Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- Finally moved on to finishing the current ring in the legendary quest line.

- All thanks for LFR actually.

- My guild has not downed blackhand yet, so I needed that piece.

- Now I have it, so now I have a 715 ring.

- And a legendary follower.

- Just to show you how bad my luck is guess what traits my follower has?

- You do know it has the master tactician trait by default right?

- It basically means it gives a bonus vs everything.

- As in against orges, orcs, arakkoa, you name it.

- So her other two abilities?

- Bonuses vs arakkoa and beast I beleive, two bonuses vs something.

- Which basically means its second and third trait are redundant and therefore useless.

- Leave it to me and my luck to get a lame duck legendary follower.

- Hey, at least I have it.

- That is something it does not seem like anyone else (or very few) on my server can say.

- Someone asked in trade about it and the standard response was no one on the server had it yet.

- I was like, really?

- I have it right here.

- But I did not say that.  I am not one of "those" people that need to make themselves feel better.

- That and I do not post in trade, or very rarely, if I were going to it would not be to try to stroke my ego.

- I find it insanely hard to believe no one on my server has it when I do.

- They were talking about it for a long time and no one mentioned having it.

- So either they just were not on or did not feel the need to talk in trade, like me.

- I mean my server is bad, really bad, but it is not that bad.

- I am sure there have to be more people that have it.

- Now the big question ab out this follower is as follows.

- Hopefully someone knows for sure.

- If I use something to reroll her traits can I lose master tactician?

- Because if there is a chance to lose that then I am stuck with two otherwise useless traits.

- Because there is no way I am rerolling if there is a chance I can lose that.

- I spent another weekend not playing really, so nothing much to randomly think about game wise.

- No pugs, no bouncing through characters, no alts, no leveling, nothing.

- Is it sad that my best week playing lately is one not playing?

- I'll get back into the game soon enough, just needed a break.

- Been trying a new game in my off time.

- Not new, but new to me.

- Final fantasy 14.

- I am sure I will not stick with it but it is serving as a suitable distraction at the moment for me.

- It reminds me so much of the single player games.

- Think they did a good job incorporating that.

- I see parts of many of the earlier games in the MMO version.

- Stuff taken from 7, 8, 9, etc.

- It is nice seeing a little throwback to games I fondly remember playing.

- I guess that is one thing FF14 really has going for it.

- I'll probably play it like I do the other FF games, except in this case max level is when I am done.

- I like the idea of playing it solo.

- There are a lot of things in it I would love to see blizzard steal.

- Or perhaps adapt might be a better word.

- FF14 seems to have a very solid player housing system.

- The biggest thing I like is their classes system however.

- No need for alts, I mean unless you want a second character on another server or for role play purposes.

- Each character can be each class and can switch freely between them.

- I would so love that in wow.

- For years I have been saying things like "I had to tank" or "I had to heal" and the such.

- I get resentful that I am always stuck sacrificing for my guild just so we could get running while my main sits on the side.

- That would not happen in FF14.

- It would be like if I were on my hunter and I needed to tank, I would switch classes to guardian druid or protection warrior, or what have you.

- I would still be on my character, but tanking on my character.

- That is awesome.

- Also it is something that would never happen in wow.

- Too late to add something like that.

- What would people do with all their alts?

- I do like the idea however and I might have some fun playing with it.

- I will need to level all of them of course, but at least I will still be on my "main" while doing so.

- I picked to level an Arcanist, it is like a mage as we would know it sorta kinda.

- I usually always play a hunter whenever I play games like this but I wanted something different.

- Whenever I try something different I usually go the sword and board route or the speak softly and carry a big weapon route.

- So for this game I figured I would give a clothie a try.

- At least as we know them.

- When I hit level 4 I got a pet.

- It was like, oh cool, a mage hunter.

- But it was a pet that I have asked for in wow for many years and have never seen.

- It was a bunny.

- When I hit 15 I got another bunny, one that can tank for me.

