Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Mallet of Zul'Farrak and Other Goodies

I was looking through my bank bags and found I still had this baby sitting around.  Not sure why I kept it but after looking at it and some of the other things I had in my bag I remembered why I still have it.  The memory of the hell it was to get.  Yeap, that is all.  I kept it for the memory.

As my main is a hunter and this happens to be the only type of weapon in game that is not a hunter weapon, meaning a mace of any type, it seems funny even more so that I kept it.

I asked myself, why save it?  I would still have the memory of getting it even if I did not have it.  The difference is, if I did not have it I would have not just taken a trip down memory lane.

It was quite a trek through Jintha'Alor to get to make it.  I spent more time there than it was worth and when I finally did make the mallet I had to deal with the not so exciting prospect of working my way back out of there.  I was still a new player so the concept of using my hearthstone to get out never occurred to me.  From the perspective of time and stress it might have been easier for me to just do that and take the flight back to the Hinterlands to turn in my quests later.

I remember the day I did it too, not really vividly but enough that I can enjoy the memory.  I knew where I was heading to while doing it and I knew I was close.  I had looked it up on throttbot because I was lost.  I also knew I had to head off soon because it was late.  It was probably the first time I ever stayed on just to complete a quest.

Since then I have done it a few times but it is usually a matter of staying on for an extra 5 or 10 minutes.  At worst maybe 20.  I wish that where the case back then.  By the time I finished it and made my way out of there, which included a few deaths that I used to my advantage respawning further down, it was an hour and 45 minutes after my intended log off time.

The funny thing is, it was fun.  The hard trek up, the seemingly harder trek down, the extended time playing, the deaths, everything that would seem like it should have annoyed me, it should have stressed me out, it didn't.  I actually felt as if I really completed something special.

In the end it was something just to lay in my bank and sit there forever, but it sure felt good and the memory of doing it does still bring a smile to my face.  I guess that is why I can not throw it away.  It triggers a memory that I enjoy remembering.

I have a few things in my bank that I have to wonder why I keep.  Some I know I can throw away and others I keep thinking maybe some day I will need it.  Others, like the mallet, I keep just because I can't bring myself to throw it away.

I still have a few Gurubashi Mojo Madness in my bags, doubt they will ever be useful again and I am still debating if I should ditch them or not.  I also still have two of the quest item you needed to collect from all four edge of madness bosses in ZG.  The one from Hazza'rah and the one from Renataki I believe. I am nearly certain these things will be of no use ever again but being they are still green items I am not throwing them away even if I think it would be safe to ditch them.  Why can't they just change them to grey and help me make my decision here?

I have all the hunter tagged gear from ZG as well and I feel as if I can never throw them away being there is no way to ever replace them.  I would not wear them, would not transmog them, but I just can not bring myself to discard them either way.

I have a few goodies that I held on to from the quest line for the Scepter of the Shifting Sands, which I still believe is the single best large scale quest line ever made.  I had taken the Ravencrest's Legacy sword item and held on to it because it looks damn cool.  Being no self respecting hunter would ever use a one handed weapon nowadays, and even more so a sword, I can not use it for trasnmog but as hunters are no longer going to use melee weapons at all in MoP but we can still equip them for imagery purposes, this might actually be something I equip.  Not transmog, actually equip, now that would be cool.

I learned the Drige's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops recipe but I still have the stack of 20 that came with it and for some reason can't throw it away.  I guess even more so now that you can no longer get the things needed to make them any more.  It is like a piece of history there, useless as it may be.

I also kept hold of the Band of Icy Depths because it allows underwater breathing when equip which is a nice thing to have but I use my fishing pole for that.  This one might find its way to a vendor soon being, as I mentioned, hunters will not be using melee weapons any more, I could effectively leave my underwater breathing fishing pole on all the time with no loss in stats or ability.  The good thing is it sells for over 82 gold.  Pretty sweet for a quest reward huh?

Of course, like any good hunter, I still have all my hunter epic quest line related items.  I even have another copy of the Ancient Petrified Leaf with the quest unstarted.  I have Lok'Delar, Stave of the Ancient Keepers, Rhok'Delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers and the Anciet Sinew Wrapped Lamina which is now a 24 slot bag instead of an ammo bag. 

Where the Scepter was the greatest large scale quest ever this was the best solo quest ever.  The saddest part of the loss of this quest is that it was like a right of passage for a hunter, even if you did it at 80 it felt like you where now a real hunter and you had the gear to prove it. 

I still do not understand why it was removed.  Sure it would be a push over for an 85 hunter to do but it was still very much a part of history in the game that should never be thrown away for no reason.  Having those items is a gimme, they will never be thrown away, but having them sit around and remind me also brings a little bit of sadness knowing that none of the other hunters I ever level will be able to do the quest line.

I still have all the items from the quests in AQ40 but it is actually safe for me to get rid of them being when Cataclysm came out all the quests there reappeared to me.  So that means I can always get them again if I wanted to get rid of the ones I have now.  But I don't.  I still hold on to them like the true junk collector I am.

Junk as it may be, the Mallet of Zul'Farrak and the other goodies are things I can not bring myself to get rid of.  Void storage helped me with some stuff, but not enough, I still need more bag space.  Lots more bag space.


  1. The Sceptre of the Shifting Sands... :D
    Eternal Quintessence (Ah MC, how we love you still)
    Tea with Sugar!

    Too much good stuff with associated great memories that will never be deleted!

  2. The memory of the hell it was to get. Yeap, that is all. I kept it for the memory.
    So many thoughts being expressed in this simple collection of sentences. I subscribe to every one.
    Thank you for this post.