Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Random Thoughts

- Another week with no LFR.

- Woohoo!

- It seems I start every MRT post with that lately.

- Not exactly no LFR, but only did ToT wing 3 on three characters.

- Still trying to get that darn pet.

- I did not try getting the PvP wins on my lock this weekend.

- The last 2 weekends really ripped me apart and have me hating that aspect of the quest line again.

- I have to be over 30 losses in each of them right now, most likely more.

- I stopped counting after 20 losses in each.

- It was going to make me cry.

- My druid is now up to that part as well after finishing its valor part.

- Took a long time when I have not been playing it much.

- I have not even attempted the battlegrounds on it yet.

- New PvP season is coming tomorrow it seems.

- Now we can get PvP gear that is, in some slots, better than flex gear.

- PvP gear that is given away freely should not be better for entry level PvE than entry level PvE gear.

- Seriously, not only is it better than LFR gear by a country mile but some pieces are better than flex.

- If blizzard is going to make hand out freely PvP gear almost as good as PvE normal mode gear they need to offer something extra for the PvEer.

- It feels like this mini patch is a complete fuck you to anyone that raids.

- Bad move blizzard, bad move.

- If the new PvP gear was 530 it would be okay, slightly better than LFR but LFR stuff can be upgraded and the set pieces would have set bonuses on them.

- If the new PvP gear was even 540 it would, maybe, be okay because it would be on par with flex, the entry level for raiding non random content but it could not be upgraded.

- But 550 item level with nothing new added for PvE?

- Go screw yourself blizzard, that is just wrong.

- It you were not going to update PvE by giving us something new don't update PvP.

- You could have just reset the season, no need to give new gear at this stage in the game.

- Just do what you did and switch colors so each side can get the other sides colors.

- There was no need to add new gear that high and give the PvEer nothing but running SoO with no new things to aim for.

- Seriously, WTF were you thinking?

- However, on the other end, my characters that I am currently not raiding on and only doing world bosses with thank you.

- More higher level gear to kill stuff given out for free.

- How much do you want to bet we see flex runs asking for 570 for flex 1 now because PvP gear is inflating the item level of people?

- They already ask for 550 for flex 1 sometimes and that is because the 522 PvP gear is given out like candy and they need to ask for that to weed those people out if they want for a quick and easy run.

- In theory, high item level does not mean skilled.

- So with 550 gear being given out like candy now what do you expect the people to ask for to try and weed out people.

- Sure, I can link my normal kill, but what about the poor sap that just came back to the game.

- What about the person that just started the game.

- What about someone that wants to try raiding for the first time.

- That is why I dislike it.

- But I do like it because my paladin and my warrior now have something to get from the celestial bosses again.

- Being they never raid, not even at the LFR level, this gear will be HUGE for them.

- And huge for them just feels... wrong.

- If they do not raid and they do not PvP they should not have an easy route like that to 550.

- Getting the 2 553 pieces and the chance at a few 559 ones from ordos was more than ample, they do not need 550 PvP gear to be handed to them for not even PvPing.

- I know, do not look a gift horse in the mouth, but it just feels wrong even if I do like the power it can give them for their every day questing.

- That is if I ever quested with them.

- For them there is nothing to do really.

- At least this gives me an excuse to log on to them more.

- And a reason to use a coin on celestials again.

- Once I got the PvE pieces I did not use coins even if the PvP 522 gear might upgrade some slots.

- If I get it I get it, if I don't I don't.

- That is how I felt about it.

- I do not play them often so I do not have many lesser charms meaning I do not have many coins.

- So I use my coins for the rare occasion that I get in on an ordos kill with them.

- Actually, my paladin has still not killed ordos.

- I will not join a group with him because I do not feel right being ungemmed and unenchanted, more so as a tank.

- I know for some people they just do not care, but I care.

- Sure the people I see there even if they say something about it I will never see them again.

- But I am not being prepared for them, I am being prepared for me.

- I would not feel right.

- And in the end, how I feel is all that matters to me.

- So I wait up there for an ordos pull and try to get a hit in.

- But on my server, which is now classified as a high pop server, if you do not get in on one of the tree or four ordos pulls on reset day, you do not do ordos.

