Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Disenchanting Old Raid BoEs? Stop it!

I am not going to make some guarantee that you will make a lot of gold, or any for that matter, with this gold making tip.  At least not like the one I gave when pet battle weres announced and I told people to keep all their extras and to sell them on other servers as a way to transfer gold between servers.  This tip will not be that huge, but it is a tip just as much as any other.

With the new expansion coming we don't know exactly what to expect from the stat squish.  All we know for a fact about it is that it is coming.  How stats will be squished are still a mystery and that is where this tip for making gold comes from.

If you have the extra bag space to hold on to some of those raid level BoEs from older expansions, like the 264 ones that seem to drop like candy if you do an ICC run, hold on to them for a little bit.  You can always disenchant them later, no harm no foul.

The idea is this.  We do not know anything about the stat squish.  Some of those BoEs that we take for granted and just disenchant can become best in slot for a twink.  If you have ever sold twink gear before on the auction house you will know that it sometimes sells better than transmog gear.  While a lot of those BoEs that drop from raids have little to no transmog value and that is why most people disenchant them they might turn out having some twink value.

Sure there are not as many twinks as their used to be but some 60, 70, 80 and 85 BoE gear can turn into the golden goose of the next expansion.  Sure they will be easily farmed (if the ability to solo stays true as we have been told it will) but people will want things now.  It is just human nature.  So they might be willing to pay big gold to get it the second the stats change when they see how great it is for them instead of farming it for themselves later.

Like I said, I make no guarantee this will be a huge gold maker, for but the cost of a few bag slots to hold on to them just in case they do suddenly end up having a lot of value added to them after the squish might be worth it.  Just like the extra giant sewer rats and other duplicate pets I had sitting in my bank for a long time sold for huge gold as soon as pet battles came out.  Sometimes holding on to some things we think are worthless end up being wrong because when things change, like with the squish, value can come from a place you least expected.  If it doesn't, you can always disenchant it later.


  1. hi GE. No, not a comment about this page, but it is a nice read. I hope you are right :D

    Anyway, I need help - does Heirloom (1-85) still work with the experience gain at level 85? or does it only work from 1-84 and once at 85, that's it? Thank you in advance.

    -roo "the confused at times"

    1. Good question. How I handle it, because of stat boosts between expansion, is as soon as I get something better I take it at 85. The gear is so much more powerful that even if you did get the bonus from the heirloom gear you would kill things so much faster with the 85 quest gear getting more experience from killing more faster and completing more quest that it would out weight it.

    2. well, I sort of did what you said - I made my cloth armor for 85 (various ilvl 377 to 415), made a bunch of enchants to enchant everything I thought of and kept the heirloom 1-85 2 hand staff until I find a new one. Thanks GE for the thoughts! Thats what I like about here - one can ask a question and get some kind of answer : )



    3. Doesn't always mean it is the best answer or even the right one, but I try. :)

  2. On topic - that hugely depends on the server. On a big PVP server there might indeed be big profits. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother. A lot depends on what the low-level balance will be like after the squish / ability rearrangement. You want the most imbalanced bracket, obviously, it's the one with the highest profit potential.

    Off-topic. $60 for character boost. LOL.

    1. OMG. They scrapped Trial of the Gladiator. And did skirmishes + spectator mode instead. I... I am thoroughly disappointed. I mean, skirmishes are great, thanks, and spectator mode is great as well, thanks, too, but that's not a replacement at all. Damn... I was looking forward to playing nothing but Trial of the Gladiator, because of (a) unified gear, (b) no farming required, just jump in on any alt you have, and (c) fighting people who are there for the same reasons as you are - not for gear. Alas.

    2. Kind of knew they would scrap trial, it seemed nice but why make another arena ladder, work on the one you have. It did not make a lot of sense. I did like the idea of gear not mattering however. Always said they should change arena to be like that. Arena should be 100% about skill, not gear.