Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just a Few Oddball Questions

Have you ever just had some weird thoughts run through your head about the game?  Things that make you think, or things that seem logical to you, but don't really make a great deal of sense in game.  Yes, I know there are reasons and many times I even agree with those reasons, but it doesn't change the fact that I wonder about them.

Why can't we mount anywhere in raids?

Anyone that has raided enough, as in once, has surely heard, "anyone have a bot?"  It is one of the things I love about being in outdoor areas that allow me to mount.  Just pop on my mammoth and there is no need for an engineer to be in the group.  Or, even if you have one, don't waste your jeeves or your bot, we got your repairs right here.

The newest thing, and soon to be removed thing, that goes hand in hand with this is reforging.  I must hear "anyone have a reforging mount" once a raid if not more.  When outside, no problem, when inside, no go.  Go reforge during break time if you want.

So it made me wonder, why can't we mount anywhere in a raid.  I understand why we can not mount indoors in our own city or the city of someone we are allied with or friendly with.  It is out of common courtesy really, no other reason.  We do not want to leave horse shit, or proto drake shit, or cloud serpent shit, all over the place.  These people are our people and leaving mount poop all over their home is not exactly the way to keep a friendship healthy.

But why do we have the same respect and common courtesy when raiding somewhere?  We have no plans on liberating the raid we are fighting in and claiming it as our own city, so we have no vested interest in keeping it clean.  Why be so nice as to not dirty the place up with mount droppings?  Why should we care if there is some horse crap all over the place?

Why can't we fly in certain parts of raids?

I am willing to accept that there are some areas we just can not fly like indoor areas filled with mobs where we will just get shot out of the air by them near instantly, but what about other areas.  Lets take dragon soul for example.  With the exception of a few trash packs leading up to the first boss there is really no reason what so ever we should not be allowed to fly there.  It is outdoors, we all had cold weather flying by that point, or at least I hope we all did, and we had been flying in that area for years, yes years, already.

Not saying I want flying in raids, just saying why can't we fly in raids.  There is no real reason to it.  There is no power keeping us from doing it.  I fly around Org all the time.  I can fly directly down to the entrance to rage fire and I can surely fly around the docks outside and the gate in front.  They could have easily allowed flying, to some extent there.  There is no reason we should not be able to.  We have been able to fly in that zone since we were level 60 (as it is designed today) and we are now level 90 meaning we have been flying there for 30 levels, as in one third of out entire lives and suddenly we forget how to fly there.  Odd indeed.

Why do raid bosses not kill us while we stand there like idiots staring at them?

Seriously, this always bothered me and I am not sure why.  If I were standing there minding my own business with my plans to take over the world and suddenly I start to see people walk up, within range mind you, and buff, and eat, and talk, and get lock rocks, and set up traps and teleports and mana cakes, I am going to kill them one at a time as they show.  I am not going to let them get ready to kill me and do nothing.

C'Thun had the right idea, he (it) really did.  It would not even let you come down to assemble.  If he even saw someone peaking in on him he would kill them and anyone else that was unlucky enough to be anywhere near said peeping tom.  (it is how I experienced my first wipe on him, admit it, it was how you did too) Arthas was okay too because the role play was when it started and that make it feel as if we just showed up, so it was not like he was watching us prepare.

But so many fights, as in the majority of fights, they boss just stands there with a stupid look on their face staring at us while we get ready to beat on them.  Any fights, and there are a few, where you need to speak with someone or activate something, makes sense as you are starting it up, as if you just appeared there.  But all other fights it is just some big baddie thinking about which university of evil over lords schools he plans to send his kids to while he lets us get ready in front of him to kill him.  Sorry to say it, but if you are going to let a group of people you know do not like you have all the time in the world to get ready to attack you, you deserve to die.

Why don't bosses go after healers first?

Okay, I will end this before it starts because I understand why they don't.  If they did the healers would die and the rest of the raid would die shortly after.  That is the reason, for game play reasons, but it just does not feel right.

We are talking some really powerful beings.  Ones that were smart enough to make it where they have, attain the power they have, some have even lived hundreds or thousands of years, some are so powerful they could rip the world in half, or so smart they can toy with us and kill us at any time but they play with us like a cat plays with a mouse.

Yet after all this power, intelligence, and planning to take over or destroy the world, are you really telling me that they are so stupid as to keep attacking the guy with the heavy armor that is insulting their mother and not the one in the dress that is keeping the person in that heavy armor healthy?  Kill the one in the dress and the dude in armor will drop like a ton of bricks and then all those annoying people running around you poking you with weapons, flinging spells or arrows, and basically standing there will be like fruit ripe for the picking.  One grab and it (they) are gone.

Of all the powerful and intelligent beings we have fought how is it possible that not even one has had the common sense of a child?

