Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Random Thoughts

- The baby hunter is growing up fast.  84 Now.

- It would be 85 but I decided to waste about 2 hours of my life trying to complete a quest that could not be completed due to a bug.

- Spoke to two GMs while putting in tickets about it.

- Proved that both GMs are totally useless.

- It is a known issue but they will do nothing to help you with it.

- Auto complete the quest, done, thanks.

- Nope, they can not do that.

- See, useless.

- Got the standard delete the WTF, disable addons, etc.

- I did all that stuff before I even put in a ticket. 

- If there was an easy fix I would have fixed it myself.

- Then again, not all GMs are useless.

- Did a run the other night with new people.

- It was harsh, real harsh, did not even down shan.

- But one core hound never despawned.

- Enter ticket, receive loot.

- Thanks GM.  Two epics on one dog.

- How many times have you killed something and it did not despawn after a little?

- Should have put in a ticket, that means there was an epic there.

- I know that because that is how I always used to do my baron mount runs.

- I would run through slaughtering everything but looting nothing.

- On the way out, I looted only the bodies that did not despawn yet and collected all the epics.

- Any mob that has epic loot on it will not despawn for at least two hours if it is not looted.

- Rares have a shorter time if not looted, not sure of the exact number.

- Uncommons will despawn at the same rate as mobs that have nothing special on them it seems.

- Don't quote me on that last one, it just seems that way to me.

- Now I can see why they are lowering the leveling speed in outlands and northrend.

- It used to be that the journey to outlands seemed to take forever and once you got there leveling sped up like lightning.

- Now, with the blink and you miss it leveling 1-58 in the old world, once you get to outlands leveling slows to a snails pace in comparison.

- Outlands and northrend are still quick, but not compared to the super speed they made leveling in the redesigned old world.

- I did 1-58 in less then 20 hours play time.

- I don't think they should lower outlands and northrend to fix this problem.

- I think they should increase the time spent in the old world.

- If you remove the time I spent leveling professions and bouncing around doing the holiday stuff I think that 1-58 took actually less then 16 hours.

- As someone that has so many alts that I can't even count them any more that is fine.

- As someone that has leveled every class in the game to max level that is no problem really.

- I worry about the spill over effects for new people, or older people leveling a class for the first time.

- Leveling so quickly gives them no time to get comfortable with the class.

- It gives no time to learn your tools.

- I guess I just have to accept the fact that leveling is no longer a quality part of the game.

- Leveling used to be part of the experience.  It is just a means to an end now.

- Eh, I'll live.

- But if leveling is only a means to an end now I have to change my stance on it.

- I want it even faster.

- If they are not going to make it fun, then please don't even make me do it at all.

- Speaking of fun, why was that quest in Uldum where you roll over Gnomes with the glowing ball never made into a daily?

- When it comes to fun quests this expansion, that one really has to take the cake.

- Even if it was not your favorite quest I can bet it was top 10 on everyone's favorite quest list for this expansion.

- Who would not like hearing all those gnomes scream?

- It is great.

- And the thump, thump, thump, sound when one of them gets caught on the ball.

- Priceless.

- We need more dailies like this and less dailies like kill 10 soldiers of some army we do not even know the name of or care about because they are no real threat anyway.

- They need to remember, this is a game, it is supposed to be fun.

- Killing 1000 gnomes with a giant flaming ball of death is fun.

- Well, for me it is at least.

- I am sure the gnomes are not all that happy about it.

- Had a few new people in the raid the other night that we did not even down shan on.

- One is really going to be a problem.

- He is gung ho, he is excited, he is willing, he has all the emotional desire you could offer.

- He just doesn't get it.

- He died standing in traps almost every single pull.

- The times he lived long enough to last after rage was down he went on rip, not shan, because he wanted to help.

- It was explained.  Move from traps, rage then shan, never touch rip.

- He still died to traps, he still switched to rip, every single time.

- We finally broke him out of the habit.  He started lasting longer around traps and stopped attacking rip.

- But now he would not move from being so far back he kept getting hit with the flame ring.

- Stand near the boss.

- Dies to flame ring.

- If you stand here you will die to the flame ring, stand near the boss.

- Dies to flame ring.


- This is why people get called bad players.

- It is not a matter of having a problem understanding mechanics, everyone learns at their own pace.

- It is a matter of someone saying MOVE, directly at them, with their name, and they do not move.

- Over and over, not just once.

- That is why people get called bad players.

- The wipes where not all his fault, it was standard learning on the part of a few people.

