Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Random Thoughts

- A monday to a monday with no posts in between.

- I don't think that has ever happened before.

- I think I will be coming back from my self imposed sabbatical this week.

- Or maybe next.

- I took some time off, I needed it.

- Of course time off for me still meant capping my main.

- It just took 5 days instead of 2 like it normally would.

- It also means my alts did not get much valor work in and guess what, it really doesn't bother me.

- I am starting to understand why people sometimes perform poorly or do not try.

- It is not worth it.

- Why try?

- No matter how good I do, no matter how well geared I get, no matter how much time I spend reading about a fight and mastering how I will do it, you are still going to wipe in the LFR.

- So why stress myself about it.

- I can work my ass off and try my best and wipe, or just tag along and not give a shit like everyone else and wipe.

- Perhaps it is about time I stopped caring.

- Doesn't seem anyone else does.

- Good new everyone.

- I won my weapon this week.

- I guess it is better having 6 tries each week, three bosses and three rolls.

- It was one of those things where even if the game did not want to cough it up, it had to.

- You can not let someone go deep into 40 or 50 kills on a boss that drops the weapon and not give it to them.

- I understand random, but when you go that long it doesn't seem random at all, it seems like the game doesn't want you to have the damn weapon.

- My rogue is still experiencing amazing luck in the ToT LFRs.

- For every bit as horrible as the last tier LFRs were where nothing ever dropped for him and it took a year and a day to get daggers, he gets something every ToT run.

- I only did one on him and got a new piece.

- Not only that, but it was one of my most needed pieces, replacing a 483 with a 502.

- Funny how I went from an also ran to top DPS whenever I go now.

- Up to 122K on the first boss.

- I know it is a gimmick boss, I know I can do better, but for someone that hates playing melee and has never been all that good at it, it feels nice to see some reward for my effort, even if that effort is minimal.

- Must say I like that fight as melee a lot better than healing, tanking or doing it at range.

- Although I must admit healing it on a shaman the way the cooldowns line up perfectly with the stack up parts of the fight means for some insane numbers if you know how to time them and that is kind of fun.

- It is just that it is so super easy as melee and you just get to pew pew and forget about everything else.

- If every fight were like that as melee I would not mind playing melee.

- I did a terrace run also, because I need one more wisdom and I stay away from HoF like it was the plague.

- Did not get the token I needed but did top the meters on all fights there as well.

- That is one of those raids where everything is easier on melee.

- Unless you get tanks that like to keep flipping the third boss around.

- Dude, I need to stay behind it because it does lots of damage to anyone in front of it, spinning it around like a top is only going to get me and all the melee killed.

- Had this tank duo that were dragging it all over the place, I should have never been first in DPS,  I could not DPS the boss half the time, but I was and at only 64K.

- Do you know what that means?

- We wiped to the enrage timer.

- Did you know there was an enrage timer?

- I actually did, I've been in groups that hit it before.

- But now you know too.

- I think the time off has done me well however.

- In two ways.

- One is that I was able to show myself I do not need to rush to get it all done, I can take it easy and move slower.

- Two is that being I was not stressing over it, I actually accomplished stuff with the time I played instead of just trying to valor cap people.

- My guild has just joined with another.

- Or they joined us might be a better description.

- Had a meeting with them earlier in the week and they joined this weekend.

- Our intention is to try and do 25s at some point but it will bode well for both teams.

- They were right behind us progression wise.

- And they raid on a different night.

- So their alts can help out our team and our alts can help their team.

- It will make for two much stronger 10 mans.

- And then of course, a bigger base to try to move to 25s.

- Lets face it, 25s are the way to go for the casual guild.

- 25s are just so much easier than 10 mans.

- I don't care what anyone says, I have done both and I can say without a shadow of a doubt 10s are much harder than 25s.

- But 25s do have the one problem that I hate more than anything.

- Organizing 25 people.

- It is a nightmare.

- And getting 25 people to remember their positions and run to them and do the dance is a lot harder than getting 10 people to do it.

- But outside of logistics and assembly, the actual fights are easier on 25.

- Can't wait to see if we can get back to doing them, it has been 3 or 4 years since we had a regular 25 man team.