- After reset day the only way to get into one is through OQ, OR or the in game thing and that always puts me on another server.

- So my poor paladin logs in every day and just looks at ordos standing there and logs back off because no one is killing him.

- There is an easy fix.

- Gem and enchant him and join in a group otherwise.

- I tank ordos no problem, even have some fun with it.

- Love solo tanking him and getting that massive vengeance.

- It is one of the few things I will currently do as a tank.

- I refuse to even do the holiday boss on my tanks any more.

- I went in the other day and when my screen loaded the healer was already pulling the boss.

- I did not say anything, but I am the tank, I pull the boss.

- I do not care if anyone half way decent can solo it.

- I am the tank, I pull the boss.

- At the absolute least, wait for me to load in before you make your attempt to win the award for asshole of the week.

- And shit like that is why I do not tank randoms.

- When I do dungeons on my hunter I wait for the tank, even if the tank is moving slowly.

- Do I need to do that?

- Absolutely not.

- I have soloed every dungeon on heroic already, did it for fun to see if I could do it months back.

- If I could do it 40 item levels lower than I am now and some before I even had the legendary cloak I feel pretty safe in saying I can solo them now.

- I am not really going out on a limb there saying that.

- So I do not need the tank at all.

- But I still wait for the tank to pull.

- I DPS at a rate where he can keep aggro.

- I use all the abilities I have to help in that aspect like MD and FD.

- Why do I do that even if I can solo them?

- Because I am not the fucking tank and it is not my job to pull when in grouped content.

- How hard is that for people to understand.

- There are rules when you are in a group.

- Follow them.

- I was leveling a character this weekend that I just started.

- Panda shaman.

- Someone said, seeing I was level 40 in one day, how do you level so fast.

- I quest.

- They did not believe me, they said there has to be some trick to it.

- I said, no trick, just quest, it is the fastest way to level and anyone that tells you otherwise has never tried it or never done it right.

- Being 40 in one day (actually 2) kind of proves how effective it is.

- And being it was a panda means no heirlooms or guild bonus for a fair portion of that.

- And I did not spend the entire day leveling either.

- I did the holiday boss on 14 characters.

- I joined a group that got up to blackfuse on normal with my healer.

- So it is not like I was leveling for 12 or 15 straight hours.

- I got it out of the starting area on saturday, I made it to 40 on sunday.

- A nice chuck on time spent on it yes, but not massive amounts of time.

- They said they hate leveling, I said I loved it.

- They asked me why and of course I was glad to explain.

- With leveling I feel a constant sense of progression, I am always moving forward, I feel as if I am making personal progression.

- I am watching my experience bar fill and getting levels = progression.

- I am building my skills and watching those skill points go up = progression.

- I even level fishing and cooking as I level because they go up to = progression.

- I get new gear as I level = progression.

- I get new skills as I level = progression.

- I get new abilities like mounts as I level = progression.

- I am forever moving forward, being rewarded, seeing a return for my efforts = progression.

- End game offers me none of that.

- Killing the same boss for 10 or 20 weeks for that one piece you need never to see it drop is not personal progression, it is frustration.

- My hunter still has a heroic ToT piece because despite me using a coin the piece I need has never dropped and I have never coined it.

- At least with questing I know there is a reward at the end, be it a new level, a new piece of gear, faster mount speed, there is something I am going to get.

- Not something I might get, not something I have a chance of getting, not something I will have to do over and over and over again and hope to get it.

- When I do something I am rewarded for doing it.

- That is just a much more rewarding game to play in my opinion.

- That is why I love leveling.

- They then asked, if you do not like end game why do you raid, you are good at it, that usually says you like it.

- I do like it, I actually love raiding.

- I raid for fun because I enjoy doing it.

- I do not raid for a sense of progression, that will come in time as you down bosses and being I am left up to the abilities of 9 or 24 other people I never have any control over my personal progression.

- Boss kills should be group progression, loot should be personal progression.

- So while I like raiding, I hate the gearing model.

- Luck based anything is bad and the personal progression model in warcraft is horrible.

