Friday, January 6, 2012

My LFR Loot Rules

It seems in the looking for raid it is the wild wild west.  Anything people can hit need on they do.  If they do need it they need it.  If they don't need it, they need it.  If they have two of them, they need it.  If it is for a spec they never used, they need it.  If the dice are there, it is fair game, they need it.  At least that is the way most make it seem and it sure as hell seems that way in ever one I have been in.

Not me.  I have a simple set of rules I go by when I am in the looking for raid and perhaps it is the reason for my bad luck winning anything.  The saying goes, nice guys finish last.

-If it is an upgrade that I will gem and enchant as soon as the run is over, I need on it.
-If it is a side grade I would seriously consider using, I need on it.
-If it a tier piece that I have a non tier piece in that position even if the non tier is higher, I need on it.

-If I would use it as soon as I left but for my offspec, I greed on it.
-If I have a tier piece already but need another for offspec, I greed on it.
-If I could use it but it is not a clear upgrade or side grade, I greed on it.
-No matter what, if it is not specifically designed for the role and spec I am currently in, I greed on it.

-I do not need on anything just to have as a trading piece.
-I do not need on anything just to give it to a guild mate.
-I do not need on anything just for the sake of needing on it.

If only other people would live by the same loot rules then LFR would be a better place to get loot.  Maybe it is just me but I think of it as needing on something for any reason other then actually needing to use it in your current spec is wrong and unfair to other people.

I know I can not change people but sometimes I wonder about it.  How long until I give up and join their ranks?  You can only play the good guy so long before you have to admit you will never win and join the bad guys.

I don't see me joining their ranks any time soon.  It would not suit me well as a person.  I won a pair of shoulders on my priest the other day and was happy to get something but upset when I found out I already had them.  That is a problem with running so many characters, you make mistakes like that sometimes.

I had already left the group, so I could not give it to anyone else.

I opened a ticket and asked if the GM could give it to the person with the next highest roll because I did not need it and I felt bad for taking an item that someone else might have actually have needed it.

Maybe that is why I will never join their ranks.  I actually feel bad about taking loot from someone, even when it was an honest mistake.  I'll let you know the outcome when the GM gets back to me... in 4 - 6 days.

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  1. I did need for off-spec as well the few times I used LFR, because I figured that's what they implemented the role bonus for - so that everyone who can use an item can need, but the people who would actually use it for their main spec still get priority. Of course then I found out that the role bonus is still quite dodgy, feral druids getting it for caster leather and such...