Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Random Thoughts

- Happy New Years.

- I'm back from a little break, I really needed it.

- Came back and really had no idea what to do so I farted around with many characters.

- Played my rogue for the first time since getting the legendary a while back.

- I love the melee proc visual, it is awesome.

- Looks like a wild animal with claws going all over the place.

- First time it proced I was like, WTF was that.

- Then I ran around killing things just to get it to proc again.

- Each time thinking, this looks freaking cool.

- It looks like something you would expect from a kitty druid more than a rogue however.

- Wonder if the plate melee have the same visual.

- None of my plate wearers are even past the sigil part, so I will not find out first hand any time soon.

- Just don't think claws flying all over the place would look right for a warrior, or a paladin, or a death knight.

- Finally finished collecting valor on my lock.

- Feels like it has been months to get that 3K.

- Might be for all I know, I rarely play it, but that is why it took so long.

- I killed the one elite mob solo no problem, now to do the PvP.

- I really dread the PvP part.

- I have not PvPed on my lock since wrath.

- As affliction back then.

- But at least I did PvP on my lock at some point, more than I can say for some of the other characters I needed to run through there.

- So only 5 classes have not even reached that part yet.

- My druid, which needs to get the chimera off the last boss of ToES, and has been on that part forever.

- My death knight that has some sigials but still need 8.

- My warrior and my paladin that have zero sigils as they have never stepped into a raid this expansion at all.

- Do you notice something that they all have in common?

- Tanks.

- And I do not tank the LFR.

- I did some on my DK as frost and I was main tanking on my druid for a while in the normal mode raids, that is the only reason they got somewhere on the quest.

- My druid would have been finished with the quest already if ToT had dropped sigils originally.

- When we finished that tier I only needed 5 more.

- We never went back, so my druid never got any more sigils until SoO came out and dropped them.

- And now I have never went back to loot the quest item in ToES.

- With as often as I tanked ToT if they dropped there originally I would have had my cloak on my druid as well already.

- The 5th is not a tank, it is a healer oddly enough.

- My shaman.

- Not exactly sure why I have not been healing on my shaman this expansion but I haven't.

- I'll get in to mood one day and bang it out I am sure.

- As a healer it is easy.

- Faster queue times, less stress over all normally because healing is usually easy unless you run across an insanely horrible group which does happen from time to time, and I tend to be less likely to notice all the damage dealers in 520 or better item level doing less than 40K DPS when I am healing and that really infuriates me.

- Nothing annoys me more than someone in 520 gear, or more, doing numbers like that.

- One run this weekend I had 6, repeat 6, people on sha of pride with 6 stacks when we downed him, still doing under 40K.

- How is that even possible?

- If there is any fight in there any class can pump their numbers up on it is that one.

- It is seeing things like that which lead me to need a break.

- I understand we all pay the same amount to play but quite honestly, some people should not be allowed to use the LFR system.

- It is not elitist to say that, just realist.

- If you can not do it, you should not be there.

- If you can not fly an airplane you should not be flying an airplane right?

- If you can not fix a computer, you should not take it apart right?

- We can all get behind the controls of an airplane or take apart a computer, but just because we can doesn't mean we should.

- Same goes for LFR, just because you can queue up for it, doesn't mean you should.

- If you can't do it, stay out, I do not give a flying shit if you spend the same each month as I do, you have no business being in there.

- Realism, not elitism.

- It is why my warrior and my paladin have zero sigils.

- Not because I do not know how to play them, but because I refuse to tank the LFR and I do not believe I can DPS effectively enough to meet the minimum needed for them.

- It is called being a decent person and feeling responsible for pulling my own weight.

- I feel bad doing DPS on my DK like I did this weekend because it is sub par.

- However, it is still 90K, which is fairly decent, even if not good, for first part of SoO LFR at least.

- So that is all I did.

- And I am in all tanking gear, no reforging, no gems, no enchants, tank trinkets, and I am still pulling 90K.

- Hey, it is my bank alt, that is why I do not go out of my way getting him raid ready, he is not a raider.

- I am only a 517 item level with the 2 celestial tier pieces and assorted timeless pieces and the crafted belt.

- I finished between 6th and 11th in damage done on the four fights in SoO part 1, even as shitty as I did.

- And that is the problem.

