it was a rep run or drop run and we were just clearing the opening packs over and over.

- For hours and hours on end.

- And even then we rarely if ever saw 6.

- Otherwise over a full run I do not think I ever saw more than 2.

- And 2 dropping was an extremely lucky run.

- Think that only ever happened twice if memory serves me correct.

- Anyone else notice that when things are no longer "hot" they seem to drop like crazy?

- Did not get the follower we were supposed to get when finishing the garrison campaign achievement.

- So what is an elf to do?

- Put in a ticket.

- I swear I feel bad for them sometimes having to deal with so many tickets, but you can not blame a person for putting in one when it says this quest rewards a follower and it end up not doing so.

- The reply I got was it is a known issue they are trying to resolve.

- They said it should be fixed soon for anyone that has not completed the quest yet.

- But people that already completed the quest, like myself, are basically screwed.

- So my advice, if you have the quest, do not turn it in until they fix it if you want to follower.

- It will get fixed for us people that already turned it in as well, but it would require a client side patch to fix it, so it might be a while before I get the follower.

- I applaud the GM for being completely honest with me with a response like that.

- Better than leaving it at "It's a known issue" and leaving it like that is what most GMs would do.

- This GM told me what the problem was and the sad part that it could very well be a long time before it is fixed for me because I already finished the quest.

- As much as I hate the fact I got screwed because I finished the quest before it was fixed the fact the GM was honest with me made me feel okay about it.

- So I am stuck waiting a long time for it.

- Oh well.

- At least I know I am going to be waiting a long time for it.

- As I have said many times, honesty goes a long way with me.

- I swear if I would have gotten one of those "known issue" and leave it at that responses I would be complaining about not getting it now.

- Yet one honest comment from a GM and suddenly, I am sort of okay with it.

- Well, not okay, but you know what I mean.

- Time to rip down all my scribe quarters.

- Darkmoon faire cards are down a hell of a lot.

- Probably because they suck for most classes even fully upgraded.

- And there is now another option worth putting there.

- Alchemy lab.

- Being alchemists will be able to transmute savage blood and the catalysts are tradable, might as well have a few alts churning them out.

- Alchemy is the only profession done right in one aspect.

- The "special" alchemy item, the catalyst in this example, is not soulbound.

- None of the "special" items should be soulbound.

- I swear the game wants me to make my hunter a tailor and engineer.

- Every day when I do bling I get gearspring parts and hexweave cloth.

- Okay, not every day, but at least 5 out of 7 days a week I get both, the other days I get one or none, but it sure seems the game wants me to change professions giving me those useless things.

- But if they were tradable it would be awesome.

- Why are the not tradable?

- Finally got my last profession maxed and dinged the achievement for having all  professions at 700.

- The game has been out for months.... months.

- And I only got that now?

- I usually have every profession maxed within a week of release.

- I think that is one of the things I hate about this expansion.

- They really screwed up professions badly.

- Not in just slightly bad, but horrible bad.

- Dreadful bad.

- Might as well just remove professions from the game bad.

- Yeah, that bad.

- Where are the cloth, leather, mail and plate patters to level to 700 that do not require a "special" item that is on a daily cooldown?

- Blizzard, daily cooldown items work for raid level drops.

- Not for leveling a profession.

- And most definitely not for 640 crap.

- Even if that 640 crap can be equip at 91.

- If the upgrade item for the 670 version used a daily cooldown, that would be fine.

- But the 640 versions should not need it and the 655 versions, if they needed it, should need very little.

- Horrible design there as far as professions go.

- The base patterns should not have ever needed a "special" item which effectively gated leveling your professions to a daily cooldown.

- Not cool blizzard, not cool at all.

- I'll try to post about what suddenly caused me to need a break soon.

- But I am pretty sure everyone already knows what it is.

- From looking around, it seems every active player is in the same boat I am.

- To much "work" not enough "fun" in the game right now.

- So I took a vacation from work.

- I needed it.

- Have a great day.


  1. - Agree that none of the daily CD items should be souldbound, get the same stupid cloth/engineering stuff as well from Blings that I just have to vendor.

    - The crafted gear is messed up. The 640s are now quite cheap but the 655 and 670 basically don't exist unless you crafted them for yourself (very expensively). They're not worth the effort required. Just save yourself the trouble and buy a BoE...

    - The DMF trinket is still the best that I can get since I'm not raiding, but I won't pay 40k for the upgrade to 655. I don't even think I paid that much for the 665 BoE Lucky Double-Sided Coin that is BiS til Mythic...

    - Ore is down to 66s each... I've never seen it that low, even when we were overrun with botters...

    - It really bugs me that the yields from the mine are so much higher than the garden. WTB draenic seeds!!!

    - I sort of took a "break" as well recently. I've been skipping the apexis daily a lot and I let my barn go idle for a bit. Too much "work" as you said.

    - Was going to start leveling one of my alts, but talked myself out of it... I don't want more chores to do.

    - Got the 690 ring quest done so I don't need to do LFR anymore.

    - Only need the neck piece off Drov and then I'm done with world bosses til BRF and I think that's actually a downgrade/sidegrade since I have a 645 neck with better secondaries...

