Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Random Thoughts

- If history has anything to say about it the patch will be out August 27th.

- Being the last 4 or so patches have come out the day the PvP season ended that seems like a reasonable guess.

- I had guessed it would have been the first or second week of September.

- I am looking forward to flex raiding.

- Talking with others it seems like many are looking forward to it.

- Based on the few people I talked to flex raiding might, if done well, be the thing that saves the game for many.

- I've been experiencing a lot of frustrated players coming to me asking to join one of the 10 man teams.

- Our 25 man is only 4/12 but the 10s are 12/12 so of course those people want in on the more progressed group.

- They don't seem to grasp that they are the reason that the 25 is only 4/12.

- I am always polite about it but sometimes I wish I were not.

-When you are rocking a 508 item level and have not purchased a valor piece, a valor upgrade or even the barrens 502 boots in 2 months, you are not trying.

- I feel like saying, that is the reason you are on the 25 and not on one of the 10s.

- I also felt like saying "you" are the reason we are stuck on the 5th boss.

- When only 7 out of the 17 damage dealers are over 80K on a fight that requires a lot more of course you will hit a road block.

- But the 25 is more about letting people get to see raiding being 25s are easier than 10s and you can carry people there easier.

- Flex will take that spot and the 25 will die most likely.

- When you look at it, the "10 man" was the "25 man".

- Without those 10 the 25 would have never even gotten the first boss down.

- Flex will really allow those people to raid.

- But I am preparing myself for the inevitable.

- Just like the guy that does nothing to better himself and stands in everything avoidable that wants to get further because he "deserves" it, there will be people that I set up for flex only that will want to move into the normal modes.

- Yes, I am preparing myself for the inevitable.

- All in all I think everything goes back to the fact that they made normals too hard for normal players.

- I often try to explain that to some people but they just do not get it.

- I think it is because I am too polite about it.

- I have to learn to be a jerk about it.

- If a boss requires a minimum of 90K from all damage dealers instead of me just saying "this boss requires 90K so if you are under that hit the dummies and get a new piece of gear or two and we can get it next week."

- That is too nice.

- I need to start saying, this boss requires 90K, if you can not do that you will not be invited back.

- Seems a bit too hard core to say it like that for a casual guild.

- But normal modes are no longer designed for the casual raider.

- These people are the type of people that we used to have no issues with in 10s and now we can only carry them in the much more forgiving 25s.

- And even at that we can not carry them too far.

- I read someone say that this tier was the hardest normal mode tier in since the introduction of heroic modes.

- A great deal of people were agreeing with them as well.

- I am not sure I agree with that.

- But my view is really tainted by the long time it took us to down horridon.

- By the time we past him and then tortos, the other one that gave us fits, we were so grossly over geared the rest of the raid was easy.

- So perhaps I am not the best to judge.

- But if I had to, I would say everything past tortos was easier than ICC with the 30% buff.

- So no, I do not think ToT is the hardest normal mode raiding since the introduction of heroics.

- We did have to add a second night of 10 man to get it down in one week however.

- Too many bosses to down in one 2 hour night without extending.

- Perhaps a better group than ours could blow through that raid in 2 or 3 hours.

- We couldn't.

- The second night however made it easier.

- Funny how I went from not raiding much to raiding 5 nights a week seemingly over night.

- Two different 10s and sometimes a third and the 25 man which is now running 2 nights.

- With flex I can only see it getting to be more.

- At the start I am thinking of completely ditching the 25 man because lets face it, if they could not get past mag, they are not ready for the next tier.

- I see the 25 spending a few months in flex.

- And I don't see us having enough for more than 2 10s at the start considering that 530 seems to be the suggested starting level for raiding normal.

- But enough babble about raiding next patch.

- Back to alting.

- I started a new mage, it will probably just sit there, but I like starting out once in a while for a change of pace.

- A female worgen mage.

- Just so I could do that area again, it has been a while.

- I wonder if you could get a language warning for calling a female worgen a bitch?

- After all they are female dogs.

- Have I mentioned recently how horrible female worgen look?

- They look like a chihuahua.

