Friday, July 17, 2015

Do You Like Seeing What Other People Win?

Blizzard recently added a new feature where when you are doing any content and someone wins something good it pops up on the middle of the screen showing you who won what.   This is used in dungeons, in LFR, in raids with personal loot and with bonus rolls.  So now whenever someone wins something you too can share in their excitement of their win.

Many people really seem to like this update, at least that I have seen, but it should come as no surprised that me, the grumpy one, with his life long streak of having no luck really hates this feature and wants to see the person who came up with this idea kicked in the nuggets.  Really really hard.

I'd like to hear if you like this new addition and why of course, I try to keep an open mind, maybe there is something good that comes out of it that I am just missing because I have had such horrible luck for such a long time.  It is easy for me to look at the dark side of the loot issue when all I ever see is failure in getting it.  But in an effort to ease my pain I will share why this feature makes grumpy even grumpier.

When doing the LFR on an alt that can really use gear it sucks to bend over to loot boss after boss and see nothing but an augment rune each and every time.  All while I watch, what seems to be, every single person in the entire raid win something but me.  Yes, I know it is probably only 5 or 6 people winning and maybe a few others winning something on a coin, but when you go for the 6th and 7th and 8th boss of the week with nothing those 5 or 6 wins after each boss starts to feel like everyone is winning except you.

I don't want to see what other people won.  I don't want to see that someone that performed so poorly seems to win off every boss while I bust my ass trying to do the best I can, yes even in LFR, and consistently win nothing week after week.  Even if I did not need anything winning something once in a while would be a nice feeling.

Seeing other people win something does not ease my pain.  It does not put my mind at ease.  It does not give me the warm fuzzy feeling that at least someone won something.  It does not make me feel like the loot system is not broken because I see other people winning something.  Nope, if anything all it does is reinforce my feeling that I am one of the unluckiest people that plays this game.

It makes me begin to hate the people that win something.  Even when I do not need anything, each time I see someone win something I start hoping that when they get up from their desk they stub their pinky toe and it really hurts.  Ha, they deserve it.

I'd go so far as to extend it to seeing the notification listed in chat saying so and so won something on their bonus roll.  Even without a pop up that too can be annoying when you have been running on a three month dry spell for upgrades.

Even in a real raid I hate seeing it.  Sure you might think it is cool seeing the tank get that shield he needed because him gearing up makes him a better tank and makes our guild group stronger as a whole.  Yes, this is true. Yes, I am happy he got it.  Yes, him getting it helps me.  But no, I do not need to see that he keeps getting lucky while I keep getting spit on by the random number generator with some stupid pop up in the middle of my screen.  Him saying, "woohoo I won my shield", is more than ample to let me know.  I do not need some pop up flashing in the middle of my screen reading, in my mind, "Look what he won, you get nothing you unlucky bastard, ha ha, sucks to be you."

And then there is nothing more annoying than finishing a fight and seeing the hunter with the a full 685 tier set while I am still sitting in all 670s because I never won one single piece of heroic tier win the new tier helm on a bonus roll.  A tier helm he does not need because he won the tier helm last week already.  Son of a bitch.  Yet he, who doesn't need it, gets it and I get shafted again.  Did I really need to see that blizzard?  Is this supposed to make me feel better?  Am I supposed to just say, well at least he won something he doesn't need and I have another 23 gold?

Sorry if I sound bitter but I am, I really am.  I do not want to see what other people won.  I more so do not care to see what other people won when they do not even need it yet I could have used it.  I just want to win something I need once in a while.  Getting an upgrade once or twice a month feel nice.  I do not want to go through another tier like I did last tier and win nothing of conciquence.

I am sure people with decent luck, people that sometimes win a roll, people that sometimes win something on their coin, don't mind seeing others win things.  It could make them happy everyone is getting something.  But when you go so long getting nothing, losing rolls, getting gold on coins, somehow it just doesn't make me feel any better to know that someone else won something they don't need because they already won it last week when I would love to have something, anything, that I could use.  If there were ever another reason I want to avoid the LFR, that is it.  Even if I need nothing from there, I really hate seeing other people win something while I continue to collect a giant pile of pocket lint.