- If I can perform about as poorly as I would ever even consider going in there performing and still be 6th, there is an issue with everyone else in there, not me.

- I will not even think of going into part two with that DPS.

- I need to get a few DPS pieces, going to start doing the celestials to try and get the DPS tier pieces and try to get two DPS trinkets.

- Basically make a secondary set for DPS, partly, and when I can do 120K I will go into part 2 of SoO LFR.

- It is called being a responsible player.

- I will not waste your time, do me a favor and don't waste mine.

- Wiping because half the raid could not pull 40K is wasting my time.

- Your 15 bucks does not give you the right to waste the time of my 15 bucks like that.

- If you want to be carried, make some friends, ask them to carry you through flex, it drops better gear anyway.

- My newest hunter is just 3 secrets away from the next part of the legendary line.

- Means I should be moving on next week, in theory anyway.

- It will mean it took me 4 weeks to get the 20 secrets, a lot faster than it used to be.

- Did an LFR on my monk, as DPS of course, even if I am a tank.

- Just to repeat, I do not tank LFR.

- But it seems I ended up tanking the LFR.

- Again, another character in all tank gear with tank trinkets set up for tanking, but at least reforged and gemmed and enchanted, but for tanking.

- I was #1 DPS and damage done and ended up tanking multiple times anyway.

- Huge props to the healers in the group for keeping me up.

- First boss in the last ToT, we wiped because the tanks decided to tank the boss in the middle of the tornadoes.

- We got frozen, we got thrown around, we got set on fire, we got killed basically, all because the tanks were morons that refused to move the boss.

- Try two, someone says, "you need to break people out of the ice and avoid the tornadoes".

- I say, "How about the tanks just pull them out of the tornados like they are supposed to and no one will be frozen."

- Complete silence.

- We get to that point, they do not move the boss again.

- I taunt, the tank taunts back.

- I taunt, the tank taunts back.

- You are not going to win this battle asshole, I am moving this guy from the tornado.

- I did not say that, but I thought it.

- Prop #1 for a paladin healer.

- I taunted, healer BoPed him (at least I think that is what he did) and he could not taunt him back.

- The healers kept me up until he was able to taunt back and he did run after him all the way to me, and the boss died.

- Wow, how amazingly easy the fight is when people tank him in the right place.

- Boss two, time for healers to show their power again, I love my healers.

- The tanks are getting owned, someone suggests they bring the fire one to the blue crystals, not like it is really needed in the LFR if the tanks are half way decent but these aren't, so it is needed.

- Even more so when the healers started asking for it, so guess what time it is.

- Its taunting time baby.

- I taunt to crystal, tank runs after it and takes it back.

- I taunt to crystal, tank runs after it and takes it back.

- I taunt to crystal, tank runs after it and takes it back.

- Forth time it seems the tank finally got the pattern and starts doing it on his own.

- Woohoo?

- Last boss, tanks pull him and tank him near the center of the room.

- They do not even make an attempt to get him to the pillar.

- I taunt, but being everyone is in the middle of the room, I am out of range of the healers, he WTF owns me when he gets to me.

- At least he is at the pillar now, so they should be okay right.

- Nope, they tank him there for a long time, over charging the pillar to the next level when someone yells to move him.

- So they move him between that pillar and the next one and keep him there and its a wipe.

- Next attempt, same thing on pull, healers notice what I did last time and run with me when I taunt him to the pillar and they keep me up this time until the tanks decide to join us.

- I continue to taunt from pillar to pillar because the tanks refuse to move him, even if it was explained to them and someone is being kind enough to say in raid when to move him.

-  After the first transition I die taunting him to the second pillar we are going to, nice try healers, but I am not in tank spec, there is only so much you can do.

- With me dead, it is a wipe again because without me moving him the tanks leave him in the middle of nowhere and the healers just can not keep up.

- Attempt three, goes basically the same.

- Attempt four, I offer to switch to tank because I am fed up and the tanks are not getting a clue.

- I have no problem with people making mistakes, we all need to learn, but not learning from your mistakes after a few attempts means you are not going to get it.

- This is LFR, I am not here to work progression with you.

- When I offer to tank both tanks drop, so we are stuck waiting.

- I guess they got the clue.

- You know, no one was rude to them, even with the wipes and their obvious mistakes, this is the type of group I did not mind wiping with, they were decent people.

