Friday, November 11, 2011

Insane Ideas - Do you have any?

While talking about server imbalance with a guild mate I said something, as a possible solution, and he laughed and called me the most evil person in the game.

Some ideas are just a little too insane to even mention, even more so when they are ideas you know will be pissing people off.  Even if it would really piss some people off I decided to share my insane idea and would love to hear some other insane ideas that you know will never happen but are so evil or so insane that they might actually be good.

The basic idea for this is that the idea must be something big, not something like asking for a nerf of one ability or something, and it must be something that would actively be good for the game over all, which means no making something too easy or too hard ideas because neither is in the best interest of the game by itself.

So lets get to the idea that labeled me as evil.

Server Merging.

My idea is that they merge some servers and don't even tell anyone they are doing it.  They just do it. 

Lets take PvP realm A with 96% alliance and 4% horde and PvP realm B that is 97% horde and 3% alliance.

One day during an extended down time.  Merge them.  Now you have a more reasonably balanced server.  I can hear the screams now.  Can you imagine going into stormwind as a horde and actually seeing people that can fight back?  Culture shock for sure.  No more easy wins for this people only rolled on a PvP server that was heavily favoring one side because they wanted no real competition and easy kills.

Just the thought of all the people crying because they can no longer get their easy kills is enough to keep me laughing whenever I think about it. 

Yes, I am evil and this is my insane idea.

What sort of insane ideas can you come up with?


  1. On ALL the AH gold millionaires raise the listing fee's to 5g per item. Mwahahahaha

  2. Still thinking of PVP servers:

    Power Scaling. The damage you do in PVP is scaled by your server's population balance, reverse-scaled to reward the smaller side. On a 50/50 server you do normal damage, on a 75/25 ser ver the bigger side does 50% damage and smaller side does 150% damge, and on a 98/2 server the bigger side does 4% damage and the smaller side does 196% damage.

  3. @Anon 2

    That might actually work. lol

  4. Server merging...If bliz did that for a one week trial, the QQing would be immense, just over the top nerdrage. You know what though? If it was just for a week and then went back to normal...they'd miss it. Mass open world pvp again? Give it a few days they'd be demanding the merger back again.

    As for my idea. Hmm.

    Optional Caverns of time whole world immersion. Travel to Old World, when the level cap was 60/70/80 and your level and abilities are capped or reduced to that level, and gear levels are reduced, with a seperate AH. Whole guilds would form. Characters could fully immerse themselves into the old world and old cities would become hubs again. Rotate the time period once every few months. Imagine spending 3 months at level 70 again and only having those abilities and one day, emerging though the portal, back to reality, blinking in the flames of Deathwing (or turning on your mounts fog lights for MoP as the case may be)

  5. I don't know why people think server merging would be bad. I'm on a very low pop PvP server which is overwhelmingly Horde dominated. I would absolutely love to see my server get merged with another pvp server with where it's weighted in the Alliances favour? Why? So we can get some decent wold pvp going, so that there is competition in Raid Progression between factions and not just between the Horde guilds, so that the neutral auction house is actually used and so that more than three people could join Tol Barad at any one time.

    How anyone could possibly argue against this being anything other than a good thing is beyond me. Unless of course you're one of these overgrown cry babies who can't play unless you're the dominant faction so that any additional challenge from faction conflict is negligible, I forget about THOSE guys. Although I'd have to ask, why would someone like that play on a PvP server if they didn't want faction conflict?

  6. One of the biggest concerns with server mergers are things like involuntary name changes. Two players have both had the same name, but on different servers, since release. Who has to change their name? Which guilds will have to relinquish their claim to the single abstract noun of choice? It's easy to tell someone willingly transfering that their name's already taken, but who gets it when two people are both forced onto a new server?

  7. Don't tempt me ^-^

    But a non-insane idea that (imo ofc) would make for a better and attractive game is the return of Orange/Red Quests in 'the old world' (ie the blown up 'Azeroth' levels) by lowering the minimum required level of non-Instance Quests by 5-6 levels.

    That way people could do content more befitting the current power-levels of toons, as a result run less risk of 'outGreying' a zone (including doing a Dungeon and noding for Professions while doing a zone) and find more challenging & interesting content, with the additonial advantage that as a result esp. Quest rewards would become more meaningful as well and hence PvP a bit more balanced between those who want to play a MMORPG and those who essentially want to avoid playing a MMORPG yet somehow still roll alts etc.