Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- My priest is out of oil.

- My hunter is sitting on over 9000.

- There is a joke in there, I'll let you make it.

- I wondered how the hell can people have no oil.

- Now I know.

- My priest opened T2 and did quests the first day to keep themselves from being phased and has not been back.

- That is a recipe to run out of oil.

- You need to at least do the one main daily once in a while to get some oil.

- Or get the oil rig upgrade, which requires reputation.

- So if you want to be T2 free and not run around there you best run around at least until you get enough reputation to get the oil rig.

- The oil rig missions always seem easy to finish, so if you get it then it can be a great way to get oil and never need to return to do dailies again to get it.

- Follower missions will not supply enough oil alone.

- My priest does one mission every 2 days now waiting on follower missions only to get oil.

- Wish my hunter could send her some.

- Speaking of my hunter, when I logged on friday night I saw I only needed 2 more treasure missions for the level 3 shipyard.

- As of now, I still have no level 3 shipyard.

- Only one treasure mission over three days?

- You have got to be kidding me with this blizzard, really.

- I think this is blizzard trying to slow us down.

- My druid and my hunter are stuck at 24/25 treasure missions now.

- So it is the waiting game for them to spawn.

- Oh joy.

- Waiting is such exciting game play, isn't it?

- My druid has the quest for the last part of the legendary in the shipyard.

- I can get it to 92%, still not sending it yet.

- Think I can get better with a carrier from the level 3 shipyard.

- I do not trust my luck.

- Not after losing 3 epic ships on one of my characters this weekend.

- Two of them on a 92% mission.

- How fun is that, I failed a 92% mission and lost both ships, blizzard really knows how to make fun and enjoyable content.

- Then immediately next on the mission from my completed missions was a failed 88% mission that lost one more epic.

- I F'N hate shipyards.

- No really.

- I can see losing a ship when you go on a high risk trip, but not on a good chance trip.

- They should add something like you only lose ships that fail on sub 80% mission failures.

- If you fail an 80%+ mission you should never lose the ship.

- Maybe damage it and you need oil and garrison resources to repair it, at worst, but not lose it.

- It is just a failure, not a loss.

- If you fail a 36% mission, sure you deserve to lose a ship.

- You sent them on a high risk mission, if you fail it makes sense you could lose a ship.

- I just hate losing epic ships on 90%+ missions, it is getting old, fast.

- Yet on one of my characters I keep sending out ships I do not mind losing, because I want better crews, so I send them on risky missions, and they keep coming back alive.

- How is that possible?  I have not failed even 1 sub 50% mission but have failed at least a fair chuck of 90%+ missions.

- Blizzard and math do not get along well.

- But we all know that.

- When will they notice it?

- LFR story time, I know you all love LFR story time.

- Or at least enjoy my frustrations with the LFR but it is okay, I am here to entertain.

- I have very few LFR stories this expansion as I do not do it much any longer.

- Hey, blizzard said they wanted to make it so raiders do not feel the need to do it.

- Well, it worked, and now I don't even do it on my alts either, because if it does not drop raid tier, it is not worth doing it on my alts either, as I see it at least.

- But from doing it this weekend, on both my hunter and my druid, I noticed that blizzard needs the raiders there.

- At least they do if they want smoother and more enjoyable runs for everyone involved.

- I had to do it as my hunter did not do the 3rd boss this week, as I tanked it on my druid, and my druid did not do the first two, as I was on my hunter.

- So as to not miss chances to get tomes, I did it on both of them.

- First up was my hunter.

- Which will be the center of a post to come later this week.

- The post will be questioning the over all health of the game.

- It took me 2 hours and 47 minutes (actually longer but that was the last number I saw when checking) to get into the LFR.

- Then when I zoned in on the first boss there is only one tank.

- Then that tank drops.

- I rarely type in chat but I had to this time and said, I waited almost 3 hours for this?

- I zoned out and went herb picking while I waited for new tanks.

- That only took about 15 minutes give or take.