Do I like seeing what other people win?  Absolutely not.  I would rather not.  It is bad enough dealing with winning nothing, I don't need to see that everyone else always seems to win things while I am not.  How about you, do you like it?


  1. The point is not for you to see what they won, but for them to know that everyone saw they won. Essence of wow.

    1. I've never quite got that. I would rather not show off I won something. I do not need others to see what I won to make myself feel better. But I am weird, what do I know.

    2. Yeah, but this is why people like it. It's supposed to replace the excitement of seeing an item drop and then winning it (by master loot or need roll).
      See, just like people complaining they feel lonely in their garrison because they have nowhere to display their new mount. But loads of ppl enjoy showing off more than anything in WOW

    3. Maybe one day I will understand this idea that people have that they need to show off.

      Sure I like having something new out from time to time and I don't mind getting a whisper where did you get that mount or that pet or what not, but I most definitely do not use them because I want the attention, I use them because they are new and shiny.

      Once they lose that new car smell or if they get me too much attention, I ditch them.

      When I beat heroic (mythic now) garrosh everyone in my group went out with their new titles because no one on our server really had done it. I never put on the title at all because I did not want the attention.

      I like blending into the background. I am no one special and I would like to stay that way. Guess it is a preference thing.

  2. I'm with you on this. All it does is make me more angry. Worse, I was brought up to express happiness for others' good fortune, so in addition to feeling angry when I see the winners, I also feel huge guilt for not being happy for them! On the other side of the coin, even if I were to win something, I do not want it blasted all over the screen, because that is rude boasting over something that is just pure luck.

    I am completely puzzled as to why Blizz thought this was a good idea. It's as if rolling it by in chat wasn't quite in your face enough, they felt they had to really rub it in, had to prove something. "See? RNG works great, so there! Neener neener neener!" It's as if they have 14-year-olds running the dev team at Blizz.

    The least they could do is allow you to turn it off if you don't want to see it. But I suppose someone has determined this is "fun" and therefore we will all be required to participate, because certain predefined types of fun are now compulsory in this game.

    (Sorry, but I, too, am bitter these days. I had a very demoralizing lootless experience Tuesday in LFR, and I am still not over it, have not logged in since.)

    1. I am very bitter these days too, so you are not alone.

      I think blizzard did it to show people, "look, people do win", in an effort to make us feel the loot system is working. I don't see it that way.

      I'd like to see who determined that it is "fun" to see other people get things when you get nothing. Whomever it is needs a bump upside their noggin because they are not thinking straight.

    2. It's fun that others see your loot, not the other way around. Boasting about winning, loot, mounts is the core of the game sadly.

    3. I agree, if I win something put it huge in the middle of my screen surrounded in flashing neon lights. If it is not mine, I don't care.

  3. If there was an option to show only guild member's and friend's list results, that'd be nice. I'm always happy when someone I know gets loot. I dislike seeing all these unknowns in LFR getting loot though and would prefer not to see smacked in my face... its in chat, that's enough.

    1. Sometimes it fills the entire screen and blocks my view. It is more than an annoyance, it is an interference. I wish there was an option to disable it as well.

  4. It really wasn't something that I think was needed. It already shows what people in the group won in chat and if this is a guild run or a run with friends, we are happy for them. I wish this was a "feature" that could be toggled on or off. When I'm in LFR on an alt or running dungeons I don't really care what other people won.

    Basically, I like knowing what people in our guild raid won, but I could already see that in chat prior to this "feature". Now I just have this wall of crap pop up blocking my screen. I haven't checked on this yet, but I hope "Move Anything" has this panel identified and will allow me to hide it forever. :-D

    1. A toggle on and off would be a good idea but as you said, not even sure why it was added. I don't think I ever saw anyone ask for a feature like this and I read around a lot.

  5. I feel very redundant in this conversation as so many others have basically said what I would have. Which is obviously why I'm adding my voice.

