Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Epic Pets? Thanks but No Thanks Blizzard.

There was a recent announcement that they would, or could, be adding epic pets next expansion.  Currently the highest we can make out pets is rare.  There will be new epic pets in the world, presumably the new continent, and new stones you can buy that can make older pets epic.

I will admit I have not been into pet battles like I used to be.  At one point I was top 100 in the world in terms of pets, in terms of pets of quality, and in terms of pets leveled.  I was also one of the first (to my knowledge following achievement sites) to get the 5000 pet battle achievements. 

But the sad part, and mostly why I stopped being into it so much, was when my computer died some time back and I lost everything which meant I also lost the data saved for my addons.  This meant I lost all the teams I had made.  And I had one made for each and every single battle to make going from tamer to tamer so much easier. 

So when I got my new computer I had no teams saved because blizzard in their infinite wisdom by default only allows for one team at a time.  I honestly do not know how anyone lives without an addon to have as many teams as they want I understand even less why blizzard has not added that as a standard feature yet.  I wish they would add an unlimited team options instead of epic pets, if you ask me at least.

Because of that I have not been into pet battling that much this expansion.  I do have all the new pets, I do have nearly all the pets I own not only rare but leveled, and while I have not taken advantage of getting tons of charms to sock up on stones I have managed to get a nice little pile of them and all the toys, of course.

So I have earned my pet battle stripes, even if they are a little old and not really put to use much any more.  So with that all said I believe that my opinion should hold some weight on the matter.  It is not like I was never "into" pet battling.  It is not like I have "so much" work to do to catch up as everything is already maxed.  It is not like I have no intention to ever pet battle again, I do, and I believe some day I might get back into it as much as I was before.

With all that said...

I DO NOT want to see epic pets added to the game.

It is only my personal opinion, but it is the opinion of someone that likes the mini game of pet battling.  Who has hunted down rare pets.  Who has leveled well over 1000 of them to 25 for myself and for friends.

One of the reasons I like pet battling is because it has an end.  I like knowing that I did everything I wanted to.  I have everything there is to collect.  I like that there is a set ending line.  It makes for the perfect mini game.  A mini game, as I consider pet battling, should not have "progression" like raiding does.  It should not have us level up every expansion or increase gear with every patch.  That is why I have liked it so much.  Pet battling is what pet battling is.  Nothing more.

Having us have to boost our pets to get them to max once again, by adding an epic version, just makes more work for something I was done with.  If my Lurky is rare and 25 than guess what, my Lurky is done and so are the other 999 pets he hangs out with on a daily basis in whatever mansion sized pet house they all exist in that I have never seen and am pretty damn happy I do not have to clean up with all those pets living there.

I do not like having to level all my characters each expansion, but I do it.  There are only so many of them.  But there are hundreds, even a thousand (or more for some) pets out there.  I do not want to have to gather enough stones to make 1000 pets I worked to make rare into epic now, basically doing the same work I already did a second time.  Hell no blizzard, I did all that work already, I do not want to do it again.  And if they lose levels when you increase their rarity when they are over a certain level, which they most likely will do, that means I need to also level those hundreds and possibly thousand pets again.  Hell no blizzard.  I was done, they were 25, leave it be.  This is a mini game, this is not the next expansion for them.  This is not a regearing up process for them.  Pets are what they are, let them be.

So I will repeat, I DO NOT want to see epic pets added to the game.  Hell no.

I know I am in the minority here, but I just do not want to have to level all my pets again and I do not want to have to increase the rarity of a thousand pets.  It just seems like way to much work for a mini game.  Thanks but not thanks blizzard.  I'll pass.


  1. Oh, I don't think that you are in the minority. As Jeremy Feasel noted in his Twitter thread on the subject, the more time that a player has invested in pet battles already, the less likely they are to see this as a good idea. I certainly fall into this camp for many of the reasons that you have mentioned.

    What I have suggested in the request for feedback is that epic stones should work like the holiday upgrades to our Garrisons. Apply your first stone and all -- and I do mean all -- of your battle pets double in size. Second stone and they all have sparkles over their heads. Another and they all walk in void zones. You get the idea. Effects are cosmetic only. They can be turned on and off individually once earned, perhaps through battle masters or stable masters. And they are limited in number to again allow us to both go on the hunt and then be done with it.

    I sorta like the idea of something new in Legion beyond new captures. However, it needs to be achievable with modest effort that in no way resembles getting 800-ish pets to 25 and rare. Been there, done with that.

  2. Definitely in the majority. The forum threads in US, EU and WP show that pretty clearly. But since when did Blizzard do what the majority wants?

    We do need new content added for pets - a new Tournament, new forms of battle, RNG/AI on tamers, random pets to be selected from for PvP queues. These would be welcome.

    a) A flat stat increase is not new content
    b) I'm not convinced of the lasting allure of sparkles
    c) Grinding Charms is charmless

  3. I've never done a pet battle, myself. But this is definitely a pattern with Blizzard over the last few years. When they introduced gear upgrades for 750 valor a piece, I quit playing for pretty much an entire patch. I'd worked hard to get my BiS gear through raiding, and then they were going to make it so there was no end date in site; as at the original price, it would've taken 6 months (24 weeks of 1000 valor) to finish, and that was only for people who already had their complete BiS.

    Anyhow, the point is, I like having difficult but attainable goals. I don't know if epic pets will have the same effect as those original over priced valor upgrades, but your post reminded me of how I felt in 5.1...

  4. nah. I hate pet battles very much. I don't do them. Why do I hate them? easy :-O Blizzard cheats with them. Cheats very badly. Sort of like Naval battles. Half-baked ideas very badly thought out.

    I think Blizzards future is card games like hearthstone or whatever it is called. Or strictly pvp games like that heroes. oh well.

    1. I love pet battles but I think they cheat too. And I also think they cheat with naval battles.

  5. I am against Epic upgrades EXCEPT I am open to the idea of cosmetic changes with epic upgrades. If there are pet battle advantages with it I think it would be ridiculous. I have one of the biggest collections of pets (sitting at 754 uniques) and there is no way I am going to upgrade them to Epic. Meaningless upgrades are just that - meaningless. But cosmetic effects are great, and I would like to see that added.

  6. I'm with you also. Epic quality pets are really not needed to bring new life to pet battles. I do like the idea of acquiring the stones for cosmetic purposes...or instead of Epic stones for that, just give us "Make-over" stones to hunt for/collect.

    If you were to ask me what I'd like to see brought in for pet battles you'd hear me scream "Pet Breeding!!!!!". I would totally love to breed pets...either from the same families or cross-breeding. We could have a "mating pen" that Engineers would/could craft that our pets would use to do their business. We would insert them into the pen, kind of like Hunters do w/their pets at the stables, and it would take...oh...I don't know...maybe up to 72 hours for them to mate (during this time these pets cannot be used to battle).

    Then it would take another amount of time for the pet to be born...or we would have to collect an egg out of the pen and it would take a certain amount of time for it to hatch. The end result would be a complete surprise...and possibly different each time those same pets are bred.

    If they want some other kind of progression added to pet battles they could make it so that our pens can be upgraded like our farms/garrisons were. We'd have to breed X amount of pets to go up a level and so on.

    I dunno...I'm just rambling I suppose.


  7. offtopic:

    not sure if you are familiar already with all the cut content from WoD.

    Saw an epic reddit comment about it. I wasn't in beta so didn't even realize.



  8. Blizzard changed its mind:


    1. Yep was just going to post that too. Looks like Blizzard does listen to feedback and takes it into consideration. :-D

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