- So lets say it took 3 hours to get an LFR group, even if it was slightly over that in the end.

- Seriously?

- How can this game have 7 million players and even if they are in different "zones" you can not find 25 people that want to do the LFR at any given time.

- Sorry, but I wonder about the health of the game as a whole if that is the case.

- But back to the LFR.

- As expected I was an LFR hero.

- Of course I was because there is no reason for an actual raider to be there unless, like me, they missed bosses and/or did not feel like pugging that week.

- To see the numbers these people were pulling however did amaze me.

- I'd say the average "good" DPS I saw was around 15K.

- Is that normal for LFR?

- I need to ask you because I do not do it enough to know.

- Had 2 people in the twenties, a couple more in the upper teens and then everyone else under 15K with the majority hovering in the 12K range.

- The second boss was like OMG this fight is taking forever.

- I did not even know it was possible for him to go in the air twice, or three times.

- I honestly think that boss is harder in LFR than it is on normal.

- Like I said, I was the LFR hero thanks to my numbers.

- Nope it was not skill, is was all about the gear.

- I think with my gear even if all I did was hit steady, aimed, steady, aimed, over and over I would have been tops by a long shot with the low numbers there.

- It was scary bad.

- I don't see how they could even down this boss without at least one or two people in there with some raid gear doing higher numbers.

- I used to like that there would be some raiders I could compete against in there for LFR hero status.

- Not this time however.

- It was a nice smooth run however, one shot all three bosses, and if I can toot my own horn it was mostly thanks to me pulling close to 20% of the damage done.

- I really wonder what it would be like with no high numbers in there.

- I got my chance to find out when my druid went in.

- I go in as a healer, it is really the only reason I have healing gear on my druid.

- I refuse to tank the LFR, but I also refuse to wait the DPS times so I heal.

- Healing might be a thankless job and those large rooms make me thankful I am not a real raid healer, but I do not mind healing the LFR so much.

- As you can guess, from lack of practice and piece mealed gear I am not a great healer but for the content I can pull my own weight.

- I'd say my healing skills on my druid are roughly that of LFR skill level, so it works for me.

- I get some practice in a difficulty that is best suited for my skill level which is good.

- As a healer it still took me over 30 minutes to get in.

- 32 minutes the last time I checked.

- We zone in to one tank, just like my hunter did.

- Except that tank does not drop, he says he will clear trash while waiting on another tank.

- We get the other tank just as trash is being done and all seems well.

- The trash before the boss trash went down fast enough.

- First boss was... fun.

- Everyone was tanking it seemed.

- Even me, running around in tree form.

- Did I ever mention why I love healing as a druid?

- Tree baby, tree.

- I pulled 36K HPS on the first boss and something seemed a little "wrong" with that.

- Most pug healers, that I picked up for normal and heroic, don't even heal that much.

- Is it possible that you need better heals for LFR than you do for normal or heroic?

- How the hell do people take that much damage in LFR?

- There should not even be that much that needs to be healed, at least I would think so.

- More importantly, how the hell did I heal for that much when I was more worried about looking cool as a tree while jumping up and down hitting rejuvenation, because it is an instant of course and allows me to jump while doing it.

- The only way that is possible was that no one must have ever been fully healed thus my normally over healing HoTs were actually effective and not over healing.

- Either way, first boss went smooth, only one death and he died nearly on the pull, so I will chalk that one up to one of "those" people who purposely get themselves killed in LFR.

- There always has to be one of those people right?

- Second boss did not go quite as smooth.

- Nearly half the raid was dead 30 seconds into the fight.

- I was healing my leaves off.

- No jumping, no playing around, no spamming instants because it is fun, but really thinking about my healing because no matter what I tried I could not keep anyone alive.

- Tank died, I revived him, we tried with half a raid, but two healers went down and it was me and two other druids alive.

- Seemed like none of us was used to tank healing so it became an issue.

- We all apparently went to the school of raid healing.

- Basically blanket the raid and let the tank healers deal with the tanks.

