Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WTB: Decent Looking Mail

I've never been much for transmog but I have played with it for certain things.  Mostly helms really.  All my characters fit neatly into two categories, don't show helm; transmog helm.

Before transmog came out the only characters I ever had the helm show on were male night elves.  They bring ugly to a whole new level.  All other characters I did not show helms on.  Mostly this is because helms usually look horrible, fit horrible or just tend to make everyone look the same.

So for me, helms were the only thing I ever thought to transmog.  Even at that, only two characters have transmogged helms.  One is an engineer, can you guess what he mogged into?  I'm sure you can.

So transmog held no real use to me, outside of something as a joke... until recently.

My hunter finally moved on to doing his ranged weapon and while there are a fair deal of quality bows and crossbows and guns out there my decision was simple as to what I would transmog into. Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keeper.

Using that just feels good.  For some reason I just feel like a hunter again.  It makes me feel bad they removed the quest from the game so others can not get it.  The bow really makes a hunter a hunter, at least for me.

After doing my bow up to look all classic like it got me thinking about going for a more old school look.  I was always a junk collector so I have a lot of gear sitting around.  I have many full sets.  I have my T5s for soloing, I have some T1.5 stuff, I have the original ZG stuff, I have a nice collection of goodies I've gathered over the years and kept for no real reason.

You might think, until now, would have been added there but it was not.  I still keep them for no reason.  They all look nice.  They all have some sort of memory attached.  They are all things that adding void storage to the game made sure I did not throw away but they all have one other thing in common.  They all do not make me feel like a hunter.

I want something that feels natural, something that matches my bow.  All this bulky armor that is mail is not for me.  I am a hunter, not a warrior.  I stay away from the action, I do not mix it up.  I want something that looks the role I play.   The role of being at a distance, moving like a fox, jumping and spinning and kiting and trapping and all those good hunter like things.   I do not care if the game wants to call it mail but at least make it look like I could do hunterly things in it.

Come now.  Can you see a hunter wearing that stuff trying to sneak around people in camo?  They would hear him coming like a bull running through a china shop.  I can see having a little extra protection, something chain mail would offer, but mail gear in game looks more like light plate and less like reenforced leather which is what it should be.

I would love to see some mail gear that looks like something a hunter would wear.  I've looked all over at gear sets.  On ivy veins there is a spectacular hunter transmog guide.  Nothing there looks hunterly however, but that is not their fault.  There is one on wowhead, there are a few sites dedicated just to hunter transmog, I've checked them all out and none of them have anything that looks like a hunter would wear it.  Again, not their fault.

I looked over all of them thinking perhaps one caught something the others had not come across but it seems they didn't.  There is just nothing out there that looks right.  Unless you are female.

I've found a few things I would consider borderline; the I might consider this sort of thing, but they still look horrible on a male hunter.  On a female hunter they are passable but not on a male.  Being I do not wish to do a sex change on my character I am back to square one now on looking for gear.

I'd like to see something added to the game gear wise for hunters to make them look more like hunters and less like warriors with ranged weapons.  I would also like to see some "normal clothing" looking options in mail like there are in cloth so we could look as if we are not wearing armor at all if we wanted to.

I would just like to see some options for hunters to look like hunters.  Is that really too much to ask for? 

They added transmog and it meant nothing to me.  When I finally decided to use it, there is nothing for me to transmog into.  You would have thought if they where going to add this, they would have added more stuff specifically designed to be used with it.

Do you think they will add things like that in the future?  A mail tuxedo or a mail suit and tie or mail leather looking items or anything really, anything that is not so bulky on what is supposed to be a quick, agile, sneaky hunter.

WTB: Decent Looking Mail.


  1. The talhide mail set looks like cloth. My troll has the tough scorpid set and bloodspattered mail sets, but they just look sort of what a troll would wear, I'm not sure about night elves though.I like in general, mixing low level sets with some outland stuff for mail at least. Maybe brackwater with thick scale mail shoulders, I'm not sure for gloves and belt because of matching that particular shade of green.

    1. I've noticed that the low level craftable mail items that a blacksmith can make are usually the best for that not so bulky look. In my opinion at least.

      Thanks for pointing those out. Might need to take a closer look at them.

  2. This was the "casual / classy" look I sported on Rades earlier, the Talhide set plus a few pieces that complemented the theme.

    1. That one is not so bad. Much less bulky than the current stuff they give us to wear. Not big on the shoulders but they are not horrible either.

      Nice mog set, looks good on an orc.

      I want to find something casual that fits me. I hate looking like a warrior with a fear of melee.

  3. I have a male night elf hunter and agree with you 100%. I've yet to transmog anything. I've made over 300K selling transmog items on the AH... but have no other use for it personally.

    1. I just find night elf males the hardest to make look good.

  4. http://wowroleplaygear.com/2011/09/18/phalanx-set/ was my previous transmog on my 2nd hunter (male night elf) and it looked pretty lean on him IMO. I figured green and brown to be fitting colors for a hunter. It's not that fancy though, not much details.

    1. That seems kind of basic, something closer to what I am looking for. It is also the perfect example of what I said about armor looking so much better on female models.

      Thanks for pointing it out, I will put it on my list of things to consider but it still does not fill the bill for what I am looking for. I want even more basic.