Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- I like the new minor buffs being announced for hunters.

- Hawk adding an additional 35% attack power is nice.  But... we still have to aspect dance sometimes and will lose it if we do.

- No other class has to worry that such a huge amount of their attack power disappears when they are forced to attack on the move.

- Hey, at least it is easy to attack on the move, not like the old days.

- The change to black arrow looks nice too and means that without a doubt survival will be taking a huge lead in DPS for the three hunter specs and make an easy spec even easier.

- It was a toss up on which spec you would choose before because they where well balanced.  A skilled marksman would be able to keep up blow for blow with a survival hunter.

- Notice I did not use the term skilled when talking survival hunter?

- Survival is just so much more forgiving of a rotation and if you make some mistakes by a half second here and there it will not destroy your DPS.

- Trying screwing up MM by a half second here and there and see what happens to your DPS.

- That is why I think MM should always be the number 1 spec for hunters.  It is the only one that really takes timing to get the most out of it, why not reward the players that play correct with the best results?

- Either way, looks like I am survival again for the rest of the expansion.

- At least I am still a hunter.

- Thinking of finishing off my Orc hunter, have not even played him this expansion yet.  Get yet another hunter to 85.

- He was my first horde hunter.  Barely played but still loved.

- Got another DK to 85.

- Was sitting at 83 forever it seems but I figured what the hell let me level it.

- 83-85, less then 4 hours.  2 levels, the last 2, in no time flat.

- Sure I had rested but seriously.

- And they tried to tell us that leveling the 5 levels would be the same as leveling 10 was time wise.  I guess blizzard really does think people are stupid and would not notice.

- My priest finally won a piece in LFR.

- You would not believe how excited I was to win something.

- With all the characters I run through there each week you would think I would win more them one thing every once in a while.

- I went three weeks in a row on my main hunter without even seeing a need roll light up.

- You heard that right.  8 bosses all dropping loot for three weeks and nothing even lit up with a need button.

- 8 (bosses) x 3 (weeks) x 4 (items per) =  96 chances to roll and not once did the need button light up.

- The odds of that have to be insane.

- I don't mind losing a roll, that is part of the game, luck, but not even having one thing to roll on in three weeks flat out sucks.

- Damn you random gods.

- My plate tanks have never seen even one piece of plate drop that was for tanking.  Yes, not once since LFR was introduced.

- My bear saw the trinket once and won it because the other tank had it already.

- My bear at least gets to roll, but loses out to all the DPS because I do not get a tank bonus as my tank gear is the same as their DPS gear.

- My bear feels unloved.  My bear needs a hug.

- If you go to hug the bear I suggest you not be the one that won it if you value your limbs.

- My shaman got lucky, won 3 pieces when it first came out.  Since then, those are the only three pieces I ever see drop.

- At least on my healers the healer mace always drops off the last boss.

- I never win it.

- Three times in two weeks the healer that won it already had it.

- There is something wrong here.

- It is not like a tier piece.  I can see winning a tier piece if you already have one.  For your other spec of course but no one needs two of the same healing maces.

- I so want to dual wield those babies on my healers.

- Why can't healers dual wield?

-  It is not like they are swinging them or anything, weapons on healers are for decoration purposes only.

- And that is why I am so excited about my priest getting a helm.  I finally won something, it is exciting.

- I just found out you can not transmog into different types of gear.

- I knew a mace needed to be a mace, but plate armor needs to be plate armor too.

- There goes my idea of tanking in a dress, on my male warrior.

- That would have been so funny.

- A burly dwarf with a huge beard tanking in a dress, or even better, in something that looks like fishnet stockings.

- I guess that points out the idea blizzard said, they do not want people doing silly things.

- Darn, silly sometimes can be fun.

- But I get their point.  It would be funny seeing it once, maybe twice, but it would be annoying seeing it all the time.

- I want to dress up all my characters like people from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

- Was going to make my dwarf warrior Dr. Frank-n-futer even if he would make a much better Eddie.

- My draenei shaman would be Columbia no doubt.  My undead deathknight would make for a good megenta.  My gnome mage or troll shaman, riff raff for sure.

- I had it all planned in my mind and then I found out that my warrior can not transmog into the black mageweave set.

- I was upset on many levels.

- I am sure my dwarf let out a sigh of relief.

- It showed me how horribly designed the transmog feature really is.

- They should have just added an appearance tab.

- If nothing was set it would show what you are wearing.  If something was on the appearance tab it would show that instead or you could choose from the appearance tab if you did not want that slot to show at all.

- This would in effect be a way to hide cape, helm, shoulders, etc for those that do not want to trasnmog but would rather just hide certain things.

- It would also mean no more limitations to transmog and I can torture my dwarf by making him tank in a black mageweave set.

- Good decisions are not always blizzards strong points.

- But for what it is worth, I can still make sure my dwarf always wears his engineer goggles, so I am happy.

- That is the only thing I have used transmog for thus far.

- But I will continue my quest to make the cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

- I think I'll make a male night elf mage into doctor frank.  I could do a blood elf one but the blood elf male dressed like that would actually look female and that would defeat the purpose wouldn't it?

- The things we do for fun amaze me.

- That is one of the great things about the game, there are always things we can do.

- Even when they serve no real purpose.

- With that in mind I am going to try to find some nice items to trasnmogs my people into the cast.

- Have a great day.


  1. It's "losing" not "loosing." Don't even think that word is used. Most common one that is close is "loosening."

  2. Edited.

    That is the problem with spell check, does not notice when you use a correct word that happens to be the wrong word.

    Loosing is a word, so it does not show up as an error.

    I looked it up to see why the spell check did not show me it was wrong.

  3. While we're on the subject:

    "- I've never win it."

    So you are aware, there ARE plate dresses. I'm at work so I can't suggest any in particular. As is usually the case, I recommend MogIt for gear. Let's you see it and tells you where to get it.

    Just tryin' to help. :)

  4. What is with everyone picking on typos today. Bored? I make tons of them, if you are going to try to keep track you are going to be really busy.

    I know there are some dresses, even saw a thread on the official forms about plate bikinis. I would have to search to find something that might be suitable for what I want. Not sure if you know the person I am saying I want to make him look like but I might be hard pressed to find something in plate that fits that.

  5. Its because your posts are difficult to disagree with, people have to find something to nitpick about.

  6. My spelling and grammar are horrible. I will keep them really busy. :)

  7. It really isn't that your spelling is horrible, so much as your fingers fly through the words and correctly spell the wrong word that comes close to the right word, such as where instead of were. Both spelled correctly but a tad bit jarring in substitution. Oh well, this is the 'net and no one spells all that well here anyway. Heck even proofreading over and over is no sure thing on finding words that are spelled correctly but are misused in place of other words. I know, for I am surely guilty of such myself and quite frequently I might add.

    Anon, Grumpy's GL