Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Random Thoughts

-  I am thinking about hunters only today it seems.

-  Maybe it is a sign I miss playing a little bit?

-  I think for boss fights the hunter minimum range should be removed.

-  I can accept that for PvP purposes if hunters had no minimum range it would mean playing a hunter gets much easier.

-  It would also mean beating a hunter would get much harder.

-  I think I can live with that.

-  Better than being a free kill.

-  I love seeing a hunter in PvP, even as another hunter it is a free kill.

-  All kidding aside, some boss fights are hell on hunters because of minimum range.

-  I learned that even more having four hunters in a raid the other day.

-  Thank god I was tanking and it was not five.

-  There were two other hunters online that where not in the raid but are raiders.

-  Where the hell did all these hunters come from?

-  You would figure with the way the world of hunters has been there would be less of them around and not more.

-  Perhaps people are finally starting to get the hang of focus.

-  Perhaps they are new hunters and focus is all they ever knew.

-  While I have started to really love focus there are still some fights where it sucks.

-  Kiting with focus is not exactly what I would call fun, or easy.

-  With mana I could kite from the north end of a continent to the south end and never lose a step.

-  Now I have to work at it.

-  The horror.

-  Going back to minimum range in PvP, I think I have the fix for hunters and that.

-  Leave range as is and give hunters back dragonhawk, the one that combined hawk and beast.

-  Come to think about it, bring back beast.

-  It would work better combining them if we had both of them first, don't you think?

-  Then let agility convert to dodge again like it used to.

-  There you go, just fixed hunters for PvP, some at least.

-  I know why they ditched beast and dragonhawk.

-  78% dodge at the end of wrath for me.

-  I could tank better than some tanks when I had my stamina gear on.

-  Yes, I had a full set of end game gear for raiding and another with all stamina gems and enchants.

-  And the two pieces of T5 of course.

-  It is almost always required for soloing old content, at least it was in wrath.

-  I would like to see an updated version of that gear but I doubt they would ever make something that powerful again for the soloing hunter.

-  With gear inflation the heal is just too huge as it is.

-  The drawback of it is that it has no stats on it because it is T5 and that is what makes it a difficult choice sometimes.

-  If the gear was updated with the same ability, it would be a given, not a choice.

-  Choice is what separates the good players with the bad ones.

-  Good players make good choices, bad players make bad choices.

-  Lets get back to minimum range.

-  There are a few fights where there is no minimum range issues with hunters so it can't be hard for them to code being they have already done it.

-  Now do that for all boss fights and we are set.

-  That's all for now, have a great day.

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