- Would have been nice if they learned as well, tanks mostly.

- I can't believe we went all three fights with me having to part tank them and taunt move bosses because the tanks wouldn't.

- We got 2 new tanks and downed it the next time, so it was done, but it makes me wonder, why don't I tank anyway, because I end up tanking every time I am there to begin with.

- In ToT 3, last boss, more props to healers, both tanks died 2 times, both times I was tanking while they were being revived.

- That was pretty awesome.

- Those healers did an amazing job.

- Did I say I love my healers?

- I love doing that fight because I do no AoE at the beginning.

- I like to see how far I can climb up the damage done ladder having not cheesed it with massive AoE like everyone else.

- I finished #1 in damage done, tanked the boss for a fair bit of time, and did zero damage on the little golems.

- Made me feel good about myself.

- Love watching myself climb up the damage done list over those people that were doing 600K+ on the pull.

- I wonder if they see themselves at #2 damage done at the end of the fight and think they did well or if they realize that the AoE was all they did and in the end they actually did rather poorly.

- BTW, I am not very good at my monk, so me being tops it not me bragging about it because I am not good, it is me saying how bad everyone else was because I was #1.

- My monk is in a world of hell when it comes to secrets, it is one of those characters that never get any.

- It even got screwed on sha this week, first time that has happened to me in a while.

- I'll put in a ticket.

- Remember if you do not get one off sha, put in a ticket and a GM will send it to you.

- If I remember that is.

- I always forget.

- My monk has been on the secrets part of 3 months now, at least.

- I just do not play it enough.

- Like I said, I bounced around a lot this weekend.

- I created a new troll mage.

- Logged in, set up my addons, my UI, where I like things, set up macros, even for things I do not have yet so I am ready for them when I get them, did all the little things, and then logged out.

- I did not feel like playing, I just was in the mood to set up a new character.

- I like organizing things.

- Does that make me weird?

- I did mail some BoAs to other servers this weekend for the first time.

- It worked like a charm, wish they had done this ages ago.

- Now I can lose my heirlooms on many servers instead of just one.

- Woohoo?

- Played one mage from 51 to 55 when I ran out of rested.

- Played one hunter from 62 to 66 when I ran out of rested.

- Played one death knight from 60-64 when I ran out of rested.

- Why does it seem my rested is going so quickly lately?

- Did you notice that revive pet cast time has been decreased?

- I didn't notice that, it is nice, I like it.

- Must have missed that in the notes.

- Noticed a bug, or is it a fix, on the shaman fight.

- I'll say a bug because it causes the bosses to despawn.

- But I don't think what I was doing was intended to begin with.

- So I think it was a stealth fix they did not mention that resulted in a bug.

- I had this little trick I would do on my hunter that made sure the ashen wall never spawned.

- I do not share my tricks like this for fear they will get fixed.

- Maybe someone else did.

- What I would do is when the wall was about to be cast I would time it perfectly and hit distracting shot and feign death.

- This would cancel the cast and the wall would never spawn if you timed it right.

- Time it wrong and it would choose a new target, its previous target.

- Was it needed?  No, we downed it many times before I figured that out one attempt while playing around.

- But it was nice, even more so when you had new people, one less mechanic to deal with.

- I did it this week on my baby hunter when he was in there and when I feigned death instead of them stopping the cast or choosing a different target they despawned.

-  Oh well, was a fun little thing to do for a while, I am sure they will fix the despawn bug.

- But if you have any issues with the dark shaman despawning I can tell you why that is happening.

- If they target someone with any effect and that someone dies at just the right time, the time I used to use to cancel the cast, they will despawn.

- Now you know why you have been having those despawn issues.

- I was so hoping to use this when we got there on heroic, I am sure it would have helped, guess we will have to do it the old fashion way when we get there.

- My baby hunter got into a normal run this weekend, we downed 12 bosses, but as it works I got no loot when I could have gotten three pieces.

- How so?

- I was on my hunter for the first 7 bosses and the tank needed to leave, so I had to switch to my tank for the 8th boss.

- 8th boss dropped the gloves I could have used and no one else there needed them, but I was tanking.

- 9th boss dropped the weapon I could have used and no one else there needed it, but I was tanking.

- 10th boss dropped nothing, so no biggie.

