Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why Heroics are Hard/Easy.

I am amazed that this still seems to be the number one topic on every forum I go to.  People complaining that heroics are hard and another person calling them a baddie because they are easy.

The thing is they are both right.  It is true. 

Heroics are extremely hard right now.

Heroics are still easy.

Both statements are completely true and what separates the two statements is who you do the dungeon with.  If you do the dungeon with people that communicate, or even better, are on vent together then the dungeons are easy.  Sure they still take a little time with CCing the trash but they are over all easy.  If you use the looking for dungeon system then it will be hard most of the time.  Hard is actually an understatement, impossible would be more like it.

Everyone with half a brain knows this is the fact.  Some of them even find their way to the forums and give suggestions like trying to go with guild mates or pug on your own server. 

I know that from experience myself.  I do heroics with guild mates and I make it through no problem usually.  Sometimes it takes a while when everyone is new but it isn't a great deal of an issue.  With my bad luck I have yet to find a group through the random dungeon finder that can get more then one boss down.  At least it is getting better.  Last week I would have been overjoyed to even get 1 boss down.

What bothers me is that no one seems to have any respect for the way other people play any more.  If someone says heroics are hard they immediately will be called a bad player and told they need to learn to play.  This amazes me.  How is one person out of five a bad player because their group does not succeed?  You could be the absolute best player to ever play this game and if you are the only one in that group who has a clue the dungeon is destined for failure.  Do not prejudge people because they say dungeons are hard.  They are only speaking from their own personal experiences.

Another of the big ones is people telling everyone to run with their guild.  For some people that is not an option, they do not have enough guild members on at the time they are on.  They might choose to stay in that guild for various reasons but that is not really an option. 

I will take me for example.  I have a reasonablely sized guild to draw from and most of the people are on around the same times I am.  After all we recruit with the idea that we raid from 7:30 to 10:00 server time so most people are around during those times. In my guild I come on my main first to do my dailies.  When I log on I will start up my queue for my random heroic for the day.  I like that I can do things while waiting for it.  If it pops up, I attempt it, if not, then when I am done with my dailies I make the decision to move to another character or continue waiting.

You see what I am getting at?  I have a guild I can run with.  They are on the same time I am on.  We do clear heroics with no problem at all.  I still go into randoms by myself.  I will still say heroics are hard when I PuG and I will still say heroics are easy when with my guild.  Both are true.  People just need to understand that not everyone runs with their guild all the time because they either can't or don't want to.

Then there is the other way around.  People that call the ones that say they have no problems with heroics no lifers.  Someone does not need to have no life to be able to down heroics.  They just need to have 4 other people to run with that are capable players with enough gear. 

Getting enough gear is easy.  With rep rewards being so great.  Point gear easy to grab to start if you has some saved up.  Dungeons that offer 333s on normal and the seemingly endless supply of awesome BoEs that are dropping way to much it should not take more then a few hours from 85 to heroic ready.

The hard part is getting four other people capable together to do some chain runs to really gear up nicely.  That was my problem.  I am a casual player.  I am not hard core in the least and I was able to be heroic ready before the start of day 3 after cataclysm came out.

Do not call people elitist or no lifers just because they are geared and going and you are not.  All that means is that they put more effort into the time they spent on.  I am not a very social person.  While people where carrying one conversations in guild chat about this new thing and that new thing I was leveling and running dungeons.  That is the reason why some guild members that play more then I do are 2 weeks behind me. 

It is not about the time spent playing the game it is what you do with the time in the game.  I enjoy being effective leveling and gearing up and they enjoy working on professions, chatting in guild and just taking their time with things.  Neither one of us is wrong and I am not a not lifer because I was ready to go 2 weeks before them and they are not a baddie because it took them two weeks longer to catch up.

These dungeons are hard/easy conversations seem to bring out the worst in people.  It is honestly horrible for the community and sometimes I can't stop reading them no matter how horrible they get with the name calling.  It is like when you are driving down the street and see an accident and you have to slow down to take a look at it.  You know you might see something you really do not want to see but it is some morbid curiosity that makes you stop to look.  That same thing happens with these threads. 

Another one I love is how people love to lie about everything to make themselves look better and how people love to insult people for being wrong when they are the ones that are wrong.  The best one yet is the one person that said they do not know what people are complaining about, they can get two or three heroic runs done in one hour usually with full LFD pugs.  That has to be the most outrageous lie I have seen yet and if it is not a lie I am officially the most jealous person in wow right now.  I would love to get even 1 done in an hour.  Hell, I would love to get even 1 done in a pug, just to prove it can be done.

Either way, people need to remember, not everyone is you.  So when someone says it is hard that does not mean they are a baddie and when someone says it is easy that does not mean they are a no lifer.  That just means they are not you.  Be more respectful of your fellow human beings once in a while.  I hate everyone and if I can be respectful then you can to.

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