Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is Mists too Ambitious?

We keep seeing more content being added and to someone like myself, someone who will most likely try to do it all, it seems like there is a lot going on.

Don't get me wrong, I like the idea that there will be a lot of things to do but I wonder what it means for the long run.  With all the things going on you are asking the average player to need to know a lot more.

Look around the game now and see how many people can't find their way to outlands their first time.  Most players can't figure it out on their own.  See how many people can't figure out how to get to northrend.  There was one person in my horde guild the other day that flew to stormwind to take the boat to northrend because he could not figure how to get there from horde side.

Worse yet, I still hear it all the time, where should I quest at level 30, or something like that.  I always tell them, check the call board, go where it tells you to go.  Or look at your map, it shows you what levels that area is designed for.  All that and people still can not figure it out on their own.

The majority of the player base is not really all that "game smart".  Could be because they never played a game like this before.  Could be because they lack common sense.  Could be that they are too lazy to look things up themselves.  It could be many things.  Some innocent enough and others that just prove someone is basically an idiot.  All of them mean the person is not game smart.

Look at the standard looking for raid now.  Out of 25 people the break up usually goes like this.  Ten people usually have the "its only the LFR" attitude and don't even try and/or don't obey mechanics.  Ten people are just bad players for whatever reason it is that makes them bad, new or stupid.  Five people, just five, seem to actually want to do the best they can to get the looking for raid done.

This is a simple watered down version of content.  The heroic dungeons are harder than looking for raid by a rather large margin.  It should be run in, kill things quick, get your valor or gear and get the hell out.  The player base can not handle that.  It can not handle one simple watered down raid.  Hell, they can not find their way to outlands or northrend. 

It is either indifference, stupidity or complete laziness but it is a simple fact that most of the people that play this game are not exactly high functioning when it comes to gaming.

That is why I wonder if mists is being a little bit too ambitious with adding so much different content for a group of people that can not even figure out how to get to northrend.

People can not even handle doing the looking for raid correctly and that is about as easy as easy gets.  Now they are adding scenarios, they are add pet battle, they are adding farming, they are adding gear upgrades, they are adding many new reputations, they are adding cooking specialties, they are adding different stats to PvP gear, they are adding challenge modes but at least those can not be randomed for, yet, the crying will change that for sure.

They are adding more and more which I love but you have to wonder can this "I can't even do the looking for raid correctly" generation of players handle all this new content.

We won't have to deal with just the questions like how to I get to pandaria.  We will have to deal with people asking a million and one questions about a million and one things because they are adding so much to the game.

The people in the LFR that where indifference because its only LFR will start calling people that do not know the answers to all these questions all types of names.  Creating bad blood.

The lazy people will not look it up and expect everyone to help them do everything and tell them how to do everything.  Creating bad blood.

The bad players will complain that there is so much to do and it is too hard to do it all meaning it will either all be watered down for them or we just have to keep hearing them complain more.  Creating bad blood.

No matter how you look at it, adding all this stuff, for what I would guess would be 80% of the community, will be a bad thing.

I consider myself in the 20%, the ones that will look it up myself and/or figure things out on my own.  The ones that will try my best to do my best to do everything.  The ones that enjoy doing something new and learning something new.  The ones that just like to play the game and have fun with it.  But even me and the rest of the 20% will have to deal with something that could turn out bad from all this new content.

Could all this content turn into a faster burn out for the people that try to do it all?

Adding all this stuff means people need to know more and as we have seen people do not want to know anything.  They just want it easy and apparently figuring out which cooking specialty would be best for you will be way too hard for the average player.

Looking at all the things they are adding from the outside in you have to say that blizzard is really putting their best foot forward.  They are adding so much for us to do and we should be thankful for their efforts.  But seeing it from the inside, it looks like a whole different picture.  Just look at beta where no one wants to figure out anything for themselves.  Everyone asks for people to tell them what to do and how to do it.

I am looking forward to all this new stuff to play with.  I have no aversion to learning how to do it all.  But I am part of the 20%.  What about the other 80%?

Will all this ambitious content addition backfire on them when 80% of the population will be either too indifferent to it, too bad to understand it or do it, or too lazy to do it but still want the benefits from it?

Just like 80% of the looking for raid users are indifferent, bad or lazy.

The game is really shaping up for the 20% but I think the other 80% are going to end up either being pushed away from the game with all this new content or they will stay and make life miserable for the 20% who are enjoying it and causing them to be pushed away.

Is all this ambition going to blow up in their faces?

I hope not because it looks good... from the outside looking in at least.


  1. You know, I was feeling some vague interest in resubbing to WoW the other day. I missed PVP somewhat, and making gold on the AH, and perhaps leveling new alts.

    And then I remembered the community and the hair-tearing frustration trying to play with bg PUG people, LFR PUG people, and 5 man PUG people.



    1. The game itself is still very good but the people can surely ruin it for you. I know what you mean.