- Once they all learned and he was still standing in traps, it got frustrating.

- So we gave up for the night.

- What is the saying?  Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

- Something like that at least.

- We came back a couple of days later and he did it again.

- First attempt, died in a trap.

- Second attempt, died being to close to the fire ring.

- Third attempt, he finally started to get better.

- We finally downed it.

- You know something?

- There is something really satisfying getting a boss down that we had on farm for such a long time for the first time with people that are not exactly "ready for prime time players".

- And we did it with a shadow priest healing with the few spirit pieces they had.  A rogue that is actually a DK and not even half geared from heroics.  A tank that has only ever tanked trash another tank that joined the guild two weeks earlier and a druid healer that joined the guild two hours earlier and had never been there.

- It was kind of fun.

- Unlike the one guild member we had that was saying we all suck for wiping on such an easy boss.

- He mostly rolls on his horde chars now and is friends with the person that nerd rage quit, so he was just being an asshole.

- Some people forget what it was like the first time they stepped into a fight.

- Everyone wipes when learning.

- If you can't remember that and respect others that are just learning you are either a jerk or an asshole.

- A jerk is someone that does not remember and thinks because they know it everyone should.

- An asshole is someone that likes insulting others because it makes them feel better.

- It was fun to share in the joy with people that downed a boss for the first time.

- While I do agree it should not have taken as long to do and some of them are really not very good players, we still did it, and that is the most important thing.

- About that new druid healer.

- They spoke on vent and I am not entirely sure if it is a little boy or a girl.

- Ever hear someone talk on vent and have no clue?

- Not like it makes a difference.

- I just don't want to say "he will be healing the raid" when it is a she, or vice versa.

- I think I will just stick with "the druid" until I figure it out.

- Or I can call them the sex of the character.

- I've do that often.

- I refer my my own characters like that too.

- Something like, my shaman has 45 orbs, she has such great luck when in randoms.

- Not, I have luck on her, or I have luck, nope, she has luck.

- All my alts are individuals, they are themselves, I just pull the strings.

- Do you think the patch with hit tomorrow?

- I hope so.

- Have a great day.


  1. I do hope 4.3 hits this week. From playing SW:ToR open test weekend, I'll be switching to that and have cancelled my WoW sub. If 4.3 Hits, i'll renew, 1 last time, to see if the changes made spark my interest. And to play dress up sparkle ponies with transmog. If it's the week after...bye bye WoW until its Panda O'clock.

    I know SW is 80% WoW in a lightsaber suit, but its WoW from a few years ago, when I enjoyed it more. No flying mounts - a pain to move fast, but it means you are in, immersed in the world, not above and apart from it. Hard mobs in the open world - whole areas you can solo s l o w l y or group up to do it at a normal speed. Love it. Best of all, i have NO idea where anything is, its all so new, getting lost is frightening, annoying and weirdly brilliant. All things I miss from WoW.

    I know some people in my guild didn't want to try it, a mix of 'Don't like SW', 'Too much time invested in this game' and 'Why play a WoW clone when I can play WoW'

    Curious, did you try the SW beta? If not, why not?

  2. While it would probably be best for the game if they cut the crap - e.g. once you level a toon to the current end-cap, your other toons on that Realm can start at the starting level of the latest Expansion (ie 85 - create at 80) together with rolling back all the 'endgame ASAP' changes they've made since TBC - this won't happen, as the levelling content is basically to hide the fact that WoW currently is an empty shell of a MMO, more a Boss-Level game played 'from a lobby' than a virtual world.

    A better idea for a Daily (at least for Horde) would be the many minigames in Ashenvale and Stonetalons to kill the pointy-eared freaks some people call Night Elves. Then again, like you, I'm thoroughly biased ;P

  3. While I like star wars I am not keen on the idea of it being in an MMO.

    I guess that is part of the reason being familiar with the content is sometimes a bad thing. It has a built in player base but it also has a build in group of followers that have predetermined opinions on it.

    I have no intention of trying it because the "topic" does not interest me.

    I've tried a lot of other games but I think if the time came for me to leave WoW I would leave the style of game completely. Nothing I have tried has even come close to keeping me interested.

    If anything, WoW poisoned me from playing other games.

    I've done the whole questing to level thing. I've done the whole raiding to gear up thing. I've done the whole grinding for this and that and the other. I've done it all.

    Doing it in SW or Rift or anything else really is not interesting even if the quests, grinds and whatever are different it is still more of the same.

    I've been there and done that. I am better off sticking with what I have and then quitting the genre straight out if I quit.