Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Random Thoughts

- My guild has gotten into the habit of doing TotFWs on Fridays in an effort to help gear some people up that are missing a few slots.

- 15 minutes in and out, 30 even if some people never heard of the fight.

- It is a nice way to get people their tier gear piece in less time and less effort then it takes to do a random dungeon.

- Only this Friday no tier piece dropped.

- We put in a ticket and the GM said that the tier piece is not a 100% drop.

- So we have been doing this every week to get people tier pieces and one always drops but suddenly it is not 100%.

- The GM said it is a 33% change drop.

- Holy crap then, my guild must have super luck when it comes to TotFWs.  This was the first time ever it did not drop.

- Not like I would ever win a roll anyway, I don't do well on rolls. 

- I am having a hell of a time getting shoulders for my hunter.

- Still wearing 353 shoulders.  I can't even get an offset drop.

- Got my T12 helm but can't get the damn shoulders for the life of me.

- Amazing part is I won the helm when there was another hunter in the party.

- Yes, I actually won a roll.

- It was such an unprecedented event that they held a parade in stormwind in honor of this super rare event.

- People threw confetti from their flying mounts.

- It was fun and exciting on many levels.

- Now if only I could get my shoulders.  Any shoulders.

- I really do hope that T13 brings some offset helms and shoulders for valor for people that are unlucky like me.

- Maybe if my hunter was a Gnome his luck would be better.

- Odd that Gnomes are the only race that can not be hunters.

- But it does make some sense in a way.

- With the Gnomes history of strapping bombs, lasers, and other electronic items of mayhem to creatures of all shapes and sizes they would probably blow their pets up sooner or later.

- It is not that Gnomes can't be hunters it is that the D.E.H.T.A. will not allow them to have pets.

- I've seen the posters hanging around stormwind.

- That little bunny scared for it's life running from a Gnome trying to strap something onto him, undoubtedly something that goes boom.

- The tag line is classic.  Animals should not explode, think of the creatures.

- With the fear in that bunnies eyes how can you not help to think of them.

- I want a t-shirt for my hunter that says, Save a Wolf, Tame a Gnome.

- Goblins are the same way but the difference is that the Horde don't give a crap about D.E.H.T.A. so they let the goblins have pets.

- See, I told you it makes sense why Gnomes can't have pets.

- If the Orcs ride worg shouldn't the Worgen mount be boars?

- I don't think Worgen hunters should be allowed to tame worgs.

- There is just something quite unsettling about that.

- Is he taming a pet... or a girlfriend?

- Not right on so many levels.

- I think when making an undead character you should be prompted to pick another race first and then your race is turned undead.

- That way we could have undeads of every race.

- Don't you think that seems more appropriate?

- Brewfest starts tomorrow which means there is finally a reason for me to log in on a non raid night.

- I am still trying to get the damn mounts on my main.

- Some of my other characters have them but not my main.

- Again, that hunter luck backfires on me.

- It will also be a pretty sweet way to get all those alts some nice new trinkets.

- For a main those trinkets seem quite underwhelming but for an alt that hit 85 and just sits there those trinkets seem quite spiffy.

- So I guess for Brewfest at least I am back to playing again.

- If I can get over the fact I have actually started to enjoy not playing WoW.

- Have a great day, see you next time.


  1. Thanks. Just before the newest nerfs too.

    Well, at least now it will be easier for the rest of the guild. Just happy I have been running more on my hunter than my tank the last three weeks.