Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- I found what the in game group finder is great for.

- The little things, like finding a quick pick up of the daily trader or harrison jones or what have you.

- It is so nice to see people making groups with the instant invitation option on that lets us just go in and get the quest.

- I always say thank you in /raid when I am done picking up the quest.

- Even if they are AFK I still think it is the polite thing to do.

- There are groups there offering use of their daily person, their enchanters study, heck even their bank so you can join theirs and get bank access without needing to go back to your ashran hub.

- My faith in the community was somewhat restored.

- Noticed that "somewhat" part?

- One group I joined to get to their trader had a mole machine right on top of it.

- I managed to click the trader and not the machine, but really now, do people actually think that is cool?

- It is not cool, it is not fun, and it really shows that the person at the keyboard is a very sad individual in real life if this is what they consider "fun".

- I would love for someone to catch the person that dropped it and them get a 3 day ban for it.

- Really wish blizzard would be more active in punishing the people that take a good thing and try to use it to grief.

- But still over all the group finder is great for things like this.

- I have an active guild and all, but I hate bugging someone to invite me and then they have to actually be in their garrison so I can get to the person.

- I think blizzard needs to fix that, so the person does not need to be in their garrison so you can see their daily person.

- I feel like I am intruding on their game play time asking them to wait for me or to invite me on a bunch of characters.

- So if someone is on that char I might go but otherwise I am using the group finder for it.

- I know I would not want my game time disrupted.

- Yet there are some people in guild it seems that live to disrupt my game time.

- The other day I posted in guild, anyone need the dust vendor.

- Just as I logged in, so I knew at worst I would be doing all my garrison stuff so there was time for people to come and get access to it.

- I had no nibbles, even though I said I had it a few times, in case someone missed it.

- I then posted, last call, heading out of my garrison soon, if you want the dust trader let me know.

- Five minutes later I headed out to do some of my mount soloing to try and get some of those ones that are still eluding me.

- Made it to ashran, then to the stormwind portal, than to the portal to uldum and was on my way flying to throne of the four winds when someone asked for an invite.

- I said, I already left, but give me a second and I will port back.

- I landed, used my garrison heartstone and then invited them to group.

- They said, they are not in their garrison and their hearth is on cooldown, could I wait another 6 minutes.

- Couldn't you tell me this before hand?

- I could have made it to the throne and cleared it in 6 minutes and then went back.

- You wasted my time.

- I do not like wasting my time.

- I did not say that, but I really wanted to.

- While I was waiting we talked about it in guild.

- Someone did not understand what these new traders were so I was explaining it all about how you get one visitor a day and sometimes it could be a trader and so forth.

- All this while waiting for that persons hearth to come off cooldown.

- She asked questions, I answered, explained, etc.

- He finally got back to his garrison, came in and used the trader, and left.

- I said, before I leave again, does anyone else need the dust trader.

- I heard crickets.

- I go to ashran again, to the stormwind portal again, to the uldum portal again and am almost to throne of the four winds when the person I was explaining it too asks for an invite.

- Are you F'N serious?

- I asked, multiple times, I said I was leaving, multiple times, I said I would not be able to get back again, multiple times, and now you want me to head all the way back there for you?

- Again, I did not actually say that but I sure as hell wanted to.

- I am just not a rude person like that.

- I try to be nice to everyone, even more so a guild mate that is just learning.

- Hey, we all need to start somewhere, but I think learning to be considerate of anothers time should be a lesson all learn early in an MMO.

- I told them as soon as my hearth was off cool down I would come back so they could get access to it.

- They said cool.

- I went in and soloed throne but did not head over to DS like normal, I waited for my hearth to come off cooldown and just flew around uldum looking for a camel.

- While waiting we talked in chat, I explained more about the types of vendors that come and what you needed for each.

- When I finally could hearth back again that person that I came back for disappeared.

- I was talking to her just 2 minutes earlier.

- I waited, waited and waited.