- No matter what I end up thinking about this game the fact I finally got myself a bunny tank is well worth the cost to buy the game for me.

- Okay okay, it is not a bunny, it is a carbunkle, but look at the damn thing, it is a bunny.

- So don't give me that carbunkle crap.

- Call it what you like, but mine is a bunny dammit.

- My fishing, fishing is a class with its own gear, is as high as my arcanist, would you believe that?

- I think wow can steal some of the fishing things from FF14.

- But FF14 suffers from the curse of all games of this sort.

- Bag space.

- I am only level 17, 16 and 12 on the three classes I have played with (all on the same character mind you) and I am already scrounging for bag space.

- When will these game makers learn bag space issues are not "fun".

- But thinking of "fun" there is another thing wow can learn from FF14.

- There are so many ways to travel, many of them completely instant.

- If blizzard was going to take away flying they should have at least added instant travel.

- FF14 has instant travel and come the expansion they are adding flying.

- What is wrong with this picture?

- Wow has slow and boring modes of transport that make you spend more time getting from point A to point B than actually playing the game and they remove flying, the only thing that could make that better.

- FF14 has instant transport from point A to point B so you spend more time playing and less time traveling and it is adding flying, when it does not need it at all.

- Blizzard, read those two lines and think for a second.

- Design for game play, stop designing for travel being "content".

- I really like when I spend some time playing other games.

- It shows me all the things blizzard could do in wow, things I wish they would do.

- But in the same it reminds me why, even when I am upset with things in game, warcraft is still the best game out there.

- Warcraft might be in a rut where we have a lot of things to complain about, but it is still a very solid game.

- And playing other games really reminds me of that sometimes.

- The thing I miss most about warcraft when I am away from it?

- The art work.

- People always joke how "cartoonish" warcraft is.

- I do not care what they say.

- Having played countless other games with so called better art I can say one thing for sure, warcrafts is the best.

- It fits the genre, it fits the moment, it fits the fighting style, it fits the environment, it moves nicely and smooth, and it is very comfortable and easy on the eyes.

- Best art work in an MMO, and not just from a visual stand point but a game play one, has to be awarded to warcraft, hands down.

- I am liking FF14 but between reading a novel while playing and the "flashy" artwork, my eyes hurt after just one hour playing.

- Never had those problems with wow.

- Well, outside of the underwater zone.

- I still wonder, what the hell was blizzard thinking.

- Then I remember the expansion that came from, cataclysm and I got my answer.

- Blizzard wasn't thinking.

- Just like they surely did not think when they made warlords.

- Sounded like it would be a cool idea.

- Maybe they should have worked on backing up a good idea with, you know, some better writing and better content to go with it.

- Warlords seems to be a failure over all and a lot of people can point a lot of fingers at why that is.

- But I have my own ideas and my own fingers to point.

- But that is a post of its own.

- I said when I play other games it reminds me how much I like warcraft.

- So does this mean I will be coming back sooner than later?

- Nope, still taking my time off.

- As much as I miss it, I know if I go back now I will just have to leave again.

- They need to add some things, adjust some stuff, and change their random design philosophy if they want me to rush back.

- But they won't, they are too stubborn to admit they were wrong.

- So just wait and I will come back on my own, when I am damn well ready to.

- Which will probably be after I reach max level in FF14, or until the leveling slows to a craw and I get bored and lose interest because I start to feel like I am making no personal progression.

- Personal progressions means a lot.

- I wrote the other day about how that is what is missing from warlords.

- It is the hook, it is what keeps me and many players coming back.

- Go 6 weeks without loot even if you are killing 10-15 bosses a week and guess what.

- You leave because you are making no personal progression.

- Blizzard hasn't changed anything with their "only the lucky get gear" approach and they are not going to just hand me the loot I did not get in past weeks when I come back.

- So I am in no rush to return full time.

- Blizzard has not changed anything yet, so my reason for leaving is still the same.