- So I changed to what I believed was needed and I went to strictly tank healing.

- I might not be used to it, but I have read about tank healing as a druid, so I figured I would wing it.

- We lasted a fairly long time, but with people dropping it was going to be a wipe.

- When it was me, the two tanks and one DPS left we all just killed ourselves to start over.

- I looked at the healing meters and was like, wow, I did not even know I could do 40K.

- I was also OOM the entire end of the fight.

- Hey, this is what I wanted, it will help me get better right?

- The one good thing about bad groups on a healer is that they are a great learning experience.

- Anyone can heal good groups where the boss goes down fast and everyone avoids the avoidable.

- That is easy.

- Healing in this pandemonium is what makes a healer a healer if you ask me.

- It is exactly what I signed up for so I was fine with it, but it did kind of seem way out of my league.

- So it was time for me to get better.

- Challenge accepted.

- It is at the skill level I play at as a druid healer so lets roll with it.

- If I am ever going to get better, it starts here.

- We lose a tank and have to wait.

- The other tank says, nope, no need to wait, this can be solo tanked.

- I agree, it can, but not in LFR.

- Tank blows up, melee goes with him as well as half the ranged and two healers who were trying to stay close, we wipe again, do not even get a stack of determination.

- Tank agrees to wait for another tank.

- That was mighty nice of him.

- Hey wipes happen, but lets at least get a stack of determination the next time please.

- We get another tank, new tank rushes in and pulls him to the wall, (what is with that in LFR) and promptly wipes the raid in the process as they are all running after him into a barrage, we do not get a stack again.

- Three wipes, only one stack of determination.

- It most definitely is not my day.

- Highest DPS on any of the pulls, yes even knowing that two of the pulls all we saw was their "burst" DPS, was only 19K.

- Yeah, this is not going to go well.

- Forth pull goes much better however.

- By much better I mean we get a stack of determination.

- That is better right?

- How are these people this bad at both doing damage and avoiding damage?

- Looking at the healing numbers I keep thinking to myself, if we are going to do this with these people we need 10 stacks or much much much better healers then us to carry them.

- One tank drops, we get another, then the other tank drops, so we wait again.

- So here we are, 2 stacks, 2 new tanks, and we are waiting.

- Someone says, what are we waiting for and the one tank says they are talking it over.

- The group seemed okay with that.

- After 5 minutes without a pull, one tank drops, someone asks what happened and the other tank drops.

- Now comes the time where I am sure there are 24 people out there in wow land that are going to hate me.

- Hate me with a passion.

- As we wait in queue for 2 more tanks people start to drop.

- Down to 18 people, down to 12 people, down to 8 people, down to 5 people.

- 30 minutes pass by and we go down to 4, 3, 2 and finally 1, just little old me doing a dance around the iron reaver.

- Everyone got tired of waiting and left as we are approaching what feels like an hour but was probably closer to 40 minutes than it was to an hour.

- I do my wonderful and mesmerizing dance of the treefolk all alone in the raid for only the iron reaver to see.

- At least I am keeping myself entertained.

- I was not going to drop.

- What happens the next day when I come in?

- Would I have to do the first boss again?

- Would I just zone in on the last boss when the only boss I really need is this second boss?

- Nope, no way in hell I was dropping even if I was the last tree standing.

- So those 24 people got stuck with an already in progress raid because I refused to drop.

- They all have to re queue for the first boss should they want it and that is all my fault.

- Sorry guys, I was being selfish and you all had to pay because of it.

- I wholeheartedly apologize but I was not doing this wait again for one freaking boss.

- Thank you for helping me down it.

- Thanks to two stacks of determination and 6 people actually over 30K DPS we one shot the boss when they came in and it was all just wasted time because I did not get a tome.

- But hey, the group was better and I stayed for the last boss.

- Figured might as well get the gold out of the deal and this looked like a group that could one shot the last boss.

- And they did, thankfully.

- Funny part is, every healer was over 30K.

- Yes, all 5 of us were over 30K on both the second and third fight.

