Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What if: You Could Breed Pets?

This what if question is not really out of the realm of possibly.  For those that may not have noticed nearly all pets have a male and a female version out there.  Sure looking at your Alpine Hare you can not tell the difference but there is an entry in the database that shows what "type" of pet it really is.

Your pet could very well be male or female and you will never notice it.  Just like some pets have higher life but lower speed and power while others have higher speed but are lower in health and power.  There are various combinations that are dictated by a flag in the database that makes your pet have the statistics it does.

So breeding might be possible some day in the future and I was thinking about what if it were added as the way to get epic pets and it would be the only way to get epic pets.

Lets jump into the game of speculation and wonder what if we could breed pets, how would it work?

1) Double Power Epic:

Lets say you have an Alpine Hare that has the health boost and an Alpine Hare that has the strength boost.  Breeding them could end up with the result of an Alpine hare that has both increased health and increased power along with its already fast speed making for a really power house bunny.

Something like that would surely be epic wouldn't it?  Makes you wonder if this is how epic pets will be added.

2) Cross Breed Epic: 

We all have our favorite pets but sometimes our favorite pet just won't cut it.  As much as I love my killer rabbit from the darkmoon faire there are fights he was just not cut out for.  So perhaps I can breed my Darkmoon Rabbit with a Fel Flame and if I am lucky enough I will end up with a elemental Darkmoon Rabbit or maybe even a critter Fel Flame.

Something like this cross breeding would have to be considered epic because it is off the chart of average.  It is not something that can be found in game.  It is something that needs to be breed if you want to get it.

I can just imagine already having an entire army of Darkmoon Rabbits of all types.  A mechanical one, a magic one, a beast one, a humanoid one... I just feel like letting out an evil cackle of a mad scientist and I build my army of Darkmoon Rabbits.  Fear the bunny brigade.

3) Dual Breed Epic:

What if I breed my Darkmoon Rabbit with the Fel Flame and ended up with a Darkmoon Rabbit that now counted as both a critter and an elemental.  It would have the strengths of both of them as well as the weaknesses of both of them.

Something like that would be really tricky in battle with double the weakness but if planned correctly and against the right team double the strength would be about as powerful as powerful could get.  Epic indeed.

4) Double Boost Epic:

Maybe you can only breed equals in this what if world and you have a male Alpine Hare with a health boost so you head out and find yourself a female Alpine Hare with a health boost and let them spend the weekend at the bunny hut to do what it is bunnies do when they are left unattended for any length of time.

Would you come back to find a double health boost Alpine Hare?  Not only will it have more health than the average one but it would have double that amount giving it a really robust health pool to enter battle with.  This would surely be epic would it not?

5) Breed Only Epic:

How about the epic pets be ones that can only be attained by breeding two rare pets together?  Lets say you could breed two of the harder to find pets together to make one special pet of that type.  Like the Unborn Val'kyr and the Restless Shade, two undead creatures, and maybe get a new undead of the epic quality called the Restless Val'kyr.

6) Upgrade to Epic:

Then there is the simple breeding to get an epic idea.  Just breed two rares of the same type and hope and pray that your fuzzy little companions bless you with a runt of the purple variety.  No special power boosts, no dual classes, no new beast, just an epic version of the two you mixed.  So you want to get yourself an epic Alpine Hare?  Find a male and a female and let them go at it until they breed you an epic baby Alpine Hare.

There are so many ideas I could go on and on.

There would have to be some rules to the breeding of course.  Depending on which type it would be.  Outside of the obvious one where you would need a male and a female of course.  Maybe for some of the breeding combinations you could only breed them in the summer, or winter.  Others could only be breed if you start the breeding process at night while others only during the day.  Perhaps they could even have specific ones that are breed only during specific events.  Like there would be a new rabbit that can only be breed during the noblegarden event.  Or a undead that can only be breed during the halloween event.

You would have to believe that it is possible that some day in the future epics pets might make their way into the game but what better way to make the epic pets than to make them breed only pets.  Keep the world pets, the achievement pets, the purchasable pets all of the rare at best quality and do not add any epic stones.  Those will always be rare at best but if you want epic, you have to make epic.

To make the epic pets more epic of course you would need to add chance to the mix, for as much as I do not like the "luck" factor, it would have to be there.  Limited time pets would have a very high chance to be breed like the noblegarden one, but the ones that are year round would have to be only a small chance to get an epic.  Maybe you would get a poor or common or uncommon or even rare, but being stones will only ever get you up to a rare, if you want that pet of epic variety you need to keep breeding until you hit the breeders jackpot.

It would not need to be left only at what I mentioned as the 6 possible epic pets that could all come.  It could be so much more.  So many mixes and matches and so many layers that will make you earn your pets.

For example, a good pattern for making a really hard to get epic would be something like you need to breed a critter and an elemental to get a dual pet that is both critter and elemental and then you would need to breed a magic and a beast to get one that is both a magic and a beast.  So once you have your magic/beast epic and your critter/elemental epic you can now breed those two together to get that noblegarden special pet.   So while that rare limited pet will be one that you can get easier with much less left to luck, the process to build up to it would still require work and a little bit of luck.  So those, like myself, that are unlucky, if we plan in advance, we can get our magic/beast and critter/elemental ready in advance so we don't have to get the beat down from lady luck.

There are so many things that can be done with breeding but one thing is for sure, if they ever add it, we will need a lot more than 1000 pet spaces.  That is for sure.

What if you could breed pets?  How do you see it as happening if it ever does?

I would like to see it as the only way to get epic pets is from breeding and breeding only.  That seems a lot more epic than just using a stone to upgrade it or heading out in the world to catch it.  It would be the perfect place to add breeding in my opinion.

As a little side note, as I see it, you should only be allowed to breed one pet at a time and the amount of time should depend on the pet coming out.  At least 24 hour breeding time for an epic pet.  Maybe as low as 2 hours if you get stuck with a poor you will end up releasing back into the world.

And where exactly do I see this breeding happening?  In our new player housing area coming next expansion in a breeding pen that was built by someone with the new professions of woodworking and carpentry of course, also coming next expansion.


  1. LOL

    That would be pretty "epic" if you ask me.

    While I was reading this, and before I got to the end, I was thinking that this breeding would take place in a breeding pen at your home/farm. You would have to pull the two pets you want to breed out of your journal and put them in the pen for 24 hours/a day (maybe have it follow the reset times of the farm) to see what pops out.

    Great minds think alike! :)

    Also, about your Bunny Brigade...I can haz one plz??????

    1. Only after I get mine. I get the first bunny brigade as it was my idea. :P

      I can actually see some sort of breeding coming into play sooner or later being pets do have sexes. Why else would they have that?

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    1. As you might guess I would take the darkmoon rabbit if that were the case.