- Finally I said screw it.

- I was not going to head back out to try and get to DS again.

- I just logged off.

- Last thing I want is to try and head out again and someone else ask for an invite.

- That was the last time I will ever offer a vendor in my garrison to guild.

- From now on if someone asks for one I will tell them if I have it, but I will not offer.

- I hate wasting my time and I hate people that waste my time.

- Twice I went back just to help someone out.

- Both times it wasting my time when they could have come earlier when I was there and asking.

- Next time I will tell them use the group finder because expecting someone to drop what they are doing to help you out is very inconsiderate of another persons time.

- Being I did not solo DS on my hunter this week it meant one less chance for the mounts.

- I did however end up with the 250 mount achievement when the patch came out.

- Remember how I said I had 267 mounts alliance side but it only told me I had 249 that counted for the achievement?

- For some reason it finally understood that 267 does not equal 249 and 267 is over 250.

- So I got the achievement finally in a rather anticlimactic way.

- Would have been cool actually getting it with a mount drop.

- I did solo DS on my rogue this week however.

- No drops but it did finish the legendary quest line on that character.

- Shadowstep is my bane in that place.

- I wiped on one of those bosses to a misstep shadowstep.

- I've wiped to the trash so many times by shadowstepping to it and going underground, but this was the first time I did it to a boss.

- I have to remember to unbound that key.

- It is a habit to hit it and even if I know there are disconnecting issues there I hit it too often out of habit.

- Used the advice of someone from last week and picked up shuriken toss for the trash before ultraxion and it worked wonders.

- Even on 25 the dragons went down in one shot.

- So much nicer than using throw and starting the fight with drakes all over the place breathing fire on me or near me.

- I like anticipation.

- I would guess most poor skilled rogues like me like that because it can cover up for combo point mismanagement some.

- But I figured one fight without it won't hurt.

- But between the drakes and the boss coming I had time to switch back to it.

- Awesome.

- Now that is going to be so much easier on my rogue.

- Sadly I have no reason to do it on my rogue any longer.

- Was only doing it for the daggers.

- If I got a mount drop it would have been bonus.

- But I guess if I ever wanted to do it on multiple characters I could still do it on him as well.

- Most of my mount hunting is done on my hunter however.

- Except pandaria world bosses at the moment, I do those on my druid.

- Have not even tried on my hunter but at least I know even if no one comes to help my druid can solo them all.

- Well, all but sha, need some outside assistance with that one, but I've learned with cross realm there are always people around and if I start fighting it people will come and help.

- The is one of the very few things good about cross realm, but it is also something bad about it.

- I have not seen a warbringer in ages.

- There are always people camping them and if they spawn there are usually 5 or 6 people fighting over the tag.

- This is one of those reasons that cross realm needs to go.

- It is hard enough to find the things on one server, but add merged servers, more people being able to solo them, and the lack of content in WoD meaning more people to go back and farm these things, they would still be near impossible to get even without cross realm.

- Now add cross realm and you will never get one.

- You have to fight your fellow players and then fight the RNG gods.

- Two fights I do not want to be fighting.

- I wanted to yell out for the entire world to see "get off of my server".

- All I want to do is go to pandiara, do the rounds, kill all the warbringers and move on.

- I do not want to "camp" them.

- I do not want to "fight for the tag".

- I do not find any of those things "fun".

- Not exactly sure why blizzard does.

- I think blizzard and I have two completely different concepts of fun.

- That is a post in its own.

- I find it "fun" to kill stuff.

- I do not find it "fun" to wait for it to spawn or to fight with 20 other people for the tag.

- Sadly it is their game to make and they have all rights to do it anyway they want.

- Doesn't mean I have to like it.

- I did the BRF LFR on a few characters that had not stepped into it yet this weekend.

- I know, LFR is a dangerous place to be on the weekend.

- Never the less for me on two characters I am very low skilled on.

