Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- No new mount this Monday, the trend has been broken.

- I did happen to finish off a few achievements however this weekend.

- The one that didn't get away finally didn't get away.

- So that gave me accomplished angler as well in the process leaving only old crafty as the sole achievement in professions that I do not have.

- I also killed loque to finish off frostbitten, which means bloody rare is the only achievement in exploration left for me.

- Three more rares needed for that one.

- It was sad having to kill loque, the first spirit beast I have ever seen even leveling at least 20 different characters in that zone over the years.

- Even after farming in that area countless hours on my miners, skinner and herbalists.

- I had never seen a spirit beast until that.

- And I killed him.

- Makes you want to cry doesn't it?

- Any hunter would understand my pain there.  It was a sad day for me having to kill him but a good day to finally knock out another achievement.

- Makes you wonder how they judge points on achievements.

- You get 10 point just for hitting level 85.  Something that is going to happen anyway without even trying.

- You only get 25 for frostbitten, something that take time and effort to do.

- Doesn't seem logical to me.

- Then again, nothing blizzard ever does seems logical to me.

- Take a look at what they are doing to poor healers in mists.

- We are in for cataclysm part 2, a world where all the healers disappeared.

- Why does blizzard keep piling on all the hate on to healers and making their lives hell?

- I guess it will be a good 4 months before I can start raiding in mists, just like it was in cataclysm, because there were no healers to be found anywhere in the game.

- Looks like mists is going to end up being worse then cataclysm in terms of the hell starting healers will need to go through.

- And here I was thinking nothing could have ever been worse than cataclysm healing before you where geared.

- The beginning dungeons, even nerfed, are still not capable of being healed by a 329 item level healer that is just learning.

- A pro, maybe with a good group, but a beginner?  Hell no.

- A beginner with a random group all in 329 item level gear?  You have a better chance of hitting the lottery.

- Hell, you have a better chance of hitting the lottery without even buying a ticket than you have of healing that dungeon with any chance of success.

- And blizzard wants to make it worse this pass around.

- Healers of the wow world, you have my utmost sympathy.

- Maybe you should take the hint.

- Blizzard doesn't want you playing the game.

- If they did, they would not put all the pressure on the healers at the beginning of every expansion.

- Blizzard does not want people playing healers.

- But they do what you buying gold from the gold sellers.

- They would not be starting up the new black market if they did not want you buying gold from the gold sellers.

- A gold sink is one thing, offering you things that you can not get in game any more, or things that are super rare drops for gold, is a way of saying, we want you to have gold to spend, so go buy some now.

- Funny that this comes from a company that keep saying they want us out in the world more while they are giving us more reasons not to go out in the world.

- If I can buy the ashes mount then why go out in the world each week to try and get it.

- Blizzards new policy, "Stay in your home town and buy gold to get everything you want."

- Message received blizzard.  But I don't like it.

- I guess I'll have to start looking for what I consider the safest place to buy gold from.

- Blizzard basically just told me too.

- They said, stop wasting your time on a 1% drop grumpy, just buy it from the black market.

- They said, stop going out in the world to do things grumpy, stay in stormwind and we will sell it to you.

- More and more this game is feeling like it is not my game any more.

- I'm holding on, but not sure how much more of their bull shit and double talk I can take.

- Mark my words, the black market is going to make the gold sellers extremely popular.

- Heck, for someone like me that never bought any, I am considering it now.

- Even if I can make 10K gold per hour in game, I could make 50K gold per hour buying it and just working an extra hour at work.

- If time is money, my time is better spent working and buying gold than playing and earning gold.

- Keep it up blizzard and you just might convince me to buy gold.

- That is if they can convince me to keep playing with all this crap they are doing.

- And about those new achievements I got, it put me in the top 2.8% of all people playing the game achievement wise.

- Once shared achievements come I wonder what that will look like?

- I have 17 level 85s at the moment and countless other characters.

- I am sure many achievement whores have numbers like that.

- So getting all those achievement will become lesser of an achievement.

- Me having 1 character pushing 12K is an achievement in its own.

- Me having 18 doing the same thing is nothing special.

- Nice way to kill the value of achievements if you ask me.

- What is next?  Giving us an achievement for logging in?

- Don't forget to get your achievement for logging in.

- Or your achievement for walking 10 steps.

- Heck, I'll even give you an achievement for reading this post.

- You have earned the achievement [Wasted a few minutes on some random thoughts].

- Tune in tomorrow for more achievements.

- Have a great day.



    /unblogfollows least his cloak is nice for Transmog.

    1. It was the most horrible thing I ever had to do as a hunter. :(

      At least they do not drop the thing they drop in cataclysm. The thing that says all they ever wanted to be was a loving companion.

      That has to tug at the heartstrings of ever hunter out there, it is so sad.

  2. i was told that killing a hunters tamed loque pet also counts as an achievement, never tried it though :P