Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Random Thoughts

- I really missed posting here.

- I think I enjoy the friends I have made on the blog as much as the friends I have made in my guild.

- I don't think I will be posting as often as I used to, but I do intend to drop a small post here and there from now on.

- "Small" being the swing word word here.

- Small for me is not the same as small for someone else.

- I plan to level my hunter first.

- Marksman.

- Not because MM will be OP at the start because we get our main artifact abilities first but because MM, to me at least, seems like the best leveling spec.

- That used to go to BM.

- But with limited pet survival as it is and the loss of the glyphs that helped with a pet ability to survive, added to the loss of the misdirection glyph, MM just seems better.

- For those interested here is the MM hunters best choices for a leveling spec.

- Again, my opinion only, feel free to disagree.

- Level 15 Talent: Lone Wolf

- The other two options, while they give you a pet, are not as good as they would be if the pet had any chance at surviving.  So you are best off with lone wolf.  You have the tools to survive without a pet.  If you play correctly, and choose the right talent next.

- Level 30 Talent:  Black Arrow.

- If you kill a mob fast enough the cooldown resets, even if you don't, you will only 4 seconds without a pet out.  And the black arrow pet can survive WAY better than the actual pet.  So this is a no brainer.

- Level 45 Talent: Post Haste.

- Speed boost.  'Nuff said.

- Level 60 Talent: Patient Sniper.

- You can go Explosive Shot if you want to AoE your way though quests and are good with the timing, but Patient Sniper is a set it and forget it ability that you do not have to worry about. I feel the added focus helps and reduced debuff time does not hurt, so it is good to go with.

- Level 75 Talent: Binding Shot.

- Since it was added I think Binding Shot was always the best in its row whatever it was against, nothing changes here.

- Level 90 Talent: Barrage.

- Even with the recent buff to crows and volley they do not seem worth it.  However, for leveling both are viable options.  Not kidding. If you want to test one, play with it a little. If not, barrage will do the job.

- Level 100 Talent: Piecing Shot.

- Actually I could say "anything not named Sidewinders".  Sidewinders is dreadful for leveling as it leaves you with no on demand always there instants and possibly waiting on abilities.  Not a good combo if you want to keep leveling at a nice pace.  One thing that always made hunters the best leveling class in the game was instants.  Without sidewinders you have both arcane and multi and as they generate focus and don't spend it you can fire forever without having to worry about resources.  With shared tags now, you want to hit the world, even if someone else is fighting it. And to do so you absolutely NEED arcane and multi.

- Just a reminder.  This setup is not very good for DPS and should not be what you use while in dungeons if you want to contribute your fair share.

- But for leveling, I think this is the way to go.

- After I level my hunter I am going to level my druid, a lot sooner than I normally would an alt.

- I want to get a leg up on it because I know I will not be raiding as a hunter unless something changes in the next 24 hours, or shortly after, balance wise.

- And I do like druid tanking and druid healing.

- Not exactly fond of feral, I hate that wait for energy design, it is slow and boring.

- Partly why I hate the sidewinders MM design too, the wait on proc design is boring and adds nothing to the game, fun wise.

- Balance is give or take.  It is leaps and bounds better and more enjoyable now with that stupid cycle crap, but I am still not really big on playing balance.

- I've cleared out any left over quests not done from my quest log.

- I've cleared out all the old mats and things I will not need from my bags.

- I have a couple of stacks of food and potions and a stack of flasks, which I am 100% sure I will not even use half of.

- I am guessing the total leveling experience should take no more than 5 flasks at most, maybe 4.

- BTW, alchemy, mine are 2 hours, so that means 8-10 hours to level.

- Yes, I plan to level in one sitting.

- I always do.

- Well, except for cataclysm where I made the mistake of going to the underwater zone first.

- By the time I was done I was so dizzy and sick and had to lay down and ending up sleeping for hours.

- Funny part is, I still came within 5 hours of realm first.

- Someone dinged realm first and 4 hours and 40 minutes later I dinged max level.

- That basically means if I had not spelt for 17 hours I would have been realm first by a full 12 hours before anyone else.

- Wow, my main server has some slow levelers. lol

- Or at least did for cataclysm.

- I would not be surprised if they, like myself, did the first zone and needed to take a break.

- I hope blizzard never does an underwater zone again.

- Some people love it but I hated it with a passion.

- Oddly enough, I liked it on my druid.

- Seal form maybe?