- It was all the way back in wrath I think.

- You know, back when raiding was fun because we had two lock outs and could run one with guild and pug the other.

- But that was too much fun for us peons that pay their bills, so blizzard had to take it away.

- Morons.

- So not only did my guild take a step forward, so did a few of my characters.

- Did some reputation work with my horde hunter, I figured I need to get those older reputations that are horde only up on one character at least for the mounts right?

- Leveled my monk some and they have now landed on the island and is 86 already.

- Leveled my lock a bit more, that 88 stat crush really hurts when mobs start one shotting my minion.

- I have not quite gotten used to kiting as a lock, but I got a crap ton of experience yesterday when my minion would die every other fight.

- Stopped even trying to heal it.

- I noticed if I try to heal it, it dies anyway and I have a near full health mob on me.

- If I just attacked and let my minion die, the mob would be almost dead because I was attacking it.

- So every pull is attack, hope my minion does not die, and if it does revive it.

- No more even attempting to heal it.  Just not worth it.

- Decided to try some rare hunting on my monk when I first landed on the island at 85.

- Wow monks are insane.

- I spank anything I run up against.

- The dude with the void zone that bought two of his friends, no problem.

- Little miss spin and heal when you first enter the valley went down faster than a thai hooker.

- That bug dude at the top of the hill in the forest with his blade thing can can rip you to pieces is a push over if you know how to move from it.

- Some of my abilities hit for more than my hunters kill shot, in 510 gear at 90.

- Monks are just OP.

- Every rare I ran into I beat the hell out of.

- And I do not even know how to play a monk yet.

- Not like I need to when all my abilities hit for 50K+, or at least it seems like it.

- I can not wait to see what it is like when I start to learn all about them.

- Funny when I was fighting the panda and she went to heal and I was like, oh crap, what do I have to deal with that.

- I let her get her first heal off while I started reading my abilities while kiting her as she spun.

- Woohoo for being able to multi task.

- Found two abilities that would work nicely.

- Dropped one in Alt 2 and the other on - and she never got a heal off again.

- Alt is my modifier of choice, whats yours?

- Not sure why, I just find it comfortable to hit.

- Did they nerf mining nodes again and I not see it in the patch notes?

- Was running low on bars for my daily ingot making so I figured I would do a little farming and went to my favorite spot in the valley by the mountain where they are plentiful.

- Even after the nerf they were all over the place and had a solid respawn rate, as long as there were not many people farming.

- I was the only one, and there was nothing.  I could clear it and run around for 20 minutes and find nothing.

- Had to be nerfed again and they just decided not to say anything in the patch notes.

- Ever notice how they hide shit or just omit saying it, when they know people will complain about it.

- Perhaps they should think for a moment, if it is something people will complain about maybe you should not change it.

- If it is not effecting the game in a bad way, and it wasn't, why change it?

- Because someone that works there needs to justify their paycheck so they make up some bull shit data that says, we should adjust this a bit and that a bit more.

- When nothing needed adjusting.

- Don't worry, the rate will go back up when the guy that needs to justify his paycheck needs to pretend like he does something worth paying for again.

- He will say, my data shows that there is a slight absence of ghost iron ore and the prices are starting to be a bit higher than we would like so perhaps we should up the spawn some.

- And no one that works there will ask him why he said to lower it two months ago.

- Data = Just numbers people spin to make them get what they want.

- You could take one piece of data and find two different results from it, depending on how to look at the numbers.

- One person will see ghost iron ore cheap on the market and say the data suggests that it is fine.  It still sells for well over vendor value, people are still farming it just to sell or to avoid having to buy it, and everything is just fine in oreville.

- Another person will look at the data and say, the resell numbers on the market show that is it not in demand as much as it could be and some people are deciding to buy it instead of farm it themselves.  If we want to keep them in game we should lower the spawn rate so the price will go up and push them out into the world to play more and gather it themselves.

- One situation, same data, two different opinions.  One is looking at what I like to call the bigger picture and the other has an agenda.  Both are right in their assessments.

- That is why data is always a touchy subject.

- Either way, I mined for an hour, I know because I did it for the length of my buff, and ended up with 6 stacks.