- Makes me wonder, was I wrong blaming the bad DPS for the wipes, maybe it was the bad healing.

- Can someone in the know please let me know, is 30K HPS needed for the LFR?

- Because looking back on it, that is what made those 2 fights so easy.

- The wipes before on the second boss saw me pushing 40K and none of the others even approaching near 20K but the kills everyone was over 30K.

- Maybe it was a healing thing and I was being hard on the DPS.

- Hell no.

- It always comes down to DPS.

- More DPS means faster fight means less healing needed.

- So screw that, it was the damage dealers fault.

- Either way, after those 2 LFRs I guess that is why I am kind of glad I do not do them any more.

- I just hope to get the tomes done as fast as possible so I do not need to go back there.

- But with my luck, that is not going to happen.

- Hunter at 7, druid at 2.

- 2, you believe that?

- Sure my druid has not tanked nearly as many bosses as my hunter has DPSed, but still it should have more than 2.

- Only did 5 bosses on it this weekend and got none.

- Have I mentioned lately how much I hate the random number generator?

- Well, I do hate it.

- However I am not sure what I hate more, 3 hour queues or the random number generator.

- They both suck a lot.

- My hunter will be exalted with the Hand of the Prophet and Order of the Awakened today after I do the dailies.

- Will be exalted with the saber stalkers tomorrow after I do the weekly.

- Sure I could grind some, but what is the rush, I need 5K claws before I can buy the mount and I only have 700 or so, so it is not like I won't be killing them sooner or later anyway.

- Might as well save them for something to do later.

- I like saving some stuff to do later.

- Have to be careful however being blizzard has a habit of removing content lately.

- I saved my DK from doing the legendary last expansion because I was planning on going back and soloing it for fun to get it done.

- But noooooo, blizzard does not like us having content we can go back to do for fun any longer.

- They would rather remove content.

- Like the heirlooms off garrosh of which there were 2 I never got, would have kept going back to get them.

- But nooooo, blizzard doesn't like people actually playing the game it seems.

- Going back to do thinga is a huge part of the game, when will blizzard realize that.

- They could have made the title for doing the legendary on time something that went away but I still do not understand or agree with why the legendary itself had to go away.

- Blizzard makes no sense.

- Their wealth of older content is what gives new players something to do when they get bored.

- Why remove it?

- Someone at blizzard has been taking their stupid pills by the fist full.

- So maybe I should make an effort to get the saber stalkers mount sooner than later.

- They might decide to remove it tomorrow for some stupid reason.

- Either way, I will take my chance and wait, for now.

- I am sure we will be in this patch cycle for a year or more, so I have time.

- I think.

- I got my first ever Empowered Apexis Fragment this weekend.

- So I guess they are not a myth.

- I can't believe there are people that have gotten 10 or 12 or more already and me killing massive amounts of rares on various characters only just saw one now.

- Then again I still only have one mount and only got one medallion of the legion thus far.

- I used the reputation token, figured I could use some of the PvP faction reputation anyway, so might as well.

- Not like I really needed it for the new factions.

- Their reputation really builds up kind of fast.

- I had great luck on my hunter in terms of not needing to look for groups for the big four on Sunday.

- Was doing the iron front zone and about to leave as terror fist popped up.

- Exit stage right.

- I was just heading out when he appeared, made a quick right and killed him instead.

- He actually dropped loot for me.

- The last two times I killed him he dropped nothing for me, not even oil.

- And yes, it was my first kill of him each day and he still dropped nothing for me.

- Have not had that problem with any of the others, but terror fist does not like me.

- I was heading down the road to fish by that pool that always spawns at the raid entrance as doom roller popped up.

- Oh cool, two I do not need to look for today.

- They came to me.

- I figured I would test my luck and headed up to dread talon and he was not there.

- As I turned to head out the emote came that he just spawned.

- I turned around and low and behold he was now there were only a split second earlier he was not.

- You have got to be kidding me, this is so unlike my normal luck.