- That is why end game sucks, but I still like raiding.

- It is not for the gear, it is for the people.

- Although some gear would be nice of course.

- And that is why I like leveling more than end game.

- If I want to feel I am accomplishing something I can go from level 28 to 29.

- That feels like I accomplished something no matter how small.

- Killing garrosh for the 1st, 5th, 10th or 20th time and still not seeing an heirloom drop does not feel like I am accomplishing something, it just feels like I am wasting my time.

- I wish warcraft would move to the effort = reward system for loot.

- It would make end game so much more enjoyable for me.

- I would rather a system that says "kill this boss 20 times to choose an heirloom of your liking" then to kill it 20 times and wait for luck.

- Luck does not feel rewarding, but seeing that kill counter go up each week after a kill as you get closer to that 20 kill mark is like leveling watching the experience bar move up to make it to the next level.

- Killing a boss over and over for a rare chance I will get loot does not inspire me to kill him over and over.

- Seeing that counter move up would absolutely inspire me to kill him because I know that with each kill I move closer to getting what I want.

- When it gets there to that 20 kill mark you get rewarded.

- Effort = reward.

- Now that is good loot design that feels rewarding, in my opinion at least.

- I know most do not agree, but we all have our opinions and are entitled to them.

- Only 2 character slots left for me on my account.

- And I am not, will not, active my other account.

- Blizzard screwed me once, I will not give them the satisfaction of restarting with without significant compensation.

- I resubed that account just a couple of days before they SoR thing was added.

- So if I had waited 2 days I would have gotten a mount for doing it.

- I put in a ticket asking if I could get the mount saying that if I had know they were doing this I would have waited a couple of days before reactivating it.

- They responded, sucks to be you asshole, go fuck yourself, you'll get nothing and like it.

- Well, they did not say that exactly, but that is what it sounded like.

- So my account has been inactive ever since then.

- So they lost almost 2 full years of subscription time because they would not give me a digital item because I resubed 2 days too soon?

- And you wonder why this game is losing people.

- In part it is because their customer service sucks and they treat their customers like crap.

- They could have just as easily given me the mount and been done with it and I would have had that account active.

- At least some of the time.

- It would have made me a happy customer.

- Can't have that can we?

- But to them it is more important to say go fuck yourself to their player base than to credit a digital item that it would have cost them nothing to give me.

- I thought the idea of companies was to keep their customers happy.

- I often say that I should have quit the game back then when they did that to me.

- I sometimes wonder if I made a mistake not doing so.

- Hey, I still get a rush out of leveling and as long as I am still getting some enjoyment out of it I might as well keep playing.

- But I will not ever trust blizzard to do the right thing by its customers because I've already seen they don't.

- Time and time again they have shown to have little or no respect for the people that play the game.

- So why do I always make the mistake of expecting them to get better?

- Hope, hope that one day they will learn.

- Think I should put in a ticket again just for shits and giggles to see what they say?

- It has been a while, maybe they are feeling nicer now that the promotion is ending.

- To do that to me over 2 days for a digital item that is already made and costs nothing to credit to my account because its code is already in game, it was just wrong.

- That was the day I lost complete faith in the game.

- Or at least least complete faith in the customer service part of it.

- Blizzard, now hiring customer support people, only requirements are you must have absolutely no common sense, an IQ less than 50 and the ability to be a complete and total jackass at all times.

- Being you can read this and understand the words must mean you are not qualified to work for blizzard.

- Sorry, maybe take some stupid pills for a few years, then you can apply.

- Have a great day.


  1. ok, I am not understanding you here.

    - New PvP season is coming tomorrow it seems.
    - Now we can get PvP gear that is, in some slots, better than flex gear.
    - PvP gear that is given away freely should not be better for entry level PvE than entry level PvE gear.

    What new pvp gear? where does it come from? who give it away and to be honest - if it is better, whats wrong with ignoring the pvp portion and "roll with it"?

    I hardy every do wow anymore outside of 5 halfhill farming ones and the special items I can make. thats it.

    I went to dino island with a friend, but I can't see how one can survive by one's self. So I don't go. I asked my sister where timeless island is but I don't understand the directions she told me. And again, it sound like you need a group of 2 or 3 to survive there too.


