Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- I actually got to raid this week on my hunter.

- Sadly we only got 8 down this week thanks to missing a few key people.

- But at least I got to raid some.

- I am always happy to be raiding on my main, even more so now that I get so little chance in to do so.

- I will need to think of extending soon, we can only manage 10 in the time we raid, so it is either get faster, or extend.

- I think extending is the right answer.

- I had won a BRF heroic tier piece the other day and this was my first chance to test it in a real raid.

- Amazing how upgrading just one piece makes such a difference.

- More so how amazing it is being it is a piece from the old raid that made the difference.

- I would have loved to see what I could do with all 4 being heroic if adding one was so noticeable of a difference.

- Anyone else think the power creep from one difficulty to the other is way to high?

- That replacing a normal piece with a heroic piece should not have been as noticeable as it was.

- One piece, huge difference, means way to much difference in stats between difficulties if you ask me.

- Won a 705 neck piece that has critical strike and multistrike, woohoo.

- It has to be an upgrade right?

- Nope, my 691 piece with critical strike and multistrike and a gem slot is still better.

- Sorry, you know blizzard did something wrong with their scaling when a 705 piece still falls short of a 691 piece just because of a gem slot.

- I guess that is part of the reason my item level is still so dreadful.

- Even when I get something that looks like a clear upgrade for me, it is not.

- Oh well, I'll keep it in my bags so at least my bag item level went up even if mine did not.

- I am pretty sure that when you sign up for a pug it shows the item level in your bag, not the item level you are wearing.

- At least I think that is how it works.

- I think I am a magnet for weird comments, or out of nowhere comments.

- Was flying down to DS to do my standard mount run and zoomed past someone else flying down.

- They whispered me saying "I have 310 flight, how did you just blow by me."

- I said, I cut corners tight so it only appears I was going faster when in fact I passed you because I am actually taking a shorter route.

- It was an honest answer and it was true.

- I did not have any additional speed boosts, just chose my route better.

- I cut corners as tight as possible which means I appear to be moving faster than someone key turning and traveling in the middle of the road.

- In LFR this week I had two of "those" questions, one was the standard "what are you doing here" comments I get from time to time.

- People see someone with high numbers and automatically assume they have no reason to go there.

- I do it because I need tomes as I know I am not always going to be raiding on my hunter.

- But I responded, "For practice" to him, which is what I usually say when someone asks me that question.

- It should not seem that odd.

- I had one member of my guild that did the LFR sometimes 10 or more times in one week.

- He would do it over and over again to practice his timing so he could become a better player.

- And trust me, it showed, he was amazing.

- I can't wait for him to come back, miss having quality talent like that.

- The other comment was just a weird one, and now I can chalk this one up as the second time someone has whispered me this.

- "Can I have your babies?"

- Yeap, that is the whisper someone sent.

- Funny part is that is now the second time someone whispered that to me.

- I did not respond, but I did laugh.

- I think it is my transmog that gets some weird attention sometimes.

- Either that or I am a weirdo magnet.

- Still does not even close to the comments I have received over the years on my female tauren.

- Some I would rather not even repeat but lets just say they are in the realm of "I want to milk you baby".

- Some people really need to get out more if they think whispering stuff like that to someone they think is female is acceptable conduct.

- I read a post where some guy was complaining because he had been soloing a raid for three weeks and the mount has still not dropped.

- Do you believe that, he has been doing it a whole three weeks and it has not dropped.

- The horror of it all.

- How can you live like that, it must be unbearable.

- Do people really think that you should get 1% drops after doing something 3 times, or even 15 times if you did it on 5 characters for those three weeks?

- I've had many in the 200s.

- I had one in the 800s.

- And I could guess that my attempts at the stone core mount have to be well over 1000 by now.

- I was doing it 5 times a day back in cata, yes I was soloing it from the week of release, and I did it so many times over all my characters during the expansion, plus all the attempts in the years that past.

- And I never saw it drop, not even in one of those pugs.

- So to say it is over 1000 times is probably very realistic.

- Sure I got the vortex pinnacle one after only 17 tries, but that is the exception, not the rule.

- If he is complaining enough to make a thread after 3 weeks I should be ready to jump off the top of the empire state building using his time schedule.

- It makes me wonder if people really just want stuff handed to them with no work for it.