- 6 stacks. :(

- I used to be able to get that in 5 minutes, 10 after they nerfed it.

- Now, being the only person that was there farming I get that in an hour.

- I hope that guy that handles the data tells them to up it again soon.

- Have to ever played the card game Mille Bornes?

- Used to love that game when I was a kid.

- Tanking Horridon this week I just could not help but think of that game.

- Every time he would hit me with triple puncture I kept thinking I could throw the puncture proof safety which keeps your tires from being punctured.

- I might not be a tire, but I would like to not be punctured.

- Coup-fourre Horridon, take that.  I can't be punctured again.

- Have a great day all.


  1. I noticed a huge drop in mining nodes after the last announced nerf, seems to be about the same now. If I want nodes I can get nodes but I'm not tripping over them anymore... there was a time when there would be 5 or 6 showing up on the mini-map. That was nuts.

    I've commented on the OP undergeared monk thing before... as I thought the general feeling of OPness does decrease with gear (currently i510 or so, almost entirely VP/LFR) but I rarely feel underpowered... worst, I feel average. The one thing monks are missing is a nice pull burst that some classes bring (holy hell, pallies... plus rogues and a few others) that helps stack everything during an early hero/lust pop. Monks seem to be more about sustained dps, especially if you aren't stacking mastery to game TEB. TEB stacks now clear on a boss pull (they didn't at one point), so you can't get a boost that way. Monks are probably the most surviveable dps class for fighting tough mobs (EH, the healing tier and the completely ridiculous ToK, not to mention going full D with Healing Spheres in a pinch), although I'd still go with an Atonement priest or blood DK for general invincibility. Still, being able to do an optimal dps rotation with built-in healing is a nice situation. Plus the FoF AoE stun, Leg Sweep... it's a lot of fun. :)

    I still manage to care in LFR... while my performance probably won't save or cause a wipe, I'm working on maximizing my own performance on the fight. That's my game-within-a-game, rather than killing bosses. I basically view LFR like golf... I can't do much about what the other guys do, I can only go out there and do my best.

    On the other hand, I had to take your "tag along and not give a shit" advice while finally getting around to doing the PvP quest for the legendary questline... still pissed that was even a requirement. After the first Temple (?) attempt was a 1600 to 73 loss I realized that I was at the mercy of getting a competent group, of which there seemed to be precious few on the Alliance side... just kept re-queuing, trying to do what I thought was right and didn't stress about the results. Took about 15 attempts to get the win (had about 1600 HP after the win, almost entirely accumulated from losses, to give you an idea... seemed to be getting 70-80 per loss on average). SS was better, that BG seems more innately balanced (despite the horde always seeming to get to the carts first... guess it was designed that way), got the win after 5 or 6.

    Still, those were the first times where I really went into a random group with a "this is entirely out of my hands, let's just hope for the best" attitude. Made it a hell of a lot easier to handle the losses... and if anything, this experience made me even less likely to do any intentional, voluntary PvP in the future. I don't like having to turn off the competitive part of my psyche to play.

    There are a few melee-friendly fights but a lot more melee-unfriendly ones... first boss is better for melee although in LFR I'm constantly dealing with tanks flipping the boss around, makes it hard to stay behind while still in the puddle. Horridon is horrible for melee... Council isn't bad if you do the "melee on Sul" strategy. Others are a mixed bag but I think the first boss is really the only one that's BETTER for melee. I'd like to see more.

    It's funny - I agree with you that Lei Shi (3rd boss Terrace, anyway, may have the name wrong) would seem to be a very melee-unfriendly fight (especially with tanks who seem to WANT to kill their melee group... nothing better than random spinning and moving on a boss with a nasty frontal cleave) but oddly, most runs I have in there have melee in most of the top 5 positions. No clue why. Surprised you hit the enrage timer, though, I've had some REALLY low dps groups on that fight (sub-50K top dps, lots under 30K) that didn't hit the enrage.

    1. Yes, it's Lei Shi, but I always called her "Lei Shit" because she'd never give me my damn sha-touched weapon!

      I took the same attitude when I had to do the legendary PvP quest back in 5.1. It's the only way to do it. I even bitched about it on the forums and I never post on the forums...