- I switched back to my hunter for the 11th boss because that is a one tank fight, no one would need the helm token so if it dropped it was mine, it did not drop.

- 12th boss I went back to tanking, shoulder token dropped and no one needed it so it went to waste again.

- Seems my new hunter has the same luck as my old hunter.

- Could you imagine what getting the gloves, the shoulders and the weapon would have done for me?

- It would have been huge.

- Being I have not raided on my main hunter in 2 weeks I helped a friend this weekend on my hunter for a couple of bosses.

- It is amazing what a difference the group you are with does for your numbers.

- On fights I am normally between 290-320 I was doing 240-270.

- Remember, hunters got a 10% buff since the last time I played it, so that gap is a lot bigger.

- The difference is in my main group everyone is over 280, in the group I helped with everyone was around 220.

- Kind of wild how much the rest of a group can effect your own numbers.

- So a little hint for anyone trying to "fake" better numbers for world of logs when making an application for a guild.

- Get into a run with all people with huge numbers, your numbers will be higher also.

- Or cheese it if you can find a group that will let you.

- But the "big numbers" approach is actually better because it is more fitting to what you might actually do.

- Any raid leader will be able to tell you cheesed your numbers looking at logs.

- Like letting you be the only one to kill reflections on sha will really boost your numbers.

- It is how my 520 item level lock managed 300K.

- Cheese, pure cheese.

- WTB Valor gear.

- I added up all my valor over all my characters and I am closing in on 49,000 valor.

- Sure I can spend it, but do I really want to upgrade a 483 weapon?

- Like my rogue, one that is capped, I have a ton of 502 pieces, I would rather be able to buy 553 valor gear than to upgrade 502s I will be replacing.

- Heck, I would rather buy 540 valor gear than upgrade 502s.

- Heck, I would rather buy 528 valor gear than upgrade 502s.

- We need valor gear of some sort, at least at the current LFR level.

- And all slots, weapons included.

- I hope they fix this mistake next expansion.

- Sooner or later it looks like I will end up spending over 40K valor upgrading items that I don't want to upgrade just to put the valor to some use.

- Hey, I guess making a 483 a 491 is better than sitting capped and not collecting any more valor.

- But it is still not as good as buying a 528, 540 or better yet a 553 with valor would be.

- Oh well, I babbled enough for now.

- Have a great day.


  1. "Now I can lose my heirlooms on many servers instead of just one."

    Heh. That was (exaggerating slightly) most of my weekend... I had a bunch of bounced e-mails here and there with TI BoA tokens so I decided to, once and for all, consolidate them on a toon... went to every toon, scoured bags, mail and banks and sent them all to one toon.

    Logged into that toon and realized I had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many tokens for one toon to manage (rough estimate - 400-500, and I've already used a bunch of tokens on most of my toons already, those are the leftovers). So, I designated "class token leads" - plate toon, mail toon, etc, to collect all the tokens of that type and my original collection toon handled the neck, ring and trinket tokens. Yep, the weekend was so thrilling that I ran SoO LFR 1 for FUN last night. Got a ring upgrade but still no weapon on that toon... it's become a thing, I think that's my last toon with a first-tier LFR weapon, the rest all have at least a first-tier normal raid level weapon. Did get a few sigils or whatever so soon I'll have another toon stuck at the PvP quest, too. :)

    Upgrade the 483 weapon, absolutely... if history has taught me anything, the best way to force an upgrade is to "waste" resources on whatever piece is going to be replaced. Best case, you get the upgrade you want. Worst case, you don't but did, literally, everything you could to coerce fate. Job well done, etc.

    "One run this weekend I had 6, repeat 6, people on sha of pride with 6 stacks when we downed him, still doing under 40K. How is that even possible?"

    That's tough but it's possible not to do a ton of dps on that fight when LFR rule #1 is in effect - "LFR Rule #1 - Stacking is HARD". I was on my Warlock and, literally, was frozen by indecision on where to put my Rain of Fire for the adds since they were running all over the damned place. I ended up doing about the same dps I do on primarily single-target fights on that fight. Disappointing but, under the circumstances, I gave myself a mulligan.

    1. I did that myself. Have a priest enchanter for cloth, a monk enchanter for leather, a hunter enchanter for mail and a death knight enchanter for plate and those 4 play catch all.