- So I figured maybe I could go 4 for 4.

- I went over to see if vengeance was up and no such luck.

- I checked group finder and there was a new group formed 4 seconds ago.

- Timing is on my side today.

- I joined, killed, dropped group, and vengeance was there on my server.

- If only I had waited one minute it would have spawned.

- How is that for some insane timing luck?

- It all started with looting that Empowered Apexis Fragment from the podlord rare when I was on my way to the iron front to begin with.

- So this is what it feels like to be like to be lucky in game.

- I must say I like it.

- I am sure if I was lucky like this I would not be as grumpy as I am.

- Was nice to have a lucky weekend like that.

- I also guess it made the 3 hour wait for LFR a lot more bearable on my hunter.

- Because he got his first ever x5 fel blight while waiting in queue and had a nice collection of fel blight over those hours.

- Allowed me to upgrade one of my pieces getting so many while waiting.

- For the first time this patch I was getting fel blight at an almost reasonable rate.

- I do like this luck thing.

- I wonder if blizzard will ever start selling "luck" boosts.

- Kind of like experience boosts, but for luck.

- Better chance to win with personal loot.

- Better chance to win on a coin roll.

- Better chance to get special items (like fel blight) when doing things.

- Better chance to get world drops.

- Things like that.

- If blizzard sold a luck boost I would buy the ever living crap out of that.

- I would spend spend and spend more to buy that.

- Because I tell you one thing for sure.

- Even if it is only a rare taste of being lucky, I know I really enjoy the game a hell of a lot more when I am being lucky than when I am being myself, unlucky.

- Now there is an idea blizzard.

- Sell luck boosts, I'll buy 10, thank you kindly.

- Want the kicker of luck?

- This one was not mine but someone in my guild.

- They got a 710 BoE from their salvage crates.

- Holy crap I did not even know that was possible.

- Has anyone else seen that?

- That is all for today, I have wasted enough of your time, thanks for reading.

- Have a great day.


  1. Thats why I only tank in lfr, tanks have the most responsibility, so if Im one of them, we have a much better chance at killing the boss. I did 5 full runs through lfr BRF over the last 2 months on my bear that only has lfr gear, and I only wiped once, and that was on Blackhand. Im not a amazing tank, I just know the mechanics, and that is good enough for lfr.

    Also Im confused by your comment on screwing over other people by not leaving: a) how is it your fault that they leave the raid? b) what would they gain if you left as well and the raid instance disappeared?

    1. I screwed them because now they come in on the second boss and will all need to re queue again a second time to get the first if they wanted it.

      I know when I wanted a fresh run and come in on an already in progress run that I feel screwed because now I need to wait in the queue again for the same raid.

      That is what I meant by I screwed them.

      I refuse to tank for randoms. Sorry, just am not doing it. Blizzard can't even bribe me with a bribe bag. Heck, blizzard could send me a check to my house paying me 100 a week just to tank the LFR once a week and I still would not do it.

      Tanking is the easiest role in the game when surrounded by even remotely competent players but it can also be a nightmare when not.

      I think the only times I have ever tanked the LFR is when I go with a least 10 people from guild. Because that way I know that no matter what I know the boss will go down even if the rest of the raid really sucks.

      I know, I sound bitter, but that is probably because I am.

      I doubt I am the only one. Just look at any group and see all the people in there capable of tanking that are not tanking it and ask them why. They will all say the same thing "I don't tank the LFR".

    2. Im still confused, why does people being bad make you less inclined to tank? For me tanking lfr is pretty chill, I run around spamming Thrash and occasionally taunting stuff. I pull back the mobs so its harder to pull more than I can handle, and if some people keep running ahead or have their pets on autotaunt I will just let them die, I only care about the progress of the whole raid, not the well being of everyone in it. If people flame me I can either shut them up by showing my achievements or at least prevent people from kicking me, and there is a reason for the ignore function :) Boss fights are purely about performing mechanics. The only annoyance is the length of fights, since dps is pretty low, thats why Im watching streams on my second monitor. Maybe I had a decent experience because I went in long after the release of the raid so most people running it were actually alts of experienced raiders?

