Thursday, November 6, 2014

Collected Warlords Garrison & Profession Guides

I wanted to make one post for all the garrison guides I have written over the past few weeks and this is it.  To anyone that might stumble across this later on after warlords of draenor comes out please note these guides were written toward the end of the beta and it is entirely possible some of the things in them have changed once it hits live.  If that is the case please let me know on the specific guide and I will update it.  Either way, maybe you can find some use for these guides.  Happy building.

Alchemy and the Alchemy Lab

Blacksmith and the Forge

Leatherworking and the Tannery

Tailoring and the Emporium

Engineering and the Engineering Works

Inscription and the Scribes Quarters

Enchanting and the Enchanters Study

Jewelcrafting and the Gem Boutique

Small Buildings and Standard Buildings

Medium Buildings

Large Buildings

How to get Nat Pagle as a follower?

Garrison FaQs

Garrison Achievements

Hope these posts have been some use to you.  Enjoy your garrison and warlords of draenor.  See you there.


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