Why can't humans be druids?

Worgen can be druids,worgen are cursed humans.  So humans can be druids.  Okay, that does not work for you, let me try this.  Humans where practicing druidism then became cursed as a worgen then the wall came down then they joined the alliance and fought as druids.  Still not buying any of this?  Roll a worgen, pick the class of druid, play through it.

You will go through the story line as a human and then you will get cursed.  You will play as a human druid before you get cursed.  They were druids first, wogen second. Maybe they were always worgen and never noticed it until that point, but it sure does not feel that way while playing through it.

Speaking of human being druids, why can't undead be druids too in that case.  I am willing to accept why undead can not be paladins, it would hurt them too much, but if humans can be druids, and they can, why can't undead be druids too.

Why can't undead be undead anything?

Speaking of undead how come all we ever see are undead humans and undead elves?  I want to play an undead gnome warlock.  I want to play an undead tauren paladin named welldone.  Is there something wrong with all the other races that they are not effective when being forsaken?

If anything when you roll an undead you should be allowed to choose the race of the undead you want to roll and then any class that race can play.  So you could be an undead paladin but to be an undead paladin you need to be a race that can play a paladin to begin with.  So you can be an undead druid but to be an undead druid you need to be a race that can play a druid.

I think it is very short sighted to not have all races available as undead.  Even if you wanted to limit the classes they could play, as they would be able to play them all if they could be all races, then you could make it so certain classes can not come back as undead, but it does not make sense that only certain races can come back as undead, or does it?  Is there a reason we do not see other races as undead outside of they just did not feel like making the art for it?


  1. I always figured that bosses are generally so big that they don't even notice us... they're staring so far over our heads that they don't actually see us. They attack tanks because tanks are the ones taunting them, they're doing it by the sound, they can't actually see the tanks (and it's not like tanks can see the boss, either... maybe a knee or crotch here and there but rarely any above-the-belt visuals).

    As for mounts and flying in raids, it's just game mechanics... no lore for it. I actually appreciate that SoO has more spots to mount up and repair than most raids do... and if they did allow flying, even if they built in massive anti-flying defenses in an attempt to keep folks grounded, SOMEONE would figure out a way to do something faster/better as a result of flying... it just adds another exploit/fix loop to a list that's long enough. Easier to avoid entirely.

    I still want undead to be a faction, fighting against a combined horde/alliance... once that's done, you could actually have each race available as an undead version. That'd solve your issue at the same time. :) In the meantime, though, racial DKs technically qualify as undead, I think, so the lore (and possibly art, never noticed how undead the various DKs look) is at least somewhat there to support it.

    1. I like that SoO has those places too. And even that is has a repair guy in there and a port in there to the shrine. There are some nice little additions there.

      I know why they do not allow mounts or flying, just does not feel right that they don't.

  2. another vote for undead being a faction (me :P ) - makes sense. They broke away from the horde, unleashing all those chemicals. Heck both Alliance and Horde attacked and conquered Under City.

    But GE you do bring up a point, why not have every body be able to be a class - I would love a gnome hunter. There's goblin hunters, why not gnome? Or (like your example) why not human druids? I would gladly pay my $25 to change from a Worgen to a human as my druid. I really cant stand the worgen.

    -roo the not understanding

    1. I think they said that gnomes have no connection what so ever with nature and being so departed from nature that is why they can not be hunters. Seems kind of lame, but I guess it make some sense.

    2. Everyone knows that gnomes can't be hunters because their pets would mistake them for food. Goblins get around this problem, because as everyone also knows, goblins don't taste very good. :)


    3. And they sometimes smell funny too.

  3. NO CONNECTION TO NATURE! Hells bells young'in, we are in everybodies gardens! Dang we even take trips to who knows were and get our photos taken.

    1. You have a point there I guess. But these gnomes are not garden gnomes, they are a different race.

    2. Cousins, thats all. Like Dwarves. Or humans and Worgen (their just humans who got a big hickie is all). But still, everyone can be the same thing, and why not.

    3. Garden gnomes are not very nice. Did you ever see that historically accurate horror film where the garden gnomes kill people?

      We do not want those guys around. They are evil with a capital E.

    4. that was those undead radiated garden gnomes from the other side.

    5. Are you sure, they were not rotting and not glowing. I saw the documentary on it. It did not seem like they were the evil version, they were just themselves, which are, well, evil.

  4. I believe that the Forsaken are all humans because the plague that created them was designed to work specifically on Humans. Since we now know that all races can be raised as undead, I could see them adding in some extra choices at some point in the future if we were ever to revisit Northrend/the Lich King.

    1. That makes a fair deal of sense. Human biology would be different from others so if something is tailored to effect them it might only effect them.

      It would be nice to see some other races.