    My luck is pretty terrible as well, so I'm probably in a similar boat as you. I'm not as bitter/angry about it as you are, but people have always been better than me/had better gear than me so it's nothing new to my life. In addition, I don't really raid and I rarely do dungeons, so I don't see it that often.

    I think my main complaints are 1) Don't take over my screen. Stop adding crap to my screen that isn't necessary. I hate that stuff. 2) Who really needed this? Who asked for this? What was added to the game with this addition? 3) Why can't it be turned off? Fine, other people like it, but it really doesn't seem game critical (cause it isn't) so why not be able to turn it off?

    The ways of Blizzard are mysterious and ours is not to question why...

    1. You nailed the three things worst about it. It is just screen clutter, no one asked for it, and if they really wanted to add it they should have an option to disable it.

  6. I think its an issue of miss identifying the problem by blizzard. Yes there are people who hate personal loot, and they to a small degree are pacified by the “blank_won loot” alerts (there is an irrational fear of killing bosses and no loot at all dropping). So I guess it gives these players warm and fuzzies, but I don’t mean to be critical, nearly everyone has an irrational need.

    By the way Grumpy’s irrational need is for a schadenfreude counter to be displayed under every player’s raid frame, denoting the number of conductive rolls without an equipped reward. “38! Ha ha look at that guy” Because when you’re having a bad day, its comforting to know someone else is having a worse one.

    The real issue the game has is that killing bosses feels unrewarding, especially in LFR.

    You know who is the most rewarding boss kill is in the game right now?

    Kazzak, easily Kazzak, because you get something worth while every week when you kill him. Even with the trolling involved with people of/not of your faction taunting during FelBreath. Even with some groups being PVP server massacres, killing Kazzak consistently is a good experience because he has pockets full of FelBlight.

    Give all the Tanaan/Raid bosses FelBlight, or me valor toward a purchase, or give me coins toward a heirloom, or give me rep with a rare mount vendor so when I kill a boss X number of times without seeing it drop, I can just buy what I am trying to farm.

    The root of the word Rewarding is reward, and it be nice if Blizzard remembered that.

    1. Honestly I think I would feel better if I were able to see that is was not just me experiencing bad luck. Sometimes when things are going bad it sure feels like you are the only person it is happening too.

      All in all, I would prefer that no one ever get too lucky or too unlucky. The feast or famine looting system where you have weeks you win everything and then weeks you win nothing is horrible.

      I do enjoy getting fel blight from Kaz, so even if I get nothing I got something. That is the feel valor had and why valor worked. Even if you got nothing you still got something of value that in time adds up to something worthwhile.

      As you said, blizzard forgot that things need to be rewarding. Valor was rewarding, even during a bad streak when you were getting nothing. They need to bring the reward back to the game.

  7. For me I don't really care what they show, the notifications don't stay up for very long and besides, after they disappear you've forgotten about it/them anyway. So any loot praise is quickly forgotten by the next trash pull. And yes they should give us the option to turn it off and just use chat.

    As for drops, that is a different story, which is really the root of this discussion as it's whats breeding the contempt. Let's face it, the loot system sucks this xpac. I have lost most coin rolls and have probably won 4 or 5 at most. In fact I lost three this past weekend at a cost of 1500 gold and 500 Apexis. Yes, I’m sure you all have lost way more than that, but we should not lose anything at all. Its just how the system works at the moment, broken as it is.

    So here is what I would propose they consider for an augmented loot drop system. Set it to personal or master looting does not mater. Loots drop like always but when you roll, loot drops are tokens. A single token that you can use to purchase any piece of gear that you want for that tier. No collecting valor and having to manage a cap. Of corse Blizz will want to keep it random but do it like they did with the Heirloom drops from Hellscream. After x number of non-drops you increase the drop rate. No more crap about getting that same ring 10 times in a row because you don't actually get the ring directly. As for the gold reward they should increase it to 150-200+

    1. They do seem to bug sometimes just like the loot pop ups bug sometimes and stay there for quite a while. It is mildly annoying, even if rare.

