Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hunter Ability Request: Call Stablemaster

Do you remember how we used to change pets while in a raid in the not so distant past?  We used to have a call pet ability that allowed us to access our stable so we could switch pets.  If I remember correctly it had a half hour cooldown but I could be wrong.

When cataclysm came out and we where able to carry five pets with us that ability went bye bye.  Now that mists is coming and we are getting a new ability called stampede I think it is time for that ability to make a return.

It will not be a huge deal to make sure we have five pets ready to roll when we know we are going to be raiding but why should we need to be full all the time just for that are keep switching back and forth at the stable master?  We had the ability before and I think we should have the ability again.

I am sure there are many hunters like myself that carry around different pets for different reasons.  I have my standard raid pet based on my normal team, I have my tanking pet for soloing, I have my PvP pet for some player carnage and I have my one joke pet, a sporebat, as if you needed to be told that.  I also always leave one space open should I run across something I want to tame.

I am sure I am not alone in things like that.  I am sure most hutners carry various pets around for whatever reasons they might have.  If the person happens to be beast master as a main or off spec they most likely have an exotic beast or two in their fav 5 as well.

Now that stampede looks like it might be a worthwhile cooldown that every hunter will be using at one point or another in a raid it would be nice to be able to change our pets around should need be instead of having to head back to a city to go to the stable master on a whim.

If you are running marks or survival and happen to have an exotic pet in your fav 5 it will not be called when you use stampede.  If you are like me and like to leave a space open you will not be using the cooldown to the best of its ability by calling only four pets.  If you are a beast master with a marks or survival off spec you might have some exotics and some normal pets where you would rather all exotics to use the cooldown to the best of its ability.

Lets say you just left the raid and are flying back home and doing some gathering or questing or whatever and run across a rare spawn you want.. What are you going to do?  Abandon a pet and tame it I guess.  If you where just raiding you have your fav 5 with you so if you want that want that pet then saying goodbye to one in your five is the only option. 

Sure, taming them is easy enough being they are your level now when you tame them.  Sure, there will be no specs for pets that you have to worry about respecing them.  But that does not change the fact that if you are a hunter you get attached to your pets and don't want to kick one out of their home and let them loose.  Or what if you only have rare tames as some hunters do?  Wouldn't it just be nice to be able to call stable master and put one away so you do not need to get rid of it?  I think so.

What if that same thing happens and you happen to be a beast master with one hell of a spirit beast collection?  Are you really going to ditch a spirit beast to get another exotic?  I think not, they are hard enough to get but to abandon one so you can get another should not be a decision we need to make.

Most people kept that one empty space for that very reason but having an ability that we need all five on us will mean if we are serious about our maximum DPS we will need to have all five which means no free spaces.

Being having five pets at the ready, and those five pets being the appropriate ones for you, is important again then having access to our stable even when on the road is something we once again need.  Just like we needed it when we could only have one with us.

Blizzard knows that having some access to changing pets is important to hunters, that is why the ability was originally there.  They also know when we could carry a few around that was no longer needed because we could only use one pet at a time anyway. 

They should understand that being we are going to be using all five at once now we are now in the same boat we were when we only could carry one.  We need to be able to switch them around on the fly, even if it is only once ever half an hour just like it used to be.

So I would like to see the hunter community step up and ask for this ability back.  It is not much to ask for.  It is not game breaking, it is just a quality of life thing.  It is something we already had in the game so it is safe to say the coding for it is already in the game, they would just need to reactivate it.

The hunter community has won a few good battles these past weeks when it comes to things on the beta, lets try and win this one too.

We want call stable master blizzard.



  1. I agree! I don't see why we can't just access our entire stable the way we do our mounts. Stablemasters should be obsolete. I definitely like the idea of the five active slots but having to visit an NPC to change active pets just feels wrong. Their our pets so we should have access to our own stable all the time not through an NPC.

  2. Totally agree! This is my main complaint with Stampede. I usually leave a slot open in case I run across an interesting beast to tame so I can't call 5 pets whenever I want to.

    Mine are usually:
    Devilsaur (raid/dungeon; commonly missing crit buff for some reason)
    Spirit beast (dailies/looking cool)
    Silithid (pvp)
    Turtle (pet tanking/soloing)
    Empty slot (potential new pet)

    I'll hit the stablemaster before a raid or a bg but the stablemasters aren't everywhere. Also, having to go back to town to swap pets in the middle of a raid because your raid comp just changed and you are missing a buff is a pain in the ass.