    2. I like that sustained DPS model better personally. Burst DPS models greatly rely on luck. If you get a lucky crit streak during the burst phase you can end up doing 30K or more DPS than someone else doing the exact same thing without any crits.

      As you might know if you read here from time to time, I am not a fan of anything luck based. Thus sustained DPS is much more preferable in my option.

      That is how everyone should be in the LFR. Do the best they can do and let others do the same. Just there are rarely enough others doing the same.

      SS took me one try. I actually took a few carts myself. I found that fun but temple, just like you, took hours of losses before I found one group that had a clue.

      You are the perfect example of what I had said before. Forcing people to PvP is not a good way to get them into it. Like you said, after this experience you want to do it less, not more. Wish they would understand that. I feel for the poor people trying to do school of hard knocks again. I got it that first time around when everyone was doing it and it was a nightmare. With less doing it now it is better, but still sucks.

      We hit enrage because transition stages took a year and a day. When the elementals came up everyone took different ones and that is what wasted a ton of time.

    3. The only counter-argument to the PvP thing is that I wasn't doing PvP anyway... it's just not an element of the game that I enjoy. Too many buttons, too twitchy. I have a lot of respect for folks who are good at it, or who even just enjoy it, but I'm not one of 'em. Maybe that quest would have helped someone on the verge of giving it a shot the momentum to start doing it. That seems like a very limited audience for them to piss the rest of us off, though (us = PvE exclusive players and those who are already PvPing and are having to deal with my squishy, chain-cc'able ass).

      Yeah, the biggest issues I've had on that fight were during the elemental phase... either there's no mark or no obvious target or, worse, the tank on the boss snags all of the adds and basically tanks them within the frontal boss attack, meaning I can't even really attack them (CJL + Blossom thingie is better than nothing, though... I keep meaning to actually do a fight with that rotation and see how it goes, I'm predicting 20K). Fun times. Usually if they aren't marked within a few seconds the first time I'll ask a tank to mark one &/or give me assist so I can do it. That works about half the time. Also, the hide phase can bite me... I have way too many toons that can't do a damned thing to help find the location.

      Yeah, I've gone full sustained dps on my monk to keep things simpler, I've prioritized crit after haste soft cap (I use 7000, others will disagree) and macroed TEB to FoF to make sure the stacks get used - there's no significant downside to doing that (the FoF cd is long enough even with the 2pc that it'll never overwrite itself but they'll get used up faster than they can be generated), although you lose the ability to pop it 2 or 3 times back-to-back during an execute burst hero if using FoF on cd in the rotation... you can always hold off on using FoF to stack TEB for later burst, though, with net dps gain and on fights where you can't really (or shouldn't but do anyway... /shame) use FoF (kite fights, etc... it's only a dps boost vs other rotational buttons if the mob is in range for the full duration) you can just hit FoF while moving to pop the brew without actually wasting the Chi on FoF. Awesome macro for leveling/questing, too. I tend not to use CDs while solo playing unless they're macroed.

  2. I've also been feeling the MoP ennui too. I'm tired of the constant rat race of dailies just to up rep so I can spend the VP I earn. What's worse, I get VP faster than I can open up rep to spend it on -.-

    I don't even try to cap VP anymore, I make it faster than I can spend it, most of my toons are about maxed atm and I'm left thinking, "Hmm, I can pick up that last piece of 489, which will lower my VP long enough that I can open up the rep to buy the 522 version." That sucks.

    It makes me not even want to try to open up all of the 522. I haven't read the 5.3 notes, but I'm expecting it to open up higher ilvls that I'll have to jump on my gerbil wheel to make rep to open up items so I can spend my VP on. Why try in 5.2 when I can just do it later and avoid wasting pointless hours now? Bah humbug.

    I liked Cata where you could buy VP items without spending 5 weeks working a multi-hour job each day to have the privilege to buy them. I've been feeling major ennui about WoW recently, it's my second job that I put more hours into than my day job and I'm having more fun with my day job, it's less repititous, more rewarding, and less demeaning. Plus, they pay me rather I pay them.

