Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Limited Time Buffs: What is Next?

It seems like blizzard has decided on how they want to give us new content while waiting for the expansion.  The new content comes in the form of limited time buffs to try and get us playing with the content we have on our mains or alts, or trying new things maybe.

We have had the increased valor buff.  We currently have the black price buff.  To my knowledge there have been no other buffs data mined so we can only guess this it is, this is all the new content we are going to get for now.

The real question is, what is next?  Will they roll over and start from the beginning of their two buff cycle again and give us the valor buff once more next month or will they try to sneak something else in there.

I think it might be in the best interest of blizzard, and us of course, for blizzard to mix it up.  We will not be getting any real content, but these buffs can work for what their intention is, to give us something to do, to take our minds off the content drought.  Not like it really will, but it can serve as a distraction.

So why not give us some more buffs to play around with, more than just the valor one and the black price one.  Rotate those for the last 2 weeks of each month and give us something else for the first two weeks of each month.

I can think of a few buffs that might get people more active in game and maybe even have them do something they have not done in a while or maybe never did.

So here are a few buffs I came up with off the top of my head that might make for a pleasant distraction from the content drought for some people.

[Knowledge of the Ancients]

Increase all experience gained from anything that would normally grant you experience by 20%.

[You've Got Personality]

Increase all reputation gains by 20%.

[Scent For Blood]

Increase honor and conquest gains by 100%.

[Nimble Fingers]

Receive double the amount of items you normally would when using gathering professions and archeology.

[Aren't You The Lucky One]

When you defeat a boss you get a chance to use a lucky gold coin which will allow you to choose any one piece of loot off that bosses loot table.  You only have one lucky gold coin per week so use it wisely.

[Honor of the Celestials]

Every time you defeat a celestial you get a buff that increases all stats by 10% for 6 hours on all your characters.  This buff does not stack and persists through death.  Killing a celestial while time is remaining will increase the buff to a maximum of 6 hours.

What idea for buffs can you come up with?


  1. What great ideas - the rep buff would sure get me to log on while its active.
    Since im insane enough to have cloak on 2 charachters already, the black prince is not such a great incentive for me.

    1. Insane is me. I have it on 2 hunters and 2 more hunters on the way. Not to mention already have it on a priest, rogue and my monk finishes this week. lol

      I have all reps exalted but I am sure many people would get great use out of the buff as incentive to go back and grind some older reps. And the experience one would entice people to level some alts during this down time.

      Glad you liked the ideas.

  2. [Celestial Storm]

    For two weeks, you get a normal chance at loot on each of the four celestials (including being able to use a coin on each). This would bring a few more people back to Timeless Isle, and it would provide more opportunities for those at the end of the legendary quest line to get into groups that help with that last requirement.

    1. That would not be bad, 4 chances to loot. For a fresh 90 that 550 PvP gear looks pretty attractive even if you have no intention of PvPing.

  3. [Bang Your Dead]
    you point your finger at a boss and they blow up. lasts for 2 weeks, but only useable once per day.

    [Gimme Gimme Gimme]
    On "make believe isle", a full correct armor outfit lvl 575 and weapon. Useable on every toon you have that can go to "make believe isle".

    [Oh No You Didn't]
    for two weeks, one can complete the entire quest chain for a faction in 4 hours. useable once a day.

    [Should Have Turned Left At Crossroads]
    for two weeks all the flightpoints are known.

    to be continued....


    1. I like the name for bang your dead, but that would be way too powerful. lol

      But that gear should only be allowed to be used on make believe island. :)

  4. [Valor of the Eternal]
    All of your characters on ALL realms earn 100% more Valor Points once any character hits Valor cap. Applies retroactively for any Valor Points earned that week up to Valor Cap.

    [Pillage of Pandaria]
    Receive one additional resource from all harvested nodes.

    [Invisible Hand]
    Increase the effect of bad roll protection.
    ... by some amount.
    ... that we're not going to tell you.

    [Unique Up On It]
    If you receive individual loot that you already have equipped or in your bags your bad roll protection does not reset.

    [You Wanted Faster Flights, No?]
    Take a free high speed rocket directly from one flight path to another, bypassing intermediate flight paths, but resulting in an explosion at the destination site, damaging those in the vicinity and killing you.

    [Test Drive]
    Receive temporary access to all currently available in-game mounts as well as Master Riding speed.

    1. Valor of the eternal is how it should have been to begin with. I hate having to valor cap on multiple servers without the buff.

      Test drive might make some people want to spend the gold to buy faster flying. Not a bad idea and wouldn't hurt game play to let people have a little access to speed they had not had before.

      Faster flights would be great. With no flying in WoD I think they should add an option when taking a flight path. For double gold (or something like that) you get a super fast direct flight 5 times faster.

  5. [Oh Shiny]
    for two weeks quadruple (sic) the amount of coins that drop off of a corpse.

    [Pointy Stick In The Eye]
    chance to blind your opponet. (sic)

    [Oh Hell No]
    usable only in the battle grounds. makes the opposite player drop the flag.

    [Tastes Just Like Chicken]
    food buffs grant additional health for 2 hours.

    1. Oh shiny would make me a gold farmer for the week. lol I know a few places where packs spawn that drop okay numbers, if it was 4 times as much it would be a great farm spot.

    2. Hope they made you laugh, that was the idea. You have been too serious lately :-)

      fair thee well...

    3. I can be silly sometimes too. But being grumpy is serious business. ;)