- Don't so much mind being on a character when I can carry a group with like my hunter, a healer or a tank, but on two melee DPS when I suck at melee DPS is another story all together.

- Oddly enough I had very few issues.

- Wipes on the last bosses of each section each time of course, but those bosses are way over tuned for the audience LFR is aimed at.

- Hey, at least they are still better than the maze game in ToT LFR.

- Tried to solo that boss this week, just too much damage for me being my pet refused to hold aggro, maybe with some more gear I can manage it later this expansion, but I digress.

- My rogue was pitiful.

- Currently a 643 item level thanks to mostly garrison mission rewards and one drop I could use on those six bosses I did.

- The one drop was a weapon and I can tell you even with my limited skill the difference between a 630 and a 650 weapon is noticeable.

- Sadly I was only doing around 15K, after the weapon upgrade, which would mean I don't even match my own requirements for highmaul normal.

- I ask for 15K from the DPS.

- But I feel more of my lack of skill comes from lack of play.

- Each fight I did better.

- My warrior, which I went in with second as melee DPS did better because of the practice of the rogue doing it as melee first.

- Practice does make you a better player, anyone that says otherwise is either delusional or an idiot.

- I got a lot of whispers concerning my gearing, spec and so forth in LFR, more than usual.

- Someone asked me, why assassination, it is so far behind.

- I said, because this is a rarely played alt and it is an easy spec I already know how to play so being I am only doing LFR there is no need to play the top spec, might as well just play what I am used to playing.

- They said, fair enough.

- Another one asked me "is that cloak still any good" as I am wearing the legendary one still.

- Don't think he was trying to troll, think he was trying to see if I happened to know something he didn't.

- I said no, it is not, because it does not proc any more, I have just not gotten a better drop yet.

- He said I know that feeling.

- So it was not like they were rude or bad whispers and even if we wiped a bit the groups did not get violent like some do.

- Things did get a little heated up on blast furnace, no pun intended, but otherwise it was not so bad over all in my rogue runs.

- My warrior had some fun because he is gladiator spec.

- Most of the fun was people not realizing that a warrior can DPS with a shield on.

- On the last boss of the second wing someone asked me why I was in tank spec, in raid chat, not in whisper, and I said I was in gladiator stance.

- Gladly most of the raid seemed to know what that meant even if the tank accusing me of being in tank spec did not.

- Then the raid, oddly enough, instead of taking about our 3 wipes already on the boss started to talk and debate about if gladiator stance was a viable spec to raid in.

- One person said, You are arguing over viability of spec in the LFR?  Just be happy he isn't AFK.

- That was such a great answer.

- But for the record, based on the debate over my spec in that LFR it was concluded that gladiator was a viable raiding spec even if not the best.

- I keep it simple, gladiator is my spec because I am a tank first and foremost and I do not want to collect a second set of gear for a role I only play in mixed groups because I don't tank for random people.

- That is why I am gladiator stance in LFR.

- Simply put, I don't tank LFR and I won't tank LFR until every fight can be solo tanked.

- I've seen way to many fights go bad because of tanks not taunting when they needed to.

- It would be better off if you only needed one tank that had a clue.

- If I ever needed to actually raid with this character I would create a DPS set for another spec that was the "best".

- Or I would do what I do now.

- If I am needed to tank a fight I do it on my warrior, if I am needed to DPS a fight I switch to my DPS spec, it is called a hunter.

- No need for dual specs being the raids are not boss locked any more.

- If I really need to switch on a fight I will just bring in my hunter.

- It would be better than my warrior anyway.

- My warrior had the best of luck and the worst of luck.

- 6 bosses, 3 coins, 5 pieces of gear.

- That pretty much rocks right?

- I have 5 slots where something LFR would have not been an upgrade.

- The five pieces I won were for those 5 slots.

- Meaning I won nothing.

- What are the odds of that?

- I did do better on my warrior than my rogue, pulling 16-18K, but still not really comfortable with gladiator stance.