    I'm tired of having to do multiple sets of dailies everyday to prevent feeling like I've wasted a day that I will never catch up, because of the daily mechanism and the lousy rep gains. "What?! I made 1200rep today and that's all I can make? I need to make 49000 to hit the top? *quick math* Hmm, even with the commendation, it'll take me 1 hour a day for a month. Then I have to do it all over again on other toons? At least for them it will only take 20 days." :(

    Okay, I vented and got my bitching over with.

    Oh wait, I have one more :D

    I was super exicted about dinosaurs being in 5.2. With all of the rep grinding and feeling that WoW is un-fun, I don't even have the energy to care about dinosaurs. BLIZZARD HAS MADE ME ABIVALENT ABOUT DINOSAURS!!! That's a major achievement. Let me repeat that because it was one of the major revelations that made me realize WoW is now un-fun. BLIZZARD HAS MADE ME ABIVALENT ABOUT DINOSAURS!!!

    How the heck can anyone make a geek not love dinosaurs?

    Oh, and there is one more place to spend JP. The old WotLK reps that you can buy in Dalaran. If you haven't already maxed them all.

    I seriously needed to get that off my chest. Great blog!

    1. think "skinner box". :D

      stay frosty

    2. I agree, the double gating was a little much. Rep and valor? No thank you.

      Valor in and of itself was a gate. If they wanted to offer pieces for reputation and actually make them optional, they should have been gold pieces. Not valor ones. The valor ones should be purchased for valor from a valor vendor with the only requirement needed to buy them be having the valor.

      If anything they should have used to PvP model if they wanted to add another valor gate. You need to have collected 5000 valor this patch to buy X item. So it would still slow you down, you could only buy a few and not just go for the better more powerful ones ASAP.

      Yeah, for alts that were not around in wrath or new players that joined after. Anyone that was playing back then has everything exalted already, or at least I think they would.

      Glad you like the blog.

    3. I love the PVP model for valor idea. I'm kinda having to do it anyway, buy valor gear, use it to gain rep to get better valor gear, but I hate the requirement that I need to get rep in a very specific set of raids to get it as well.

      I prefer 5-mans, it's my speed and level of commitment time wise. I do not have the time or the inclination to be in the same place 2-3 nights a week to spend wiping on bosses. I've loved the few raids I've done, but those were pickups on the weekends.

      Or, if they wanted to make VP raiders only, then make JP worthwhile.

    4. How about make JP buy 502 gear? That would be a nice catch up and still allow non raiders the same gear they would get from the LFR without having to do the LFR. Admittedly it is not perfect but better then what we use JP for now. Buying PvP gear I will probably never use.

  3. Oh finally another post from you I was getting worried. I thought some time off would help. As I put it when I took a day off at the start of the expansion from doing dailies "I didn't do them and the sky didn't fall" and it does help with the stress level.

    I've even gone a few notches down. The only current content I'm doing right now is raiding 4 nights a week, which I think is a mistake, I think we're burning people out and should never have increased it, but not my call. I'm getting a key to the treasure scenario. I'm not capping valor as I don't have anything to buy, though that'll change when the upgrade vendor comes back. Instead I've gone back to my post DS fatigue, I'm farming mounts/pets/random achievements and it's much nicer.

    Anyway I'm seriously glad your weapon finally dropped, I'm glad you're experiencing luck on one of your characters. Oh and fantastic news about your guild, that all sounds great.

    Just really pleased for a post!

    1. Would be nice if that luck was on a character I enjoyed playing however. :P

      Oddly enough, there is nothing I enjoy playing at the moment. I logged on yesterday having the free day. I could do some quests or dungeons or LFR to get them some valor and I bounced from character to character and just did not want to play any of them.

      The LFRs have sucked the fun out of the game completely for me. I love tanking, but refuse to tank them. I like to heal but hate doing them because they make healing feel like work. I can DPS but when I am number 1 DPS on my rogue which I hate playing and I actively SUCK at playing, you know there is something wrong with the game. The LFRs, and being forced to do them because you need the reputation, have ruined the game.

      Hope the guild thing turns out great. Would be nice to see some new blood.