      I disenchant most of them and keep a set of 4 of each, just in case. ;)

      I use althoholics which is great for monitoring that stuff but its been giving me fits telling me one of my characters have mail about to expire but doesn't tell me which one. I am sure I have lost some stuff recently because of it.

      I will upgrade something, I agree, better to do that then not use it at all. And it does seem to tempt fate for sure. I just hate upgrading junk items. I am sure you know what I mean.

      I hate when people have the adds all over the place like that, or are being chased by one so they run away and then they are all over the place. STAY STACKED. Or worse, some asshalf shaman or druid knocking them back so we can not AoE them. Where do these people learn how to play?

      My lock does huge numbers I never see otherwise on that fight. I can pull 100-130 in my locks current gear on most single targets, on that fight I am never below 250. Again, assuming they do not all run around like chickens with the heads cut off. Even if you single target keep rain on the adds burn blots left and right on the boss, HUGE numbers.

  2. Yeah, upgrading older items is a bit painful but a) that's what VP are used for these days and b) upgrading a 483 weapon or trinket is still probably going to give you as much or more bang-for-the-VP as upgrading an Ordos bracer. It may not last as long but I've never minded getting upgrades... :)

    Yeah, we had the combination of people running around with half (but only half, could probably have dealt if it'd been all) the adds on them PLUS players knocking back the mobs in random directions. It was brutal. Still a two-shot, though.

    My 'lock, 536 gear overall but only a 491 weapon (sigh), did 150K on Protectors (and that was with about 10 seconds of not attacking during the final burn when none of my buttons worked... when did Fire and Brimstone stop auto-disengaging when you run out of embers? Took me a while to figure out what the hell was wrong...), about 130K on Norushen (I got inside late and had to soak an orb shortly after I came out so I was mostly at or below 100% damage the entire fight) and about 150K on Sha... I'll admit I'm not good at Destro AoE but the adds were never close enough to the boss for F&B to be useful so I was mostly just sticking to a single-target on Sha while putting RaF on adds as best I could and putting Havoc on Sha right when I was switching to the big add... not really sure what I could have been doing better. I was peaking at or around 250K on AoE trash pulls, though, so it's entirely possible I'd be able to get that same bump on Sha with a slightly more organized/competent group.

    1. ... stupid blog comment reply system ... grumble ...

    2. I got lucky on my lucky, there is no other way to say it. I ran through the SoOs once, yes once, one time for each, and managed to get the full 4 piece tier set, the weapon and the offhand.

      I still have a lot of week spots on it like back, rings, trinkets, and the 502 quest line boots. I managed to get the ordos bracers yesterday so was able to spend some valor on them.

      In the end it just "feels" better upgrading something you are going to keep instead of upgrading something you are hoping to replace ASAP.

  3. I suck at my mage but I know I can do more than 40k in 485 gear and that's not in a raid group...

    Heck, I could do that single target on my blood DK in 485 gear. 100k if I had enough AoE. Neither in a raid group... I have no idea how someone can do 40k in 520 gear in a raid. Is auto-attack even that low?

    I think my dps is horrible on my mage and I need to learn frost/unholy for my DK, so I won't do LFRs with them. I could probably just wing it and still do better than half the people.

    The new Revive pet CD is very nice. With my LFR AoC trinket, it's like 1.63 seconds or something. It was a buff to compensate PvP. They can't use Dismiss pet in arenas anymore.

    Finally got the tier gloves off Celestials, so I could spend some valor points this week finally... Been sitting at cap for weeks. I'm capping out on extra rolls too now, since I only use 2/week and we get three each week... Guess I only need to use 1/week now.

    So iLvL went from 553 to 554... 555 if I break two piece set. Still need some items off Ordos.

    Otherwise, I was busy with other stuff this weekend. ::cough cough:: beta testing ::cough cough::

    1. I think auto attack is that low for some classes, but it could also be melee just auto attacking but not actually swinging because they are not in range. I think it would take effort to do less than 40K. Even more so on a fight like sha because the boss does not move, so the "out of range" thing is not an excuse.

      I've been capping on coins too being I have not run in a few weeks. At least I will have a lot when we start doing heroics.

      Congrats on the gloves.

  4. LOL, just noticed that the title of the post says "Momday" instead of "Monday". :D