- Their head is three sizes too small for their body.

- Seriously blizzard, how the hell did it ever make it live like that.

- This is my second female worgen, probably the last time I mentioned it was when I made my first.

- A hunter of course.

- It sits there doing nothing like this mage will most likely.

- Most all my characters I use hide helm, but this character needs a helm showing.  Desperately.

- I actually got a battle stone from one of the pet battle dailies.

- I only do a few each day, not all of them, but it has been a month since I had gotten one.

- I thought there was supposed to be some bad luck protection on those baggies.

- Being I do at least 2 a day, sometimes more, we will call it 2 and say I did 60 between getting stones.

- That is not bad luck protection.

- My luck is so bad I have bad luck with bad luck protection.

- I wonder if there is a best day of the week to do the PvP parts of the legendary cloak quest line.

- Have another character that is up to that point now.

- I just do not want to be stuck like someone in my guild has been for three weeks now.

- He logs on every day and does a few battlegrounds.

- Usually 2 or 3 a day as he can fit it in, and he still has not gotten a win in the mines.

- Not even my luck was that bad.

- Got it first try on one character oddly enough but another took me 7 times and I think 7 was my worst.

- He is over 20 attempts and all losses.

- I said, at least you are getting honor points.

- He asked, what use are they to me being I do not PvP.

- Mounts baby, mounts.

- So at least now in losing he is working toward something worthwhile.

- I might not have helped him win a match but I made losing that many times a tiny bit more bearable.

- I think early morning is best to win alliance side.

- I have a guild mate that has run 9 characters through the legendary quest line so far and he said he usually wins the first or second time in each match.

- He is an early day player.

- That has to be it.

- I would probably have 9 characters through it myself if it were not for the fact I passed the parts that drop the sigils and never went back.

- If I am valor capped, and don't need gear from them, the sigil alone is not motivation enough for me to do the lower LFRs on alts.

- Maybe with all the parts dropping in the new raid in LFR I will catch up some.

- If I even do the new raid in LFR that is.

- I can see it being 100 times worse than it is now with most of, if not all of, the better players on their mains doing flex.

- So imagine the nightmares to come in the LFR.

- I don't even want to think about it.

- I am looking forward to attacking the timeless island as soon as the patch comes out.

- Lots of things to get, mobs to kill, quests to finish off, at the get go I can see that place being ultra packed.

- Maybe it is best they do not add virtual realms at the same time they add the new patch and they roll it out a little later.

- Even on my mostly low pop server new zones like that are so packed.

- I would never want to do it on a large server.

- Hence the reason I am where I am.

- I would like a few more people, but not so many that you can not see 5 feet in front of you, like on most packed servers.

- Some people love those packed servers.

- To each their own.

- Have a great day.


  1. I ran into an issue with my Night Elf hunter that I hadn't anticipated, since he was created he's had the blue/green hair and I recently decided to tmog him in a way that would complement his mounts of choice (red theme, basically). I'd never tmogged anything (ever) so I did the research, collected the gear, ran a few instances as required... took a few months to get it all very casually but finally had a full set. Did the tmog, looked great. Except for the hair, which looked horrible with that set. So, off to the barbershop... at which point I discovered that Night Elves don't have red hair as an option. In fact, nothing worked... white was the closest. Like you, I normally have helms turned off my toons by choice... but I had to turn it back on for that toon. Who knew that the barber would be the roadblock for my first tmog effort.

    I've only done the PvP legendary quests on one toon, I have a few others stuck there but they'll never do enough LFR for the collections so I don't mind that. The one time I did it took, I think, 18 attempts for the non-cave one and 6 attempts for the cave. Took about 4-5hr on a Sat afternoon to get the wins. I hate PvPing but after the first few losses they stopped bothering me and I just kept re-queuing until we won. I'm glad I decided not to bother on any other toons, though, once was enough.