  4. heh-heh

    taught it to my daughter and years later, my grand daughter. still have a couple decks laying around the house. Great card game.

    coup-fourré - under handed trick.

    Also still play "Nuclear War" by Flying Buffalo, Inc. Great card game there too.

    stay frosty

    1. That was a great card game. I think I might still have a deck somewhere.

  5. Be wary of the 25 is easier than 10's the first few boss's of ToT are significantly harder on 10 man vs 25 but the dynamic switches about halfway thru.

    1. There will always be some bosses that will be harder on 25s because of the spacing needs. But over all I find that 25s are a bit more forgiving, even more so to a casual guild.

  6. Got to revered this week and bought my valor belt. Good thing too since I was about to hit the 3000 vp cap.

    Got [Bad Juju] from LFR. The little voodoo gnomes are "odd"...

    Did an LFR where we got in and the two tanks left immediately. We cleared trash up to Iron Qon and waited another 20 minutes or so until we got a tank. Tried one pull with 1 tank and 1 off-tank and died. Then finally got a 2nd tank. That was painful. The punishment for abusing the queue needs to be higher. 2 hrs on all toons or something instead of just 30 minutes on that one.

    On the other runs, I got lucky and queued with a tank or healer from my guild.

    Did the [Zul'Again] achiev with a guildies DK alt. He could probably solo the warbringers but it'd take him a long time, so he kept it occupied while I burned it down. Didn't see the mount. Got a lot of rep tokens though.

    My 85 dk is gaining a lot of rep...
    - almost revered with Kirin Tor
    - honored with AC and Klaxxi
    - almost honored with GL
    - friendly with SP and CS
    He's never even been to Pandaria...

    Tried to solo Naxx 25. Gluth seems to be impossible unless you can get him to glitch so the zombies stop spawning, which I could not...

    I did [Spore Loser] though on 25 man. That was fun to solo. Had to make sure to not do any AoE and had to keep kiting the spores around. Fun stuff for a hunter.

    I spent the entire afternoon yesterday doing Archeology while watching podcasts (ConvertToRaid, Legendary, Conspiracy Craft). Got both of the BoA items for the Mantids. Got a few achievs as well.

    I saw an "elite" pet (gold paw icon). Didn't know such a thing existed. I left it alone. My pet team is only lvl 15.

    Tamed Gondria while looking for Frostbitten rares. I have 6 spirit beasts now and no stable slots...

    Well, need to go get [Veteran Nanny].


    1. I want that trinket. Little gnomes you send to their death as they fight for you are awesome. It is one of those fun type trinkets and it is good for us too. Can't beat that.

      I love going warbringer killing. That is how I get reputation for my new 90s. I refuse to do that daily grind again on alts for the billionth time. I did it on three characters before I hit full burn out.

      I had to solo spore loser too. All those years of doing it and never found a group that was capable of single target. lol

      The elite pet will give you nothing. While you can fight it, it is not worth it. You need to be on the quest to fight it to get something.

      More slots are coming soon. Woohoo. That is actually the only spirit pet I have and I have it on 2 of my hunters. Never saw any of the others in wrath or since. And the only time I saw the one in the basin I had to kill it for the achievement sadly.

    2. I tamed Loque the first time I saw him. I'm still looking for him a 2nd time to get the achievement. Frostbitten is very poorly designed. Rare hunter tames should never have been included and the TLPD should not share a spawn with Vyragosa. They're already rare; they don't need 10x additional competition.

    3. One thing to watch out for with Juju, those gnomes (and other spawned adds, I've noticed) seem to have a significantly larger aggro radius than we do, when those suckers pop while doing Island dailies it usually means getting a couple of extra mobs to come see what's going on. Not sure if I'm imagining the extra radius but I've been tanking long enough that I innately leave enough room behind for a melee to do his thing without aggroing additional mobs even when solo playing.

      They are cool, though. :)

      It's funny, through the whole of Wrath I never even saw Loq on any of my toons (and that was my primary leveling zone on all of my toons from 76-78 or so), dead or alive... even spent a bit of time camping it on my hunter with no luck.

      At some point later, but before CRZ (that's important), on a whim I popped out there on my hunter for the first time in months... he was at the first place I checked. Finally had him.

