Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- Not a lot of random thoughts from my this week.

- I am getting ready for the alien invasion of earth.

- I managed to get the same item in my highmaul box for the 4th time in a row.

- And as discussed, the odds of that happening are about the same as earth being invaded by aliens.

- So best to be prepared.

- Lots of bottled water and canned food.

- And a crowbar.

- When the world goes to hell a crowbar will be a good weapon to have around.

- Never runs out of bullets, less likely to break than a sword or knife, and it can be used as a tool as well as a weapon.

- Yeap, I am ready for the alien invasion, how about you?

- I basically did not play all weekend.

- Logged in for a couple of hours to tank for an alt run and then logged right out after.

- Otherwise I had no desire what so ever to play the game.

- Odd to think that one thing like that, getting the same item four times in a row, can sour you to a game but it was a long time coming.

- So I took a much needed break.

- Hope your had a good weekend in game.

- I had a good one not playing it.

- Funny part is, even if I did not want to play, I also did not want to play anything else either, so I had a completely game free weekend.

- Has warcraft soured me to all MMOs?

- Seemed like it this weekend.

- Have a great day.


  1. I dont know if this make you feel better, but I have gotten the same ring three times as well, and the same legs twice. :)

    1. You need one more ring to catch up. ;)

      I wonder what happened to that "protection" they said they were going to add. I am guessing (certain) it doesn't count for the caches.

  2. The hunter class as a whole has done amazing this expansion. Tried out MM for the first time on Kromog and it felt good (avoiding things didn't impact the sniper traning) and used BM for Thogar (AOE on BM is probably the best in game for spot on damage). But alas, I feel the impending nerf bat is coming. No other class in game (ranged) can consistently push the dps without worrying about movement. Only Focusing shot and MM's sniper training force you to stand still.

    I dedicated my weekend to working on my original main: a shaman. But even with the changes to gear (multiple specs using the same gear), I am still put off by the weapon, ring, neck, trinket and cloak limitations. We are taking a step in the right direction, but should be more like Rift which has stats dedicated to the class (Plate=strength, Chain=wisdom, Leather=agility, Cloth=Int). It would be nice if I could use all my enhancement pieces to resto and vice versa without feeling that I have to get a whole set of gear to do both. It makes you have to settle on one spec. Not so with the dedicated DPS specs and that was why gearing the hunter is so much easier.

    I feel you on the multiple ring prize. Would it be that hard for the game to figure out what you already have? Remember the changes that were made to LFR loot back in Dragonsoul to prevent people rolling on gear they couldn't use? Couldn't they get "coders" to fix this? But as you mentioned on your previous post, Blizzard apparently needs to hire more "coders" to figure out the difference between PVE and PVP (look at the tool tip for Stampede and it gives a different effect for PVE and PVP).

    1. I've really liked the place hunters are in with this expansion as well. All specs being decent is a huge plus.

      I too would love to see all gear pass through specs, but as it is, it is still better than it had been. And over all we will still have different stat priority with different specs usually. So having those being the only things you can enchant and being the only things you need multiples of, is not really a bad thing. Works decently together. It was a step in the right direction. I do think having reforging back would make it even better personally.

      I really had the RNG gods, they teased me in the early going making me think I would have a good expansion and then quickly knocked the wind out of my sails. I really wish blizzard would get better at handling RNG so it was not so RNG. Or better yet, ditch the "get gear if you are lucky" design and move to a "do stuff to earn gear" design.

  3. no where near four, but got the same trinket twice.. :)

    Speaking of crowbars, I have started playing "Dying Light" with those same guildies that I brought back into Warcraft with the expansion. They too have become bored already.. Go figure..

    1. A zombie game sounds fun.

      They are probably bored because there is not much in terms of options for stuff to do at 100. And even the stuff there is to do is not exactly fun as in archeology without flying sucks, gearing up with raiding is impossible, etc.

  4. I spent most of the weekend farming rifts on my demon hunter in D3...

    I also started a new nightblade bosmer in TESO on Daggerfall Covenant (Gamebreaker Nation is on DC) since it no longer has a sub anymore. B2P FTW!!! So I'm going to try and fit that into my schedule, casually.

    All I did in WoW over the weekend was chores... I got LFR and world boss out of the way earlier in the week.

    1. I did not even do chores. Just the one raid to help people out. Of course I did not win anything, so my tank remains 663 and stuck still only tanking normals and early heroics maybe.

      I just downloaded FF14, I am going to give that a try. I always liked the franchise, so as long as I get some fun and game play out of it and I can manage it solo, it will be worth it. I'll probably try it out this weekend when I have some time.