Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Random Thoughts

- Did not play much WoW this past week.

- Got my archie kill one night in for an upgrade.

- Killed a few heroic bosses and once again wasted coins for nothing.

- And that is about it.

- I could have finished off my ring the week before if I bothered to farm valor.

- I decided against it.

- Getting that upgrade each week is the only thing keeping me going at the moment.

- So I have 3 more weeks before I need another motivator.

- Like I said, I could have finished it already if I wanted to.

- But decided I would just do it from kills only for fun.

- Not like I need it numbers wise.

- But bigger numbers are always better they say.

- Speaking of bigger numbers Diablos season 5 started just in time to serve as a nice distraction for the time being for me.

- And the numbers there seem insane.

- I am doing more damage than I have ever done in normal.

- I am gaining more paragon levels than I have ever done in normal.

- I am getting more legendary items than I ever did in normal.

- I am pushing faster times than I ever did on normal.

- I am pushing higher levels than I have ever done on normal.

- So yeah, lots of big numbers coming out of seasons, at least for me.

- I never did seasons before, this is my first.

- Why is that you say?

- They offered an additional stash slot if you did certain achievements in a season.

- I am doing it only for the stash space, no other reason really.

- Bag space is always the #1 thing in any game that actually concerns me and this got me to play the season.

- Sad part is I am just not skilled enough to get it.

- At least I do not believe so.

- Everything that is needed before the conquests parts I believe I can do, but the conquests seem out of my reach.

- Mastering a dungeon was hard enough, took me like 14 tries.

- But that is a piece of cake compared to the conquests I need to do 2 of.

- One of them I can see getting, the loot 50M gold streak, but that is about it.

- I guess doing the greater rift 45 with no tier pieces is the second most accessible one.

- But for someone that is A) not very good and B) never really spends enough time playing to pump up big paragons levels, it seems a little out of reach.

- But hey, I needed something to do so I figured I would try.

- It is for bag space after all, how could I not try.

- I love bag space and would do anything for it.

- You know those free to play games, or pay to win games as some people call them?

- I might not spend money on them to win, but if they offer increased bag space I will, and do, buy it in a heart beat.

- It is the single most important piece of any game I play.

- I stopped playing fallout 4 because I just got tired of the bag space limits.

- Before I stopped I started using the PC code for unlimited carry weight.

- But by then I was already gone.

- I was burnt out on the running back and forth of it.

- It was nice not having to worry about bag space any more.

- Maybe I will go back to it some day, I really did enjoy fallout 4 for a change of pace.

- And if I do go back I do intend to use the limited carry weight code.

- But I most definitely am not a first person shooter type of gamer.

- I like story driven games with set progression paths.

- And the occasional slaughter fest for fun sort of game.

- Which is where Diablo fits in.

- I saw people complaining on the forums about bots in Diablo and wondered what they are talking about.

- I did not even know you could have addons never the less some program to do other things.

- I am such a noob at diablo it seems.

- But I figure over all it is a single player game, who the hell cares.

- They say as long as there are leader boards it is competitive and bots ruin the competition.

- Ok I guess, if you really want to compete in a single player game that has no actual real objective in it other than just to slaughter things for fun.

- To each their own.

- I have never used, nor will I use a bot in diablo, but I did use the unlimited carry code in fallout 4 and if they had one like that is diablo I would use it there too.

- It is not cheating to do something like that in a single player game.

-The only person you are cheating is yourself.

- If you choose to cheat yourself, it is you and you alone that has to deal with the consequences of your cheating.

- Like the fun of getting stronger as you go and working your way up.

- If you skip that, you are skipping the entire game.

- So cheating only cheats yourself out of what otherwise is the entire concept of a game like this.

- And not to mention, if you get that uptight over leader boards for a single player game, you really need to readjust your priorities.

- Seeing people rage about cheating in diablo actually made me want to bot.

- It goes back to the same thing like I say for warcraft.

- How does my paragon level (gear in wow terms) effect your game play?

- I'll give you a hint, it doesn't.

- One person made the perfect response, in my opinion, to someone complaining about bots.

- He said he has worked so hard to get to paragon 900 already playing 14 hours a day that is he going to quit because he hates seeing people using bots with more.

- So the OP said the users of such programs should be banned, basically, because they have more paragon levels to him.

- The guy responded, and this was great, that he believes the OP should be banned because he has to work and can only play at most 4 hours a day so it is unfair to him that the OP should be playing 14 hours a day and getting more levels then him.

- So being he is playing more than him, and has more paragon levels than him, he should be banned too.

- It might sound silly, but he is right.

- The only problem this guy had with someone using a bot was that they had more levels than him, because they are on more often with the program.