- I also had the advantage of just having done the fights as melee on my rogue so I had the moves fresh in mind.

- Not to mention my warrior is 10 item levels higher than my rogue.

- Went back to do highmaul heroic the other night.

- Could not get past butcher.

- Funny part was it was not for the main reason we wiped there the first time.

- When we first did it we were pushing the enrage timer, now our healers could just not keep up.

- Had no regular healers so used a couple of non raiders and a main on his alts off spec to try and heal it.

- Was not happening.

- We were wiping at the end, sub 5%, but with 5 people over 35K we were no where need the enrage timer any more.

- I love fights like that after you get some gear.

- Fun for progression trying to squeeze everything you can out of your gear and class.

- Then once you start getting gear you can have fun trying to see how much you can do and how fast you can do it.

- Some people hate patchwork fights, I love them.

- Because they are "fun".

- But as I said, we all have a different definition of fun.

- I plan on making a post about that.

- In search of... what does blizzard consider fun?

- Have a great day.


  1. Are you sure you need to be in your garrison for someone else to visti it?

    Pretty sure I went to guildies garrison whithout them being there.

    Fun thing about durumu now that you mention it. The maze did not kill anyone, healing through the maze in LFR was easy. what killed people was the big laser of doom that shoot from his eyes and one shot.

    1. Anyone can "visit" it, but the daily visitor, as in fir trader for example, will not be there unless you are there as well. Yes, I am 100% absolutely certain about that.

      Many people did not even attempt to run the maze, they just stood there. And I know what you mean. On my shaman I just dropped my totem and even if people ran directly through the fog it would keep them up but that beam was basically a one shot mechanic.

  2. :) I had similar results on the BRF LFR. Ran it twice so far on my lock. Got the same trinket drop each time, and Mr Robot, still declares it's no better than my Alchemy trinket, so they sit in my bags.

    As for my druid, I am tempted to run LFR Highmaul as tank. So far, I've gone through a few times feral, but 'scared' to attempt as the tank. They can be ruthless if you miss that one add and you cause the wipe.. Gotta love the anonymous nature of dps for that.

    As for your garrison visitor offers, you're too nice. Or maybe your guild is more active... Either way, IMHO, there comes a point when you just have to say 'no'. As with my kids, say "leaving in 5 minutes, if you need ____ come now or forever hold your peace.."..

    1. Better yet, had someone join Highmaul Imperator fight. They immediately started asking to be kicked so wouldn't get deserter buff. This person got so abusive about the process that I ended up simply ignoring them, but you could see the side-effects all through the rest of the fight, into their death and beyond.

      Do they not realize that LFR Imperator's Rise, is only one boss? Yes, I ran it 3 times one week, thinking I was kept coming in on last boss, not realizing it was also the first...

      Do they not realize that we CAN'T kick anyone when in combat? So why pull boss aggro and try to wipe the group?

    2. The main problem with tanking the LFR is not even the idea of if you make a mistake but if the other tank makes a mistake. Lets say tanks are supposed to switch at 2 stacks. If the other tank does not take it sooner or later you die. Guess who gets the blame? You do for being squishy and dying. In the end it was the other tanks fault for not doing his job. But being 99% of the player bases doesn't know any class other than the one or ones they play, they just look at the dead person and figure it is his fault not realizing that tanking is a team effort. This is why I will not ever tank the LFR until all fights are capable of being one tanked.

      I think I suffer from the "too nice" syndrome. I need to start thinking more of me sometimes and saying no. You are right.

      Someone asking to get kicked from a one boss run makes no sense what so ever. But people are strange. I sometimes don't understand what they are thinking.

  3. So far I've kept with my plan not to play any LFR this xpac. But it's getting hard. With now 4 100 hunters (two on each side), I'm wondering how I might gear them. Three pieces of 670 crafted gear is nice, of course. But it's becoming more tempting to run some lfr.

    PS. what specs are you playing (hunter) for 6.1? Make any changes?

