Friday, April 29, 2011

"Un"Justly "Not" Rewarded

I noticed when I logged in after the patch I got a ton of new achievements based on previous things I had done. 

However the achievement Justly Rewarded didn't seem to come along with all the other ones.

I've got The Bread Winner and I've had that one for years, I've got the newly added 2500 daily quest reward one when I logged in, my stats say I have made well over 50,000 from quest rewards and yet I did not get Justly Rewarded.

Bugs like this happen all the time, no big deal.  I put in a ticket to let them know like I am sure many others have.  I pointed out my 50K gold made from quests, I pointed out I have the 3000 quests achievement, all loremaster ones, have done every quest in the game, have the 2500 dailies achievement which alone would easily reward 30K on their own being they average 11-13 gold each.

You might be surprised with the reply I got from Blizzard or maybe you won't.

Paraphrasing as best I can remember this is why they said.

We are aware that the new achievement Justly Rewarded is not counting previous gold made from quests and it has been decided that it is working as intended.  If you wish to get the achievement you will need to make 30,000 gold after the achievement was released.


Okay, I will get it sooner or later anyway I am sure.  I asked for something to do, well, I got it.  Be careful what you wish for they say, you just might get it.  I'll just have to start doing dailies again and it should take no time but I've done every single quest in the game that I could do.  Don't you think it is a little unfair to me not to have such a wealth of quests to work with when trying to get this achievement?

I just do not understand this theory.

They added an achievement for Vial of Sands and I got it even if I had the vial before it was released.

They added new mount and pet achievements and I got them even if I had them before it was was released.

They added the new daily total achievement and I got that even if I had it before it was released.

If I did not need to go get 125 new pets for the new achievement, and do another 2500 dailies to get that achievement or use another vial of sand for that achievement then why do I need to get another 30,000 gold from quest rewards?

It is not like it is something new it is tracking.  The money made on quest rewards is a tracked stat.  If they just started counting it now I can see that there is no back record to give me credit for it.  There is a record in my personal stats, you can see, quite easily, that I made more then 30,000 gold on quest rewards.

If all the other achievement are retroactive then why not this one?

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the support staff that replied to me is wrong and quite possibly mildly retarded.  I do not think this is working as intended, I think this was just another idiot that uses the working as intended line for everything they answer.

Have to love the support staff Blizzard has some times.

I think they will fix it and I will get the achievement without having to make all that gold from quests again just like I did not need to go back and get another 125 pets.

I just can't believe I got the "working as intended" reply over something that is surely not working as intended.


  1. That is the very definition of an asinine reply from the GM... I would think I would be in a similar situation to you. I have had lots of achvs retroactively, including the pet ones, I can't imagine the sense in making someone grind 30,000 gold from scratch. Although, looking on the positive side, the Hyjal / Firelands dailies coming soon (25 a day at 16g each will soon add up) will get you well along the way. Plus maybe you can usefully get the mounts and pets from TB?

    Good luck!

  2. I'll probably go back to doing some dailies. Not much I really need from any of them, just the AT ones in Icecrown, but they are something.

    You would think they would teach customer support how to like better.

    Something like, thank you for letting us know, we will take a look into it and hope we can do something about it in the near future. While that is still a line of bull it sounds a tun better then working as intended.