Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Good Sutff To Do

I've been complaining about the lack of things for me to do in game but really all that is of my own design.  There is still a great deal to do in the game.  My problem is just a personal one.  I've done them all on my main and I do not feel like doing them on another character.

Perhaps if I took it upon myself to start going for achievements on other characters I would have more than enough to do to keep me busy for a long time.  It all depends on the type of player you are and what you look for from the game.

I like to grind things with a foreseeable end.  Reputation grinds where always my favorite.  Switching from Aldor to Scryer by collecting something like 1300 eyes was hell but for me it was fun.  It was a task with an end in sight.  It took a time investment and dedication to get it done.  It was not hard but it was a task I looked forward to completing.

Like I said, I have done all of these things on my main but I figured I might make a small list of some of the things that you could do to pass the time if you happen to be bored like me.  They are all still things in game and depending on how you like to play they are all things that could still be fun to do for you.

So for all those people that are bored like I am but have not done some of these things, here goes.

Reputations: (BC had rep grinds done perfect.  The best grinds in the game came from BC)

The Mag'har (Horde) or Kurenai (Alliance)

Do all related quests first from the faction you are working for and then you can move on to the grinding part.

Kill ogres in Nagrand all the way up to exalted.  At max level it is only a matter of time, you will one shot everything.  There are more then enough ogre camps all around nagrand that you can go from one to another and never stop moving.  They will drop Obsidian Warbeads as well, you will collect lots of them and they can be turned in for reputation as well but do not do that.  I repeat.  Do not turn in any warbeads for Mag'har or Kurenai reputation, I will explain why later.

Added Bonus:  Once you reach exalted you can buy 8 Talbuk mounts when you get exalted if you are a mount collector and you can buy the tabard if you are a tabard collector.  This (either) is also needed for the Diplomat achievement.

The Consortium (Both)

Turn in all your beads that you collected to them but first do the repeatable quest to turn in crystal fragments until you reach friendly.  You do this to save time.  That repeatable quest can no longer be done once you are friendly but the beads can be turned in all the way to exalted.

You can grind Zaxxis mobs for the Zaxxis Insignas they drop and turn them in for reputation.  They are in a nice circle in Netherstorm and it would make for a quick grind.  I would suggest also running Heroic Mana Tombs every day as well.  It is good reputation and there is good money to be made from doing them as well.

Added Bonus:  A tabard at exalted if you are into collecting those.

Thrallmar (Horde) or Honor Hold (Alliance)

There are a lot of quests for both of these factions at their respective hub but the bulk of your reputation will come from running shattered halls on normal all the way up to exalted.  You can also do all three of the dungeons there on heroic once per day.  It offers a little more reputation and is still easy but heroics are a one a day thing.  Shattered halls is the only dungeon that will give you rep on normal mode past honored.

Added Bonus: A tabard at exalted if you are into collecting those and a discount from the mount vendor for flying mounts there.  Not like you would need it at that point.

Sporeggar (Both)

You can do Cenarion Expedition in this area as well but I am saving them for later for a reason, leave them be for now.  Start by grinding the Bog Lords in the Dead Mire in Zangermarsh until friendly.  Added bonus if you are a herbalist because you can herb them.

Knock out all available quests now and then move on to repeatables.
After you hit friendly you can get a repeatable quest to kill Naga nearby.  That is the way to go.  Grind Naga and make sure to pick up any Glowcaps you run across during your entire time in the area.  These will be needed as currency later and trust me, you will want to buy some things from here.

Added Bonus: A Tiny Sporebat pet if you are into pet collecting when you reach exalted for 30 glowcaps.  A tabard at exalted for 10 glowcaps.  Clam Bar recipe if you are trying to get all the cooking recipes for 1 glowcap. (need to confirm this is still in game, they removed the other one that was there that made pet food).  This reputation is also needed for the Diplomat achievement.

Cenarion Expedition (Both)

Now you can start working on them.  Doing the other factions in Zangermarsh you probably have a nice large collection of Unidentified Plant Parts.  If you are an herbalist you have even more.  Now is when you start turning them in from the repeatable quest that asks for them.  You will get a baggie from turning them in.  Open them up and sell everything, it is all junk, except for the Uncatalogued Species.  Do not turn in any Uncatalogued Species until you are honored, then turn in all the ones you have.  The reason for this is the repeatable quest to turn in the plant parts only goes until honored.  If you turn these in you get to honored sooner and can turn in less plant parts meaning getting less of these to turn in.  Waiting means your time spent to reputation ratio goes up.

After you are done with this repeatable and the follow up do all the quests in the area and get as high as you can.

