Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time to Try Something Different.

The last two weeks have been a raiding nightmare for my guild.  We are wiping in all new and interesting ways on things we had no problem with for weeks.  There has to be a reason, not sure what it is however.

Healers are doing better with mana management with more gear.  DPS is getting better over all as people are getting more comfortable with the fights we have been doing for weeks or months.  Tanks are geared better now making them easier to keep up.

All that means good things right?  Nope.

I can blame last Thursdays horror show on magmaw on me.  My camera angle was killing me and I had to play in first person on follow which I am not used to.  So it took me about 6 tries before I got it down to the point where I was not letting parasites get away.  Outside of that, I have no clue what our problem is.

It just adds to my recent hate for the game.  When you start wiping at something that is second nature by now it is no fun.

In an effort to do something different I am setting up a Throne run.  Throne is the only raid my guild has not done yet.  Basically because it does not seem like a fun fight and it is only two bosses which makes it more of a waste of time then a raid.  Add to that the fact that there is no real loot table and it is all random loot and it makes for a very unappealing raid.

Unappealing or not, I need to change something up and that means going there.

Sometimes you just need to change things up or they get stale, like this whole expansion feels, so I'll make use of the Throne raid just to change things up.

The last time we where having some issues I switched raids and we did fine for a while.  Maybe this will work to give us a kick in the butt again.

I am not sure what to do to motivate the people any more.  They all seem as frustrated with the game as I do and you can see it in the performance.  There is no way the same group of people can go into the same content they have been downing for months now and not be able to down anything two weeks in a row.

It is burn out completely.  Maybe it is me rubbing off on them.  I do not express my displeasure to them the way I do here.  My blog was made for me to vent.  I lead positively in game, I complain here.  I try to always stay upbeat and positive for the group, it is just getting really hard now.

It is definitely time to try something different.

Wish me luck, I really dread the idea of Throne.  It just does not seem like fun at all and the last thing I need in this game is more crap that is not fun.


  1. Good luck! I thought Conclave of Winds is a pretty fun fight actually, but your mileage may vary. We killed them once and then focused on BoT and BWD full time because we didn't feel ready for Al'Akir, and as you said the random loot is so meh that it's not worth going all the way down to Uldum just for those guys.

  2. Thanks, I just dread the idea of that place for some reason.