Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Raid Boss

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be a raid boss?  I had this image flash through my head of a giant dinosaur kissing his dinosaur wife on the cheek after she hands him his lunch, a few wild boar, in a metal lunch box telling his son that he better work harder in school or he might end up like him.

Then he gets to work and he stands in the center of this empty room waiting for someone to show up knowing that no matter what happens, win or lose, his entire day will consist of being beat on.  If he wins for the day he will still have to get beat on over and over, if he loses he has to get beat on only once.  Does he get paid more to make us wipe?  What is his motivation to win?

I could see him hearing us down the hall heading toward him yelling out "Hey Roger, send out some more adds, I'm on the can and almost done with this article in rolling stone on taylor swift.  I love her."

What happens when you are no longer current content?  Does your salary get cut, will you have to stop sending your dinosaur kids to private dinosaur school?  That can't be a good thing to hear because rumor has it that those public dinosaur schools are really tough places.  Not exactly the place you would want to send your son if you do not want him to grow up to be a raid boss too.

I can just imagine him home at the end of the day laying in bed with his dinosaur glasses on reading a copy of the wall street journal and turning to his wife and saying, "I got a nice buff today, some people wanted to try to beat me at a harder level and I was allowed to use some extra abilities.  It was funny to see them caught off guard by them."

Just think about what life would be like for a raid boss and let your imagination run away for a little bit.  It can be quite funny to imagine what their life would be if they were just like us, regular every day people, or dinosaurs if you will, with a family and friends and being a raid boss was only their job.

"Hey Pat, did you see the security footage of what Jimmy did to that crew that was trying to beat him yesterday."
"It was funny watching them all kneel over and die at the exact same time."
"I need an raid wipe ability like that, I'm going to human resources tomorrow."


  1. Somewhat relevant DLC:

    1. That is so mean, and if I were doing a quest, I too would go after his family too. :P

  2. Also relevant -

    Isn't Dark Legacy awesome?

    I laughed a lot reading this post Grumpy. I also linked it to my guild. It was great :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad you liked it.

      I've been reading dark legacy for years, it is one of my favorites and I look forward to it each week. I agree, it is great.

  3. Don't think I'd want to be the HR rep for the raid bosses. :)

    That kobold link brought back fond memories of Gerald (and Righteous Orbs). Miss 'em.