Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Future of Heroics?

I had a random in Shadowfang Keep that was beyond amazing.  It was like running a wrath dungeon.

The over all DPS had the lowest person sitting at near 14K, an Elemental Shaman.  An Arcane Mage was at 14K.  The Paladin Tank was at 15K and I was at 16K.  On boss fights my lowest was 21K.  I pulled 24K on 2 bosses, love that buff.

We ran through the whole thing non stop.  Healer never even needed mana.  Mechanics?  What are those?  Sure, we needed to do the little things like move on green and get out of the pistol barrage but that was about it.

The entire run took 23 minutes for all bosses.  The tank pulled the packs in Springvales room and Springvale at the same time.  2 people got the achievement for him not getting empowerment.  I had already had it as it seems 2 others did as well.

None of them where massively geared.  They were all basically the same item level as me, in the 350s. (I am 353)

I've always said that as more people get geared the instances will get easier.  That is just simple mathematics.  By the end of this expansion we will forget that there was a time when they where hard and you can easily carry on sub par DPS without it ever becoming an issue.

I wish every run was like that.  It would bring fun back into what has been a horrible expansion so far.  There are many reasons I dislike this expansion but we can't do anything about most of them.  Dungeons, we can do something about.

If the quality of player in the game was better then more runs would be like this.  Sadly it is not.  I more often fail in a run of BRC because someone, no matter how often we explain it, can not get the concept of blocking the beam on the second boss.

So now the tally would be something like 200 dungeon runs as pugs and 3 awesome runs.  1.5% of my runs have been good (not counting guild runs).  While this run does prove we will be outgearing this stuff in no time it also proves that only 1.5% of the runs you will ever have in a random are capable of that level of game play.

I would say that it means that only 1.5% of the players in the game are good but that would not be entirely accurate.  What this really means is that if you pull 5 players out of the pack there is only a 1.5% chance that you will get 5 players that know what they are doing.

Still a sad state of the game if you ask me.  If every run was like that then I would have more fun playing the game.  I would not dread having to pug someone for my daily.  I would run my Rogue, Mage, Druid, all people that have never stepped into a heroic, every day as well.

It is not so much the ease of the dungeon that I enjoyed there.  It is the 20 minute run.  20 minute runs are the only way that people like me with a million 85s can ever get the chance to gear them up.  There is just not enough time in the day to run more then 1 character through a heroic now.

But this shows promise for the future.  I would be willing to pay Blizzard an additional $25 per month if there was a way to make sure I only get grouped with people that know what they are doing.  

My enjoyment of the game increased ten fold in that one run.  Sad part is, the next run I will be back to hating the game because as it shows, I only have a 1.5% chance to get into a random with people that know what they are doing.

This might show what to expect in the future however when even bad players get better gear and can start pulling 15K.  It will make things easier, thus more fun.  I am not saying easy is fun but when we are talking about random pugs, people you will never see again, easy is a good thing.  Easy is fun in that case.

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