Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Looking To Reroll But Can't

I am not sure if it would help me get out of my funk of boredom with the game but it is an option.

Since Cataclysm has come out I have made many new characters, most ended up deleted, some I still have.

The problem I have is with the (new) old world.  The questing changes have completely ruined the total experience of the game.  I hate it with such a passion that I can't bring myself to do it.

I only wish that Blizzard would allow us to start a new character at 60 if we already have one of the same class at 85 so I could skip the whole (new) old world.

The only thing that is keeping me from rerolling is the fact I know I would have to deal with that horrible questing again.  I don't do dungeons when leveling because I think that only takes more away from the experience but what experience is is now anyway?  Maybe I should consider it.

I would reroll and start completely over on a new server if it where not for the fact I have to actually level through the hell known as the old world.  If it were the old old world I would do it in a heartbeat.  I loved leveling before.  A true altaholic.  You do not end up with so many maxed characters without leveling through the old world.  I liked it so I did it often.  I don't like it now.

I wonder if Blizzard will ever offer an option like a head start.  If you have a class at 85 already you can pay 20 bucks or something and start a new character at 60 on a new server.  I would do that.

I love BC and Wrath questing.  It still goes by way to fast if you ask me but I like it.

I would probably have all 50 slots filled if they had a head start program.

I would love to reroll but I just can't handle doing the old world quests any more.

Maybe I will have to find something else to deal with the boredom.  I doubt Blizzard is going to scrap this whole new old world design so quickly which basically means I am stuck with what I have and will never be able to level another character unless I force myself to deal with the hell that is questing now.


  1. Ummm...level up in BGs until you reach Outlands? =D

  2. I did that on my priest back in the day when they used to have a daily BG quest. I liked doing it but not sure if I would want to do it again.

    Being it will be on a new server that would not be as much of an option. You make no money doing BGs.

    Nice option however, thanks.

  3. Hi! I didn't see an email. Would you email me at HydRAWR at gmail dot com.

  4. Why do you hate the questing experience? In my opinion it's a billion times better than the pointless grinds and fetch quests from before. There's actual interesting narratives, storylines and characters now.

  5. I could suggest an alternative.

    Why not try levelling using a combination of BG's and gathering. That way you can sell anything you pick up. If low level mats are worth as much on your (new) server as they are on mine, you could find yourself well set for gearing yourself when you make it to 60.

    Mining/Herbalism would be a decent combo to start with.

  6. @Rades

    I liked the old grind style. I liked leveling that felt like you where accomplishing something. Now it just feels, false, if that makes sense. It feels as if leveling is just an inconvenience and not longer a process.

    @ The Godmother

    The BGs and gathering thing can work. I might consider that one for something different and a change of pace.

  7. *cough* *cough*


  8. Actually mining/herbalism, combined with the fishing/cooking dailies, and whatever holiday quests you feel like doing are more than enough to level a toon with up to 80 or more, with a small fortune to help you along the way. The selection of a few favored quests per city faction will get you enough rep to have 16 slot bags from the varied city quartermasters, with little real expense. All in all, it IS possible to avoid the new quests as a general rule, but you have to think outside the box to do so.

    Now I am not trying to get rid of you from our server, partly because I selected you for my primary Raid Leader for a very good reason. You come prepared more than about anyone else I have ever played with, and despite your disclaimer otherwise, you tend to be good working with folks. Also there is simply the fact, that despite your grumbling, I truly do enjoy playing WoW with ya.

    On the other hand, that preparation has a negative side effect of setting you into a rut of "this works best." Let's face it, anything enjoyable done to often is no longer fun. The best steak meal you can have would lose it's flavor if eaten every night.

    That is the point you have gotten to, and I would rather see you happy playing than to see you suffering like this...wanting to play but utterly bored with the current way of doing things. I do know how you feel for to some extent, I feel the same way, though I do play more than you and keep mixing my styles of play up. That is probably why my boredom threshold has not been crossed. The game has enough flexibility that I can set my own standards of what I want to do with each character and have one differ from another.

    As an example, I am currently leveling a number of characters using different parameters for each. One Death Knight (80) only does dailies, mines and herbs (with the occasional holiday quest) to level. For my Night Elf mage (74), I mine and herb, and quest (daily and regular and holiday). On one of my Paladins (67), I limit her by not having any professions, and no gear beyond her two-handed sword and jewelry, so all her experience comes from questing (all three types). Rather much obviously, all three of these play very differently and not just due to the class differences.

    Set your own goals for a new toon or three, follow through on those goals, and I can easy see you once again having fun playing. Just don't forget your home in the guild in doing all that. Yea, I know our server sucks for progression, but it would suck even worse if you never showed up again. We do like ya rather much, in case you never noticed.

  9. You could just keep rolling death knights forever. Heh.

    I don't quite understand your hatred of the new old world either. I don't think it's all perfect, but I do think that on the whole the experience has been improved a lot.

  10. You can still grind, only without quests, just go and kill mobs in areas that are red to you and see how much you can pull and survive.

    If that is what you miss.

  11. @Shintar

    It is the linear questing that destroys it for me. I hate it with a passion. I like the freedom to pick and choose my quests and fell like I am playing a game made for a 10 year old having my hand held all the way.

    The questing in and of itself is not bad, the way it is handled is what I dislike.

    @ PB

    lol How did I almost expect you to come here and say that. I am really considering checking it out.

    @ Last Anon

    I was thinking something like that. In wrath I was soloing nearly all the heroics on my hunter at this point in the game and I can only solo one of the heroics on my hunter here now. So that might be a nice challenge for myself. To solo heroics.

  12. Hehe, yeah, it was too obvious :).

    I just don't think you can expect one game to keep you eternally interested. As you note in the follow up to this, there's lots of stuff in the game that you like but you've done it before. lotro is at its core a pretty similar game (but without the dev resources of WoW it's still got a bit more old-school flavour because it hasn't been revamped time and time again - it's still got qite a few "kill 450 of X mob" and rep grinds for eg.) but it's different scenery and will be fresh to you going through it for the first time.

    Oh, and wow, I just randomly opened post on this exact topic...