    3. And sorry for this purely formatted wall of text ;)

    4. *poorly formatted

      (at least these captcha pictures are making me hungry)

    5. I am not sure why. I really can not place it to say for sure. I just do not like tanking for randoms. Partly because I do not feel comfortable doing it for some reason. Even if I know I am more than skilled enough for that level of content. Maybe it is that I do not trust my healers if I do not know them. The few times I have tanked LFR I always had at least one guild healer with me. As long as I have some backup I feel okay, otherwise I don't.

      Maybe it is because bad players love to blame the tank. I hate having to defend myself against idiots. But if I die because the off tank will not taunt and I get a debuff the healers can not heal me through I get blamed for being a bad tank because people are not smart enough to realize it was not my fault but the fault of the off tank for not taunting.

      I'd say my reasons for not wanting to tank have more to do with the other tanks in randoms than anything else however. There are three types of tanks you run into most of the time. The guy who thinks he knows everything and is an arrogant bastard about it, the guy who knows nothing and won't listen to anything even if he doesn't know what to do, and the no communicative jerk that when you ask if he knows the fight you hear silence, when you ask if he wants first, you hear silence, when you ask if he wants adds, you hear silence.

      Sorry, I can not and will not tank with any of those people. Can't do it, won't do it. And I'd say 95%, if not more, of the tanks I have ran into fit into one of those three categories.

      I've said before and will say again. If they want me to tank LFR make all fights one tank fights and I will tank on all my characters that tank.

  2. I've had a lvl 3 shipyard for about a week; guess I've gotten lucky with the missions. Finished all the Legendary ship missions as well.

    I don't even bother to try maximizing missions anymore. I just do whatever is green or yellow based on Master Plan and build new ships when shit blows up.

    I agree though that we probably shouldn't be able to lose a ship if it's over 80% or so.

    LFR queues have been horrible. Mine took over two hours this week as well. Even worse is that I tried on Tuesday night for 90 minutes and got into a bugged instance that wouldn't let me enter... I opened a bug report and logged out.

    I don't know what the drop rate is supposed to be on the tomes, but I've had a 50% drop rate so far...

    Looking at my logs for this week: (yes, I upload LFR logs to WarcraftLogs...)
    Hellfire Assault:
    48K - 1 player (698 MM hunter)
    33K - me (689 BM)
    23K - 2 players (one being a 660 shaman...)
    ~20K - 5 players (one being a tank)
    ~16K - 5 players (one being a tank)

    Iron Reaver:
    33K - 1 player (that 698 MM hunter)
    22K - me
    20K - 1 player
    ~18K - 3 players
    ~15K - 4 players

    42K - 1 player
    28K - 2 players (me and a 686 arcane mage)
    27K - 1 player
    ~25K - 2 players
    ~23K - 4 players
    ~20K - 2 players
    ~16K - 2 players

    The DPS definitely drops off fast. Excluding that over geared hunter and myself, the average players are doing 16K or less, so not as bad as Grumpy's group. The avg iLvL was about 670, so maybe that's why.

    Being BM on these fights doesn't work very well. My pet is running around far too much...

    I got one of the rep tokens today off Terrorfist. Only one I've gotten. I'm just going to sell it on the AH since I'll get exalted soon anyway.

    I haven't gotten any of the mounts. Terrorfist today is the first of the "big 4" that I've actually ever seen.

    1. Wow, you are moving along quick with your shipyards. I got my druids and my hunters level 3 shipyard last night.

      Seems like over all your DPS in that group was better than my group was. Everything lived forever in my group. It is nice to think that I spanked that MM hunter, numbers wise, even if he way out gears me. lol

      BM is good for the first and third boss there. I think is sucks for the second. I rock that one as MM. Odd to see the MM hunter in your group do so well on the multi target fight (48) and so poorly on the single target one (33). I am going to guess he is completely new to MM, that is the only way someone in near 700 gear does not do over 40K on that as MM, that is the perfect MM fight. Single target most of the time, not a lot of movement. aimed shots and kill shots on bombs for extra DPS, yeah, that fight has MM written all over it. Guy must just be learning the spec.