Now you can run the Steamvault on normal until exalted.  There will be a repeatable quest there and you will be able to turn in coilfang armaments as well after you do the quest the first time.  Spamming the normal version will also help you make some serious gold in the form on disenchanted items, cloth, and just selling items you get from there.  It is quite possible to make 5K or more while running steamvaults and you will need it for the added bonus this faction offers.

Added Bonus: You can buy the Cenarion War Hippogryph when you reach exalted.  It is a beautiful mount and well worth the gold not to mention you get an achievement for buying it too. This is also needed for the Guardian of Cenarius achievement which comes with a title.

Lower City (Both)

There is one repeatable quest that you can do but grinding it is more time consuming then dungeon running.  Up until exalted you can do all three of the related dungeons on normal for lower city rep but once you reach revered you can only run shadow labyrinths for reputation on normal.  All three on heroic will always offer reputation but remember you can only do them once per day each.

There is a slow grind version you can do as well and it will be mentioned after the Shattered Sun Offensive section.

Added Bonus: A tabard at exalted for the collectors.

Shattered Sun Offensive (Both)

There is a slow grind version you can do that will be mentioned next in conjunction with the Lower City slow grind.

There are so many daily quests for this faction that I am not going to list them all.  You can find them mostly in Shattrath City and the Isle of Quel'Danas.  Maybe if I ever write up more detailed versions of these I will list the suggested quests to do on a time investment to return ration based on reputation.  You can easily get Shattered Sun Offensive to exalted just by doing the dailies.  There are enough of them that it would not take long at all.

Added Bonus: A tabard at exalted for those that collect them and a title if you are willing to spend 1000 gold once you get to exalted.

Lower City & Shattered Sun Offensive Slow Grind (Both)

I love anything where you can kill two birds with one stone so to speak.  Both reputation grinds can also be turn into mount grinds at the same time.

Lower City has Sethekk Halls that you can run on heroic for reputation and also the chance at a mount drop, the reins of the raven lord.

Shattered Sun Offensive has Magisters' Terrace that you can run on heroic for reputation and also have the chance at various drops.  A mount, a pet and a trinket that can turn you into a blood elf, unless you are a blood elf then it will turn you into... yourself.

The slow grind is to not worry about grinding rep for these two factions and instead only running the dungeons listed trying to get the mounts.  Killing two birds with one stone.  You get reputation and you get a chance at mounts.  If you get lucky enough to get the mounts before you finish the reputation you can go back and do the reputation as normal.  If you don't, well at least you put your rep grind to good use trying to get them.

Netherwing (Both)

You start hated with them but there is a blood elf that will offer you a quest to introduce you to them and eventually lead to opening up daily quests.  There are many daily quests to be done and the grind is not as long as some people make it out to be.  Even more so at 85 now where nothing you run into will ever provide a challenge.

To make the grind a little faster you can try and grind for Netherwing eggs which are used in a repeatable turn in.  I found the mines to be a great place to look for them and killing all the creatures down there also gives you a chance to have them drop.

You can continue to clear the mine, pick up any that drop, kill everything and then pop outside for a fly around to look for some.  Once you finish the fly around you can go back in the mine and do the same all over again.  If you have lady luck on your side with spawns and drops you can get exalted in one day.  Yes, seriously.

If you are a miner or an herbalist the eggs can also drop from mining and herbing the quest mines and herbs there.  So gather away and hope the random number generator loves you.

Added Bonus: Six awesome drakes when you reach exalted.  Cheap, even by BC standards really.

Ogri'la (Both)

This one will take some time with so few quests and only three dailies.  This is a true effort in commitment.  It actually fells like an achievement when you finish it unlike most.

Added Bonus: A tabard at exalted for those that collect them.

The Violet Eye (Both)

There are some quests that lead up into getting into Karazhan that will get you some reputation with them but not a great deal.

Personally I would suggest the slow grind approach here as well.  Go in and kill all trash up to Attumen the Huntsman and then kill him and pray for a mount then wait until next week and do it again.  You will rep up really slowly, but you will be putting the time to good use and killing two birds with one stone by getting some rep and trying for a mount at the same time.

If you wanted to press it you could easily solo the instance to make getting reputation faster.  One optional boss would be avoided and the chess event will be the only one that would give you any trouble but the rest of the raid is easily soloable.

Added Bonus: Hmm.  You got them to exalted, that's about it.

Ashtongue Deathsworn (Both)

They only become introduced after you choose Aldor or Scryer but I mention them before that because they are a simple reputation to grind.  Do Black Temple.  Sadly, it can not be sloloed.  At least not by a Hunter, trust me, I've tried.  Get some pugs going and grind it up.  It won't take many runs to get to exalted.