    I now have a toon in Pandaria on a top 5 server and the biggest issues I'm dealing with are lag (which isn't constant but sometimes feels like it is) and gathering resources... there are quite a few out there but there are also a lot of farmers flying around. My ground mounted leveling toon gets beaten to yellow dots about 75% of the time... shouldn't be too bad once I get flight but it's a hassle now. I think I prefer fewer nodes but with a much higher chance of actually getting them on a slower server, at least for leveling purposes. I think choice of server greatly depends on your playstyle and current situation... if you're heavily reliant on pugs to accomplish things, a higher population server can be a big benefit. If you have a good guild and friend system with active players, though, it might be more of a downside. I'm hoping that, somehow, connected realms gives us some of the positives of high pop realms without some of the negatives. We'll see.

    1. Worst part is, in my opinion at least, most helms look horrible. So usually I would prefer not to see them at all.

      I think they added the PvP thinking it might get more people into it. IN my opinion is backfired. Everyone I know that does not PvP all leave the experience saying "if I didn't PvP before after that I never will". I think it backfired on them.

      I run into that gathering issue while leveling in CRZ areas. I hate it.

      I personally think medium is what they should aim for. A little bit of both worlds all in one. Some people to work with and some ability to get things on your own. I can never seriously go back to a packed server.

    2. Apparently Blizz didn't learn their lesson from the PvP holiday achievements...

      I only did the legendary on my hunter (my dk hasn't stepped foot in LFR so no point there...) and it took me a couple hours to get the wins.

    3. Mine were not as bad as I heard of some people but I would be hard pressed to believe the propaganda that battlegrounds are 50/50 because no one alliance side ever seems to see themselves winning. lol

    4. I don't know GE some how I lose every BG on my alliance than switch to horde and still lose... Maybe its a conspiracy and no one really ever wins each side just gets a screen saying the other side won.

    5. You know what they say, if we are always losing. Maybe it is us?

      I know I am not a good PvPer, but I doubt I am responsible for losses.

  2. Not a big worgen fan either, especially the females.

    When I created my warlock recently, I wanted her to be a night elf, but night elves can't be warlocks. Next would have been draenei, but they can't be warlocks either. Dwarf? Gnome? haha... no way... Worgen? I think the females look silly, so I was stuck with a human.

    I have a male worgen druid and that's the only worgen I'll have.

    On another note, really, really hoping that Connected Realms and Flex lets me get back into enjoying the game again. If I can find a good home, I'll put in the money to xfer but it's really hard to find that home. My sub is up in Nov; Blizz basically has me til then. Hopefully, I can find a compelling reason to keep playing by then.

    I spent this weekend getting valor again (daily dungeon/scenario, barrens, Isle dailies and rares, and a HS) and setting up TradeSkillMaster 2.0.

    Had to setup all my xmog auction settings since TSM changed. Trying out some different configurations so I'll have to see how they go for a couple weeks. Liquidating some of my old stock as well for stuff that ended up not being good sellers. I like a lot of the new features. Some I'm not crazy about but I may find a use for them.

    1. Male worgen rogue, that is the way to go. I have 3 of them. It is the only class that works for worgen in my opinion.

      I've actually been considering taking a break myself. Was going to do it before the patch came out but did not want to leave the guild without a kill before the patch ended. I am really not liking the way the game is going with gear being 100% luck based and no other way to get it. If anything that might be blizzard telling me it is time to go.

      I do all my listing by hand. Never used an addon for it and most likely never will. Just do not trust them.

    2. TSM is awesome. It took a 2hr daily ritual and made it into a 15 minute exercise. I typically have 400+ auctions up at any time, so posting them all manually was insane. I've only used it for xmog but it's supposed to be even more awesome for professions.

      My temporary break was well needed. Now, I just need a compelling reason to really dive back in to playing. If not, I'll potentially be taking a permanent break later this year.

    3. I don't list that much because I don't go out of my way to make gold. I basically list stuff when it is taking up too much space and I want to get rid of it.

      One day I might look into one of those things and use it in an effort to make some more gold but there is nothing gold is needed for in game at the moment anyway so my desire to make it is small.

    4. I got into gold making just to see if I could do it. But like you said, there isn't a whole lot that I feel like spending gold on.

    5. I find I don't have enough time to do everything I want to do as is. Even if I wanted to I don't think I would have enough time to do all the gold making stuff.