- I love my onyxia mount, even if I never ride it, because I had been soloing it since wrath to get it.

- I love it because of the work I put into getting it.

- It was the journey to get it that was the fun, not the actual getting it.

- In a strange sort of way I was sad when I got it.

- I had been doing it every week on at least 4 or 5 characters for so long.

- It was like losing a friend having no reason to go there any more.

- A couple of weeks ago I went there to kill her just for the hell of it.

- I missed her, is that weird?

- Not saying I don't want things to drop because I do.

- But it is one of those catch 22s.

- If it does not drop, I have something to do.

- If it does drop, I have the excitement of getting it.

- So there is good to come from it either way I guess.

- But I still say I hate RNG.

- I would rather there be an internal counter or something so that once you have done it 100 times it automatically drops.

- That would be cool.

- And at 100 times, even more so for a raid, you earned it.

- Because for a raid that means 2 years worth of trying, if you did it every single week.

- So yes, I would say you earned it.

- A lot more than some guy that has been trying for a whole three weeks.

- Funny part is, if that were the case were you got it after you killed something 100 times I would have most of the mounts I seek already.

- Even more so since this expansion when nearly all my characters can solo some of the stuff and I do things more than before.

- Sometimes even when I have good luck it is bad luck.

- Opened T2 on my warrior finally, and yes I still a few 100s that have not yet.

- Remember how I said clicking on the baleful pieces it seems I never get one that has the right stats I want on it?

- First one I click on my warrior has the perfect stats on it.

- Even better, it upgrades to 675.

- For my warrior nearly every single piece I have a 675 would be an upgrade.

- But this one piece I already have a 700 in that spot, and that 700 already has good stats for me.

- And that is one of only 3 pieces where 675 would have not been an upgrade.

- So I had good luck, finally got the right stats, and got it upgraded, and it is still useless.

- Sigh

- I can't win with my luck sometimes and even when I do, I still lose.

- And people wonder why I am grumpy.

- Have a great day.


  1. I ran Black Temple on Saturday with my Mage for a change rather than my Hunter. So of course the Black Bow of the Betrayer drops. *sob*

    1. I am afraid to solo BT on any of my characters until my rogue gets his other glaive. Because I know exactly what will happen. It will drop when I go on a character that does not need it.

    2. Blizzard reply: Working as intended

    3. Translation.

      Ha ha, sucks to be you.

    4. What do you mean, my mage loves his warglaive :)

    5. I am sure he does, just the same way my hunter loves all the shards I collect for the legendary when doing ulduar. :)

      (Oddly enough I do hold on to them for some reason)

  2. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. The Onyxia mount is my Warlock's favorite but I was sad there'd be no real reason to go back and visit her.

    And I want the Throne of the Four Winds mount but every time it doesn't drop it kind of cheers me up to think I still have a reason to visit.

    1. Throne is one of the ones I do on a lot of characters because it is so quick and easy. I like mount runs like that. Something quick to do once in a while.

      Every once in a blue moon it is nice to revisit places like Onyxia just for the hell of it. I would have thought I was the only person weird enough to do that. Glad to see I am not alone.

  3. yeah! You got to raid! Finally, now the bitching can stop, mu-hahahahahahahahahaha

    "A night elf was walking down the road late at night when he fall into a hole. No one missed him."

    1. The bitching shall never stop or I would be out of a job. ;)

    2. rotflmao

      and at the house of GE the alarm clock says

      "Time to let the bitching begin"

      LOL, you got me good.

  4. I started taking alts more seriously when they first introduced the account wide mounts. That's when I decided to level a lot of alts instead of just a couple. You are right about the catch 22 of happy you got it, but it takes away something that you do every week. I was low on mounts I could solo for every week when I left, but it sounds like the squish made a lot more soloable so if I came back I would have lots to try for again. It was especially helpful for the seasonal mounts that are so rare to have lots of toons to try for it on, but even more sad when you run it on 11 different toons every day it's available for the year and you don't get it for multiple years running.

    1. That is the story of the love rocket, I think the last time around last expansion I was at 22 alts that could do it and did it every day it was available. Not to mention all the times before and since, and I have never seen it.

      It would feel awesome to finally get it, but if I do I am back to where I have been for a while with holiday events, nothing to do. Catch 22.