    1. I am still doing it because blizzard in their infinite wisdom gave us no other way to gear for raids outside of it. I really want valor gear back. Not like I like LFR, but it is a necessary evil, as it seems you are starting to notice.

      I am not going to try BM because I do not want to have 2 sets of gear and it really does not take off until you get the four piece set, which at this rate will be never for me. Everyone in guild has at least 2 pieces, me, none. :(

      The only change I made is to stampede from crows. Otherwise I am still running the same SV and MM specs as they can share gear as their stat priorities are closer than either to BM.

      I have noticed that I am actually doing less DPS as my item level increases, possibly to bad itemization. I am really going to have to start looking a lot deeper at secondary stats before changing a piece of gear. Kind of sad getting an "upgrade" that is actually a down grade.

    2. Yeah, that's kind of the benefit of BM, I'd think. Upgrade is an upgrade. For SV, it seems like MS or nothing. It's been nice on my DKP though, since I generally pass on everything that doesn't have Multistrike.

    3. If you use DKP it will make life much easier, that is for sure. The upgrades are clear when one stat is so strong. Now for my problem, getting anything I can use to drop. :P

  4. I have a self imposed rule of sorts. I don't do stuff for guildies unless specifically asked by name.

    I decided back in Wrath I don't actually like helping people in WoW. When I was younger and nicer, I used to like helping out but a lot of people turned out to be real pricks right after I was done helping. For example, helped some shaman get his last few achievements for Glory. Last boss, after being done with the achi, he pulled the entire room and dropped party to kill us.

    And guildies in big guild are no exception. I have a more recent example from a friend of mine. He camped for one of the mount mobs in WoD and when he finally found it, he made a raid and invited everyone from the guild to join in and get the mount. Everyone came. After that he asked if anyone wants to join him to one of the dungeons for the legendary ring. Noody came. Nobody wanted to help. Everyone was happy with their mount, but they didn't want to waste time on him. Absolutely no one. We have a big guild, with 100+ people online most often.

    It's pretty much this. I couldn't find ONE dps at one time to make a party for Chroman because helping others is no no. And what's funny is that people DID need him, they just didn't feel like doing it at the time.

    And don't get me started on how many time's I've begged people to come join a 5-man to activate the eye in Shattrah for the pet. People just downright refuse. They are there to be in a raid to do the apexis quest and don't want to spend 2 minutes of their time to detour a bit and help out. Nevermind that they get progress too and they get a chace at a pet too. I'm gald they nerfed raid apexis quests. I've had so many people join a clearly labeled party for killing Orumo the Observer for pet and then leaving when seeing it's not a huge raid where they can afk to do their crappy daily.

    WoW has made me bitter. So I don't help people. Not unless they tell me specifically they want me to help. Such is life.

    1. The game has made me pretty bitter as well. I have had a lot of occasions as you have as well. Amazing how many people jump out of the woodwork when it is to get something for them but when you need a hand they are no where to be found.

      There are the ones you notice that will be glad to help and always do. The idea is to remember who they are and when they ask for help make sure you return the favor.

      I decided to do the last dungeon on one of my characters the other day for the ring quest and asked in guild if anyone wanted to go. Funny part is, in my head, I said three names for people I knew would say yes. All three of those people said they would help. Never got the last one at all. You learn to know who is willing to help out and who isn't.

      So while, like you, I have become bitter, I think it is important to realize that some people are worth helping because they will be the first to offer to help you in return.

  5. Returned to MMOs and WOW with this expansion, well actually everything but the current. I am finding that the player base is alien to me. I played EQ for years and tried out most of the stuff up to WoW Vanilla. The lack of any interest in helping others is just depressing.

    1. There are many good people still out there. They just seem to be more quiet than they used to because the "trolls" and the "toxic community" has taken over. It is not just wow, I see it in all games I play. But try to find yourself a nice guild and you will see there are still many wonderful people out there. They just keep to their circles now because they don't want to get eaten by trolls. ;)