    1. PvP gear can drop from the Celestials world boss on the Timeless Isle. There is a quest at the shrine in the Vale that gives you an item to take you to the Timeless Isle for the first time. Then you can get the flight point and later a trinket that has a teleport option.

      Sure, it's a deadly area, but I went out there with a fresh 90 mage to open all the chests to get almost a full set of 496 gear and one 535 piece. She died quite a few times, but it was worth it. A hunter or rogue can stealth through a lot of it to avoid the mobs.

    2. The celestial world bosses are going to be dropping 550 item level PvP gear along with their two 553 PvE pieces. Some of those pieces might actually be better stat wise for some classes than flex gear is.

    3. thanks for the reply, but what about my other questions?

      i.e. What new pvp gear? where does it come from? who give it away and to be honest - if it is better, whats wrong with ignoring the pvp portion and "roll with it"?

      Thanks Jaeger and GE.


    4. oh yeah, (mono-tone voice) I got the bestest, most leetest hunter pet ever - 1 each sporebat :D

    5. I will roll with it if it is better. Why wouldn't I? The best gear is the best gear, always said that and always will.

      I just do not see the reasoning for offering new PvP gear and giving no new PvE gear. It is wrong to boost one aspect of the game and totally ignore the other. That is my main problem with it. PvP is a mini game, like pet battles, or the auction house. It can be really competitive, but it is a mini game. There is no reason that PvP gear should ever be better than the entry level PvE gear. Never, ever.

    6. well, from your past posts and my responses, you know I think it sucks too.

      But who is going to give this new gear away? - wait, I think you and Jaeger answered that part of the question - Celestials on timeless isle, that I still haven't been too. Right? :D

      You didnt say anything about my leet sporebat.

      And you are right, I love the hyena - nothing like free agi every 2 minutes or so. Thank you for posting about them. now if only looked like a cat mu-hahahahahaha

    7. Yes, the one off the coast of the jade forest that you still have not been to.

      Get your butt over there. Do I need to come get you on my two person flying mount and fly you there? lol

      The hyena is attack speed which does make the rotation feel nicer.

    8. right "haste" - do'h! when I dont play for a few days, thigns get messed up. But it is nice have faster haste.

      Now if blizzard brought out 1 more profession - animal breeding where we can take different animals and breed them, such as a "catyena". part cat part hyena. cool. or "hybat". two leet pets as one.

      and no, I dont live in Colorado or Washington state.

    9. They might do that for pet battles in the future, even said so, but it will never happen for hunters. We might however be able to choose which buff our pet brings some day.

  2. pff tanks, My partner and I no longer wait for slow ass tanks in randoms warlock and mage nothing can kill us. when we start we warn the people that this will be a fast run and we aren't stopping usually there's one butt nugget that whines wait for the tank. to which the tank is usually shut the hell up were getting carried to free loot and valor then when we get to the end in 5 minutes its usually the whiner that begs us to reque with them. If people can handle their shit and it makes the run smoother there's no sense in getting butt hurt that "I'm the tank" I've also been tanking a bunch of LFR's only problem I have had with people grouching about tanks was on the panda's my co tank didn't tank one of rooks adds (I had hee and the other add) and it went thru the DPS and healers killing them. they started grouching in chat I spoke up said listen you can either let me tell the other tank what he needs to do or both of us will leave and you can sit and wait. They shut up and we downed it after I reminded the tank of what he needed to do.

    1. If I am tanking I make the pace. I will make it a 5 minute run, not you. If you are a damage dealer, do your job and deal damage to what is pulled.

      I am a DPS as a main. If I can do it even when I have some jackass tank or slow tank, you can do it too. It is called being a respectful player. It is called being a good player.

      Yes, I understand the frustration when you get one of "those" tanks and if the group wants it I will just move along. I actually did it more than once in a random where the tank was taking his sweet ass time and then he dropped group. I told them lets keep going and soloed the rest until another tank came in. More than a few times we zoned in and the tank says AFK. Who the hell queues up as a tank with instant queue time and goes AFK, if you have to go AFK don't queue up. I am not defending bad tanks, not at all. I am just saying they should set the pace, at least until proven that they are incapable of doing so. Twice I actually finished the dungeon before the tank even made it back.

