Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two Changes I Would Like To See

Its been over a week since I logged on for any reason other then a scheduled raid.  I no longer log on to do dungeons, not worth the effort.  I do not care about gearing other characters, not worth the effort.  I don't log on looking for pugs, not worth the effort.  I do not feel the desire to do dailies, not worth the effort.

There are two simple changes that could be made to the game that would give me something to do again.  Make me want to log in again.  Make me actually feel like I enjoy this game again.

You might agree, you might disagree, but I would love to see both done and done now.  Not when 4.3 comes.  Now.

10 & 25 Man Lockouts:

Give us back two lockouts but with the way it is now where we can have people do two bosses in one raid and still join us for the third even if they did not down the two with us.  It would just be for 10s and for 25s instead of one for everything.  Plain and simple. 

It can't be that hard to implement.  We had it before.  I think one of the biggest reasons for the lack of pugs on my server is not the fact that the raids are a little more challenging it is the fact that everyone is saving their lockouts for their guild and being you only have one that means you can't pug.

If you are in a 10 man guild you will pug 25s.  If you are in a 25 man guild you will pug 10s.  This means that for ever person that likes to raid there is a chance for them to pug.  Take my three main characters at the moment.  My Hunter, my Shaman and my Warrior.  A damage dealer, a healer and a tank.  All three are tied up to guild raids because I never know which one I will need to go on.  This means no pugging for me unless I know we are not doing that raid this week.  If there were different lockouts I could pug on all three without worry about if they are needed for the raids that week.

Want to bring pugging back to the game in a big way?  Bring back separate lock outs.  Not really a hard fix if you ask me.

Group All Heroics:

What got me to the point of burn out where the trolls.  I got so sick of them I just can not do it any more.  They did not only turn me off of heroics, they turned me off of the whole game, to the point where I actually thought of letting my sub expire until the next patch and I probably would have if not for the fact I feel I would be letting down my guild if I did and I would feel guilty about it.  That is why I only log on for raids.  If not for that I would not log on at all.

Make all heroics part of the same group.  Make them all offer 140.  Just do not throw people in the troll ones if they are not geared enough for it.  If they are then they will be part of a much larger group to be randomed with.  Lets face it, there is nothing random about getting ZG after ZA because you will always get ZG after ZA.

I could add some more things that I think would help but these are the two things that really need to get done.  I am sure I am not the only one that would love to see both these things changed but I know that I am talking about them from my own selfish perspective.  I want them for me. 


  1. You make two very good points.

    Server Lockouts: as I don't do 25 and we're only Casual 10's I can only imagine what a pain in the arse it must be to be in your position. Sadly I suspect you are considered as a minority in Blizzard's eyes. I don't see how putting in a Looking for Raid interface will help, but reverting the lockout would make sense.

    The Heroic thing is something I'm hearing more and more people complain about and I would suspect we will have to wait until 4.3 for any change, when I'd bet we'll see ZA/ZG downgraded to 70 VP's and the 'new' threesome stuck as top tier.

    I would offer *hugs* for your situation but I know that can be dangerous with Grumpy Elves ^^

  2. It is only hard for me because I have to tie up 3 geared players for my guild. If I only had to worry about one I could pug with the other two.

    That only leads to the no pugs on my server problem. All the better players are tied to guild groups so when there is a pug on my server it is usually not all that great.

    I can see the Zuls becoming 70 and then we do the three new ones for 140. I'd be willing to wager that is what they will do. I just wish I did not have to wait.

    Hugging grumpy elves is not dangerous but you can expect to be hearing an elf grumble under their breathe and maybe an eye roll or two.

    Grumpy Gnomes are the ones you need to look out for. They usually have explosives attached to themselves that could go off.

  3. It's odd how very often the things that Blizzard conceived to be "imporvements" for the game, turned out to be the exact opposite for their player base...

    I would certainly also call the loss of instance progression among them.

  4. The joint raid lockouts were put in place to help slow down raiding burnout, a very common situation the last 6 months of wrath. Forums from the time are bursting at the seams with people talking about being sick of feeling they had to run raids several times a week to be geared. It was probably a good idea to throttle the raid numbers being run each lockout. I'm sure it made sence at the time.

    Now a lot of people don't get to raid at all, for the exact reasons you've listed, besides it possibly being too hard for some despite nerfs and people saving a lockout for guild run, if it happens or not. Sometimes you don't know how good you've got it until it's gone. In hindsight...Wrath was probably my favourite expantion.

    I've been though a peroid of 'I've got nothing to do' with this game which co-incided with being dejected over a series of truly fantiscal ass-hattery behaviour in pugs. The way I got over it was to reduce the gaming experaince to what I enjoyed about it in the first place - exploring and questing. Took my hunter and a ground mount and just went questing in mid level zones for a few weeks, no instances, no raids. Helping low levels though zones that were too high for them. I bought cheap greens from the AH and donated them to unguilded lvl ten players wearing white gear. Nothing extravagant, just a pair of gloves here, and 10 slot bag there.

    Really brought back what this game ment. Plus, I sold the ore and random drops for a few thousand after a week of this :)