Thursday, March 24, 2011

When do you kick?

Personally I can count the number or times I've started a vote to kick on 1 finger.  Yeap, just once ever.  Most times if someone else starts it I will go along with it because most times it is a legitimate reason.  Every so often someone puts up a vote kick for someone with no reason stated and no reason obvious.

What would you consider kick worthy?

The one vote kick I started was for a Boomkin that was wearing mostly greens and a couple of PvP blues which where presumably how they managed to get into a heroic.  I have no issues with someone joining a heroic at exactly 329, I did and I am sure many others did.  My healers I got to 335 first.  Wanted a little extra oomph before I went in. 

My issue was that his gear looked like it was whatever he could get his hands on.  Agility leather, spirit leather, intel leather.  Well, at least the intel leather is good and the spirit leather is not horrible but what really jumped out at me was that the few things that where gemmed and enchanted where either attack power or stamina.  Add to that his amazing 2K single target DPS.  Nope, kick.  That was the only time I kicked someone.

I've seen people try to kick people for what I think of as stupid reasons.  Remember the halloween event where people would DC when they scrolled over the pumpkin.  Some idiot would start a vote kick the second they came in for the DCed person.  I never clicked it.  Give the person a minute to get back first you impatient bastard, you know there is an issue with it.  Do not blame the player.

In wrath I used to be one that would never, repeat never, kick for low DPS.  So I consider myself as part of the problem why people do not get better.  They thought it was perfectly fine to do 800 DPS in a heroic, that is my fault.  I just laughed at them with my guild mates but never said anything to them.  The thing was, by the end of wrath, the end was basically the last year, I did not need anyone else DPSing.  A tank holding a healer healing and me.  That was all that was needed for a heroic and even that was over doing it.  I was soloing all the heroics (outside of oc and the 3 icc ones) before ICC even came out.

With this expansion it is a bit different, at least at this stage of the game where everything is still new and has the potential to be hard with low DPS.  While I never would start the kick I would have no issues pressing yes if someone tried to kick a 5K DPS player, heck, even an 8K DPS player if they where playing badly as in pulling mobs, breaking CC, or always taking aggro.

There is only one boss in heroics that I would ever kick someone outright for low DPS.  The last boss in GB.  I can take one add myself.  If the other 2 can not take the other add, well, the lowest of the two has to go.  Sorry, but as the saying goes, you are not prepared.  It should be 1 DPS on one, another DPS on the other and the third DPS on the boss the whole time.

I would be more likely to kick someone for being a jerk then because of DPS.  If it were a DPS issue I would point it out and ask them to try and step it up.  A jerk can not be reasoned with.  Trying to reason with a jerk just gives me a reason to become a bigger jerk.

I've no issues with banter during a run.  If that banter is always the "I'm better then you", "you suck at your class", you know the type.  Even if they are right and the person sucks there is never a reason to be a jerk about it. 

There are more polite ways to give people advice then saying you suck at your class because you are not using xxx.  You should say, if you add xxx into your rotation it might help a lot.  That goes over a ton better.  Unless the person you are giving advice to is a jerk.  Then there is no reasoning with them.  They can do one tenth of your DPS and still know that they are better then you.

Kicking a tank without a tank spec.  I'll click yes.
Kicking a healer with a healing spec.  I'll click yes.
Kicking a DPS with a DPS spec.  I'll click yes. (yes I have seen this)
Kicking someone talking smack, even if they are top DPS.  I'll click yes.
Kicking someone that DCed after 5 minutes.  I'll click yes.
Kicking someone that said BRB after 5 minutes.  I'll click yes. (unless they stated it would be longer before they left)
Kicking someone that is a melee DPS in caster gear.  I'll click yes.
Kicking someone that is a caster in melee DPS gear.  I'll click yes.
Kicking a healer in caster or DPS gear.  I'll click yes.
Kicking a tank in caster or DPS gear.  I'll click yes.
Kicking someone that that is not the tank pulling on purpose.  I'll click yes.
Kicking someone that is always breaking CC. I'll click yes.
Kicking someone that needs on a spirit item that the healer needed.  I'll click yes.
Kicking someone that needs on a tanking item that the tank needed.  I'll click yes.
Kicking someone that did not know the fight and waits 3 wipes before saying something.  I'll click yes.

I will not kick someone that does not know the fight but asks before hand.
I will not kick someone that actively seeks advice.
I will not kick someone that has slightly low DPS but perfect execution and/or interrupt timing.
I will not kick a tank with low hit points as long as they know what they are doing.
I will not kick a healer with a low mana pool if they show they are good at management.
I will not kick someone that wants a full clear for rep or a quest.
I will not kick someone that wants to skip for a faster run.
I will not kick someone that likes to babble in chat as long as they are doing their job.
I will not kick someone that gives polite advice on spec/gear/etc to me or others.
I will not kick someone just because we wiped, even a couple of times.

If anything, in most cases I would be quicker to drop then ever start a kick.  In most cases if I ever feel the need to start a kick I choose leave group first.  When I choose to kick it is because I know that there is no way we will ever do the fight with that person in the group.  I am not quick to the gun so I believe that my assessment of the situation is usually accurate.  The other people do not know me so they do not know that.  I am sure they think their assessment are accurate as well when they do a kick too.  It is perspective.

I have no problem dropping group and waiting another 40 minutes or just not doing the run at all that day then staying in a group that is destine for failure.

Maybe I am getting cold or even elitist a bit when it comes to heroics.  I do not mind a wipe or two or even three.  But if the group is just not getting it I will just leave.  I am not playing this game to help 4 other people with their progression.  If they do not know how to do heroics I have no issue explaining and helping. 

If they are not getting it however I am not going to hang around while they learn.  I help, but only so much.  Third wipe because the retarded DPS has no clue how to do the beam on the second boss of BRC and the tank is not even trying to interrupt the fears means a laughable easy boss becomes impossible to do.  That means I leave.

If anything I think I use the leave option more then the kick option.  Heck, I know I've left more then I started kicks.  A 40 minute wait is ten thousand times better then 40 minutes of wiping with people that refuse to learn.  Being you can not kick 2 or 3 people you might as well kick yourself by using the leave option.  For your own sanity.  Leave group is your friend.

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