      Heck, when I queue as a tank in them I do not need the healer and the DPS. So even more so, know your role, do your job, don't pull for the tank. It is that attitude that you said and the many people that do that is why there are no tanks and people are always waiting. I refuse to deal with jackasses that do not know their place. I don't complain, I don't say a word, I do my job. If anything, when some jerk pulls I just pull off them, like it is my job to do. But it is that experience that makes me not want to tank. I am not alone, not by a long shot. I know at least a dozen tanks in guilds I am in that do not tank for that very same reason. As a tank I don't need you, you need me. At least give the tank the chance to do their job before you go all hog wild on the mobs. If you want to pull the mobs, roll a tank. Simple as that.

    2. No the group sets the pace not the tank, it the group wants to go fast the tank can drop. if we don't need a tank to do the content you don't get to set the pace. Our time is valuable I'm not going to sit around and gently poke the monster to stroke your ego that your holding threat. Why should I have to throttle myself and the group that just wants to get thru some content. I'm not going to yell at you for not going fast I'm not going to kick you for not going fast I'm going to handle it. It's not fair of blizzard to drop a 460 in with a 560 Ilevel toon there's nothing that a 560 can do to not pull threat there hell even auto attacks will probably pull threat if you have auto attacks. Now in content that we don't out gear we are super polite and gracious. Even in raids the tank doesn't set the pace the raid leader does.

    3. It is amazing how I am not a people person, I am not a social person, I would rather be able to play the game alone and never have to deal with another person and yet even if I hate basically everyone that I meet in the game I am somehow more of a decent human being than you are. How is that even possible? If anything I should be the biggest jackass because I don't like any of these people and would rather not even have to deal with them.

      Why should you have to throttle yourself? You shouldn't have to. No reason you should. But you could try to give the tank a second to zone in and at least attempt to do his job before you automatically make the decision to pull for him. See what he can do before you make the decision to act like rambo. You do not need to go in guns blazing. Yes, I too like 5 minute heroics, love them, I wish they were all like that even from the second the expansion came out. But if it takes 7 minutes because the tank is a little slow or even 10 minutes because he says he is new and wants to know what the bosses do, I deal with it and let the guy learn. I tell him what the bosses do even if I can kill it solo before he does any of those things because the next time he is in there with 3 horrible DPS that can not break 20K each he might need to know what the bosses do. It is not going to kill me to be a decent person. Would it kill you?

      I agree with you, it is not fair that they put a 460 tank with a 560 DPS. I often say that myself. I want a quick run, I want to be in an out as fast as possible. I hate that blizzard makes me use this random shit tool as the best way to get valor, or rep, or gear or what have you. It is not my job to carry the group. I can not tell you the number of times I finish a dungeon and I am over 90% of the damage done. It infuriates me that there are so many bad people that are allowed to even be in there. As I said, I can solo them on my hunter. If I could queue for them solo I would just to not have to deal with all the bad people and bad players in this game. But the fact still remains I always wait to see what the tank can do before I think of going off on my own. The tank is the tank and I let him do his job.

      At least you are willing to wait when something in new or challenging but did you ever stop to think, even for a second, that it might be new to them?

      Argue that blizzard should not put you in a group with them, you have all rights to do that and I would agree with you 110%. But do not be a jerk to them because they are new and pull for them. Just because it is easy to you, just because you know everything in there, just because you can solo it, doesn't mean everyone does and everyone can. That elitist prick attitude has no place in the game.

    4. like your to elite to tank but then you come here and bitch about tanks you get in LFR? yeah your a great person.

    5. I come here to complain. I do not belittle people in game, I do not pull for them, I abide by the rules of the game.

      Nothing wrong with complaining, I just do not act like an asshole in game. I made this blog originally for that exact reason, to vent about things that bothered me instead of becoming a jerk in game.

      That is what makes me a much better person than 90% of the players in the game. Even if I dislike want is going on, I do not go all "jerk mode" and pull for the tanks.