Added Bonus: Same as Violet Eye.  Nothing really.

The Scale of the Sands (Both)

The battle for Mt Hyjal raid gives this reputation.  Get some pugs or attempt it yourself.  Most classes can get pretty far alone.  I don't think any can solo it.  Like Ashtongue's Black Temple, it will not take many runs at all.

Added Bonus: Same as the previous two raids, nothing noteworthy for an 85.

Keepers of Time (Both)

There is only one way to get this reputation and that is to grind dungeons.  Two give reputation for this Old Hillsbrad Foothills and Black Morass.  Run them on heroic once each and then normal as much as you like.  Neither is a quick run being they both are timed events but both are easy enough.

Added Bonus: A tabard at exalted for those that might want one.

The Sha'tar, The Aldor & The Scryers (Both)

I put these three together because they are tied together.  The best way to go about getting the reputations up is by choosing either the Aldor or the Scryers first.  After you have chosen you will use the turn ins for the appropriate faction and that will increase your Sha'tar reputation.

Aldor uses Mark of Kil'Jaeden, Mark of Sargeras and Fel Armaments as turn ins.

Scryer uses Firewing Signet, Sunfury Signet and Arcane tome as turn ins.

Until the overflow of reputation from the faction of your choice makes The Sha'tar reach honored work on them alone.

To raise Aldor or Scryer you will need roughly 240 of the first turn in, 1320 of the second and 94 of the third.

If you where running a lot of dungeons solo you should have a fair amount of the items you need, at least enough to turn in until you get The Sha'tar to honored.

Once you have the Sha'tar honored it is now time to switch to working on them.  You can run the three associated instances on heroic all the way until exalted but only The Mechanar will allow you to run it on normal until exalted.  I suggest doing it on normal for a few reasons.  One, you make a ton of gold running it.  Two, it might take longer but that also means more drops for turn ins for aldor and scryer.  Three, it is even easier.

Once you have Sha'tar exalted you can turn in all your turn ins and maybe farm for more if need be to finish off the other faction you took, Aldor or Scryer.

Added Bonus: All three offer a tabard at exalted for your hard work.

Switching Between Aldor and Scryer (Both)

Note:  If you are going to switch and want the tabard achievement equip the tabard for the side you got to exalted with before you switch.  Once you ruin the rep with them you will never be able to equip it again unless you change back once more.  If you equip it first it counts for the achievement even if you are no longer capable or wearing it.

To go from Aldor to Scryer you will need roughly 1344 basilisk eyes (no rep increase considered) to ruin your Aldor rep and allow you to start turning in your Scryer items.

To go from Scryer to Aldor you will need roughtly 1344 venom sacs (no rep increase considered) to ruin your Scryer rep and allow you to start turning in Aldor items.

Added Bonus:  You will get a feat of strength called Hero of Shattrath.  And of course, access to the other tabard if you are into that sort of thing.

Sha'tari Skyguard (Both)

There are a handful of daily quests, two with a timing achievements, that you can do to get reputation with the skyguard.  One of the Ogri'la quests also offer gives skyguard reputation.  The mobs in the area will offer rep all the way to exalted and there is a repeatable quest you can do over and over that will offer rep.  You can make this as quick as you want by grinding it or just do the dailies daily and take your time but either way it is well worth it.

Added Bonus:  You can get a tabard at exalted like most of the other reputation here but the real winners are the five nether ray mounts and the one nether ray pet that you get at exalted.  There are no other mounts like them.

Okay, that is enough for now.  Perhaps I will make another list of reputation grinds for other parts of the game but once I started on BC and realized how much there really was to do in BC I noticed that it was a post in its own.  God I love the BC reputation grinds, they are the best.

Hope that if you are as bored as I am I might have just given you an idea or two on how you can enjoy the game.  That is assuming you like doing things like this.  For achievement sake you get reputations, mounts, tabards and will make a butt load of gold in the process.  Not bad for something to do to pass the time.  Assuming you have not done it already.  Enjoy.


  1. Wow, that is some post. Having never managed (even during TBC) do do much in the way of rep grinds (other than The Diplomat), I'm now considering doing them because, frankly, I've been put off with blog posts about the Molten Front before I've even gotten there!

    Bookmarked and will doubtless be returned to on a regular basis - many thanks!

  2. Forgot to mention the pet you get for the Sha'tari Skyguard rep in addition to the mounts and tabard.

    Great guide, been really enjoying it.