- So the poster replied to the OP that he has the same problem with him playing 14 hours a day when he can't, so he should be banned too.

- I got a laugh out of it.

- I can see getting all bent about cheating like that in warcraft.

- It is an MMO, many items and crafting materials can be traded, it can give someone some sort of advantage.

- But that thought process does not work for a game like this.

- There is nothing to be gained by cheating like this except paragon levels.

- And a person still needs to be skilled, to some extent, to take full advantage of said levels.

- And again, the only person it effects is them.

- I made it to greater rift 51 solo so far, that is my max.

- Have not tried 52 yet, but will next weekend.

- I am glad I was able to do it.

- If I cheated I would not have enjoyed it as much.

- But I am proud of myself for doing it.

- So the only person losing if I cheated would be me.

- If I cheated and became extra strong it would have not been such an accomplishment for me.

- So if I cheated it would only hurt myself.

- And in the grand scheme of things, I do not want to cheat myself out of the fun of doing it on my own.

- Well... unless it was an unlimited bag space cheat.

- I would use that in a heart beat.

- I will admit that.

- I love bag space.

- Have a great day.


  1. I was also really dreading the conquests to get the stash space in diablo. If you are confident in thinking you can get the other steps done (the only other hard one is doing a 60 grift solo) I will say you will be able to finish it with the 45 no set conquest. Just stash all your ancients you find while leveling up those legendary gems and getting those extra paragon points.

    I'm not sure what class you are playing, I'll just guess DH since it seems hunterish. On diablo fans site there are a few basic builds for all the classes and with some 50+ gems and extra paragon points you should probably be able to power thru it. I did crusader this season and the thorns build was quite trivial to do the 45 rift after getting up to doing a solo 60 with my main set.

    Anyway stick with it and good luck, I've had a blast this season my favorite so far and am also gaining paragon and pushing grifts much further than ever before (previous best as 57 and I just did a 69 last night)

    1. I had no problem with the 60 solo. Oddly enough I can farm 60 fast, but 61 kills me most times. Not sure what it is.

      The 45 with no set pieces will be the block for me. I tried it twice and failed horrible twice. But I will get it, I know I will.

      My GF did the 45 solo on her crusader without no thought to what gear she had on at all. She said it was not even a challenge. As she puts it, I should just reroll a crusader, she will power level me, get some random legendary items, and just finish it. I might do that.

  2. I recently decided to go for another play through of skyrim. I had a few quest mods I wanted to try, and a 4k texture mod that didn't exist the last time I had played it (as far as I know). Anyhow, I've done a small amount of modding in that game myself, and at this point know the console commands fairly well. I don't know how similar fallout 4 is, but for skyrim I can do absolutely anything in the console. You can autofinish quests, change factions, power up, etc. But of course, if you do that, it's not fun to play. As you said, you're cheating yourself, because you no longer have a fun, interesting game. It's something I really appreciate about the modding community, there probably more mods focused on making the game more difficult than there are mods that give you OP abilities/powers/gear. But anyway, yeah, it's definitely a fine line between removing the annoying parts of a game to ensure you can actually enjoy playing, but not removing the challenge, so again, you can actually enjoy playing.

    I also recently (just this weekend, actually), finally decided I was going to play witcher 3. I only had maybe 4-5 hours played, all in the prologue area, since buying the game. But since I spent all that cash on it, I figured I should probably give it more of a chance. I'm having a lot of the same issues in that game. There are many parts that I just find tedious and annoying, or boring at best. So I've been trying to decide if I want to look into cheats/hacks or not.

    However, the common thread in all of that, is it's my game, and I want to get some enjoyment out of the money I spent on it. Since it doesn't affect anyone else, I can't imagine anyone caring. If it were an expressly MMO/Multi-player game, I'd feel different. I don't know what the leader boards are in Diablo, but if they matter, sure, have a mode of the game where you can only play in the hardest difficulty and any kind of cheats are forbidden. I don't have any problem with that mode of game play existing. But it should stop other people from playing a single player game the way they want to play it.

    Having that open mindset, "it's your game, do with it what you will", is what keeps people playing a game like skyrim over 4 years (and several an entire generation of consoles) later.

    1. For fallout 4 you can do a lot, but I choose not to do much. Used the "pass through objects" once when I was caught somewhere, but outside of that I stick with using the bag cheats only. I want thing to be more fun for me, I do not want them to be push over.

      Never tried witcher, but I know exactly what you mean. I played a great many games I was enjoying but ended up dropping because there were some things that I just found annoying, frustrating or tedious.

      It would be nice if all single player games gave us a little more control over them.