    6. Sort of offtopic but I remembered how some ppl got annoyed with me I dnt loot. I dnt do it on purposr, it's just that I learned that tanks are not allowed to waste time, keep going, keep running, or someone might pull. And when they pull, they dnt hold threat on the whole trash pack, some will go on the healer and I'll have to struggle to save the party members, healer might die, dps same, wipe. Sure, due to gear lvl it's unlikely to happen but at the start of next expansion? What you teach a tank stays with a tank. And true tanks will try to do his job no matter how useless you think he is.

    7. amen brothers, amen.

      Tanks set the pace.

      When I use to raid, the RL (think of him/her as the Platoon Leader - a Lt) always once the raid was going, pass leadership over to the main tank (NCO) of each raid group. And if you didn't follow the main tank (NCO) or his Corporals, then by gosh the raidleader had a talk with you along with the other officers and you didn't want to go before the Captain's Mast - it wasn't pretty (not pretty in real life either).

      Now you know why I dont do LFG or LFR or anythign else like this - way too fast for me these days.


    8. @ James

      Oddly enough, that is how I learned to tank. Never stop. I tanked on a warrior and I learned from a warrior, and he did not even use a mouse. He did everything with keyboard only because it allowed him the ability to do everything faster. He would have the next set of mobs marked for CC before the set we were fighting were dead. He would call out, start CCing as the last mobs where dying. He never stopped, he never looted, he moved like wild fire.

      So needless to say, that is how I tanked. For the longest time that is how I tanked. Unless I learned another lesson for a healer. Never leave your healer behind. So I keep one eye on the healers mana, and th other eye on the mobs in front of me. If the healer sits, I wait, if the healer doesn't, I pull. As I have said here a million and one times, I am not a big fan of wasting time. lol

      But I never consider it a waste of time to help someone that asks for help. Because if they are asking, that means they want to know, so spending a little time helping them trumps my desire to run as fast as I can. At least that is how I see it.

      And yes, human nature, at least for a good tank, if someone pulls they pick up the mob. Even if they did not mean to. I always say, if you yank it, you tank it, but I still taunt it. I just can't "not" tank when I am the tank. It is not in me to not do my job.


      When I started raiding the tank was always in charge of pace, even now as a raid leader, I give my tanks assist, they lead the pace. I might yell out wait for the healer once in a while, but other wise, it is at their desecration. Pulling is the tanks job. Even if I am the raid leader, I let them do their job.

    9. I was actually agreeing with you through my post, trying to force the following train of thought: you pull for the tank now, it seems like it doesn't do any bad, but you make the tank miserable. And no, ppl who are thankful that they are not doing their job are not tanks. Also, this works fine now when you have gear but what of when you dnt and actually need a tank. One who doesnt tank anymore because he wasnt allowed to learn. Or the me kind, who doesn't need to run dungeons for anything after week 1.

    10. You make a few great points there. They could scare away the new tanks, or tanks like you that don't need anything might not run. Then add tanks like me, who they are just alts and I just want to get in and get some valor but refuse to because of them. They lose me too.

      So by acting against the rules of group conduct with their actions now, when they over gear it and do not need the tank, will hurt them later when they do need a tank because the newbie tank, you and me are all not doing it because of them.

  3. I think you're a little overblowing the pvp gear issue Grump. The only way you can get it without pvping is on celestials (a 15% drop rate once a week chance). If that's the only way you're gearing up it's not like people will be flooded with 550's.

    Running PvP content will get you the gear more quickly, and yes it's better than LFR gear in most cases and slightly better than flex in a few slots. To be honest I'm not sure that's a bad thing at this point. Normal mode raiders aren't going to be pressed to do PvP so late in progression so I'm not sure why it matters.

    1. I have a couple of characters that only gear up that way. Then again, I don't play them, so that kind of explains why.

      I just do not think it was right to give PvP a new season with new gear and leave PvE with nothing, except PvP gear as their only source of upgrades, should they still need them because they do not run normals.