      I am still going to use my rep, even if I have them all at exalted, because it gives me the PvP faction rep and I do not do that one. But I have all others this expansion at exalted already now.

      Use the group finder to find groups for them. Mind you that they do not last long, so be standing there when you look and only join groups that were just listed. Even if it say 2 minutes it might be dead already. It is not "easy" to find groups that way, but it is possible. I've found a few.

  3. LFR is a joke in this xpac. None of our guild tanks choose that role in LFR, they go heal or DPS off spec. Lack of tanks explains the long queues for everyone as you note.

    I was thinking of learning tanking but I'll do it in a 5 man guild team in dungeons going on to Normal raids, I won't try to learn it in LFR.

    I only do LFR to grind the stupid tokens you need to progress with the legendary quest line, and to see the layout and basic boss mechanics to help me with Normal guild raids.

    My drop rate for the tomes is appalling, after a full week of LFR and 4 Normal bosses I sit on zero. Joy.

    In HFC LFR I was top dps by some way, doing around 10% of overall damage. I am a bit overgeared to be fair, at ilvl 691 MM.

    After wiping all night on Normal Kilrogg yesterday, I'll be interested to see that fight on LFR. Either it'll be a wipe, rant and rage-quit fest, or the mechanics will be so nerfed you won't learn anything meaningful from it.

    I hate Normal raids where one person causes a wipe, and Kilrogg is that from beginning to end. One person puts so much as a toe out of line or misses a single mechanic and we wiped. Grrrrr.

    1. I am partly part of that problem tank wise. I have a rule with my characters, if it has a tank spec, it is a tank, if not and it has a healer spec, it is a healer, and everyone else is a damage dealer.

      That means my monk, DK, warrior, paladin and druid are all main spec tanks and I never tank with them. I go as heals on my monk, paladin and druid and I go as gladiator on my warrior. My DK, as he can not use his tanking gear for DPS, does not even do it. Or I will DPS in my tank gear and hope no one notices. lol Usually will still be top 10 DPS even with tank gear sadly.

      I won't tank for randoms. Just won't.

      Wow, I thought my druid was doing bad with having 10 boss kills and only 2. I think you are doing a little worse. Sorry to hear that, it sucks.

      691? Damn, I think every hunter in the world has a higher item level than I do. lol

      I am sure it will automatically send some people in, and not make people decide who goes in. That would be a recipe for disaster.

      Yeah, one person not moving when they have the aim thing on them can get everyone hit, everyone with the debuff and a ton of blobs spawning. We had one wipe when a new person did that. Needless to say, he got a little talking to. I hate mechanics like that on normal.

      I think for normal, things like that should not penalize the raid, but the person. If it hits anyone else, it should not debuff them and drop more orbs, it should one shot kill the person. That way, they learn they did something wrong and while it hurts the group to lose one person, it is not as bad as getting a bunch of blobs and a ton of debuffs on people.

  4. Quick note on Galleonville: stop caring about your ships or investing any time or resources in them.

    I use Masterplan to allocate the best available ships to each mission I need to do, but they go out whether it's 40% chance or 90% chance.

    If a ship sinks, replace it. Much quicker and cheaper than equipping it to 100% chance.

    If a Green crew dies, the RNG gods may give you a Blue or Purple when you replace it. So you could be better off.

    If a Purple crew dies all that happens is that your chance of completing the next mission may be a little bit less. That's it. Who cares, really?

    It's a stupid side game where Blizz rely on human nature to always want to succeed and not suffer losses that imbues it with any meaning whatsover.

    If you look at the mechanics they don't add up, so don't waste time trying to make them make sense.

    1. I am equipping for 100% until I get all the ones I need done, after that, I will do it that way and not care.