- Not sure, but it was the only character I did not feel ill on when I went there.

- What "seems" to be my final count on max levels is as follows.

- I still have many 90s left behind but I got a fair amount to 100 thanks to invasions.

- 6 Hunters.

- 4 Druids.

- 2 DKs.

- 2 Priests

- 2 DHs.

- 2 Mages.

- 1 of every other class.

- I still have a few others are 90 that I did not get around to.

- Not like it is really a big deal.

- I do not see me playing many alts with how restrictive being behind on an artifact weapon will be.

- This will be the most alt unfriendly expansion ever.

- Unless they do something to massively increase alts leveling of artifacts.

- Which I believe they will do.

- Not massively, but some.

- Hopefully it will be enough to be worst leveling alts.

- But knowing blizzard, they are always a day late and a dollar short.

- The will probably give us some awesome alt catch up mechanic 2 months before the next expansion comes out.

- Gee, thanks for nothing blizzard.

- Here is to hoping to do something 2 months in and not 2 months before it is over.

- Cheers.

- You can do it blizzard.  I know you can.

- Don't let the grumpy one down.

- Again.

- So what did you like about warlords?

- I loved the leveling.

-Think it was the best it had ever been.

- So why did I have so few alts before this invasion let me level a ton easy?

- Because I dreaded what was at 100 for us.

- So I never even bothered leveling them.

- These invasions have been fun for alts on servers I did not have much on to begin with.

- Selling the gear was a great way to make a few bits of coin.

- On a few low levels I just popped into one or two invasions.

- Not really for the levels, for the gear to sell for gold.

- Got enough on those lowbies to get them bags.

-Which is all I ever really wanted.

- I like to actually level them, and will some day when I am bored, but at least now I will have some bag space.

- That is the single most important thing to me in the game.

- I still say if blizzard really wanted to make money from me, offer more bag slots in the blizzard store.

- I would buy it for every active player I use.

- Add five more bag slots on my main?

- Yes, thank you.

- Add a second row of bag slots in my bank?

- Sure thing, thank you.

- Make my starting bag twice the size?

- Hell yes, take my money.

- I am the worlds biggest sucker for bag space.

- I would gladly spend real money to get more.

- Back to leveling in Legion.

- What zone will you do first?

- Honestly I really do not care for me.

- Being things scale now all zones are the same in terms of which you "should" do first.

- And as I always get loremaster on day one doing all the quests I will do so again and do them all.

- So for me the order really does not matter much.


- I will not finish any single zone until I am max level.

- Why you ask?

- The end of zone rewards are the best of the bunch, gear wise.

- The zones, quests and yes rewards from doing said quests scale based on your level.

- So I am going to save completing the best quests until I am max level.

- Won't really be a huge boost to power and anything I get will be replaced in a dungeon but it will be something to start off with.

- And anything to start off with will be good.

- You know those first day, heck, first week dungeons will be a nightmare to do.

- New bosses for everyone, new mechanics for them to learn, I see a wipe fest coming on.

- And god forbid we get a disc priest as our healer.

- I have never ever even considered kicking someone based on the spec they play, and I would not start a kick, but if one popped up, I would hit yet without even a seconds thought.

- Disc priests are not healers, they are a support class.

- Fantastic for raids, actually beyond fantastic for raids.

- If you have someone that knows what they are doing a disc priest in raids are amazing beyond the meaning of the word amazing.

- But in a five man, when everything is on their shoulders?

- Expect a lot of deaths.

- I have run with some mythic skilled players and they could not hack it.

- When we over geared them.

- How do you think most will do at a minimum gear level?

- Very poorly, to say the least.

- Word to the wise on how to run with a disc priest on day one.

- Have them blanket the entire group before the pulls.

- Let them drink after every pull.

- Do that and you will be fine.

- Get one raging chain pulling tank with a disc priest and expect to wipe a lot.

- Get one go go go damage dealer that pulls for the tank and expect to wipe a lot.

- Respect the design that disc "can" be awesome if given the time to do so and play it slow and steady, and you will have a smooth run.

- But you know as well as I do no pug is going to do that.

- So I expect a lot of disc priests to get kicked.

- The reason they will give is "bad healer".

- But the real reason should be "I don't understand how the class works so I would rather kick them than let them drink and get attonement on everyone first."

- Poor disc has been destroyed, just like so many other classes.

- I want to give fire mage a shot.

- I know they fixed a lot.

- I know if felt smoother.