      Can you imagine all those people that only run LFR, that do not do flex or higher at all? Now the only place for them to feel personal progression through gear is with PvP gear? That seems a little wrong, or a lot wrong, in my opinion. PvP gear should never be better for PvE, even at LFR level.

  4. I'm not seeing the issue with better PvP gear being available. If nothing else, it helps even up the world PvP (which does happen at times) situation a bit. We're well into the late expansion slump at this point, who's it hurting? It only seems to be benefiting your toons, once again it's all those other people getting the "free" loot that's going to cause all the problems. As always, I'd like my noobs to have the best possible gear, I'd rather they do 50K than 40K. In premade groups they can be kicked if they don't perform, same as always. High iLvl has never been a guarantee of anything.

    Also, PvE players can still be progressing, deeper into SoO and doing heroics and hoping for Warforged gear... a full 522 PvP player is geared up. Those who care about gear progression needed that option or they wouldn't have done it.

    So, a few random musings of my own...

    * When Ordos kills someone he makes his usual "Up in Smoke" comment/taunt... what if bosses sent customized taunts to players who die or do things wrong as a snarky educational thing? Would that be good or bad?

    * Blizzard is putting a decent amount of effort into finding a way to make the 9th time that stupid belt drops interesting via Warforged chance and incoming tertiary stats... but is it time to make gear aging a thing? Over time, reduce the max durability of an item as it's damaged/repaired to the point where a new item is desired so you don't have to repair after every 2nd wipe, which could include using a less optimal piece (I'd be fine with that, not sure everyone would). Or have a new DE mat so when items are DEed you also get a "refresh" token to boost the max durability by some amount, it's not like current DE mats are particularly interesting after the first few months, I'm generally stockpiled for the entire expansion at that point.

    * Possibly $60 for paid 90s... that's in my "hope it's $50-100" preference range and above my "suspect it'll be $35-40" range so I'm pretty happy with that number if it turns out to be true.

    1. The problem is for some people, PvEers that only raid at an LFR level, for them to get any personal progression they now have to PvP. If they wanted to PvP they would already be doing it. It is unfair to them that they should feel forced to PvP for upgrades.

      If they added new levels of PvP gear they should have added new levels of PvE gear as well. Simple as that.

      That would be interesting if he did that to people. You stood in the fire, you did not run when you were the bomb, your DPS sucks. lol

      Warforged and tertiary do not make it more enjoyable. Now we just need to wait longer. If I want the 559 weapon because it is my BiS normal, I will keep killing it until I get it and even if I get a 553 one it would still not be the one I want, the 559 one. So all they did was add an even harder to get item to make me do it even more and not get what I want.

      Adding warforged and tertiary just make the whole random gearing up system worse. Now adding random gem slots makes it worse too. Because even if you get a piece, it is just an "okay' piece to tide you over until you get the warforged version with the multi strike tertiary and 2 gem slots. See what I mean? It does not make it more interesting, it makes it more frustrating because what you want never drops. It makes the dreadful design of RNG 1000 times worse.

      I still say 60 is more likely, 35-40 just seems too cheap. They are going to want to price it the be equivilent, but slightly less, then buying another set of all the expansions to get the free 90 would be. They make it too expensive, people will by a new game for the free 90, they make it too cheap, they are screwing themselves out of money. So in my opinion look for a price that would be roughly equivalent to what it would cost to buy the base game and all expansions, up to and including warlords.

    2. Yeah, but an LFR player in full LFR gear is fully geared... there isn't a new tier of PvE for them to gear up for. There IS a new tier of PvP so they had to come up with better gear. Is it too good? Maybe, but it's a smaller gap than the i522->i553 PvE gap between 5.2 and 5.4. Ultimately, I think you want PvE and PvP gear to be separate things again but if anything, I'm a huge fan of the gear being more relevant to the other play style, PvP gear no longer dedicating secondary stats to PvP stats was a good thing for me... I was actually functional doing the PvP quests for the legendary, for instance.

      Enjoyable? Maybe not, I'm more thinking potentially useful... the guys I've been raiding with lately mostly have all the gear but they're still looking out for Warforged gear. It's a thing. Tertiary stats will be similar, especially if making specific tertiary sets is even remotely possible. It's just a small incentive to keep playing a geared toon when you might otherwise switch to an alt... consider it a reason for single-toon players to keep raiding at all. I'm sure the RLs appreciate every little bit of sticky that Blizzard offers.

