Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- This Monday I got back to getting a new mount to mention in random thoughts.

- The raven lord is mine, finally.

- I am running out of things I can do for a nice an easy daily run.

- I am starting to wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

- While I hate running something all the time and never getting anything there is the other side of the coin, having nothing to run.

- Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

- Did a fun run of ICC heroic with a bunch of people that had never done it before, not even on normal.

- It is amazing how many people still wipe on LK because of shadow traps.

- This was an all guild group, they did not wipe to shadow traps once.

- My guild is weird.

- Give them something like shadow traps where the average player has problems and they do it like they have seen it a billion times.

- Give them something simple that anyone can do, and they wipe.

- Not kidding, they are awesome at the hard stuff and seem to miss the easy stuff sometimes.

- At least it makes things interesting.

- So we got some people that have never been there the achievement.

- I don't mind that the older content is easier, it will always fun to get people that have never been there the achievement.

- There is one problem with getting people that have never been some place the achievements, at least in ulduar.

- Some of the hard modes you get them for the meta keep you from getting other achievements.

- I need to get the other achievements for me.

- Maybe it is time I make a run for secondary achievements instead of making one that gets new people that hard modes.

- The amazing part is that some bosses you still can not ignore mechanics on.

- We wiped once on professor because no one switched to slimes.

- Have to love design like that.

- I told them switch to slimes and it was no problem.

- I really do love mechanics like that, the ones you can not out gear.  Like shadow traps.

- That is just good design.

- Ever notice how many groups still wipe on the twins in AQ.

- Being how over powered DPS can be now you can kill them without keeping them apart, we four manned it that way last week, but back at 80 it killed pugs.

- I've seen it kill a few pugs at 85 too.

- Some mechanics are awesome, others really suck.

- Soloed some of naxx for fun and speaking of mechanics, some of them still hurt solo, a lot.

- My poor turtle will have nightmares of patchwork for sure.

- He died a few times before I figured out the timing.

- Have to love feign death, at least I did not die.

- I do need to send his shell out to the body shop however.

- Patch really laid the smack down on him.

- For me the best part of soloing is figuring it out.  How to get around that one something, like I did on patch.

- The worst part of soloing is trying to figure it out and not being able to because it is impossible.  It all becomes wasted time when you can never do it anyway.

- Speaking of wasting time, I am sick of wasting time trying to catch old crafty.

- You ever get the feeling something just hates you.

- I think I have caught old ironjaw 7 times in the same amount of time I have spent trying to catch old crafty once.

- It is funny fishing in an opposing city however.

- There are so many different types of people.

- My favorites are the ones that like to have fun.

- The ones that will come fish with you.

- Saw them, saw the ones that just notice and walk by, saw the ones that attack me.

- The ones that attack have a whole sub set too.

- The kill you once and move on, the try to camp type, the die and keep dying type.

- I had one hunter try to kill me and I had to wonder, what is he shooting me with, feathers?

- I usually just stand there and let them kill me but this guy would have taken all day.

- I killed him after seeing my life move almost nowhere after about 10 or 12 seconds.

- He came back a few times, I killed him a few times.

- Finally he killed me, but it was not him.

- Somehow he got a guard involved, and the guard killed me.

- Got durability loss, that is how I can be sure.

- He stopped trying after that, guess he felt good about himself.

- One word about PvP for that guy.

- If you can not kill a hunter with no pet out, that is letting you attack him, with a fishing hat and pole equip, give up on the PvP.

- Please.

- You wasted your time and mine.

- Some people are just not to bright.

- But credit where credit is due, after he died a few times he figured out how to get a guard to come to me.

- Nice trick, I have to figure out how he did it.

- Then again, I really do not care.

- If I see a horde fishing in ironforge I usually hang out with him and wish him luck.

- I only kill attackers, not achievement hunters.

- I think of it as I am an achievement hunter myself, we are brothers under the skin, no matter what faction we are part of.

- Have a great day all.


  1. Bwahahahahahaha, I'd have immediately checked the failed ganking hunter's Armory page for a couple extra laughs. :)

    1. It did not even occur to me to do that. I just wanted to get my fish and get out of there.

      I'm guessing he had to be a fresh 85 to be doing that little damage on someone that was not even fully geared and the gear I did have on was not even PvP gear.