Friday, January 13, 2012

How Far Do You Let It Slide?

I mentioned in my previous post about seeing people without gems in randoms, dungeons and raids, and saying that there really is no excuse for not having at least gems in.  While I do agree with my own statement that there really is no excuse there are many situations where I would say... Let it slide.

We all have our own proverbial line in the sand with things like that.  Where exactly do you draw your lines?

Gems, enchants, reforged.
None in a heroic, do you let it slide?
None in the raid finder, do you let it slide?
None in a guild raid, do you let it slide?

DPS checks.
Under 8K in a normal heroic, do you let it slide?
Under 12K in a HoT with its 353 minimum level to get in, do you let it slide?
Under 18K in the raid finder, do you let it slide?

Healing checks.
5K HPS in a dungeon, do you let it slide?
8K HPS in a raid, do you let it slide?

PvP gear.
To get past the initial level to get into heroics, do you let it slide?
To squeeze into the new HoTs, do you let it slide?
In the raid finder, do you let it slide?

Things like that.  They are usually markers.  When do you let it slide, when is it something that is unforgivable coming from someone that is trying to pass themselves off as a good player or at least a player capable for that level of content.

I don't believe there is a clear cut answer for me. 

I have no issues going into dragon soul and pulling a 12K DPS along with us for the first four bosses.  You can say, I let it slide.  We hit the 5th boss and I can no longer just let it slide.

It is not the 12K where I draw my line.  It is more when the 12K becomes an obstacle in and of itself that I draw the line.

I've carried my fair share of 3K warriors and 1.5K locks through the new HoT heroics and let it slide.  I did not let it slide because I am a nice guy.  I did not let it slide because I wanted to help them and thought that maybe if they could only get some gear they would get better because lets face it, if you can only pull 3K at a 353 item level the gear is not going to help you, the only help there is for you is actively trying to learn your class.

I let is slide because the people did not hinder me in any way, shape or form from completing the task at hand. 

I think that is where my own line is the sand is.  It is a very simple to define line.  Success / Failure.

No gems and success?  I let it slide.
No gems and failure? Different story isn't it...

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  1. So far this tier has been pretty forgiving but it might create a lot of lazy people.

    This week I experienced it first hand when people have done DS normal on their main, but now want their very under-geared alt to be carried through in pugs.

    I think if you go into a raid you should at least be gemmed and enchanted. I guess it is back to having to inspect people before you let them join your group.

    Heroics are hit and miss for me, it seems that it is related to time of the day too... I tried heroics (not the new ones) during Sunday morning and it was almost a complete waste of time.