- I am tired of playing and feeling like I am getting nothing in return for doing so.

- I am only logging on for raid night, so maybe one of these raid nights will be a good one.

- You would be amazed what one good night could do for a person.

- It might actually make them want to play again.

- Now if only blizzard could grasp that very simple concept.

- Have a great day.


  1. I've pretty much decided not to bother with the legendary quest chain. It requires raiding and I'm not raiding and I won't do LFR, so yeah I'm ignoring it. Strangely I've been ok with it. I thought that it would start to drive me mad as I'm a completionist, I've been chasing achievements since I started playing. In some respects achievements are why I play, that and a catch them all philosophy but I've been distinctly meh about it all this expansion. In a lot of respects my 9 month break did me no favours, as I stopped caring for all those months and it's hard to work up the enthusiasm again.

    I've taken to logging in before work, lunch break, after work, after dinner etc. to spam follower missions. All my followers have better gear than me now and I still don't have the selfie camera mission. That is all I'm doing with the game right now. Spamming follower missions, logging out and occasionally wandering over to the salvage yard.

    I had some free time yesterday, it was Sunday my day off and I decided to play a game. Did I do the daily quest in Warcraft? Try and find Harrison Jones quest? Run a dungeon? Go solo old raids for pets/mounts? Nope. I booted Warcraft 3 and played some Gem Tower Defense. I've never actually played Warcraft 3 itself, I bought the game for that player created map and it's a fun way to spend an hour or so. I finally killed the damage test, 2 million damage and it could have done more, so that was good. Consider it recommended if you like that kind of thing.

    When I play other games I pick whatever sounds interesting but invariably I do best with a melee character. I suck at staying at range. I can kite but not kite and fight, when I'm kiting it's because I'm healing or it's a kite phase. If I have to hit something, then I need to stay put. Ridiculous I know but I don't seem to have the ability to manage both and I use my mouse for movement I swear. I guess if I practiced at it then I would probably get better but hitting the boss in the face is just easier and more fun for me. Everyone always complains they can't see well in melee like to move out of stuff. Me I can't see it if I'm at range, I just lose all sense of awareness of where I am in the room, how close I am to stuff etc.

    I've never really given Warcraft's art any thought. It fits what it the game is, it suits itself and that's all that mattered. If I like a game then I guess either I like the art or I don't have an opinion on it. As the only art that comes to mind that I don't like, belongs to games I don't like. Do I not like them partially because of the art? Or do I not like the art because I associate it with the game I don't like? No idea to be honest.

    In terms of zones style there's some things I like more than others. For instance I've never liked dark zones, or zones that are really crowded with trees. Duskwood was a zone I hated early. My favourite zones are more open and have great vistas. Some of those vistas are very memorable, like the first time I used the boat to Howling Fjord, or when I crossed Valley of Four Winds on beta, or the sunset at Isle of Quel'Danas, or even just quiet areas of the first zone I entered Elwynn Forest.

    I actually do want that damn selfie camera so I can do the world tour. I don't want to take selfies but getting the achievement could be fun. Stupid RNG!

  2. I only have 415 legendary thingamabobs! You already got 900? I guess I did skip 2 weeks. Also, I only do lfr so I missed quite a few the first few weeks.

  3. Harrison doesn't lose his special trait on reroll so 8 don't think garona woukd either. I shall try agter maintenance and see!

  4. Regarding Garona: I believe that attack boni against arakkoa&cie stack with her special trait. Not that it makes them any more useful. Things you'd want on her are traits like treasure hunter, scavenger, racial grouping boni with races you have many of (e.g. daenei as ally), extra XP if you plan on levelling many inn followers, or maybe epic mount+burst of speed.

    That said the original HJ combo is pretty much pointless. They make THE follower who is ideal for levelling new 90s quickly, but then combine it with treasure hunter. I get the lore behind it but it is pointless. Once I've got enough GR (got a TP and a LM running just for that), I'll deffo try to get xp bonus + epic mount.