      I agree the loot system is broken. I've been my normal grumpy self about it since even before the expansion came out when I knew there would be no valor gear. They need to do something to better their loot system.

      Now that would be a decent replacement to valor, that if you win on a roll it gives you basically anything you want from that raid.

      They would still need to put a roll protection in there. Because as the system goes you could go three months not winning one single roll and then win 9 rolls in a row. They need some checks and balances system in place to make sure you do not have prolonged drought or excessive luck. The feast or famine design, which is what it is now, sucks in my opinion.

      My hunter won his 4 piece tier set last tier in one week. Did not see any tier pieces before it or after it. I only ever got four and all at the same time. That made for 1 fun week of raiding and the rest just an effort in frustration. bad design.

  8. I would make sense to me IF there would be the option to trade loot. But Blizz forgot a long time ago that the main pull into and the strongest string keeping you in the game are relationships. Antisocial tools - and IMHO here we have another example of one - seem to be quite present in this expansion :(

    will be interesting how the subscriber numbers are :P
    Rauxis, chosen of CAT

    1. I really think that personal loot should be tradable. Not in LFR or even in a full group, but in any group that qualifies as a guild group, personal loot should be tradable.

      I'd say number will be down. Saw a small blip up when 6.2 dropped and it went right back down again. For the quarterly reports it might show up, that is why they timed the release when they did, but over all it is down considerably.

  9. Nope, it sucks, not because I don't win anything, it is another way of blizzard pushing garbage down people's throats. I don't care that they win, I just don't want to be reminded that they won. Like I don't like be reminded of a lot items blizz thinks I want to be reminded of.

    When did the damn game become such a social media platform?

    But I would like the ability to turn off such messages like I can turn off general and trade chat. Just like I would like the ability to make my body guard walk to my left 8 paces behind so I don't keep clicking on them to collect loot. And the ability to move game messages to a certain spot and have them stay there, not hiding open bags or other things that I think are important to me at that moment.

    I know, I know, I am asking for a lot and since I am not one of those privy folks that Blizz caters too, I guess I am out of luck.

    1. I hate clicking on the damn body guard all the time. At least a pet does not pop up with a window, but the body guard is annoying as heck.

  10. I don't mind it except for the wholly unnecessary screen clutter.

    The same information always appeared in my Trade chat box anyway, I don't see what this adds to the game.

    I'm with Liothus: give everyone a token to trade in for gear per boss kill. Too much RNG in this game already, and we need gear to help our team progress with Raiding.

    There's no luck involved with killing the boss, take the luck out of the loot too (aside from bonus rolls).

    1. I am all on the token bandwagon, it would be a suitable replacement for valor and the game needs that.

      I wish they would take a lot of the random out of the game. This expansion more than all before it seems to have it. It is everywhere, you can not get away from it.

  11. I don't mind. It shows that a boss kill wasn't in vain, making it more epic.

    Call it a third eye, but I know when a loot will drop to me.

    For example, I want this weapon, and I KNOW that it will drop with this kill. So I'm not even excited when I get it :) At the same time, there are encounters, when I KNOW that nothing will drop - and it doesn't, even with the seal toss. The third type is randomized: the desired item may or may not drop, so that's where I'm gnawing all my fists and burst with joy or tears, and cross my fingers when I use the extra seal.

    Don't ask me, I somehow feel it :) Never failed.

    I don't believe in Vision, I think my subconscious just unexplainably noticed something. But I can't detect what.

    1. I know when I will get loot too. Never. ;)

      I have yet to see one weapon drop in a raid for me this entire expansion thus far. Not personal for someone else of the same class either. I do not believe hunter weapons actually exist. (The first week I did see one of brack normal however but that doesn't count as it was a billion years ago now)

      A guild member says he can change his luck by reloading his screen. He is a skinner, whenever he goes three skins without a fel blight he does a slash reload and gets a fel blight on one of the next three. Using this pattern he has worked getting something like 40 per hour skinning. I tried it, does not work for me, but hey, some people got it, some people don't.