Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fluffy Has Super Powers

When it comes to pets blizzard has done a bang up job fixing some of the issues we had with them over the years.  Sure, they do still miss a lot of stuff but in a way that gives pets a personality, even if annoying at times.  Some of the things have me questioning the sanity of my pet, or think that he is holding back super powers he does not want me to know about.

Remember the good old days when both your pet and the mob would continue to try to get behind each other?  You would pull a mob and your pet would do the tango with it across the entire zone.  He would jump behind the mob, the mob would jump behind him, he would jump behind the mob, the mob would jump behind him, and this would continue until the mob was dead or until you ended up pulling another 75 mobs in the process and die yourself.

It made for some fancy footwork on your part toggling between passive to call back your pet to keep him under control and closer to you so he did not pull the world.  While this sort of thing is gone from the game for the most part, it still happens from time to time.  And that brings me to my pets first super power, the ability to walk through walls.

On rare occasion your pet will still play the go behind game with a mob and being both your pet and the mob are a lot more "powerful" than you are, they can both go into walls.  So while you are there with the sound of your gun going click, click, click because the target is out of line of sight because it is in the middle of a wall or a rock or anything solid they have no business being in, your pet and the mob will finish each other off. 

Good thing we have the fetch glyph now right?  Nothing more annoying than that one quest mob you needed to loot something off of being in a wall and you would have been stuck waiting upwards of 15 minutes (if it is a BC mob) for it to respawn.  But do not worry, your pet not only has super powers to fight inside walls, it can loot inside them as well.

Oddly enough, even if my pet has the ability to walk through walls there are many places I walk where he does not just follow me despite a clear path to do so and instead will take the long way around to get to me.  Maybe all that walking in walls has caused a little brain damage in poor fluffy, but we still love him anyway.

Blink strikes is an interesting ability even if not the best option we have for DPS.  It is a good questing ability to have.  Most of the time the mob will die before you pet even gets to it, so having it blink there helps but it also exposes another of the super powers that my pet has.

When farming leather one time on my rogue tabbing and killing I accidentally tabbed to flying mob when I stepped and I stepped mid air behind him and fell instantly, good thing the fall would not kill me because he was not that high up but bad thing was he was over the edge of a cliff and I did indeed go splat.  Fluffy does not have that problem, fluffy isn't a stupid rogue that steps behind something and gets dropped to his death and goes splat.  Fluffy has super powers.

With blink strikes your pet can fly.  In short spurts at least.  When I attack a flying mob and blink strikes is up my pet will jump behind the mob in mid air and will fight the mob there the entire time.  It will not fall, the mob will not try to come down, my pet just hovers there in mid air doing what my pet does best, mauling some poor innocent mob that I am probably only killing for a quest item to death.  When the mob is dead and he comes back to the ground, he takes no fall damage either.  So two super powers in one.

But that is not all, there is a third super power my pet displayed here.  If he attacks something over the edge of a cliff or mountain like the rogue did and ends up falling down the mountain once the fight is over, he will just climb up the mountain even if that means running directly up the side of the mountain in a way that has to be physically impossible.  But nothing is impossible for fluffy, he is a super hero.

What other secret super powers have you noticed your pet has?


  1. Not sure I'd call it a "super power", but on the rare occasion my Tallstrider will up and run away (after we kill something) just to attack a bunny or squirrel or some other critter that happens to be within a 50 yard radius to us.

    Because of this I named him Zagyg...which is the D&D god of Humor, Eccentricity, Occult Lore, and Unpredictability...with emphasis on "humor" and "unpredictability". Every time he runs off after a critter I just sit there and giggle.

    1. I've seen that happen a lot before too. What happens is pets that have an AoE debuff like an AoE sunder will get any critters on their table even if they are not in battle when they do it.

      As soon as the fight is over they go and kill anything else that was on their table, usually harmless critters. It is kind of funny sometimes kind of frustrating others. Like when the critter decided to go to where other mobs are and your pet pulls those mobs because he was going after a critter.

      I giggle every time my pet does it as well. But I rarely use a pet that had an AoE debuff like that.