      I dunno, I have heroic weapons at this point but not heroic warforged... I still did the dance of joy when I got the heroic ones, it wasn't at all minimized because they weren't BiS. I think you're in the minority on this one, upgrades are upgrades.

      It was pointed out on another blog that the highest price for their services right now is the transfer + race change combo for $55... in that context, $60 makes a shocking amount of sense as the premium option in a list of service offerings. This lets them keep the prices of their current services the same, too, if they went sub-$50 they'd probably have had to lower the other prices accordingly. Better for them not to...

      Not sure where you saw the confirmation, I was aware of the $60 in-game indication when I mentioned the $60 but I don't think that's confirmation, until it actually goes live (which is different from showing up on the live server) or is confirmed by Blizz I'm assuming it's still just a placeholder price.

    3. And now that PvP gear becomes the new gear for the PvE player that only does LFR. It is entirely possible for them to feel they need to do PvP to get it now. They should have a new set of gear as well.

      Whenever they update one part of the game they should update the other.

      I am not looking forward to gearing next expansion at all. It is bad enough to have to wait on "luck" to get gear now. But now I will need to wait on luck to get a warforged piece, or luck to get a piece with a gem slot, or luck to get a piece with a tertiary stat or luck to get a piece that has a gem and a stat, or luck to wait on a piece that has a gem and is warforged, or wait on luck to get one that is warforged and has a stat, or wait on luck to get one that is warforged and has a gem and a stat. You get the idea.

      I am not looking forward to being screwed over even worse by RNG then I already am on a regular basis. No more of this random shit. Just give us gear we can earn by doing something and let us play the game instead of playing the gear lottery.

      I am using the mistaken release that was screen captured as confirmation.

  5. @GE & R - both of you make perfect sense about gear. I can understand GE's point of view and I can understand R's point of view. Which is scary. :D

    @GE - I posted a reply about the $60, but I don't see it. So here it is again -

    Screw that. Too much geld for me. But then again, though I am not well gear, I do have 9 lvl 90's and 8 at lvl 80 or better. I just hate having to run them thru Cata lands.


    1. Cata questing was horrible. Not because of the quests themselves, they were not so bad, but because you had to bounce all over the world.

    2. Heh. Yeah, to me that means they're probably making the right decision, when two opposite opinions about it both seem reasonable. :)

  6. Dear Elf, I've been reading your blog for quite some time and i really enjoy it. The reason I've decided to post something is about your other account and your "mount saga" ;).
    Although I do agree with you that there was no cost in giving you that mount, the real question is: how many days before the marked date would be ok for them to grant such requests?
    Imagine someone that subbed 3 days earlier and he wouldn't had got the mount while you did. Would that be ok ? what about 4 or a week ?
    What I'm trying to say is that certain "milestones" are set exactly to avoid such things which could lead to potential bad feelings, misunderstandings, etc. etc.

    P.S. If you keep writting , I'll keep reading ;)

    1. If they would have announced it in advance I would have been happy. Or if when they released it the cut off date was after it was announced at some point I would have been happy.

      I understand what you are saying, but the fact still remains that was piss poor customer service and it lost them money and could have lost them a subscriber all together if I had quit in my moment of rage.

      I would have had that account active for a while and all those months active would have been revenue generated for the game. Was all that lost revenue really worth not awarding a digital item that it would have cost nothing for them to give?

      Lets say, for arguments sake, that I only had that account active for 6 months after that point, which I am sure it would have been if not more, that would mean at $15 per month they would have made $90. So they lost $90 right off the bat, could have lost more if I quit completely, and added another person to the massive amount of voices that will gladly tell anyone that will listen how horrible their customer service was.

      Even just looking at the dollar value, I would have paid more of the mount than it would have cost if they sold it directly from the store if they had just given it to me.

      In the end it was bad customer service no matter how you look at it, milestone or not.

      Glad you like the post, I'll keep writing, thank you for reading.