      Had another whim... flipped over to my horde hunter on another server, flew out there... and got another one. Even though I'm sure he was more common to find at that point I still consider that to be crazy good luck.

      With CRZ, though, the odds of getting him now might be WORSE than they were back in Wrath depending on your server pop at the time. Not sure there's any data in place to say one way or the other, though.

      The only two spirit pets I have are Loq and Ban'thal (? - the high-flying bird in Hyjal). Ban was a story in himself, much /shame involved (I still carry his crystal with my hunter from our first encounter as a reminder of my own stupidity), but I eventually got him a few weeks later.

    4. The serpents from the two piece set are like that too. They pull everything around me when one spawns. I think I am going to have a non set gear choice to use when out questing. Not like it is a problem, just MD and kill it, but it is annoying.

  7. Warlock problems? I have the answer! Go tank spec! Yes, I'm serious ;p Demonology, Glyph of Demon Hunting, take Grimoire of Sacrifice. Congratulations, you are now a funky looking prot warrior with wings and self-heals. My lock is crap geared and I pull as many mobs on him like this as on my prot war or blood dk, I'm really bad at remembering ability names....but there's a nice big absorb, hand of guldan aoe, immolation aura aoe which cost demonic fury and is awesome to use at the same time as life drain aoe which both heals you and gains demonic fury, if you get in trouble hand of guldan also slows and you have a knockback plus demonic leap to gain some space. Also glyph corruption to heal you and there's another ability i forget the name of that shoots in a straight line in front of you and refreshes corruption.

    Really I have very little clue how to play demo on my lock, it's an alt I basically leveled to learn their cd's and abilities to help killing them on my hunter, but as demo with the tank glyph, i find it great fun and relatively mindless, good way to relax, also works well for soloing those old raids for mounts/pets. I tried Onyxia on him at 85, after taking about 12m to kill it on my prot war...ended up killing ony in 6m on the lock and was full health right through it.

    1. I am demonology but did not think of sacrificing my pet. I might need to look into that one.

      Sounds like you can do a lot tanking as a lock. I will need to do a lot more research on it. Sadly my resident lock expert quit in cataclysm otherwise I am sure he would be able to help me. Sucks not having someone to ask. But that is why I play all classes, to learn them for myself should anyone have a question I can help them. And like you said, knowing what a class can do also helps in other ways.

    2. For what it's worth, I don't have any recollection of squishy pet issues while leveling my 'lock (Destro, Voidwalker). I only pulled him out for tough fights, though, I normally used Sac and just maged stuff to death.

      On the tough fights I'd pop Voidwalker, hit the link button (the one that shares damage and healing but cuts pet health by 50%) and would have no issues, my self-healing would be more than enough to keep my pet up. If you aren't using that link button that could be some of your issue, unless that's Destro-only.

      (not a 'lock expert, I only know what I know... :)

      Some suggested reading that I found useful for my 'lock:

      Specifically regarding warlock tanking if you wanted to go with Katz's suggestion:

    3. Thanks, I might have to check that out to get through that 88-90 part where there are harder mobs. Or do what I would hate to do, and go back and do quests in other areas that are easier. I shutter at the thought.

    4. Nah, you'll want the Klaxxi rep to get quick access to the i463 weapon. :)

  8. Regarding the Nodes in Pandaria: could very well be.

    I only enter the place with MoP Trials, the last being a week ago. In both cases I had the Mists Goggles, but where about three months ago I was still drowning in Nodes at prime time , with my Herbalist about two weeks ago I was lucky if I found about a single node every sub-Zone, only picking up a bit at Kun Lai Summit due to the Yeti cave and (probably more importantly) it being the dead of the night.

    Add to it the redunkoulous low drop rate of Motes of Harmony (I know, I know, you should Farm them Daily with your 'hero' preferably in an Instanced part of the game, not farm them out in the world) and it made me just not wanting to bother anymore with MoP Crafting, it's seems to be only useful for those who don't need it anyway.

    Which is a shame, excepting the 'Panda's everywhere' theme and low number of different mob skins, Pandaria had a lot going for it.