- But I am just stuck in the past and remembering the nightmare it was with the luck based proc system.

- Even if it is not really like that any more.

- Just the thought of it is a turn off to me.

- I'll give it a real try this expansion.

- I mean, if I ever want to play ranged again and do respectable DPS I'll have no choice but to be a fire mage.

- And I see ranged will be a huge issue next expansion.

- With so many ranged specs being bottom of the pack and the most played class in the game losing one of its ranged specs and being poor DPS in the other two, I think finding ranged for a raid to be hard.

- Funny thing is, you know what held my raid team back this expansion mostly?

- No melee.

- Nope, not shitting.

- I would see in trade all the time "looking for ranged, on xxx" but for my guild we would have 15 people, 2 tanks, 3 healers and 10 ranged.

- Usually 1 lock, 2 mages, 1 boomkin, and 6 hunters.

- Over all on most bosses it did not hurt at all, but there were a few we needed melee and we had none most of the time.

- Admittedly we had, had being past tense here, some of the best melee in the world.

- According to the log sites at least, DPS wise.

- The #1 warrior, the #3 feral druid, and 4 other really competent players, even if they were not ranking.

- Another feral, a monk, another warrior and a death knight.

- But one feral went away to collage, the other had to go heals, the monk got a job that interfered with raid time as did one of the warriors, the other warrior just quit outright and the death knight became a tank because we could not find a replacement.

- And there you go, one mythic team, dismantled by real life and all our melee gone in one sweep.

- I am not kidding, we lost all the melee over the course of 1 month, and went from about to step into mythic (we were on heroic archie at the time) to stuck doing heroics for the rest of the expansion.

-Only made it 4 deep mythic myself.

- Because we lost our 20 and we could not recruit any more.

- Oh, we tried, but thanks to flex anyone we recruited thought showing up was "optional".

- Sorry, if you are a raider showing up is not "optional" even if it is flex.

- And the ones that did show up were either one of two things, or both.

- A) dreadful DPS, as in sub 30K over a 720 item level, or B) somehow managed to stand in everything, even things that we did not know where there.

- I'll be the first to admit melee can be daunting, I hate it myself, but we could not find one single decent melee as a replacement to what we lost.

- For months we tried and for months we never found one.

- We never got back to 20 regulars.

- I miss 10 man mythic.

- "I used to be a mythic raider, until I took an arrow to the knee"

- The arrow was 20 man mythic, in case you did not get the idea.

- I really hope raiding will be better for us next expansion.

- Either that or I have three options.

- One being to accept the fact I no longer raid mythic.

- Or two, change guilds to fill in where I am needed in an already running mythic guild.

- Or three, recruit like crazy and hope for the best.

- Option 3 is not really an option however.

- I no longer have the time, nor the desire, to run multiple runs of the same thing each week to "test" people out.

- I want to have my cake and eat it too, which probably will not happen.

- I want to recruit people that are already good raiders to start with.

- I do not want to teach during progression.

- That is what the saturday night alt runs are for.

- Am I wrong for not wanting to start all over again after so many years?

- Eh, maybe I am just being selfish.

- But so many years of training people to raid and experiencing some minor successes here and there, has worn me down.

- I have reached selfish stage.

- I just want to raid with people that know how to raid.

- I don't want to teach any more.

- But who am I kidding, I will end up doing it anyway.

- As someone once told me, "you can't change who you are"

- And I am always one that looks at a person and sees the potential of what they can be.

- So I will go back to teaching them.

- And I will be grumpy about doing it.

- But in the end, I will smile when I see them do well.

- Perhaps, for me, that is the bigger reward than the mythic kills.

- We do play the game for fun after all.

- And while kills are fun, helping someone get good enough to enjoy their first kills can be just as satisfying.

- I have high hopes for Legion.

- Even if I am worried about a lot of the little things.

- Did I mention I am still extremely bitter about not getting a beta invite?

- I wrote some good guides from being on the warlords beta.

- Those guides were even picked up and used on ask Mr. Robot.

- I supplied solid feedback, found and reported bugs, and over all did a solid job as both a tester and a reviewer along with my guides.

- And I did not get a beta invite.

- Yeah, I am very bitter about that.

- Blizzard did me wrong.

- I think on the strength of my guides alone I should have got and invite.

-I think that was part of the reason I left.

- I felt slighted.

- Well, on a happier note, my next post will most like be titled Ding 110.

