Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dwarven Drug Cartel Rounded Up.


IN A SHOCKING display of force the DTF (Dwarven Task Force) has broken up six wings of the wide spreed Dark Iron Drug Cartel in the morning hours today.  Chief Duggan Ironside of the task force told reporters at a predawn press conference that "with Brewfest starting today we did not want the cartel to be peddling their illegal products to the people assembled trying to have a good time."

Some of the Brewfest revelers that where waiting in line for the events to start were asked what they thought about the bust.  "It is a good thing they stopped them, the dark iron dwarfs are always trying to cause trouble during brewfest... hic!" said one of the celebrants that seemed to have already started their holiday binge drinking.

When asked if he thought if the bust would stop the dark irons from disrupting the events for the forth year in a row Chief Ironside was not too secure in the thought it would.  "The cartel goes deep and wide.  All we did today was show them that we are not going to just let them disrupt the events, we are going to be preemptive and try to lock up as many of them as we can."

"I'll take them all on myself... hic!" yelled an apparently well inebriated reveler while the handcuffed dark irons where being marched into Ironforge as a few others threw some empty mugs their way.

Festival security adviser Fanny Barrelbottom, taking note of the events of the morning perp walk has decided that they will make sure to have extra cases of mugs delivered.  "Drunk people will be drunk people and who and I to tell them not to throw their mugs at the dark irons should they show up.  I'll just make sure to have as many of them as I can on hand in case they are needed."  She continued to add that with all the people drinking and all the events going on it might be likely they will ask the community for help with certain things such as making ale runs for the staff.

"As usual we are a little bit undermanned.  There are usually 100s of people here at the foot of Ironforge to celebrate morning, noon and night and there are only maybe a dozen workers.  I am sure some of the good people of Azeroth will be glad to assist us and make sure we have a steady flow of ale."  She assured us, almost not even remembering we where talking about the dark iron drug bust.

She kept talking as we moved to the holding center, seemingly having partaken in a bit to much of her ale this early in the morning like it seems everyone else has.

Grepal Stonelock, gun in hand and bear at his side, was tasked with keeping an eye on the caged cartel members and was kind enough to let us know that none of them would be getting out while he was on watch.  "I've gots me a hungry bear and an itchy trigger finger, if any of them move they are dead... hic!"

Chief Duggan Ironside summed up his press conference assuring people that "Your children will be safe here, no drug pushers will be allowed.  Your kids can get drunk in peace and safety."

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