Friday, June 13, 2014

Warforged Nightmare: No Thank You.

Blizzard has released a new cash grab mount called the warforged nightmare.  It is going for $30 US which is $5 US more than mounts usually sell for but that is with good reason, you are not just getting the mount but the hitching post.  It allows others to get a temporary mount.

Now $5 US for the "fun" item doesn't seem like a bad price and $25 for the mount is up to opinion, they have always been that price so if you had no issue buying them before then I guess the price is fine with you.

So it is not a price issue why I will not be buying this mount just like it was not a price issue why I did not buy the previous mount they released.  It is because I do not support the company in the way I used to in the past because they have lost my confidence and I do not feel that spending my money on items as such is worth it even if I am a mount collector and even if I happen to think the mount might look nice.

I am not a tight wad.  I am not saying I won't buy it like many do for reasons of being a cheap or thinking everything should be free because I already pay a subscription or because I do not have the disposable money.  I will freely be the first one to buy a round of drinks for my friends or even cover for a friend that has no money just so he can stay and hang out.  I have always said I would help out a friend within reason.  While I would cover a few rounds for a friend that has no cash I would not do so every single week, it is called taking advantage of me.  I am not a fool and I liken buying this mount, or any mount right now, to that same thing.  Being taken for a fool.

I've always been supportive of the things I like.  Remember those days back when napster was big?  (music file sharing service for those that are not old like me)  I used to download songs 24/7 it seemed.  Every song I ever liked I got, live versions, different concerts, etc.  I would also download anything I heard on the radio I liked and even other songs from those people that made the song just to see if I liked the group and not just the one song.

If I came across an artist that had multiple songs I liked I would go out and buy the CD.  You might ask, why would you do something like that if you already have the songs for free?  I would buy them because I support the person who was making the music and I knew they did not make any money off a free filing sharing service like napster.

When offspring released one of their albums for free download online I downloaded it.  I then went out and purchased the CD when it was released.  The reason is that I have always been a fan of them and even if they put the songs out themselves for free and I was not "stealing" it like I would have been with napster being they offered it themselves I still supported them and they deserved to get paid for their work.

What blizzard is doing now is different, or at least feels different to me.  I was always a free spending person when there was something I felt was worth spending money on but I try not to be a foolish spending person and I believe it would be foolish to show my "support" for blizzard like I showed my support for offspring because they do not deserve it right now.

I used to buy every mount blizzard put out as soon as they put it out, I supported the game and as such I felt it was worth it.  Now it just seems like a distraction to get us away from the idea that there is no new content.  I can not support that.  I can not support blizzard.  They are getting a subscription fee from me and I am even beginning to question if it is worth that, so it surely is not worth spending more on a mount.

When blizzard gets back to the way things were at the start of this expansion with new content coming at a reasonable rate I will gladly go back to supporting blizzard and buying whatever they put out because that is who I am, someone willing to support what I like.  But until that point, no thank you blizzard.  You can keep your mount.  If you want more money from me you are going to have to earn it.  Release new content.


  1. I bought the mount, but didn't figure the hitching post was causing the price to be higher, I figure it was inflation.

    However, after getting it and trying it out, I quickly called Blizzard help and got my money back. It seems they are basing the ride on the goat, where not only does the mount rides up and down, but your toon does too. This is enough to help start a siezure in me. And is a no go. The horses and the Headless Horseman's mount, may jump up and down, but the toon stays put and doesn't cause this problem. Another reason why I don't ride the damned dragons, they swirl and zoom all over the place. So to make this story short, I did get money back and will not be buying any more mounts, period.

    take care, GE


    1. Nope, it is because you get more than just the mount.

      Was doing a battle ground yesterday and someone dropped one and we were all on that mount. Kind of funny seeing the entire group run out on the same mount.

      I like the horseman mount, it is my mount of choice on many characters as it looks nice flying and walking. One mount for everything.

      I am glad you got your money back.