Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Healing: To be Reposted Tomorrow

Due to Shintar pointing out that I was doing my math all wrong I figured I will restart this post again tomorrow and correct my wrong numbers.

Thanks for pointing that out.  It does change what I said about raw numbers (they are not as bad as I thought they where) but does not change the concept of the post, which will return tomorrow.


  1. Erm, the Healing Done statistic in Recount is the effective healing and overhealing isn't included. So the guy who does 25k HPS with 50% overhealing is actually doing 50k HPS, not 12.5k.

    Also, as far as I'm aware, classes with absorbs are always going to be lower on the overhealing because a shield that doesn't actually get used doesn't count as "over-shielding".

    Kind of ironic in an article about how healers don't know how to read the numbers. :P

    That said, I don't disagree with the basic premise that people can be incredibly stupid about healing meters.

  2. Are you sure about that number because from looking at the numbers the HPS is based on "total healing" which includes all over heals as they are still heals and that is what it counts.

    The only thing I have noticed it does not include is absorbs. Being it includes over heals you need to minus the over heal number from it, not add to it. So 12.5K is correct.

    I could very well be wrong or there might be a setting I do not know about but that has always been the way I used it and it is the way it was originally taught to me way back when and it is the only thing that makes sense.

    Test it out, start a small fight and throw a heal on someone. Say your heal is 20K and they only needed 2K your total healing (by number) will be 20K and your over healing would be 18K. This means your effective healing is in fact 2K, not 20K.

    My priest usually has insanely low over healing because of absorbs, like you said. It is the easiest to manage over healing with.

    The only class I have ever had over healing issues with is a druid but I have not healed on a druid in ages. I like tanking better. I think that has to do more with HoTs ticking that are not actually needed.

  3. @Shintar, doesn't recount also count absorbs? (I use Skada so I'm not sure. Skada "Healing done" mode doesn't but it has "Absorbs and healing" as well.)

    @Grumpy, in my opinion, overhealing doesn't matter (either way, it's neither good not bad). If I want to know how well I healed, I check whether I was able to heal my targets through the damage they are supposed to take and the damage they are not and help other healers with their targets, all of that without running out of mana. Overhealing is not considered.

    Of course, if I want to know how to do better, I look at overhealing too. But not before I establish I was not good enough for what I want.

  4. @Shintar

    I checked out what you said and you are in fact correct. Sorry, I was doing the math wrong. I was supposed to add over healing and take percentage and not minus over healing.

    At least I can admit when I am wrong. :P

  5. I did actually test it out in game to be sure and it is as I said. Engage a random boar in combat and spam heals on myself. Results: Healing Done - 10 (or whatever minimal amount of damage the boar managed to get on me), Overhealing Done - 100-odd k. Maybe it is a setting that can be changed somewhere, but it's always been this way for me. Likewise you can set it to include absorbs under Healing Done, again something that I've had turned on ever since it became available.

    EDIT: Just saw responses, and don't feel bad, Grumpy! :)

    @Imakulata: Yeah, like I said above, it does include absorbs, but as far as I'm aware there's nothing that tracks shields that didn't result in any absorbs and were thus wasted.

  6. @Imakulata

    I look at over healing as wasted mana and whenever I run into a mana issue the first place I go is to try and cut down on my over healing.

    All healing numbers should be used as tools to help you streamline your ability and should never be used as absolute who is better type numbers.

    I usually tell people to ask 2 questions.

    1) Is the boss dead?
    2) Is everyone else alive?

    If the answer to both those questions is yes then you did a fine job healing.

    If either of those is no, then maybe you can figure out what you are doing wrong by looking at the numbers.

  7. A third question of pertinence for healers is "did I run out of mana?" and if so, a fourth question will be: how did that affect my healing at the end of the fight.

    Anon, Grumpy's GL and a way long time healer to the point I am sick of doing it.

  8. @Shintar: World of logs gives overhealing values for absorbs. (The buff gain/loss reports how much health is left on the spell too if you check the log browser.)

    @Grumpy Elf: I agree.

  9. I put up an updated one, without the math I messed up.

    Gets the point across the same as before I hope but without the incorrect math.