Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chaos Orb

In case you did not know or are living under a rock Chaos Orbs are the new Frozen Orbs with a twist.  They are Bind on Pickup.  What the hell was Blizzard thinking?

Blizzard has basically said, hey you, yes you, the Mail/Leather wearer that is not a leatherworker, bend over while we give it to you without even greasing you up first.  It is not just Mail/Leather wearers.  It is cloth wearers that are not tailors, plate wearers that are not blacksmiths.  Anyone that might need a pattern that does not have that skill on that character or a character that runs heroics normally to get the orbs.

I originally made an alt, a Rogue, to be a skinner and a leatherworker because it could make gear for itself and it could make gear for my Hunter.

I made another alt, my bank alt DK, an enchanter and scribe so it could make my enchants and glyphs.

I made yet a thrid alt, my druid, a miner and a jewelcrafter so it could make my gems.

Before I went into complete altaholic mode my first three alts where made for the specific purpose of being support characters for my main character.

I had my enchants, glyphs, gems and gear all made for me.  This lowered my costs considerably (buying mats is almost always much cheaper then buying the item) and made me independently capable of making sure I was always raid ready without ever needing to spend extra cash for over priced items or finding someone else to make something for me.

While the fact remains that I can still get my gems, enchants and glyphs from my other characters I can no longer get my gear from my Rogue because blizzard made Chaos Orbs BoP for some strange reason.

I do hope this changes and changes quickly.  At least make them BoA so my Hunter can roll on them and send them to my Rogue to make me gear. 

Even if my Hunter could not roll on them as they do not have a profession that needs them my Priest could.  If they were BoA my Priest could get them and send them to my Rogue.

While I am aware that anything I craft with Chaos Orbs will most likely be replaced in a raid, there is no reason I should be forced to pay 16K for something I could get for 3K worth of materials because I could not get the orbs myself.

Some will say I should just take my Rogue into dungeons.  While that is an option it is not something I should be required to do.  It was made for the profession.  It was not made to play.  I would need to gear up for heroics, then run heroics, then hope to win rolls, all to craft gear for another character.  That is way to much time invested in an alt I do not really enjoy playing to begin with and based on the time that would take it would actually be cheaper to make the money and pay the over priced listing for the item.

I might not need anything made from my Rogue now, but it is the principal that I stand on that Orbs should not be BoP.  There is no reason for it.

Frozen Orbs worked just fine as a tradable item.  Primordial Saronite worked fine as a tradable item.  I see no reason why Chaos Orbs would not work just fine as a tradable item.

I am sure Blizzard can do something to fix this.
I am sure Blizzard will do something to fix this.

If the past proves anything however, by the time Blizzard addresses the problem no one will give a crap about the orbs any more anyway because you will be getting much better gear from points.  Now is the time to address this, not later.

Pro Tip:

For anyone with a crafting profession.  Always roll need on the Orb (because if you don't someone else will).  You might not need it now but maybe some day you will need it to make something for an alt or a guild mate and it would be better to have 40 sitting around collecting dust then to have to go run heroics hoping to win rolls to get them. 

Not to mention, when the time comes that they are not BoP any more you will make a small fortune selling them.

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