    - Waited a day until they said the Thisalee quest was fixed, or at least I thought they said it was fixed... Not fixed though, so I'm waiting like everyone else...

    1. The 655 and the 670 require WAY to much material wise to make them worth making to sell. I've told everyone in guild, sell the bloods and use the money to buy BoEs, you will end up better in the long run and make a profit in the process. I was dead on target. And with the 680s costing even more, they are so horribly over priced, in terms of what is needed to make them, that I can not see even making them for yourself.

      My barn has been vacant for over a week now and I expect it to stay that way. Most of my buildings have full orders sitting there never to be collected. I just lost the heart to do it any more.

      I hope they fix the follower. Would be easy enough to give it to anyone that already has it. Just search and flag anyone without it that finished the quest as having a new quest to just pick up and get it. That would fix it. Sorry to hear you got screwed out of it as well. From what the GM told me the fix for people that have not done it yet will be done soon, the one for us, might be some time away, 6.1 or further.

  2. I want to respectfully disagree on the work vs fun aspect of WoW right now.

    First, I have heard many people agree with you, so you are HARDLY alone in thinking it.

    But it is my take that if you are wearing yourself out with "chores" it is by choice.

    I think you are doing things that are highly optional and thinking of them as mandatory.

    I like raiding. Having the "OQ" built in has been awesome for me. I am only 672 right now. My server has VERY few mythic options.

    But I am getting all the raiding I want to do.

    Yeah, some days I feel like I am working more chores than I want. So I don't walk away from the game.

    I think of something I WANT to do and and skip the WoW chore.

    I also only have three 100s so far.

    Everytime I hear somebody say, too much not fun stuff in WoD I am almost at a loss.

    I agree that maybe professions being so far from what they were has shocked some folks.

    But I have enjoyed the changes. Do I miss many aspects of the old way of leveling, grinding mats, etc? Absolutely I do, but I don't HATE the new way either.

    I have found it really useful for my main along the way and a huge cash generator for less effort than my normal glyph business.

    It is not that I don't understand the things you are saying. I really do. I have heard friends and acquaintances make the exact same noises.

    But I find the overall judgements on WoD about professions, chores, farming mats, and game play lacking in support that bothers my greatly increased ability to find a raid and work on my game play any time at all that I want to do so.

    1. I absolutely agree that it is my choice. That is what makes it work. I just do not have it in me to "choose" to do less than I am capable of doing.

      Sure there are a lot of people that do not take advantage of everything in the game that they can but that too is their choice. They choose to not be the best player they can be. I will never be a A class player, but I will always try to be the best I can be. And if that means doing all my garrisons on all my characters, I make the choice to do so.

      However, it becomes work when you do not see the benefit of it. If benefits were rolling in left and right than perhaps it would not feel so much like work. But when it takes many many many days to craft even 1 piece of gear (at 670 item level) and count on the "luck" of procs on if you get enough savage blood to make them as well added to it.

      Sorry if you fell different, but everything about that screams work. Not fun.

      Fun is if I decide I wanted to craft myself a piece of 670 gear and I can go out and grind the materials in one day with a little work. That is fun. Not waiting forever on a daily cooldown that "forces" me to log in every day or suffer a set back and hoping you get lucky, that is work.

      But then again, fun is always something that will differ from person to person. I find grinding the reputations through kills fun, many people despise it. So to each their own really.

      I really enjoy the expansion, don't get me wrong, but garrisons and professions are burnout city. There are no ifs, ands or buts to that. They exist purely for busy work and doing something just for the sake of doing it is not exactly fun, no matter what anyones opinion might be, that is a fact.

      I am in the course of "retraining" myself not to log into alts. Not to do my chores, not to worry about them. It is not easy because I hate having something hanging there that can be easily done that I am not taking advantage of, but if I do not stop doing 2 hours or more garrison "work" per day instead of actually playing the game, I'll quit. And I don't really want to do that.

    2. I read your reply and started to respond but then realized I should go read the new post first.

      Well it seems we are in violent agreement.

      I really hope the day job you spoke of is cancer research.


      Because that compulsive personality you have is awesome.

      That it drives you like that is amazing.

      It does explain completely why garrisons were burning you out and for me are just a fun side game that have the potential to help me do other things in the game.

      But seriously, if your day job is not cancer research or something like that, I am begging you to stop playing wow, retrain yourself to cure cancer and let those demons in that noggin start driving you with that level of focus to curing one of the cancers.

      I eat too much so focus on one that can be caused by a poor diet.

      But that level of OCDishness you will probably cure them all.

      I don't know whether to be seriously jealous of that personal drive or grateful that it doesn't force me to do stuff I don't want to do. I think I have settled on jealous.

    3. Sorry to say my day job is nothing that noble.

      There is a good and bad point to having that type of determination. It allowed me to learn to code with many different languages by self teaching. Why? Because I wanted to know how things were done. I would spend hours reading books, online, you name it. I've applied it to many things in my life. Sadly, not always for the better.

      No reason to be jealous. Enjoy the game without feeling "stressed" because you can do that and for that I could call myself jealous.