- Have fun leveling people, and be sure to explore everywhere.

- There are wonders to be found in the world of Azeroth.

- And I expect to enjoy finding all of them.

- See you on the broken shores.

- Have an excellent day.


  1. Good to "see" you again! Welcome back.

    I agree with everything that you say about MM for leveling... and I'm going BM I think. I am considering regretting that already just to save time.

    Have fun with the Demons. New content -- finally! -- FTW.

  2. Welcome back! I have a problem with MM. my Black Arrow doesn't seem to work for me. My FIRST shot after that pulls agro to 250% INSTANTLY. He doesn't hold anything for more than a single second. What gives?

  3. So glad to see you back. I missed reading your blogs.

  4. tbh I've just cancelled my wow sub. I think Legion stinks. Some people will love it and good luck to them. Have fun.

    I hate it. Fresh 100s that aren't geared in WoD raid gear get totally stomped, zone grinding quests are too frequent, rep gating, etc.

    It's just not my thing anymore. I hate it even more than Cata. It's a 'basement grind' with yet more mission tables, only they take longer than ever now.

    Hope you have fun, I'll still read your blog as it's good informative stuff but wow is more fun to read about than to play nowadays.

  5. Glad to have you back posting!

  6. OMG a post!
    Well, I look forward to the next Monday random thoughts, after you've levelled a bit.

  7. well, well, well, looky who showed up, LOL. Hiya GE. Missed your posts. When the invasions came, I put my pet in the kennel and took up MM myself. Your picks are close to mine, but (always one of these) well, I just took a look and we are the same. That's freaking scary - same minds in the gutter. :P
    Most og my lvl 100 hunters are MM now. BM seems weak and the silly having to pay attention to healing one's pet is pretty stupid.

    I did get a blue mech pet on my lvl 100 Gnome hunter (YES! FINALLY!)

    But, I did not buy Legions. Doubt if I will. Too much to do in all other areas. I did enjoy the invasions, got a couple of lvl 91s to lvl 100s and a few others of lvl 20 to lvl 50. So while it was going on it was good.

    I just wished the Legion armor on the lower levels would be like heirlooms and scale up. But I know it want. And I was expecting Heirlooms to be scaled up like it was in WoD.

    Well, hopefully you will be posting a little bit more. That will be nice.

    Onward thru the fog!

  8. There is already an alt catch-up in place for artifact.

    Work orders for artifact knowledge are shorter the farther behind your character is.

    For example, my warlock that is leveled 1 week after my hunter have only 4 days work order instead of 5.

    You might say that 1 day is nothing, but keep in mind that I leveled that alt REALLY early, and she is only 1 artifact knowledge behind, which is nothing.

  9. Since there isn't a newer post to reply to...

    I'm generally liking the expansion so far. I don't like that they designed two zones where it was very easy to go the wrong way and take yourself 5 or 10 minutes out of your way by ending up on the wrong level. They used to put signposts in the game but I haven't noticed any of those yet. Why not?

    I've submitted tons of times more bugs and suggestions this expansion than all earlier ones combined. I'm guessing you weren't the only tester who didn't get an invite.

    I'm going Boomkin so far this expansion, mostly because I wasn't sure what I'd want to do and it's the only class that can do all 4 roles... and since I can't kitty and prefer to dps I'm Boomkin who ends up tanking a lot. I like Boomkin more than Bear, I find the plate tanking style (as far as I've experienced it) to be better and less penalizing of mistakes.

    World quests are good but a bit too random, I don't need the same off-spec trinket quest up twice at the same time when I need main spec trinkets, thanks.

    The artifact power growth mechanic is frustrating but correct... it needs to be like that to keep people from getting TOO far ahead who are willing to farm all the things always (they can still get ahead, but within reason) and to make it easier to keep casual players or alts in reasonable touch as well.

    My only major grips is not being able to move around Suramar City without feeling like it's the rogue legendary questline all over again... I hate that stealthy-circle mechanic and having it be full time on all toons (to this point, I'm assuming once we "win" Suramar that requirement will go away) but I really hate having to go into that city. And I LOVE that city otherwise. Suramar is more city than Dragon Age 2 had in the entire game.

  10. and still gone. good bye Mr. Grumpy, where ever you are!


  11. Are you ok? I love this blog and am concerned because you haven't posted in two months ..

  12. Sorry for the necro, but I do miss this blog a lot. Would love an "official" goodbye and thank you post from Grumpy himself.

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